the fault in our stars poster

She’s the kind of person who either dies tragically at twenty-seven, like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, or else grows up to win, like, the first-ever Nobel Prize for Awesome.
—  John Green, Paper Towns.

So I’ve had this idea to do the TFIOS poster with Misha for awhile. I had the poster saved on my phone and i go up and the lady is like “you have to put your phone away” and I say “i have to show him the pose” and she asked to see it and i show her and she goes “How are you going to do that?” All snarky and shit  and i said “We’re going to get on the floor” and she made this noise and then it was my turn and she said with an attitude “Chris, she wants him to get on the floor.” Little did she know, I had already talked to Chris and told him what i was going to do. So i said “Hey Chris, it’s me!” And he turned around and smiled and said “For you, I’ll do it” and winked (and i JUST fucking realized that means he saw my post yesterday about him lmao. I have such a thing for him *sigh*, but anyway back to Misha) So I go up to Misha and he smiles and i show him the picture and i go “I’m sorry Misha, but you have to get on the ground.” And he said “where do you want me” and I laughed and told him what to do. We get on the ground and Chris is trying to get the shot and Misha is looking me in the eyes and I’m like “don’t look at me like that, i can’t take it” and he laughs and starts blinking and smiling and making faces and I’m laughing and I go “can i touch your hair?” And he said yes, and for what felt like an eternity i was there playing in his hair and then Chris says ok and Misha gets up and helps me up and hugs me. It was so surreal! Nothing exsisted in that moment but me and Misha and his eyes are the bluest blue i have ever seen and I’m seriously in love with this man. It’s not even funny anymore.

You Will Go To the Paper Towns and You Will Never Come Back - A Poster by science-justin