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I held him close and said nothing, all the while telling him silently that he was loved. Oh, but he was loved.
—  Me Before You
Remember - Stiles Stilinski

You were a cute little thing, sitting by the vacant swing sets.  Your pigtails fluttered around in the wind with your blue ribbons.  The skirt of your dress was being held down in your lap by your fists.  It was picture day in Beacon Hills elementary, and your mother had forced you to look nice for your first grade class picture.  Your eyes were downcast, lashes blinking every so gently as you kept your focus on an inching caterpillar.  You were in a lonely state of content, and allowed a gentle smile towards the small insect.

But your environment changed from one of peace as a body crashed into you, knocking you to the ground and rolling you both in the grass.  You got up, and brushed yourself off, but tears welled in your eyes as you saw grass stains on your dress, and dirt on your skin.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” A pale boy with a brunette buzzcut said.  “I’m so sorry” You cried, wiping your eyes with your hands.  “Did your class take the picture already?” He asked, inspecting the prominent green markings on your new white dress.  You nodded, unable to form coherent words.

“B-but my mama is gonna b-be really m-mad a-at me” You stuttered out.  The by bit his lip, and yelled over to another student.

“Come on Scott! She’s gonna get in trouble cause you just had to play tag!” The other boy approached, he had tan skin and dark hair that matched his eyes.

“I’m… sorry” He wheezed out to you, and pulled out an inhaler, shaking it before taking a deep breath.  

“Hey! What if I went home with you and explained to your mom that it was Scott’s- I mean- our- fault?”

“You’d do that?” You asked, and he nodded vigorously, earning him a smile from you.  “Thank you so much!” You flung your arms around him and hugged him quickly.

“Recess is over! Time to head in kids!” Your teacher called, and the pale boy turned to you again.

“I’m Stiles”

“I’m y/n”

You remember him taking the total fall and blame for your messy outfit to your mother.  He became your friend that day.


You squealed with excitement as Stiles put up a Star Wars poster in your shared tree house.

“Isn’t it awesome!?” He said excitedly, and dove into the pile of blankets that were used as makeshift bean bag chairs with you.  

“I love it I love it I love it!” You clapped your hands happily, your legs kicking out above the blankets.  It was the summer before fifth grade, your last year in elementary school.  For the past four years since you’ve met Stiles, he became your bestest, and closest friend.  You lived just  few houses down from one another, so when his father built a treehouse in the Stilinski backyard, you’d been invited to come over as much as you pleased.  And you very well did so.

You’d spent the whole day together in that treehouse, until it was so late that the moon shone down on you rather the afternoon sun.  Stiles had walked you home before going back to his own house.  You remember him linking your arms together, and thinking it was rather gentlemen like of him to do so.


It was the eighth grade when there was your first school dance.  Stiles had begged you to go, even though you very much did not want to.

“Oh come on, please? It’ll be so much fun!” He’d begged you at your kitchen table one afternoon.

“Stiles, just drop it I don’t wanna” You mumbled back, focusing on the drawing you were currently working on.

“Awe why not y/n? Just tell me why”

“Drop it”

“I’m your best friend! Just tell me-!”

“Because I asked Jackson to go with me and he laughed in my face!” You blurted, a pain throbbing in your heart.  Stiles quietened down.

“Oh” Was all he whispered out, and you turned your wet eyes back to your drawing.  It was silent as you finished it up, before Stiles spoke up again.  “I’ll go with you” He said nervously, causing you to look up in surprise.


“To the dance, if you don’t wanna go alone.  I’ll go with you” A small smile grew on your features.

“Really?” You asked, and he nodded.

“Yeah of course, if that’s what you want” You nodded, and got up from your seat to hug him tightly.

You remember your heart beating rapidly when he asked if you wanted to dance to a slow song.


Sophomore year, your constant, easy going life, flipped upside down.  A few things were brought to your attention.  One, the supernatural is a real thing, and that Scott is a werewolf.  His girlfriend, and your first girl friend, Allison, was a werewolf hunter.  Two, Stiles was obsessed with this girl Lydia that you’d been going to school with for a few years now.  Three, your parents had been going through quite the rough patch in their marriage.  And four, to make things worse than they were, the high school workload was killing you.

The night of your parents’ fallout, you’d had a rough day.  You failed an important Algebra test, and couldn’t make it up.  You had to pay for a library book because you’d spilled coffee on it.  And you got picked on by Jackson, as per usual.

“You alright?” Stiles asked you quietly in lunch as you silently poked around your salad.  You nodded, giving him a slight smile when he put a hand on your back.

“Just tired and have a lot of work” You’d said, which wasn’t necessarily a lie.

But when you returned home, trying to play catch up in your Global class, you could hear your parents screaming in the other room.  You closed your eyes tightly, willing it to end.  And universe provided.  It ended with your father storming out, slamming the door behind him.

Two hours later, after hearing nothing from your mother, you’d went outside in the dark and cold, walking the familiar sidewalk to the Stilinski household.  Stiles opened the door, taking in your shaking and sobbing body.

“I’m not alright” You cracked out helplessly, and he’d pulled you inside, hugging you close and just rocking you until your tears seemed to slow down, and you were breathing alright.

You remember him letting you stay overnight with him, sharing a bed for the first time, and letting him hold you and cuddle you in your sleep.


In junior year, Stiles seemed successfully over Lydia  Martin.  Because he was dating Malia Tate, a new girl to your pack.  He’d been distant to you, spending a lot of time with her.  This didn’t upset you, not a lot anyways.  She was new to the whole human life, so you found a way to understand him not always being around.  You drew closer to Allison, and even Lydia, becoming great friends with them.  But it was nothing compared to what once was yours and Stiles’ relationship.

You were in lunch when he seemed to realize that you hadn’t talked in weeks.  Malia had gone to buy a sandwich with Allison, and Lydia tagged along.  Leaving you, Scott, and Stiles.  You could see Scott jerk his head towards you out of the corner of your eye, motioning to Stiles to say something.

“y/n” He said your name with a cough, and you looked up from your phone, not answering aloud, just looking to him in question.  “So.. um.. What’s up?” You shrugged, looking back at your phone.

“Nothing” You answered blandly.  That was when Malia and the girls returned, and Stiles seemingly eased right back into a comfortable environment.  You rolled your eyes in secret, then grabbed your things and left the lunch room.

You were mindlessly walking the halls of Beacon Hills High, having no destination in mind seeing that it was still the lunch block.  Your eyes were on your phone when you were abruptly yanked into a classroom.  You yelped, and moved to swing a punch at you attacker, but it was Stiles who caught your fist before it could land on his jaw.  There were tears in his eyes, and it broke your heart.

“Stiles?” You asked in confusion, and he lowered your fist.  You wondered why he would be here, was he waiting for you? Why? What did he want?

“Don’t leave me” He mumbled out, and you took in a painful intake of breath.

“W-what-” You couldn’t even get all the words out before he moved forward and held you, grabbing you and burying his face in your hair.  Your brows knit together in confusion, but it felt so good that you couldn’t question it.

“Please, please y/n I’m sorry I’m so sorry” You shook your head, your hands fisting the back of his shirt and you yourself almost started crying.

“It’s okay” You mumbled into his sweatshirt, and closed your eyes.  “It’s okay Stiles” He pulled back slightly, looking at you, and tilting your chin up so you’d look at him.

“I missed you” He murmured, and you wiped away the few tears that splattered onto your cheeks.

“I missed you too Stiles” You cried, hands holding onto the front of his unzipped jacket.  “I missed you a lot” You looked at each other for a long moment, and slowly, his hands came up to cup your cheeks.  Your eyes never broke contact, and you just barely felt him pulling you closer.  His lips were mere centimeters away from yours, close enough that you could feel his breath on your upper lip.  You’d closed your eyes, and he had too, and your mouths barely brushed together when you pulled away quickly.  “Stiles” You breathed, brows furrowing as you shook your head.  “You have a girlfriend” Stiles licked his lips and ducked his head.

“But-” You shook your head again.

“I’m not going to do that, I’m not going to be that girl” You whispered reluctantly.  He nodded.

“Yeah, yeah of course not I’m sorry that was really dumb of me” He chuckled, and you smiled a little, and laced your hand in his.

“Let’s hang out more again, okay?” Stiles nodded, grinning at you.  You squeezed his hand, and made the last minute decision to step onto the tips of your toes to press your lips to his cheek.  You both closed your eyes for the few seconds, and when you pulled away.

“Movie at my place tomorrow night?” Stiles pulled you back by the hand before you could walk away.  You give a quick nod, smiling wide for him, then walked out of the class as the bell rang.

You remember him having the softest lips, even if it was only a light brush.


“Stiles!” You screamed, running up to him and grabbing onto his arms.

“Oh my God, thank god, you remember me!”

“I do, but I think everyone else is forgetting” You say.

“They’re coming, they’re coming for me, you-you have to get far away from me” But you shook your head and grabbed his flailing arms.

“No! No I’m not leaving! You know I’m not leaving you”

Ever since Malia and him had broken up, you two had been back to your terrible two selves.  It’d been nice, having him back to yourself.  Movie nights, late night fast food runs, everything was back as it should be.

But now it seemed like you were going to lose him again.

“Shit!” Stiles jumped back, pulling you behind him.

“What what!?” You asked quickly, hands still gripping his upper arm.

“Do you see that!?” You shook your head wildly.  “They’re here, they’re here we gotta go” His hand fell to snatch yours, and before yanking you off with him.  You were both sprinting through the parking lot at full speed, until he stopped abruptly.  

“Another one!?” You asked, voice shaking.

“Just- just come with me!” He pulled you again towards the jeep, both of you jumping in on either side.  You were panting hard, mixed with short sobs of fear and worry.  “Look, look they’re still going to get me”

“No-” You whimpered, and he held your hand tightly again.

“They will” He said more quietly, more tears rolled down your cheeks.  “Look, y/n, you have to remember me, find some way to remember me.  Don’t forget me”

“I won’t” You cried.

“You will” His hand brushed away your loose strands of whispy hair.

“I won’t, I won’t I won’t” You shook your head, and he held your face, wiping your tears.

“Just remember” He whispered.  “Remember meeting in the first grade, remember me messing up your dress, and when we would stay up all night in that old treehouse remember? With all the Star Wars poster, and going to the school dance together-”

“God, don’t go” You cut him off, and slammed your lips up against his, kissing him passionately and longingly.  Stiles wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you across the console to sit in his seat.  Your arms wound around his neck, and you slid across his lap, straddling his legs.  Stiles’ hands traveled up your back slowly, into your hair, massaging your neck, and ending back on your cheeks, and pulling you back slightly.

“It’s okay, you’ll be okay” He mumbled against your lips, and ducking his head down to rest his forehead against yours.  You closed your eyes, still crying.  “Hey, hey look at me” He cooed as calmly as possible.  “Open your beautiful eyes y/n” He whispered, nudging your nose with his.  Your lashes fluttered open, revealing broken eyes.  “Listen to me okay?” You sniffed and nodded.  “I haven’t been in love with you for the past twelve years just to be taken away forever alright?” Your crying stopped, and you stared at him for a long moment.

“I love you too Stiles” You whispered, and he kissed you sweetly, then slid you off him to sit next to him.  “I love you too”

“”Remember me” He breathed.  Your hands were wrapped into his, and he pressed his lips to your knuckles multiple times.  “Remember I love you”

And when the lightning crashed, and Stiles was stolen from the jeep, you sat crying to yourself, hands desperately groping the seat he once sat in.

“Remember…” You whimpered.  “Remember…”


Your eyes wandered from the pack’s conversation, your laughter dying down slightly over to an empty seat next to you at the lunch table.  Your eyes widened, lips parted, and your whole world stopped.  The drink in your hand slipped onto the table, splashing diet soda all over.  You sucked in a large gasp, looking at everyone with crazed eyes.


I might make a part 2..?
xoxo ~ Jordie

You Will Go To the Paper Towns and You Will Never Come Back - A Poster by science-justin


I did an alternative/minimalist movie poster for ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, based on my favourite quote from the book. I could look into getting some prints done if people are interested in putting this up on their walls.

Update: Now available here