the fault in our school

“Go on a date with me,” Ansel asked for the fifth time this week, and its only Tuesday. “Come on y/n give me a chance.”

You closed your locker and turned to face him, “sorry Ansel but my answer is still the same. I’m not interested in a relationship right now.”

As you were walking away he slid in front of you, blocking the school doors, “who said anything about a relationship? Let’s just go out to dinner or something and talk like friends. And if you like me, we can go on another and then maybe we can think about a relationship.”

You pretended to think about it, “No.” You shoved past him and walked out.

Your best friend fell into step with you. “Why do you look so grumpy?”

“Ansel won’t drop this date thing,” you grumbled.

She sighed, “you know maybe you should give him a chance y/n! I don’t see why you think he’s playing you.”

Glaring at her, you said, “because he’s like that! He plays with girls! Remember Cindy? He tore her heart out.”

“But he’s never tried so hard to win a girl over!” She pointed out, “he always got what he wanted and you’re a challenge.”

You stopped walking and turned to her, “yeah, I am. What happens when I accept and the challenge is over? He’ll get bored and dump me for the next girl.”

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes, “I still think you should give him a chance.” Then she walked off to her car.

The next day

You walked into third period, Advisory, dreading the whole hour. You’ve been avoiding Ansel all day but there was no avoiding him now. In a class where you just sit and talk about how you’re doing in school. Seriously what is the point of it?! And you had it with Ansel. Great.

“Everyone pull up a seat and gather into a circle,” your teacher said, “how is everyone doing today?”

Everyone mumbled a quiet, “good,” but Ansel, being the attention seeking jock he is flailed his arms and yelled, “oh I’ve been having a terrible week Mrs.Kay!”

“And why is that Ansel?”

He stood up to make a scene, “oh nothing! I’ve just been gathering the courage to ask out this girl I really like ALL month and when I finally man up and ask her, she says no!”

Ansel smiled at you, if looks could kill, he’d be dead by now. “Why do you think she’s saying no?” The teacher asked.

He sighed, “because let’s be honest, I haven’t been the best boyfriend in this school. I’m kind of a jerk who broke many hearts. And I know she’s afraid I’ll break hers. But I’m not perfect, and I don’t mean to do all this. I’m looking for the girl I’ll be in love with! And along the way I made mistakes! Oh I’ve made Many! But I actually like her. And I wish shed give me a chance.”

“Why don’t you tell her this?”

“I just did,” he smiled, and every girl in class blushed, probably thinking it was her. “And I’ll ask her out once more. Of she looks me in the eyes and says no. I’ll stop. But I want her to know I’m not all bad. I promise.”

He walked around the circle, winking at random girls, “so…” He stopped in front of you, “y/n, will you join me for a home cooked dinner at my house this Friday night? Please?”

You met his eyes, and you saw something you never expected to see. Innocence, and fear. Fear of what? Being rejected in front of these people that mean nothing to him? Or fear of being rejected by you, a girl he truly likes..

You let out a frustrated groan and hurried your head in your hands, how can you possibly say no?

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BookishDino Book Photo Challenge
Day 16: Unpopulare Opinion
I was never really a fan of this book, but it seems like everyone else loves it…

I think every teenager loves John Green’s novels because he offers them philosophical problems and questions without treating them like children. It’s not an adult’s ‘let me explain’, it’s an equals 'let’s think about it together’.
Honestly, as an adult and a teacher it’s a perspective we rarely have because it forces us to have a positive opinion on our youth which we also rarely have.

Moral Standards for Men vs. Moral Standards for Women

Ever since childhood, girls are held to a higher moral standard than boys. The way that parents excuse boys’ behavior with “boys will be boys” and the way that little girls are blamed and taught to police themselves when a boy picks on them are all internalized. When a boy’s behavior is excused, he learns that he doesn’t have to respect boundaries. When a girl is blamed for the actions of a boy, she learns that she has to watch herself very carefully, because anything she does can be used against her.

Girls learn that our very bodies are a threat to boys, because if we don’t follow the dress code, it is our fault that young boys aren’t learning in school, because our failure to control ourselves results in a boy being distracted. 

Boys are taught that they can victimize themselves by accusing a girl of preying on his “natural” desire for her; they are taught they can blame girls for their own behavior, they are taught their own feelings are so powerful and so valid that any action can be excused, if they have a good enough feeling as a reason for the action. That is why rape is the only crime that is excused for being too tempting to commit. They are taught that they are entitled to touch, bully, and pick on girls, and that it is natural and good for them to do these things, that they do not need to learn to control their feelings or their behaviors because it is the girls’ fault for behaving in a way that provoked them.

This is one of the differences between male and female socialization. This is why male people commit 90% of murders and 90% of rapes (whether the victim is male or female). Because men are raised to expect to be excused when violating another person’s boundaries. Because men are raised to feel entitled to forgiveness. Because men are raised to expect the woman to bear the burden of consequences for their behavior. 

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does john green even write books anymore? the fault in our stars came out when i was in high school and i graduated 4 years ago… is he just a full time videoer now


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Favorite Place: My room (it has my art desk so obv), this specific lake we go to during the summer, and beaches too. I just love to travel!

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