the fault in our lars


capridegh Yeah, he is laughing and has us all laughing at his stories of being in the hospital. All of his neighbors are elderly people, so he has some really funny tales to tell about them. It hurts him to laugh, but he just keeps doing it. And each day he makes us write something inappropriate on his patient information board. His sense of humor is amazing. severemagazinementality *hugs* This whole ordeal has been scary as hell. It is practically unheard of for a 19 year old to suffer from blood clots in his lungs, so the doctors are having a hard time figuring out what caused it. He is going to be on blood thinners for six months and then they are going to do tests to see if he is likely to have more clots. But seriously, his humor is a godsend. If we weren’t laughing, we would probably be crying. Since he had to wear an oxygen tube to his nose, he kept telling us that he was going to make a movie called “The Fault in our Lars” where he was the main character, a jerky teen boy named Lars who made everything you said to him into a horrible joke. “Lars, you have cancer.” “Yeah, I got it from looking at your stupid face!” So yeah, I’d say he is doing much better these days. Thank you both for caring about him! You guys are the sweetest!