the fate of the maknaes

BTS (MAKNAE LINE) REACTS TO: Their child’s stank butt - I mean, dirty diaper

Anon Rainbow Farts Asked: could you please do bts maknae line to them not wanting to change their childs smelly diaper lol. thank you

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He practically ran full speed to scoop his precious baby up. Jimin snatched his little girl up from the ground, spinning her and the stuffed toy she had in her hand in a circle. The two of them were laughing together up until Jimin caught a whiff of something he really wish he hadn’t. He scrunched up his nose, froze and stared at his daughter.

“Did you poo-poo?”

He’d turn her around, sniff her butt and quickly pull her away from him, frantically calling your name to do the dirty job.

“Jagi~! Jagi~!! Jagiya~! [y/n]!”

“What is it, Jimin?!”

“Your daughter needs a diaper change.”

“I bought a new box of diapers. They’re in her ro-”

“Why do I have to change her?!”

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Exo Reacting to another member seeing a hickey they gave you.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Xiumin - He’d be cool with leaving hickeys on your skin, but once Chen while talking to you notices the mark by chance and gives him a questioning look, he’d suddenly feel embarrassed and try to avoid having to explain everything to the younger man. “W-What’s with that look, Jongdae?”

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Luhan - He knew that it’d be a bad idea for either of you to leave marks on each other, but he had to blame it on the moment of inattention. Once Lay sees the mark on your neck and innocently asks if you had hit yourself somewhere, he’d thank all the gods he knows of that it was Lay and not somebody else.

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Kris - It was okay for you to wear a revealing shirt, it was okay for you to do it when with the boys, and it certainly would’ve been okay if the members didn’t know you and Kris are together. But they did, which only resulted in the boys teasing their hyung and the hyung regretting all of his life decisions immediately.

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Suho - He’d know there was no way for him to try give excuses, so he’d simply look at the members and give them his warmest smile. They’d know it meant not to even make a remark on the hickey on your neck and would just exchange looks among themselves. Their leader could be scary sometimes.

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Lay - Ah, this sweetie. He probably wouldn’t even notice he had left a mark on your skin until Sehun came up to him and shyly asked him if he had done ‘you know, that’ to you. Only then he’d realise there was a big hickey on your neck and would facepalm with an embarrassed smile on playing on his face.

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Baekhyun - When the members start talking how you look a bit different today and how there are slightly red places on the crook of your neck, he’d feel anxious not to get found out. Chanyeol would then simply give him the look and Baekhyun would smile and cover his neck with his hand. Maybe it was a mistake marking each other.

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Chen - Nothing slips past Baekhyun’s sharp eye and neither does Chen’s work on your neck. The oldest beagle would openly exclaim how your neck looks pretty and smirk at Chen when the other members look at you and see the hickey themselves. It’s needless to say he’d think of a nice payback.

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Chanyeol - He wouldn’t really care if somebody saw the marks on your skin. When Baekhyun questions him about what the two of you were doing, he’d simply give him a mischievous grin and that’d be enough for Baekhyun to understand everything. “You should see the ones I have.”

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D.O - He wouldn’t normally be in for marking you during your intimate time, but it just happened and there was nothing he could do about it. So, when you met up with him and the rest of the group, he’d think he was ready for the teasing, but would blush the moment Baekhyun and Chanyeol opened their mouths, making a mental note to use the baseball bat on them later on.

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Tao - Tao would be the victim of other members’ constant teasing about the hickey they saw on your neck by chance. He would want to give them a witty response, but would be so embarrassed that he wouldn’t be able to do anything but giggle like a 10-year-old and accept his fate as the maknae of the group.

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Kai - A part of Kai would be slightly embarrassed once Sehun had pointed out the, rather large, hickey on your neck and everyone stared at him. Even though it was embarrassing getting caught, Kai would be proud of the mark he’d left. He had put it there on purpose, and he wasn’t ashamed with the fact that he made sure everyone knew you were his.

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Sehun - No one would’ve expected their maknae to be the one to just boldly do something to his girlfriend? Well, they were wrong. At first they’d be very surprised when one of them noted how you have a hickey on your neck, but then they’d all start congratulating Sehun on ‘becoming a man’. He’d simply smile and try to hide the embarrassment.

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Jin: This is such a fun group! I hope your company is treating you well.

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Suga: You remind me too much of us. Do you guys write your own songs? 

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Jimin: We should all perform together! Like at the MAMAs! You need lots of exposure and that’s the perfect stage for it! It’ll be so much fun~

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V: Do you have time to live-stream on the “V” app with us anytime soon? 

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J-Hope: Where’s the hope? Where’s the angel? I already know who resembles the ‘95 line!

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Rap Monster: You are a new group? You seem like so much fun. This was fate. We were all meant to meet and become great friends. 

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Jungkook: Golden maknaes stick together!

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so in the first part of bon voyage we learned that Jungkook has half of the wardrobe with plain white T-shirts. That Namjoon  is a genius home economy adviser >_>.

Hoseok thinks he is still an idol Yoongi not so he’ll go with sportwear, because HE CAN.

Bts’s dorm is like a clothes store.

Yoongi and Namjoon are the ones who actually share parenthood. Yoongi the mom in charge of finance.

Namjoon the dad calling to solve the problem.

Jinnie (supposedly the hyung) instead plays well with the kids.

Jimin is the real maknae.

ps:nobody has actual fate in Taehyung’s abilities to check in by himself. XD