the fatals

You just wanted to listen

You’ve abandoned your friends for the chance to lay against my gut and hear them struggling inside. Your body lays, barely making a dent against the soft flesh of my belly. The low groans from within my walls sing the tale of your friends, beating against my stomach and yelling out to be set free.

But you’re safe. You’re here, greedily listening to the sounds of my snack. The sounds of my body melting away the little ones trap deep inside.


Phase Fatale - Redeemer

“Redeemer”, Hospital Productions, 2017


Certainly the actors were also bringing to the screen the various uses to which they put cigarettes in their ordinary lives – to pose, to control, to share, to play for time in an awkward situation. In psychiatric terms, smoking is “overdetermined”: cigarettes, like other symbols, can mean more than one thing at the same time.

Happy Noirvember!

         “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight” is stupid. 

                                                           I’ll bring a knife to any fight
                                                                      And I’ll
                                                                  Fuck all of you