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Five Nights at Fatal’s - Sister Location (End)

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Something bad always happens.

I don’t want it to happen again.

And with that (and only four days into November ignore ignore ignore) the Five Nights at Fatal’s Halloween Event is over! Thanks so much for playing ;)

W.F.- The drop dead gorgeous Princess-fatale has chosen her sister to join her in showing these Fantastic Rubber outfits for our voyeuristic enjoyment.

So a little prediction for possibly who attacked Tanaka in that one panel way back when...

With the recent hints of Chapter 132 for Kuroshitsuji, one thing is becoming painfully clear, Real Ciel is far far far more of a Yandare then what one might suppose. 

Early indications come from the fact that when we first meet him he’s very much indicating to Our Ciel that he’s worried about him but using the most possessive language. Noting that he doesn’t want our Ciel to get sick. 

Not long after in 130 we get more indications, Real Ciel is very much particular about various behaviors to his brother. In 131 this comes out heavily in the reaction to Our Ciel suggesting them leaving on the boat trip or even going outside to play with Lizzy.

 While him coming back with flowers is a nice gesture, the amount is insane, and, even the thought of him not coming on the boat trip at all is clearly showing that this boy is upset that he doesn’t like the idea of Our Ciel not being around him. 

Each moment is playing up more and more that this boy only sees his brother as something worthy of his love and adoration. It’s shown in the fact that he indicates that people are more like Sheep, something he mentioned before to Vincent in the cooking episode, and the implication that he gets really hurt that Our Ciel would want to leave his side. He’s insisting that he stay around. 

While this simply could be a case of “I don’t want to let my brother leave me alone.” There’s a weird under current in that moment. Real Ciel thinks that his brother will not be with him, like at all. “Why do you want to leave me all alone?” 

Which harkens very much back to the game Fatal Frame II where sisters Mayu and Miyo (who are also twins) seem to go through the same sort of pains. 

In that story Mayu purposely broke her own leg to keep Miyo from ever leaving her side. In this case we see that Real Ciel is planted with the idea that at some point Our Ciel would want to leave to live in London and be his own person. Something that some twins do struggle with in some cases as they are very close to one another. 

The reason that that moment caught me was the fact that TWICE we see Real Ciel’s eyes go wide at the suggestion that he be apart from his brother. It’s like he was just shot in the gut with something horrible. Why would she purposely6 do that, and set him up as being afraid of being alone with out Our Ciel? Why is he so sure that he’s the only one that can take care of him? 

We see that Our Ciel clearly has some interest in Lizzy, as his reaction to when Real Ciel loses to his Aunt and we can see him looking a bit sad that she seems more worried about Real Ciel at the moment. However we also know what comes of that. 

The line about Scary Brides, takes on a whole new meaning if the person that he really wants with him at all times is his twin. Someone who’s gentle and he can pamper, which is mostly what Lizzy becomes for Our Ciel. 

What has me worried is that there’s a likelihood that real Ciel may have attacked Tanaka that night hoping to keep Our Ciel from leaving his side. I don’t think he killed his parents, however it’s not hard to see that the person holding the knife isn’t that tall either. It would fit into the issues that he’s displaying and reminds me very much of some other Yandere siblings that have been around, including twin siblings Angels Alexiel and  Rosiel. 

Reason being that Rosiel does his damnedest to be with his sister whom he loves and want’s to be with. 

Also kind of reminds me of Sae Kuroswa from Fatal frame and her obsession with her sister Yae. 

One of the bigger issues that has been brought up is the fact that both boys were sold. But what if that wasn’t part of the plan? We’re assuming that everything that happened was part of the deal, and if whoever set this up didn’t make sure that the men they hired did a good job, then there’s that factor to consider as well. 

On top of that, I get the feeling that there’s more to that cult aspect then we think. If this was a case of someone (be it the Queen, John Brown, or other persons not named yet) behind this then they clearly didn’t think the boys were worth the trouble killing. Or, more likely, were informed of their deaths and then that was changed into them selling them off for for the cult group. 

W.F.- Isn’t it brilliant that the drop dead gorgeous Princess-fatale allows her sister to share the limelight, but it does help that she is also a beautiful babe who loves to wear leather and latex.

fic idea???

so guysss… even if i’m obsessed with riverdale, i really really love grey’s anatomy and bones (medical/mystery shows are an obsession of mine) so i want to see if i can write a fic that combines the two/three! if i continue it, i’m going to call it blossom memorial hospital. would anyone read this??

jughead jones, despite his age, is one of the best cardiologists that riverdale and its surrounding towns have ever seen. after a tragic breakup because he wasn’t living to his full potential, he threw himself into his career, eventually earning himself a scholarship to NYU, and consequently NYU School of Medicine. though he had a successful career in new york he came back to riverdale to aid his sister JB in being a single mother.

betty cooper is a neonatologist (a doctor that specializes in premature and critically ill infants who require immediate treatment at the risk of fatal consequences). when her sister polly’s twins were born prematurely, she took a special interest in their health. little did she know, it would develop into a lifelong passion.

veronica lodge is a second year resident, trying to win the approval of her mentor, cheryl blossom. the question is, how far will she go, and will it turn into something more? what will be the consequences??

josie mccoy is the nurse-in-training that, even though she’s not an official part of the team yet, is probably the most determined, motivated, and organized person at the hospital. she knows how to do her job, and to do it well. plus, with her twelve hour shifts, she only has to work three days per week, leaving time for her music career.

cheryl blossom is the neurosurgeon of the team. though outside of the operating room, she may make her patient’s nervous with her biting commentary, inside, she makes them feel comfortable with the knowledge that she definitely knows what she’s doing.

kevin keller is the charismatic receptionist that makes every patient comfortable in the hospital before surgery, or even something as simple as a checkup. behind the scenes, he knows all of the hospital’s hottest gossip, and is sure to inform his best friend, betty.

archie andrews is a pediatric surgeon. sometimes, after sharing some tough news, he gets out his guitar like the good ol’ days. despite his sometimes oblivious tendencies, he has impressively steady hands during surgery, making him the best (and only) pediatric surgeon at the hospital.

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I was just wondering how protective were the pevensie boys over the girls? Especially when they were in Narnia

Honestly, I feel like not that protective.

So, I understand that, yeah, they’re the older brothers and the Code of Sexism states that all brothers, older or younger, are to protect their sisters no matter how much they could protect themselves, but let’s be real, Susan and Lucy could probably take Peter and Edmund without trying too hard.

Peter would have that initial protectiveness that comes out of wanting to protect everyone he loves, while Edmund truly wouldn’t care too much unless his toes were being stepped on, such as if a suitor tried to belittle him for being “just a king” (as opposed to High King like Peter).

In Narnia, Peter would probably be a bit more protective but that would have been his fear of seeing any of his siblings get hurt during a battle or in an assassination attempt or whatever scenario his paranoid-induced mind could conjure. But then he would see how much Susan and Lucy would train and he would understand how much they could protect themselves and his protectiveness would dissipate bit by bit until he was fully comfortable with Lucy fighting in battles alongside him and Susan visiting foreign nations with only a small retinue of ambassadors as her companionship. In England, the only time he would worry about either sister would be in fear of Finchley being bombed or Nazis invading and their sisters being unfortunate civilian casualties of the war. Aside from the typical fears of a child born and raised in wars and constant fatalities, he trusted his sisters to know how to protect themselves and be able to do so. Although, when they returned from their first full Narnian adventure, Peter did stay a bit closer to Lucy as she was now considerably smaller than the bullies that would pick on her.

Edmund, on the other hand, understood how well the girls could protect themselves from the beginning. Whether it was withering looks from Susan that could make a grown man melt into his shoes or the scathing remarks Lucy would throw as sharply as her daggers, the Pevensie girls knew how to handle themselves. And Edmund made sure never to get in the way of their battles. Whenever a foreign diplomat or a suitor or such would begin to put Lucy or Susan down for whatever reason (usually for being women in a position of power), Edmund would take a step back and let his sisters cut the men down at their knees. In England, he would do the same with larger bullies that enjoyed picking on the Pevensie girls. Although he would always defend his sisters when they were nowhere to defend themselves, if his sisters were around, he let them defend themselves.

Anyways, long story short: the boys wouldn’t be that protective, mostly because the girls could protect themselves better than any Narnian soldier.

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