the fatal sisters

fic idea???

so guysss… even if i’m obsessed with riverdale, i really really love grey’s anatomy and bones (medical/mystery shows are an obsession of mine) so i want to see if i can write a fic that combines the two/three! if i continue it, i’m going to call it blossom memorial hospital. would anyone read this??

jughead jones, despite his age, is one of the best cardiologists that riverdale and its surrounding towns have ever seen. after a tragic breakup because he wasn’t living to his full potential, he threw himself into his career, eventually earning himself a scholarship to NYU, and consequently NYU School of Medicine. though he had a successful career in new york he came back to riverdale to aid his sister JB in being a single mother.

betty cooper is a neonatologist (a doctor that specializes in premature and critically ill infants who require immediate treatment at the risk of fatal consequences). when her sister polly’s twins were born prematurely, she took a special interest in their health. little did she know, it would develop into a lifelong passion.

veronica lodge is a second year resident, trying to win the approval of her mentor, cheryl blossom. the question is, how far will she go, and will it turn into something more? what will be the consequences??

josie mccoy is the nurse-in-training that, even though she’s not an official part of the team yet, is probably the most determined, motivated, and organized person at the hospital. she knows how to do her job, and to do it well. plus, with her twelve hour shifts, she only has to work three days per week, leaving time for her music career.

cheryl blossom is the neurosurgeon of the team. though outside of the operating room, she may make her patient’s nervous with her biting commentary, inside, she makes them feel comfortable with the knowledge that she definitely knows what she’s doing.

kevin keller is the charismatic receptionist that makes every patient comfortable in the hospital before surgery, or even something as simple as a checkup. behind the scenes, he knows all of the hospital’s hottest gossip, and is sure to inform his best friend, betty.

archie andrews is a pediatric surgeon. sometimes, after sharing some tough news, he gets out his guitar like the good ol’ days. despite his sometimes oblivious tendencies, he has impressively steady hands during surgery, making him the best (and only) pediatric surgeon at the hospital.

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W.F.- Isn’t it brilliant that the drop dead gorgeous Princess-fatale allows her sister to share the limelight, but it does help that she is also a beautiful babe who loves to wear leather and latex.

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hey! I've been wanting to get back into comics for some time now and I was wondering... what are some good Poison Ivy and Catwoman comics? :)

this is always hard question for me to answer ‘cause different people usually has different opinions, so i’ll just gonna tell you the ones i had most fun reading (but also i’m a big Catwoman stan, you should read them all :P)

  • Batman: The Long Halloween 
  • Catwoman: When In Rome #1-6
  • Catwoman: Nine Lives of a Feline Fatale 
  • Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper
  • Batman: Year One 
  • Catwoman: Relentless 
  • Catwoman: The Dark End of the Street
  • Batman: HUSH 
  • Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1 

For Ivy comics I would like to direct you to this post from @lesbianpoisonivy

also I quite like Ivy in Bombshells, even thought i’m not the biggest fan of the current characterization of Selina

W.F.- Here is proof that a man can get two drop dead gorgeous female latex models from one family, the amazing curves of Princess-fatale and her big sister, Cloths please.

W.F.- If there ever was a pair of angels that I could wish upon my shoulders, then the buck starts/stops with the drop dead gorgeous Princess-fatale and her sister


On December 30th, 2004 Kenneth Allen and his sister Kari fatally stabbed their mother, Sharon Allen, after she refused to help in the plot to murder her parents. On Jan. 3, Allen lured his 75-year-old grandmother, Betty Bradley, to his mother’s apartment and smothered her with a plastic bag. Later that day, Allen entered his grandparents’ Indianapolis home and lay in wait for his grandfather, Leander Bradley, 91, whom he bludgeoned to death with a hammer. Kenneth then used a saw to cut up the bodies of his mother and grandmother. He wrapped the remains in plastic and took them to the Bradleys’ Indianapolis home. There, he and his sister used a rented jackhammer and concrete mixer to dig a 6-foot-square hole in the floor of the basement where all three victims were entombed in concrete. Kenneth avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty in January 2010 to killing his mother and grandparents. He is serving life in prison without parole, plus 130 years. In April 2010, a judge sentenced Kari Allen to 38 years in prison, plus two years in community corrections programs.

half woman, half fish, entirely fatal; the sea sisters who lure men to their deaths with such beautiful grace they’re feared for their ability to be loved. 

                             Our song will tear open your heart, and you will beg for more. It will tease you with your greatest desire till you grow mad. And this desire will eventually burn so fierce that you will drive yourself directly to us.


W.F.- Isn’t life amazing when you bump into LXXT in the middle of a shoot with the drop dead gorgeous Princess-fatale and sister romping in the park wearing awesome latex outfits


I haven’t done a poetry reading in awhile, and I love a lot of the Valkyrie imagery in this piece.

I’m still fairly new to the narration community, so requests and general feedback would be greatly appreciated! I’m always looking to improve my work!

List of things Tiffany isn’t allowed to do:

- wear sunglasses

- wear hats

- cry

- talk to people outside of the alliance

- have opinions

- ask questions

- save herself while on the block

- stand up to Fr*nk when he treats her like shit

- worry about being put up on the block

- say Day’s name out loud

- come up with ideas/plans

- have emotions

- have friends

- relay info back to the 8 pack

- relay info back to the fatal 5

- be Vanessa’s sister