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every teenage girl written by an adult man

no mom don’t take that picture!! im so UGLY and FAT and thats why my crush brendethan will NEVER like me back no one is ALLOWED TO LOOK AT ME *runs to her room slams the door and turns on the backstreet boys*

Secrets (trans!peter)

For @chase-is-not-crash


“Crap crap crap crap crap.”

Peter, in full Spider Man costume, dropped onto a roof and ducked behind an AC unit, holding his right arm tight to his chest.

It hurt, oh man it hurt and he could hardly draw a breath between the pain and his binder was too tight today and honestly he thought he might pass out if he couldn’t get laying down somewhere safe. But on this side of the city he was minimum twenty minutes of swinging, and close to an hour taxi ride from the safety of Aunt Mays apartment.

Too far.

He dropped his head back against the AC unit and tried to suck in a deep breath, tried not to scream when everything seized up. His arm, his chest…this was a horrible day.

And he was late for his injection, which made everything worse. He was supposed to take it last night, and had passed out exhausted before he remembered and then had ran out the door late to school and now here he was several hours later.

“What’s up, Spidey?” A deep voice startled him, but not as much as the red and black masked face that poked around the corner. “I’m sensing a damsel in distress.”

“Go away, Deadpool.” Peter flinched behind his mask at the ‘damsel’ comment. “I’m fine.”

Liar!” Deadpool crowed and moved to kneel in front of him. “Who knew our friendly neighborhood Spider Man lied like a fat kid stealing cake?”

“Please.” Peter bit out. “Please. Leave.”

“Hey.” Deadpool’s voice dropped, softened. “You’re not alright, alright? Plus you’re like twelve, and I just can’t leave a twelve year old superhero alone and hurting on the roof somewhere. Where’s your dad?”


“The Iron Giant.” Deadpool said impatiently. “I heard he looks out for you.”

“Don’t want him to know.” Peter was starting to feel a little lightheaded, lack of oxygen and the pain radiating up his arm making him dizzy. “And I’m not twelve.”

“Well you certainly aren’t eighteen.” Deadpool looked around, then seemed to come to a decision. “Well, I live close by, want to come to my place? We can get you patched up and–”

No!” Peter blurted. “I mean, no. No thank you.”

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Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanficiton)

You remember when I said I can’t write fanficiton for shit? Well here we go! My best attempt! If you like it please let me know! I’m working on Chapter 2! Takes place after season 2, after finding Shiro (because Shiro will come back I will not accept anything else omg). 











Lance and the Voltron Team go on a mission that goes horribly wrong. Lance is left behind to be interrogated by the mysterious Galra Prince Lotor. The team must rush to get him back at all costs. 

Chapter 1: Well, Great.

Lance awoke to the same face he had been seeing for a while now. That’s the thing about space, it’s hard to tell the time. But this Prince Lotor guy was making it even harder since he didn’t let Lance sleep more than an hour at a time, well he hoped it was an hour.

Team Voltron had been floating across the galaxy and found a distress beacon from a nearby planet. When they landed Allura asked the people what was wrong since they seemed pretty peachy for apparently being under distress. They lead the Voltron team to these large trees, like huge, way bigger than Earth’s trees. They entered a kind of makeshift elevator and when they reached the top they saw the problem.

A huge Galra ship hanging in the sky above them. No movement, nothing firing, just sitting there in the atmosphere above the planet. Obviously the people had panicked, sounded the distress beacon but the ship hadn’t done anything for a full week. The ship was making the people nervous so they left the beacon on hoping someone would come help them.

It was weird. Really weird. So of course they had to check it out. Team Voltron. Wooh. Anyway so eventually they went back to the castle. Allura and Coran did every scan they thought of and well they found no signs of life. Also weird. But they couldn’t destroy the ship, not from the castle. The shields were still up and they had to be disabled. So someone, namely Pidge had to get on the ship, disable the shield and get out so the castle could blast it out of the sky. Simple.

First of all Lance was the only one to think that maybe this wasn’t a great idea. Everyone else was convinced the scans worked, that no one was on the ship. Of course they went in still on alert but you know, things never go well for the paladin in blue. So Pidge was escorted by Lance and Keith while Hunk and Shiro waited with the castle just in case.

They entered the ship no problem. Not a big deal. Even got to the control panel without a hitch. But as soon as Pidge so much as touched the console things went to shit, real quick. When Pidge touched the console it set off some sort of alarm, out of nowhere Lance heard guards gathering outside the control room door. He and Keith readied their bayards then the comms went nuts. Shiro, Hunk and the castle had been surrounded by a Galra fleet. There was no escape. It had been a trap.

So Lance made a decision and a dangerous one. Without thinking he grabbed Keith and Pidge by the back of their uniforms and threw them over the edge of the control board, down a long drop where a vent lead to the outside of the ship. Pidge made a surprise squeak with Keith yelling Lance’s name. Lance turned and began to fire on the Galra soldiers. He knew what he had to do.

“I’m gonna blow the ship. Get as far away as you can, wormhole out if you have to!” He shouted over the comms.

There was muffled sounds of protest from Shiro and Hunk before the comms went dead completely. Great now they couldn’t communicate. The guards were piling through the door like mice escaping a hole. He had to hope that by now Pidge and Keith had made it far enough away, he couldn’t hold them any longer. So he turned his back, taking what cover he could from the tons of fire. He aimed at the crystal in front of him. He needed to break it. So he looked where he could fire. Where the crystal attached, he’s sure he can hit it. He aims, a shot from one of the guards hits him in the shoulder. Doesn’t matter. He breathes and fires. The shot hit sure and true and the crystal began to crack, sparks coming from it. Lance jumped into the cavern, going down the shaft to the vent. The crystal explodes.

Lance can’t hear anything, the explosion must have blown an ear drum. His back feels hot, spinning out of control into open air, jet pack not functioning. Great. Blue isn’t near enough to get to him. He had no idea how the castle was if everyone was okay. But the g-forces were causing his head to spin and he began to lose consciousness. His last thought was, I hope everyone gets out okay. Lance’s vision goes black as he continues to tumble towards the planet’s surface.

Everyone sees it, they hear it too. Keith and Pidge managed to get back to the castle in one piece right before the whole ship goes up. The explosion would have been spectacular if it wasn’t so frightening. Hunk and Shiro stopped fight just of a moment in sheer horror as the whole ship explodes. Lance was on that ship.

But the explosion works. The fleet takes damage, the explosion bigger than usual since they were fighting in the atmosphere rather than space. It takes out several ships. They have a chance to escape.

But everyone is frozen. Until they see it. A tiny figure tail spinning out of control in a blue and white suit.

“Lance!” Shiro shouts, trying to get to him before he hits the surface. But enemies were replacing the destroyed ones and he couldn’t get there in time.

Suddenly the ship that had hung back for the entire battle did something none of them expected. It sent out a beam of purple light and shined it on Lance’s out of control form. Lance’s body went limp, still and then slowly began to drag him toward the Galra ship.

Keith yelled, “They’re taking him!”

“We have to get him!” Pidge insisted. She hated the way he was limp, was he unconscious or worse?

They rushed to go get their lions. But Allura’s voice stopped them.

“YOU CANNOT!” She shouted.

Everyone paused even Shiro and Hunk who were still fighting outside the castle but they heard it over the comms. They had never heard Allura scream like that.

“We must wormhole out, we cannot win this fight.” She said this time barely a whisper.

There was a stunned silence before Keith of all people shouted.

“That’s LANCE out there! He just risked his life to give us a chance! We can’t abandon him!” Keith said, outraged.

Allura took in a breath.

“That is exactly why we need to go. Now. Lance bought us time. We can’t waste it.” She turned to them, tears in her eyes. Keith’s rage quickly melted.

“We will come back for him. We will find him and bring him home. However we need to be alive to do that. I’m certain we would not survive an assault on that ship. We must leave. Now.” Allura said tears streaking down her cheeks.

She wiped them the best she could and went to the comms telling Hunk and Shiro to come back. They were going to wormhole out. Reluctantly they came back, looking pale and worried. The ship made the wormhole, leaving the Galra and Lance behind.

Lance’s head felt heavy. His back felt worse, dry and stinging. He was being suspended against a wall. Arms, legs and torso bound by heavy thick clamps on the walls. Everything hurt. He slowly raised his head, moving it seemed to make it worse but he needed to see where he was. He knew he wasn’t in the castle but where exactly was he?

He blinked his eyes. Realizing quickly that one was having trouble seeing, which is a great thing to add to his ever growing list of problems. The room was dark with metal floors, walls and ceiling. Purple lights lined the walls in a linear pattern. He recognized that purple anywhere. He was on a Galra ship. Great.

He spent time looking over his injuries. He took a shot to the shoulder, he remembered that. But the rest must have been from the explosion or the free fall. His back was burnt, realizing the sensation. His left eye couldn’t see very well, vision was dark and tinted red. He could feel a cut over his eyebrow pulsing and swollen. His jaw felt fat and burned. The clamps were holding him to the wall a bit too tight and it seemed hard to draw a good breath. What a mess.

Soon the door flew open, showering the room in purple light. A tall man stepped in, long white hair and purple skin. Yellow almost glowing eyes looked at Lance with an interest that made his skin crawl. He was wearing armor, fancy armor. This guy was definitely in charge. Lance smirked, confidence couldn’t fail him now.

“Who are you? Zarkon’s replacement?” Lance asked, smug

The man took a moment and smiled.

“Yes, something like that.” He confirmed.

Lance was a little stunned, he honestly hadn’t expected him to answer.

“What, really?!” Lance asked, shocked.

The man smiled.

“My name is Prince Lotor, I am Zarkon’s son.” He took a step forward, examining Lance a little closer.

Once satisfied with being a creep he backed off.

”I must inform you that your fellow paladins have abandoned you.” Lotor said.

Lance breathed a small breath of relief. So they did get out. Good. That’s good, Lance thought although he couldn’t help the lump forming in his throat.

“Oh don’t worry, they’ll be back.” Lance said confidently.

Well he hoped anyway. Lotor paused and smile kept on his face.

“If that’s the case, how about we get started?”

Lance swallowed the lump was getting bigger. Two guards from the hallway came through the door.

“Bring it big ears.” Lance smirked.

Lotor’s face didn’t change, not even a twitch of anger. Now that Lance could see him up close, for a Galra he was pretty handsome. Nice hair. Although he seemed not all Galra. Lance wasn’t sure how he knew that but something about him read a little more of something else.

Lotor took a step closer, the guards following him closely as a flood of more people came into the room. Druids, that’s what their called. Cloaked with masks but the creepy witch lady wasn’t there which was a relief. But they shuffled in with metal floating boxes and began to take out what Lance had to guess was torture devices which wasn’t so great.

Lotor began to talk.

“You are the blue paladin of Voltron, riding the blue lion which also is a leg of Voltron. You were injured due to the explosion on the false ship over the planet of Neva. You escaped through a vent but the explosion was rather close to you. You were sent into the atmosphere were the gravity forced you unconscious. Our ship rescued you before you hit the planet. Once on board we treated some of your wounds so you did not die. But we left the majority that were not life threatening. Once you were brought aboard our ship the rest of the paladins used the explosion to escape us via wormhole.” Lotor smiled.

“This is the information we know. You see Zarkon was not one to share information with others. He unfortunately did not leave me any information about Voltron or its paladins. So I must gather the information myself.” He paused as a druid handed him something small and metallic.

The lump in Lance’s throat was growing bigger. He wanted to go home. He was scared. Terrified. But somewhere in the back of his mind which was flooded with terror rose something else. He remembered he protected the team. They were fine and were going to live for another day. Something in Lance clicked in place like a gear in his body was replaced with something stronger.

It didn’t matter. What happened to him didn’t matter. He must do everything he can to keep everyone safe. His emotions became steel and the breath that had been coming too quickly slowed. The fear was still there but that was natural the rest was made of unmoving steel.

Lance looked at Lotor his eyes narrowing and smirk plastered all over his face. He was not afraid.

“Why don’t you just get started then? Quit the chatter.” Lance snarled.

Lotor paused and blinked momentarily surprised. But then his smile grew across his face.

“Oh. I will have fun breaking you.”

So quick. Lance didn’t even register as Lotor took the small metal object and shoved it through Lance’s hand. Lance screamed.

Hide and Seek

Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader -A/B/O

Summary:  You’re a bonded Omega who left your human family when you were turned. Now, a year later, your mother and father have hired an interventionist to extract you from what they assume is a cult. 

A/N: What are a/b/o dynamics

Words: 5300+

Beta: @just-another-busy-fangirl

Warnings: Pregnancy, kidnapping, dominance, violence. References to: claiming, choking, oral sex, unprotected sex (obvi), biting, rough sex, some dom/sub overtones.

Your name: submit What is this?

It’s not that you didn’t love your family, in fact it’s quite the opposite, love is the reason you disappeared. Being bitten by a werewolf meant that life as you knew it was over. You had nightmares of killing your mother under a full moon, unable to control your base instincts: ripping out your father’s heart and eating it raw under the night sky.

Telling them the truth wasn’t an option; your father’s a physiologist, your mother a nurse. They’re level headed people who at the first mention of lycanthropy would have had you committed.

You couldn’t stay. You couldn’t see a way out, so you ran.

You wrote a note. Most of it was lies, but you wanted it to seem plausible. It wasn’t in your character to just abandon the people you loved, so you had to make it seem real. You had to hurt them so they would let you go. You wrote about meeting someone you wanted to start a life with, about how they’d suffocated you for twenty five years and you just couldn’t take anymore. You told them they drove you to leave.

You cried as you set the note on the kitchen table early one brisk autumn morning, then walked out the door falsely assuming you’d never seem them again.

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Mr. J’s little lady 💖 [Joker x Reader]

a/n; no smut sorry

warnings; self doubt

words; 1309

prompt;  Ok. I would like for joker to take the reader out to the club to show her off but she’s too shy to dress sexy. So when she sees all of the skinny scantily clad women vying for joker’s attention she gets insecure. He of course will have none of it. As he exits the club to take her home he shouts about all of the sexy fun they’re going to have. He takes her home and lists off everything that he loves about her as he makes love to her. Please and thank you ( irenewolfland )


The colorful lights are playful, though harsh and radiant, blinding you for the briefest of moments as you enter the loud room of Jokers favorite club. You inhale a sharp breath, one that chokes you – the heavily perfumed place tinted with salty sweat and the humid aroma of alcohol leaves hardly any room for pure oxygen. You frown. In front of you though, you can practically see your boyfriend grinning from ear to ear, despite his back turned to you. You follow after him like a lost puppy, confined and uncomfortable as you can’t help but let your eyes wander around the club – bejeweled and glossy surfaces of polls are hugged by thick tights of scantily clad women, all gunning after one man that so happened to be yours. You felt their glares. You heard whispers of your name passing their sultry lips and it made your skin crawl. Behind you your boyfriends men guard both of your safeties, though for a moment, you entirely forgot they are there.

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Five Little Words

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Natalia (OFC)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Power outage, bad weather (no one is in danger but it sounds scary), mention of crappy ex, mention of abandonment, Jensen singing (and hell yes that is a warning!).      

Word Count: 3100ish

A/N: This is a three in one ;) I hope I won’t dissappoint anyone. A while ago I did this tumblr game thing where I let people send me a “I wish you would write a fic where…” I told a few people I would do theirs. @chaos-and-the-calm67 said this:

I wish you would write a fic where Jensen and the Reader get stuck in a room when the lights go out (place of your choosing) so they sit in the dark and get to talkin’ and when the lights come back, Jensen asks the Reader out :)

I changed it a little Bev, but I hope you still like it.

This is my entry for @buckysmetallicstump‘s Disney Quote Challenge where my prompt was “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” — Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh as well as my entry for @iwriteaboutdean 200 follower challenge where my prompt was “Kiss Me” - Sixpence None the Richer.

Song also used Return to Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins.

Thanks to amazingly talented @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me.

No hate towards Danneel intended. Her and Jensen are my otp. This is just fiction. Also no mention of Supernatural in this one so I guess if you prefer to see it as an AU it could be that.

The storm was raging outside. It seemed to have hit the town out of nowhere. You hated that you had to go out in this weather, but your washing machine was broken. It was your turn to wash your daughter’s softball mini league uniforms, and she needed them tomorrow. So you didn’t have a choice. You sighed as you watched the darkness outside the glass doors  that were almost quivering in the wind. You quietly folded the uniforms as you dreaded having to head home in the storm. Luckily your little girl didn’t pay much attention, she had never been to fond of lightning storms, but she seemed to slowly be growing out of her fear of them. She was too busy playing with her favourite toy, her Winnie the Pooh teddy.

Natalie made you so proud. She was a tomboy who played softball and soccer, and still she was one of the most artistic and imaginative kids in her class. She made up stories and loved drawing little pictures to go with them. She was a special little girl and the light of your life.

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  • Me: Oh, man, I slept really well. The fat cat didn't wake me up once all night. That was-
  • Me: OH GOD.
  • (runs for the front door)
  • Me: Annnnnnd I'm dealing with this after work...
  • (after work)
  • Me: No, no porch tonight.
  • Me: Don't you remember being locked out there all night?
  • Link: (blank look) Can I go on the porch now?
The Devil’s Doughnut

Carson cursed loudly as he pulled off the exit ramp to his work. It was his turn to bring breakfast for the office and he hadn’t remembered until waking up this morning. The dilemma Carson was facing was twofold: he was in direct competition for a promotion at work with Jenny and he feared she may be pulling ahead. Last week, she had brought in homemade quiche, though Carson raised an eyebrow as to the authenticity of the homemade portion of her claims. The quiche tasted suspiciously similar to the ones made at a downtown bistro their boss had previously deemed his favorite restaurant in town. Hack or not, Jenny had been praised throughout the week for her baking skills and now Carson found himself frantically wracking his brain for an immediate solution to office breakfast.

His car slowed as he passed the sign for “Devil’s Doughnuts” and after lingering long enough that a car behind him honked, Carson pulled into the parking lot.  His boss had been on a health craze lately. Though probably laying the foundation for a Human Resources nightmare, Carson’s boss had been chiding employees who were seen eating unhealthier options for their lunch. Carson had the benefit of a fast metabolism and a general apathy towards food. Eating was something that merely fueled his body from Point A to Point B. His slim frame was testament to that. Once Carson took note of his boss’ behavior towards the chips and burger crowd, he made a show of producing salads and crudités for lunch.  Earning a pat on the back and praising of his general trimness, Carson felt his chances of a promotion grow exponentially.

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Thanks, Mom

Summary: You go to visit your mom at her new house and find a handsome man mowing her yard.

warnings: none, just fluff! (minor fantasies about Dean, but who hasn’t had those, right?)

word count: ~2600

You turned onto your mom’s street, eager to see her new house all finally put together.  She had moved about a month ago, but you had been so busy with your job that you hadn’t had a chance to come by and see the place, let alone help her unpack.

She didn’t seem to mind, as she quite enjoyed organizing and arranging things.  You had talked to her on the phone many times and she told you all the new ideas she had for the house… It felt like you had been there a thousand times with all the details she had shared, but you were just now getting to see it.

You pulled into the driveway, eyes scrunched in confusion when you saw a man pushing a lawnmower in her yard. Your mom had always done her own yard work, saying that it was the best work out she would get and not liking to work out in any other ways.

The man looked your way and waved, before quickly turning back to his task.  You reached for your purse after you turned off your car, getting out slowly.  You looked at the man again, taking him in.  He was wearing jeans and a v-neck t-shirt, hair short with scruff on his face. His face – that was a handsome face.  Plump lips and a light brush of freckles under piercing green eyes that you could see all the way across the yard.  He turned the lawnmower so that he was now facing away from you, and you couldn’t help but admire his back muscles that flexed under his thin t-shirt and the curve of his ass –

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Inn lítt fugl {The Little Bird}

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

Ivar x Reader

@lottak got me thinking about Ivar so… more Ivar.

You normally chatted to no end over dinner but today you were quiet, chewing thoughtfully which had everyone looking at you as if they expected some long winded question that would result in a long nighttime trek to Floki for answers. Margrethe sighed and glanced at you, having tried to dull the idea you’d come up with all day.

“I want to go to England.” You said finally and everyone froze.

“Inn lítt fugl want’s to go to England.” Ivar chuckled as he recovered from the shock first.

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Make Me Forget

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 1,030
Warnings: Angst
Requested: Yes/No
A/N: Part two of Run Away. I’m thinking of making this a series, let me know what you think. 

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Dean sat in front of the house he and Y/N always said they would buy after they got married, drinking whiskey straight from the bottle. It wasn’t a large house by no means, it was a simple one-story home with a sizable backyard and a white fence out front. It wasn’t big, but Dean and Y/N had fallen in love with it. Y/N loved the idea of hosting family gatherings in the backyard and Dean loved the idea of watching their kids run around the front yard.

He remembers how happy she was when they talked about buying the house. 

The two of them laid in bed, Y/N was close to sleep but Dean couldn’t seem to close his eyes. There was too much on his mind and he had to tell Y/N before she fell asleep.

“I drove by the house today,” Dean whispered and paused when Y/N shifted in his arms to look at him.

“There’s a ‘for sale’ sign in the yard.” Y/N hummed curling up to Dean.

“I was thinking that I could start picking up shifts at the garage.” Again Y/N hummed and the smile on her lips was blinding.

“I love you.” Y/N stated simply pecking his lips and placing her head in his chest, listening to his heart lulling her to sleep.

Dean smiled. He’d do anything to keep her smiling.

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BTS Chubby Thighs Reaction

Anon: “Please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf having chubby thighs and some haters insult her? Sorry for my bad english”

A/N: This is my first reaction post back, do forgive me for the time it’s taking to ease back into things, life has been busy and I found the blog is easier to manage when I’m procrastinating during the year. All feedback welcome, share my stuff so I make more :)

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BatFam X Reader "New Family" Part 3

You work for Wayne Industries when you are asked to see Bruce Wayne with your boss Mr. Fox. On your way up to meet wit him, you meet someone else.

Authors note: This is dedicated to my biggest fan Abdullaah. Thank you for being so supportive.

Part 1

Part 2


You weren’t sure but that creepy feeling that you were being followed wouldn’t go away and it was nagging at your very soul. It felt like having butterflies in your stomach and that anticipation that you are watching a scary movie and you don’t know when that thing that you know is going to jump out on the screen will. Yeah that is how you felt. That gut feeling was never wrong when it came to this. It just wasn’t. So as you stepped out the front doors of Wayne Industries you glanced behind you to see a security guard. Something about him looked familiar… You store this information in the back of your mind and continue on your way home. By the time that you make it two blocks the feeling comes back to you.

At this time you need to make a decision either evade or lead the shadow. Evading would shake him off your trail, but if this guy had been following you as long as you thought he had then he would just wait for you at home. So the last option was the best bet.

As you continue the way home, but instead of making a right you take a left. Without back tracking it would now take an extra five minutes home. As you continue down the sidewalk more and more of the stores turn to be abandoned. A closed down Barkery. Unbeknownst to the public this bakery wasn’t closed down or a bakery. This is the place were you lay your trap.

It was dark and musty. Though the outside wasn’t what you were really interested in it was what was inside that mattered.

Going around to the back the door was there. Once inside you start looking for Mack.

“Mack?” You yell. “Its Y/N.”

“Y/N, what in tar-nation are ye doing here?” said a man with an Irish accent. He is short fat man with patches of white hair all around his head. Wearing a hideous sweater and jeans that are obviously to big for him. Though the ensemble would not be complete without his climbing harness and goggles that look like they might have been part of a steampunk costume.

“Hey Mack. I just needed to use your security cameras.”

“Really? Whose after ye?”

“I don’t know Mack, but can I use them.”

“Sure they’re in dah closet.”

“Thanks.” you say as you walk towards the hallway closet.

The closet obviously must has been a cleaning supplies closet because it still smelled of cleaning product. On wall was the computer and on the other were ten screens. Each one projected a live feed of the inside and the outside of the bakery. As you scan the screens you notice a figure on the rooftop on the building across the street.

“Yer think that him?”

You scream and before you know it you have your hands wrapped securely around Macks throat. “God sorry Mack I didn’t realize. I’m sorry.”

“Its not yer fault deary. I forgot before you were a techy you were part of the-”

“Don’t say their name out loud!”

Mack raises a bushy white eyebrow and says “If yer say so deary.”

You smile at his reassuringly and look out a the screen at the figure on the roof. You zoom closer to get a better look. Red mask covers his entire face and it looks like he is wearing a brown jacket.

“Its one of the Bat’s.” Mack exclaims.

“One of the bat’s?” You ask.

“Yes Y/N one of Bat’s.” You look at him blankly. “You know Batman? That is one of his guys. I think he calls himself deh Red Hood.”

“How original.” You say sarcastically.

“Has dis guy been following yer?”

“I think so. I am going to talk to him.”

“Talk to him?! Why…” Mack cuts off his own sentence and says instead. “If yer goin to talk to him you better watch your back. He ain’t like the others; he kills.”

“Mack you don’t think that he knows about me do you?”

“Nah deary, I wiped your past away. Your new identity is secure.”

You nod as you get out of the chair and leave the Bakery.


Jason was sure that this was not what Bruce ment when he said ”I want you to become her friend and get her to come onto our side.” by stalking her. He truly didn’t know how to become her friend, she really isolated herself from everyone. He had tried to talk to her and find excuses to see her, but whenever he tried she wouldn’t pay attention.

“Y/N was one of those who stayed in her own world.” Jason thought to himself.

He had been hoping to find a way to run into her on her way to work or on her way home and that is why he had been following her… for a week. So it had taken him off guard when she changed her route and had stopped at a closed down bakery.

Still looking through his binoculars he waits for you to come out.

Some pressure is felt at the back of his jacket. Jason freezes. He has been made. Your voice confidently whisper next to his ear. “Why are you following me?”

I was in heaven

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My sister ( @bekaroth ) and I came up with a headcanon today that all of the Lucas hands regenerate like starfish into new Lucas’s, but each one just gets progressively dumber until there are a couple dozen or so idiot Lucas clones running around.

Lucas decides to use these Lucas clones to set up his traps. “Lucas 3, you like games right?” “BOY, DO I!” “Great! Go test that puzzle for me.” “Why does Lucas 3 get to play a game and I don’t?” “Fine, Lucas 5. Go help him.” “YAY!”

Also they wear numbered hoodies to keep them separated. 

Also also, Lucas 8 and Lucas 9 are assigned to lure the Fat Man into the elevator. After the door shuts with them inside, they’re like “Now what?” and “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was trying to kill me…”


bts member : jungkook x reader 

Genre: angst /smut 

rated mature :  but not in all the chapters

summary : if you want to and if you don’t want to, things are bound to happen and you broke the rules and run away only to find your self in a lion’s Den , jungkook a man who has every thing; power wealth and fame all together to burn your heart and existence if you moved away, in a land full of horses what could happen between both of you ,two young persons who meant to share the same dream  !

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“excuse me miss “ the train supervisor said gently 

yeah how can i help you ‘ you said lifting your head up from the magazine you were reading it was your first time taking a train to somewhere out of Seoul and you felt exciting finally able to experience many things you dreamt since you were a kid 

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Noona (M/F)

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader

The man, you called Park Jimin, was your neighbour. Always had been. The adorable chubby kid who used to always rush to get your attention…well that was how you pictured it. Jimin was only a mere two years younger than yourself, however, his late growth spurt obliged you to see him as a naïve younger brother who probably had a crush on you for his whole short life. This is why you couldn’t possibly fathom the handsome, God-given creature to utter your name in a way that only the young boy you left would. To say the least, he had changed; whether that was to your disadvantage or not was a question that sparked your curiosity.

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Injured Football Player Ch 14

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Summary: The reader is nesting as she prepares for her and Bucky’s daughter to arrive. Bucky, supportive and sweet, is waiting till the baby is born so the reader can relax for a minute. 

Word Count: 1212

(Chapter 13)

 “Damn it,” you groaned as you tried to get up from the couch. You were well into your third trimester, your center of gravity was totally off, and you were miserable.

 After your fourth try to get up you sighed, “Screw it,” you admitted defeat and put your feet back up. As soon as you found a comfortable position, it hit you. You had to pee for the hundredth time in the last two hours.

 Trying to get up again, you realized you needed help. You yelled, “Bucky, living room, hurry!”

 Bucky came sprinting into the living room with fear in his face, “Y/N, baby, what’s wrong? Do I need to call Dr. Romanoff?”

 “I need to pee and I can’t get up,” you huffed.

 “Damn it, Y/N,” he walked over to you picking you up with ease, “You cannot yell like that. I thought something was wrong with the baby.”

 You waddled to the bathroom, “There is something wrong with the baby! She is sitting on my bladder 24/7!”

 He sighed and chuckled, “She just loves you.”

 You stood with your hands on your lower back and stared at your daughter’s lavender colored room. Your mom, cousin Wanda, and best friend Michelle, came and helped decorate the nursery the previous weeks.

 “Babe, where are you?” Bucky called from down stairs.

 “In Charlotte’s room,” you said.

 He walked into the room and smiled, “There are my girls,” he leaned down and kissed your stomach, then kissed you, “Hi love.”

 You smiled, “Hi sweetie.”

 “What are you doing?” he draped his arm around your shoulders.

 “Something feels off in here. Like something is missing,” you looked around. 

 He looked around, “Baby, I don’t think anything is missing.”

 You stared for a moment, “I think I want to move things around.”

 “No, no, no,” Bucky stood in front of you, putting his hands on your shoulders, “We have changed the room more times than I wish to count. This is perfect the way it is set up.”

 “Bucky, the feeling is off. Maybe if we just move-“

 Bucky interrupted you by planting a kiss on your lips. You forgot what you were thinking about moving when he pulled away, “No, more moving things. Everything is perfect. We made a perfect room for our little girl.”

 You rested your hand on his cheek, “But I think the rocking chair could move over to this wall, and move the changing table where the rocking chair is!”

 Bucky let out a groan and dramatically fell to the floor, “Y/N, come on! I have moved things around this room four times!”

 “James, everything has to be perfect,” you waddled over to the rocking chair, “I just think it would be better on this wall.”

 You started to pick it up when a strong hand held it down. You looked down to see Bucky gripping the chair.

 His face was serious, “Y/N, are you allowed to be moving furniture?”

 “No,” you sighed.

 He sat up on his knees and ushered you to sit in the chair. He pulled your hands up to his face and kissed them, “Baby, everything is perfect. I promise you, our little girl has the most perfect room. You got to stop stressing yourself out about the little things,” he put a hand on your belly, “It isn’t good for either of my girls.”

 You cupped his cheek, “You are amazing, you know it?”

 “You are the amazing one,” he patted your leg, “Come on, let’s leave our child’s room alone.”

 “Fine,” you groaned as he helped you up.

 A couple nights later you woke up in the middle of the night, “Bucky, wake up,” you shook him.

 “What? What’s wrong?” Bucky shot up half asleep, “Are you okay?”

 “No, I am not! We are having a baby, and we are not married.”

 He stared at you, “Damn it, Y/N! You cannot wake me up in the middle of the night like that! You are going to give me a heart attack before you have this baby,” he flopped back down onto the bed.

 “Bucky, I’m serious! We aren’t married.”

 “Yes, Y/N, I know,” he responded while putting a pillow over his face.

 “Don’t you think we should be married when our child is born?”

 He moved the pillow, “Y/N, people have children all the time without being married. It isn’t taboo anymore.”

 “Yes, but there are two problems with that statement for us.”

 He moved the pillow completely from his face, “Okay, I am listening.”

 “One, we are in the public eye. So people are watching us all the time. Two, I am from Texas and have extremely Southern family members. Meaning that if we have a baby out of wedlock we will never hear the end of it, and our child will never hear the end of it. I just don’t want anyone ruining this time for us. We are about to bring a baby into this world, and I don’t want it to be showered with negativity.”

 Bucky’s face soften. He sat up and sighed, “Our baby will have so many people who will shower it with love, she will not know what to do with herself. Will there be people who run their mouth about the fact that we got pregnant before we were married, of course there will be. But you know what?” he cupped your cheek, “None of that will matter, because she will have the best mother in the world, who protects her and guides her to greatness.”

 You leaned into his hand, “You think so?”

 “I know so,” he kissed your forehead, “But if you really want to be married before she comes, we can go elope and still have our big Fourth wedding next year.”

 You looked up at him and smiled, “Really?”

 He nodded, “We can go tomorrow if you want.”

 You wrapped an arm around his neck and kissed him, “I love you.”

 “I love you too,” he smooth out your hair, “Maybe a little too much, some would say.”

 “Would you say that?”

 He smiled sweetly at you, “Never.”

 The next morning, you two made your way down to the courthouse. Thirty minutes later, you two walked out Mr. and Mrs. James Buchanan Barnes.

 Bucky walked you to passenger side door and held it open for you as you climbed in. He stuck his head in the door and smiled, “You are the most beautiful bride.”

 You looked down at the dress you were wearing, “I literally just grabbed a dress that was nice and would fit.”

 “I don’t care,” he leaned in closer, “You are still absolutely, take my breath away, beautiful.”

 You kissed him, “Even if I am getting fat as a cow?”

 “You are not fat as a cow,” he chuckled as he closed the door.

 You watched him walk around the front of the truck smiling at himself. You were both happy that you decided to elope before the baby was born. Granted, your families wouldn’t be too happy that you two eloped without telling me, but they would be there for the big wedding next July. When Bucky hopped in, you smiled at him and thought to yourself, “I finally am married to the man of my dreams.”

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