the faster it gets the funnier it is

things about the ASOUE netflix series that actually make me lowkey like it sliiightly more than the books

  • more diversity in the cast!!!
  • the fact that aunt josephine’s house is now just a fucking island
  • the fact that the VFD plot is introduced right at the beginning instead of halfway through
  • i feel like olaf’s troupe is much better characterized here and more memorable and funny
  • musical numbers!!!
  • in general the tv format allows for some details and foreshadowing to occur visually (or get across much, much faster), which makes it more streamlined and accessible 
  • nph as olaf. holy shit i LOVE.
  • this may just be me but here the baudelaires felt much more like real kids to me?? idk it may just be because i can actually SEE them (shoutout to the casting director for not casting 19/20 year olds)
  • olaf is a lot funnier, which helps break up all the gloominess, but he’s still threatening and creepy, which is where the jim carrey version went wrong, i think – what makes olaf in the books and series a great bad guy is that he’s scary AND funny, albiet with a pitch-black sense of humor
  • the fact that sir and charles are much more explicitly a couple
  • jacquelyn!! i love her so fucking much
  • i like that aunt josephine is more sympathetic and complex
Goldilocks || 04

Rated M (language and smut)

Warnings: dry humping, breast play

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Word Count: 3.9k

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“If you guys are done making butt jokes I’d really like to watch this movie.”

Link to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous Part || Next Part

not my gif, credit to owner


A/N: OH LOOK THE RATING CHANGED. Yeah so imma just leave this here and run. No EOPQ, but feedback is appreciated and depending on the reaction, I might be a hoe and drop 05 tomorrow. If you’re someone who doesn’t like smut, asterisk* is where it starts, skip until the *asterisk where it ends. You won’t be missing plot stuff. I made sure of that. NOW I’M GONNA RUN BYE~~


Taehyung has always loved boobs.

It has become apparent over the past few years of your close friendship that it isn’t even a sexual thing sometimes. He simply loves boobs. Perky, droopy, big, small, even man-boobs. He’s explained several times that “they’re just like, really comfy, okay?”

The sad thing is, you can completely believe him, and this is one of the main reasons why you choose to cross your arms when he begins pleading, unabashed as Jungkook and Jimin look on.

“Baby, just come cuddle with me,” Taehyung laughs, gesturing in a pitiful attempt to persuade you to join him, speaking loudly to be heard above both the pouring rain outside and the dialogue of the movie.

“Go take care of your boner first,” you retort.

Taehyung’s lips slip into an easy, suggestive smile, “Wanna help me with that? Or should I say… give me a hand?”

You stifle a laugh, “The only hand I’ll be giving you is my entire fist up your ass.”

“Damn baby, that’s a bit much. Can’t we just start with a finger?”

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I Can Tell (George Weasley x Reader)

A request❤ thank you so much, it was such a good idea. Here u go!

“How much should the puking pastilles be?” “Um, five gallons. They take sickles to make, so we’ll make major profit!” George answered his brother.

The fire blazed in the Gryffindor common room, the twins sat on the overstuffed couch, Fred with a quill and pad.

“How about for canary-”

Fred was cut off by the sound of someone clearing their throat. They simultaneously looked up to see the culprit. It was Alicia Spinnet. She was standing awkwardly, and waiting expectantly.

“Um, Hello Alicia, can we help you?” asked George. “Yes, Fred, I was wondering if you’d go to Hogsmead with me this weekend?” This seemed like a nice proposition, the thing was she was staring straight at George.

“Actually, I’m George. That’s Fred”

She didn’t look phased. “Oops, well do want to?” she asked again with a smile, still looking at George. George turned to look at his twin, his eyebrows knotting together. “But I’m Fred” Fred said defensively. “I mean it doesn’t really matter” Alicia chuckled. “Are one of you going to take me?” “No” the twins said firmly. Alicia sighed and walked away, up to the girls dorm. “Is she mad?” George asked irritated.

“C'mon Georgie, we are identical”

“Yeah, but even after I told her that you’re Fred she still asked me, like it didn’t make a difference either way!” George shouted, his face started getting red with anger. “Calm down, does it really bother you that much?” Fred asked. “It’s that, this is the 5th time this week people have mistaken us then not cared. It’s like they think we’re the same person or something!” George stood, pacing back and forth. “How about, I finish this and you go to bed” proposed Fred. “No, I’m fi-” “George, go to bed” George bite his lip, not wanting Fred to win, but then gave up and walked toward the boys dorm. “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” yelled Fred after him. “Shut up” George grumbled with a starting up the stairs.

Next morning

“So, class or Black Lake with Lee?” Fred asked his brother, using his hands to weight the two options. They were walking down the corridor. It was cleared out, due to the fact that class was about to begin. “Oh, wow. Freddie that’s a tough choice” George sighed dramatically. “You know how much I adore Snape, but I’m afraid I’ll have to choose-” he was cut off when somebody darted around the corner and collided with him. They hit the ground with a thump. George felt the wind get knocked out of his chest.

“Oh, Merlin! I’m so, so sorry. I-I’ve never been this late to class before”

George looked down at a girl he’s had never seen before, in red and gold robes. She scrambled up, and was brushing herself off. But, George couldn’t move. He was pushed up on his elbows and was staring at the girl. He tried to fill his lungs with air again but she knocked it right back out of him. Everything blurred, except her face.

It was sunny and beautiful, he’d never seen one like it. ‘Why does she look so concerned?’ He thought, he then noticed her mouth was moving. “I’m sorry, what?” he asked, barely above a whisper. “Are you okay?” She said louder. “Oh, uh.. yeah I’m-I’m fine” he said quickly standing, not taking his eyes off her.

“Are you?”

“Yeah, well I’m officially late to class. I guess Professor Trelawny can tell me how I’m gonna die some other day.” She said giggling. George finally pulled his eyes from her and looked over at his brother, who was already looking at him with knowing eyes and a smirk.

“Well, I guess I’ll head back to the common room, sorry again.”

She started to walk past them. Realizing that she was leaving George stammered “Wait, what’s your name?” She turned back around to face them. “(Y/N)” ’(Y/N)’ he thought, 'that’s perfect’ “And you’re George right?” She asked. “Uh, yeah. How’d you know that?” George asked, confused. “I don’t know, lucky guess I suppose.” She turned again to head to the common room. “Wait” Fred spoke up. “Yeah?” (Y/N) turned laughing.

“How would you like to accompany my brother, Lee Jorden, and I to the Black Lake. I mean, instead of sitting in the common room alone.”

(Y/N) looked uncertainty at them. “We’re a bloody good time” George added, smiling. (Y/N) thought for a moment, swaying back and forth “sure, why not?” She finally said, shrugging. “Alright, let’s go!” Fred said, offering his arm, which she took and they started off toward the lake. “You comin’, Georgie?” asked Fred over his shoulder. George shook away the cloudiness in his head. “Yeah, I’m coming” he said with a smile.

—Time skip—- 3 months—

“Morning, (Y/N)” said Fred cheerfully as he and George sat at across from her at breakfast. “Morning, Fred” she said back, her smile dropped when she saw George’s disgruntled face.

“You okay?”

George just grunted as he started to pile bacon on his plate. (Y/N) looked back at Fred, eyebrows raised. He sighed, “Georgie here got upset because Lee got us confused” (Y/N)’s jaw dropped “Lee got you confused?”

“Yeah, I mean It doesn’t bug me but, it does George”

George slammed his fist on the table. “It’s not that he got us confused, it’s that he didn’t care when I corrected him!” George yelled as he stood, drawing the attention of the entire great hall. He huffed and walked out. (Y/N) looked wide eyed at Fred who looked shocked as well. She stood
and quickly followed after him. “George, George!” she yelled until he stopped at turned to her. He was panting with anger “George, calm down, love. Calm down” she told him, her hands gently in his shoulders. “I-I just-” (Y/N) brought her hand to his cheek, causing him to freeze. “Tell me why it upsets you so much” she asked, looking up into his eyes. He took a deep breath.

“It makes me feel like I’m Fredandgeorge not just George, like I don’t have my own personality and no one cares.”

“I care” (Y/N) said “a lot.” “Well, you’ve never mistaken us.” said George, then thought about what he just said, (Y/N) never had mistaken him, not even once. “How do you do that?” He asked, squinting at her. “Tell you two apart?” she asked, smiling. He nodded. (Y/N) thought for a moment. “Let’s walk” she said nodding toward the corridor. She took his hand, and lead him around the corner to where she ran into him 3 months ago. “So?” George asked, eyebrows raised. She took a deep breath. The sunrise made her skin glow, her (y/e/c) eyes were bright. “I’ve been able to tell you two apart since I’ve known you” she said looking out at the pink sky. “It means a lot to me” George said, not being able to take his eyes off her. “To be honest, when I look at you my heart beats, um.. faster than normal” she was looking down at her hands, George couldn’t believe it, she actually liked him. “That’s all?” He asked with a smirk. “You’re more handsome” she said biting her lip. He saw a blush of pink appear on her cheeks.


His smirk turned into a smile. “And you’re funnier”

“Am I?”

He felt the heat appear on his cheeks as well. “You’re more kind” (Y/N) started getting closer and closer to George until they were nose to nose. He could feel her warm breath on his lips and couldn’t control himself anymore. He leaned down and kissed her. It was soft and much too fast for his taste, she pulled back. “Do you you really like me?” She asked, brows furrowed.


George smirked, her eyes went wide “Oh uh-” “Ive been madly in love with you since the second I saw your face.” (Y/N) laughed as he brought both hands to grab his face a kiss him, it was rough and passionate. He moved her against the corridor wall. She licked his lower lip, causing him to moan.

His tongue explored her mouth. It was so sweet, he’d been waiting for this moment for months. He then realized he needed air and reluctantly pulled away. “You feel better now?” she asked, giggling. “Better than ever.” He said before pecking her nose.

zach werenski // first place

requested by @brooke5bb

warnings: none

who: zach werenski x reader

premise: you kick zach’s ass working out… and claim your prize

a/n: I hope you enjoy! I had so much fun writing this one :)


You absolutely, positively, loved, for a reason you couldn’t explain, being underestimated. There was nothing more amazing than the time that you scored 5 goals during your first varsity lacrosse game as a freshman against your completely unsuspecting rivals, their mouths permanently hanging open in shock. Or when you graduated first in your class from medical school, the boys that had told you that you should “quit while you can and model” sitting front row. Or, last but not least, when you became the youngest surgeon in the United States to complete a successful craniotomy solo, your condescending boss forcing a tight smile and an “I always believed in you” while handing you the award as you posed for photos.

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cris1270  asked:

With which you color your drawings with crayon and in

I always use my trusty 132 set of Prismacolor colored pencils! They were SUPER expensive but worth every cent. I used to keep them in their tin, but it was too big to carry around… so I put them in a cheap pencil box.

As I’m sure you guys have seen, the way pieces look highly depends on the coloring technique I use. I think the majority of my recent work has been pen sketches, which are highly unpolished and I just color them with minimal effort. Well… I still do a lot of shading and it’s still a good amount of work, but it’s still not using my materials to their highest potential.

However, I’m sure the reason that you even asked this question is because of my more polished work. That’s usually the reason that people ask me what I use to color with, because in the case of polished pieces it’s a lot less obvious what I’m using to color this stuff in. It’s the same colored pencils, just applied in a different way. It’s a lot more work but I personally think it’s much more fun and rewarding to work on polished pieces. I get to pour my entire heart and soul into the color work. The pen sketches are faster, easier, and often times funnier, but they’re not as gratifying as polished work.

So uhm… Yeah! That’s basically everything there is to know about what I do with coloring. Well, besides the actual coloring technique I use for polished work. But that’s an answer for another time.✨


YA Lit Meme: The Caster Chronicles [6/10 Book Series]

Every day was like a day out of someone else’s life. Nothing had ever happened to me, and now everything was happening to me – and by everything, I really meant Lena. An hour was both faster and slower. I felt like I had sucked the air out of a giant balloon, like my brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Clouds were more interesting, the lunchroom less disgusting, music sounded better, the same old jokes were funnier, and Jackson went from being a clump of grayish-green industrial buildings to a map of times and places where I might run into her. I found myself smiling for no reason, keeping my earphones in and replaying our conversations in my head, just so I could listen to them again. I had seen this kind of thing before. I had just never felt it.

anonymous asked:

Hi so I've been seeing alot about taz on my tumblr feed from u and many others and I thought it sounded like something I would be into (everyone said it was heavily story and character driven) but I listened to the first two episodes and didn't really love them it felt pretty slow paced and a bit dull honestly. As a long time listener do you think I should persevere, does it improve/change or if I don't like the start will I hate the rest. Thanks xx

I can tell you with 100% certainty, the first few episodes are very, very different from what comes later. (Especially if you listened to the regular Episode 1 rather than the Episode 1 Director’s Cut, which is half as long and cuts out a lot of the duller portions.) 

At that point it wasn’t even its own podcast, just a filler episode for another podcast where they thought they’d record themselves playing D&D for a goof, and they spend a lot of time learning the rules and dealing with the nuts and bolts of playing. The humor is less punchy, the character haven’t been figured out, and the story hasn’t really gotten started yet. (They work from a premade adventure rather than Griffin’s narrative for most of it.)

The first story arc is so different from what comes later that the McElroys even talked about it on a recent bonus episode–Griffin said “I see people [on twitter] say “oh, I’m going to start listening to The Adventure Zone!” and then like a day later they come back with “I just hit this point in The Adventure Zone where somebody murdered someone and then asked why they got a boner—are you sure this is the same show you were talking about?””

So yes, I’d say it’s absolutely worth hanging in there and listening. Not only does the story get a lot richer and the characters a lot deeper (The Crystal Kingdom arc is a big turning point for that) but the humor gets funnier and faster, and isn’t so bogged down by them deciding what to do/figuring out how to play.

If you’re very impatient, you could skip forward to Murder On The Rockport Limited. There’s some story stuff you’ll miss if you do that but if you’ve been reading about it on tumblr you can probably fill in the blanks. I personally think the best way to listen to anything is to start from the beginning even if it means getting through some duller/weaker parts, but it’s all about what your preference is and how you prefer to listen!

The Man In Red - Pietro Maximoff x Reader x Barry Allen

Originally posted by wintersoulja

Originally posted by gustsgrant

Words: 2253
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader x Barry Allen (oh fuck)
Featuring: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner
Warnings: swearing, fighting
Requested: no but @lovingmytelevision and I were talking and they said “Barry and Pietro meeting” and here it is
Authors note: splitting up the song/angst requests with something a little funnier!:) If you can’t tell by now, I really really love crossovers of any type so here is this. Set in: After AOU and season two of flash about halfway through haha.

Masterlist. Request List.

It was true; Pietro was getting faster. And you weren’t quite sure if you were terrified of this, or happy for him.

Ever since the Battle of Sokovia, he kept telling you he needed to get faster. He couldn’t dodge those bullets, and it was a miracle that the team has access to such amazing doctors, he wasn’t going to misuse his second chance at life.

So he wanted to be faster. He wanted to be able to dodge any millions of bullets that came his way. He wanted to save anyone who needed it; he wanted his speed to help.

You, of course, worked with him. Bruce also worked on figuring out how to make him faster. Some attempts ended in Pietro passing out as he was testing whatever would help, some ended in it going away after ten minutes. But this, this finally worked.

You and Bruce came up with something that went under his clothes that would give him more speed. And if he wore that for a few days, it would become permanent.

“You’re getting faster!” You cheered when Pietro stopped running right in front of you.

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the signs as celebrities
  • aries: the super celebs, they're always at sports games and so sweet to their fans and sign every autograph they can
  • taurus: really hot and really funny, everyone wants to be them or wants to date them
  • gemini: tbh they're probably the guys who adopt three kids and then donate all their money to charity
  • cancer: the adorable celeb who probably has famous director/actor parents and are born and raised into the life of the rich and famous
  • leo: the perfect ideal of a celebrity who can do nothing wrong, #flawless
  • virgo: well beyonce's a virgo so you can only imagine they'd be fly af and unstoppable
  • libra: so popular and sociable. but who are they dating? the world will never know
  • scorpio: the super nice celebrities who always try to see their fans and go out in public in hoodies and are so casual
  • sagittarius: the EXTREME celebs who are always doing crazy things but also good party hosts and win loads of awards
  • capricorn: the celebrities who worked their little butts off to get to where they are, climbed the ladder faster than anyone ever - respected by all
  • aquarius: funnier than any comedian, probably has their own talk show and takes ugly selfies with their fans
  • pisces: so so chill and wise but they're also so ditzy, everyone loves them bc, well, its hard not to
Non-stop sneezing (Baekhyun x You)

                “Achoo!” You sneezed for the umpteenth time. You turned over and stared at the ceiling. You definitely regretted playing in the rain two nights ago.

“Come on! Join me!” You gestured for your best friend to come over. “No thank you, come back here! I don’t want you to get sick” You pouted, walking over to him. “Byun Baekhyun, I always follow your silly plans so just follow mine! Plus, mine’s way more harmless than yours.” You shrugged, reaching out to grab his arm.

“I told you you’re going to get sick!” He said, standing up and following you nonetheless. You playfully scoffed, “Please, I’ve never seen you sick in a long time.Your immune system is like a God.”

Upon hearing this he laughed, “I’m not talking about me, were you even listening?” He ended off with an awkward laugh. You paused for a moment, realising he was referring to you. You smacked him, “I’m not that weak!!” Baekhyun gave you a confused look before shaking his head with a small smile that hinted disappointment. You were curious but decided to just brush it off.

He flicked your forehead, “Pabo-yah, you easily get sick.”

“Too late! Ha! We’re in the rain already! Come on, you’re supposed to be the funnier person in our friendship!” You gave a childish. He shook his head then agreed to play in the rain with you.

Now there you were, missing school because you played heavily in the rain. You blew your nose and looked at your reflection in the mirror. Your nose had already turned red, your skin was really pale and you were having a fever.

Your phone rang, indicating you received a text. It was from your best friend.


You felt your heart beat faster but you did not think about it. You’ve been having this odd but happy feeling recently around Baekhyun. You knew what it was. You were starting to like him, but you couldn’t. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t. You couldn’t do anything about it. Baekhyun was your best friend, heck, you two could even be siblings. You didn’t want to ruin it with an awkward confession.

You didn’t even know how to confess.

However, you felt that you were receiving signals from him, you didn’t want to believe those though, assuming your brain was twisting things to make your fantasy come true. You would rather stay his number one best friend than become strangers all over again.

Baekki – I’m coming over (: Bought you food.

You – Thank you Baek!

You rested in your bed for a good 15 minutes before you heard the doorbell ring. “Urgh, Byun Baekhyun…” You muttered, frustrated. You opened the door to see your best friend, grinning ear to ear. “Geez, you look happy to see me.” He joked, taking a step into your house. “I was a second close to sleeping!!”

He just laughed and ruffled your already messed up hair. “Go back to bed, I’ll prepare your lunch. I bet you were too lazy to get up from bed huh.”  You had a small smile on your face as you walked down the short corridor, “You know me too well!”

You laid in bed, feeling really stuffy, your nose started reacting. The trash bin beside you was already filled with tissue. You already had used up 3 boxes of tissue. Baekhyun could hear you sneezing from the kitchen.

He came in with a hot bowl of noodle soup. “Eat up you pabo, I told you not to play in the rain. Must you make me so worried?” He nonchalantly spoke, while looking at you. You paused and looked up at him, tilting your head to the side. “Aw you were worried about me?” Baekhyun opened his mouth slightly, “Ah… Uh…” He huffed out a short awkward laugh, “Yea of course I was.” He said it, this time much softer.

You started having your sneezing fit again, placing the empty bowl on your bedside table. Baekhyun laughed at you, “Your nose is so red!”

“Yah! You can leave now!” You glared at him, smacking him with a pillow. Baekhyun placed his palm on your forehead, “You’re still having a fever? You should sleep.” He stood up, reaching out to grab the bowl. You took his hand in his, feeling really weak all of a sudden. “Can you stay here with me? What if burglars come and I can’t get out of bed—“

He chuckled, “Of course I’m staying here, you don’t need to ask. I’ll be right back.”

Baekhyun came back into your room, finding you slowly dozing off. When you spotted him, you sat back up at smiled at him. “You don’t have to stay awake, go to sleep.” He smiled at you, patting your head. “Yea but you’re here! Let’s not waste this time, besides, I’m not going back to school tomorrow so let’s just talk now.”

Knowing that you were just as stubborn as him, he obliged. He updated you about what happened in school and you sniffed your way through the conversation, literally. You smiled and leaned your head against his shoulder, “Thanks for accompanying me Baekki.”

“It’s nothing, really.” He laughed. Baekhyun decided to be daring and took your hand in his, your tiny hands in his. You blushed as you looked at both your hands entwined. “Get well soon yea? Once you’re well, I’ll take you out on a date.”

“Really?” You asked, your tired eyes already closed. Baekhyun smiled, taking it as a ‘yes’.

“I promise, just don’t ruin the date by having a sneezing fit.”

“Of course I won’t.”

“I’m just kidding, you pabo.”

It wasn’t said out loud, but it was then you both knew you liked each other.

Sirius Black Headcanons
  • Sirius thinks he’s really punk rock but he secretly loves Remus’ sweaters and how they smell like chocolate.
  • He wears a leather jacket that smells like smoke and his cologne.
  • He smokes to feel in control of himself.
  • He’s around 5′8 and James and Remus tease him about his height (even though Peter’s shorter)
  • He hides some things from everybody, even James.
  • He knows Remus hangs out with Lily but doesn’t tell James because he doesn’t want James to get mad at Remus.
  • Sirius gets really bad nightmares and Remus comes into his bed to calm him down and it works until his heart starts beating faster whenever Remus comes over.
  • After a time, his heart calms down when he gets to curl into Remus’ chest and feel at home.
  • He finds it hilarious how red Remus went when asked what he smells and even funnier when ‘smoke’ and ‘wet dog’ were involved in the smell.
  • He didn’t hesitate at all to tell the room that he smelled chocolate, fresh air, and ‘something strange.‘ that he couldn’t quite place.
  • James relentlessly teased Sirius who in turn admitted his crush on Remus to his best friend.
  • After that, Sirius is constantly embarrassed by how hard James tries to get the two together.
  • He gets abused at home but shrugs it off around his friends and pretends it’s nothing even though it really does bother him.
  • He didn’t want to leave his house at first, for fear of leaving his brother alone with those monstrous people.
  • When he first moved in with the Potters, he apologized for every little thing because he thought everything was his fault.

Uweekly magazine with SJ:

Uweekly: if you are able to make any of the wish comes true,what will it be?

 Ryeowook: when SJ gets old,we will still be able to sing and dance sorry sorry.  

Leeteuk: i wish i am able to know all the languages in this world. 

Heechul: to be young forever!

Uweekly: what’s a mandatory concert song? 

SJ: Sorry Sorry! 

Uweekly : have you ever gotten sick and thought of not performing it?

 SJ: No!

➮ Uweekly : You’re always so energetic on stage. Other than the fans, what gives you energy? 

Donghae: Fan’s love!!

Uweekly : after so many concerts are you still nervous? if yes,how do you lessen them? 

Donghae: my heart will beat faster ,not because of nervousness but because when i see fans i get excited and really pumped  

 Heechul: I don’t feel nervous at all  

 ➮ Uweekly :Why do you think is the reason for your longevity? 

Kangin: SJ is joyous

Donghae: We show our all on stage!

Heechul: because we have SM Ent! 

 ➮ Uweekly :What is the one thing to change about SJ? 

Siwon: to be funnier! 

KanginI: Age! 

Heechul: My hairstyle!

➮ Uweekly : Many of the members have pets at home. Which pet do you think is the most fortunate? 

Siwon: That’s definitely our Bugsy  

Kangin: Chunhyang, she’s the prettiest 

Heechul: looks like Kangin’s chunhyang & youngjun are more popular 

Uweekly: What do you want to achieve but not yet? 

Ryeowook/Leeteuk: Concert in space!! 

Siwon: Asia’s representative 

Donghae: expand our influence 

Uweekly: Which member do you wish to be?

Ryeowook: Siwon! I want to know how it feels to be tall and to be loved and admired. 

Heechul: i want to be zhoumi, i really wish to speak Chinese fluently.   

Uweekly : please complete the sentence. “SJ is…" 

Heechul/Teuk: SJ is ELF.

Uweekly : what is a question that you don’t want to be asked? 

Siwon: i dont want to be asked about my look anymore. thankful for everyone’s compliments but i was really asked too often about look..

Kangin:i dont have one..

Heechul: Oh!I don’t want to be asked "if SJ members were girls, who will you date?”  (c)(c)(c)

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  • Luke: You hurriedly made your way outside after school, hoping that Luke would have forgotten about his statement. Unfortunately, your thoughts were proven wrong when you heard his voice: “(Y/N). Ready to go?”. “Uh, sure”, you said, looking down. “Good, I’ll drive us there”, he said, walking to the parking lot, you following behind him. The both of you sure attracted quite a lot of attention: ‘the bad boy leaving with the goody two shoes? No, that can’t be right.’ “Uh… So, are your parents home?”, you asked, looking up at him from the passenger seat. “Oh, no”, he chuckled, “We’ll be alone in the house for some good time”. You felt a goose bump creep across your spine. He definitely wasn’t planning on only starting the project. Hell, he wasn’t planning on starting the project at all. “You know what? I just remembered I have dentist today”, you trailed off, “Maybe we could meet up another day?”. “Why are you so fucking tense?!”, he asked, not taking his eyes off the road, “We’re going to my fucking house and that’s it. What?! Do you think I’m going to fucking rape you?! Well, let me give you the news, (Y/N): I’m not. Not every fucking boy gets turned on by your sweet, innocent self; by your fucking hot body. Not every fucking boy wishes they could fucking rip your blouse apart in the middle of the class, okay, (Y/N)?”, there was a moment of silence. “But you know what?”, he pulled over at an empty road. “I’m like every other fucking boy”, and with that, he unbuckled his seat belt and moved over to you. Harshly cupping your cheeks, he pressed his lips against yours. You were quick to reply to the kiss, biting his bottom lip and running your tongue through his piercing. “It’s nice to know the feeling is mutual”, he smirked, pulling away and sitting back on the driver’s seat. “Now ca we go?”, he asked. You simply nodded.
  • Ashton: When Ashton promised that he’d have you wanting him to fuck you – he wasn’t lying. He stopped talking with you through the whole week, and you started to miss him tormenting you. Wanting you. You caught yourself staring at him during your classes together, and he caught you too. “Be at Mark’s party”, he whispered in your ear during your lunch break. So there was Saturday. And there you were, at Mark’s house party. As you walked through the crowd, searching for Ashton, you stole quite a lot of glances – especially from the guys there. No one believed you would be there, especially not in a dress that short. “Ready to beg yet?”, you heard a voice whisper in your ear. Ashton put your hair on the side of your neck and ran his nose painfully slowly through it. “Not quite feeling the need to beg yet”, you turned around to face him. “Yeah? Then who are you wearing that dress for?”, he put a hand around your waist and pulled you closer to him. “For myself”, you replied. “So (Y/N) (Y/L/N), the good girl is coming to a popular guy house party and wearing a short dress for her own pleasure?”, he asked faking disbelief. “Yes!”, you said, your voice a little high pitched. “So if I do this”, his hand went sliding from your waist to your bum, and he squeezed it, “You won’t feel anything?”. “Nope. Not a thing at all”, you said, trying to avoid the fact that his hand was still on your bum and the feeling it was giving you. “Then I guess I won’t waste my time on this anymore”, he slapped your bum lightly and turned around, leaving you alone and lost at that party.
  • Michael: There you were at detention. Never in your whole life had you been sentenced to something like that. You sighed as you watched Michael step into the room and take the seat right next to yours. “Hi, princess”, he said, “Are you still upset I got us in detention?”. If it wasn’t for his sarcastic tone, those first words would have sounded extremely caring. But he didn’t stop there: “Believe me, by the end of this you’ll be wanting to come to detention with me every fucking day”. “Okay, so you can’t leave here ‘till four”, the teacher said walking into the room. You started to draw random things on your notebook while casually glancing at the clock, hoping time would slip by faster. Suddenly, a piece of paper was thrown onto your desk. ‘I can think of a distraction to make this a lot funnier, princess’, was written in a messy handwriting. You looked at Michael and rolled your eyes. ‘Fuck off’, was all he got from you. After some more minutes, you received another paper. ‘I know you’re hating this’. ‘Please stop, Michael’. ‘When I get started you won’t be begging me to stop’, you could literally hear him chuckling. That was ‘cause he was chuckling right next to you – probably ‘cause of your shocked face. You decided not to reply, focusing on your notebook. “I have to make some copies of these texts. I’ll be right back”, your teacher said. The moment he left the room, Michael was all over you. “God, I thought he’d never leave”, he whispered in your ear, hands on your tights. “Michael, get off me!”, you pushed him away. “Don’t act like you don’t want it, (Y/N)”, he smirked biting his lip. “I don’t want it!”, you exclaimed. “Oh yeah, princess?”, his smirk grew wider, “Mind if I check that?”. “How on Earth are you going to check th-Michael!”, his hands went up your tights and right to your panties. He ran a finger through the fabric. “Tsk, tsk. Looks like you’ve been lying, princess. These lips”, he pecked your mouth, “Might say no. But these”, he pressed his forefinger against your clit and you controlled all your emotions, “Are screaming yes”. The footsteps of your teacher were what shook both of you out of your conversation, Michael quickly sitting back down.
  • Calum: For some reason, you want to Calum’s band concert. Maybe it was because you feared that if you didn’t, he’d make your life more of a hell than it already was. Maybe it was because you wanted more of that kiss you shared in the hallway. But either way, you were there – intently watching his every move. And it seemed like he was watching you too. During the whole show, Calum did not take his eyes away from yours. Every once in a while biting his lips. “So you came”, he said after the show. “Yeah”, you shrugged, looking down. “So, do you wanna smoke a little?”, he offered smirking. “W-What?”, you asked, backing up a little bit with wide eyes. “Somke. Weed.”, he said as if it was obvious. “I’d rather not”, you mumbled. “Why not?”, he asked, stepping closer to you. “’Cause they’re illegal”, you said. “Oh, ‘cmon, (Y/N)”, he laughed. “I-I think I should get going”, you said, beginning to turn around. “No, wait”, he pulled you, “You don’t have to smoke, just come with me and I’ll smoke”. So now you stood in a improvised dressing room, Calum smoking and you sitting by his side, wondering what you were doing there. “C’mere”, he turned you so you were facing him. He brought your lips together and, the moment you opened your mouth, he let out all the smoke he was holding in inside it. “Calum!”, you yelled, coughing. “It wasn’t that bad, see?”, he asked. “Yes it was!”, you exclaimed. “C’mon, just give it a try”, he offered you the cigarette. “Fine”, you huffed, taking it from his hand. “Why did you stop?”, he asked, watching you intently. “Uh, I don’t really know what to do”, you blushed. He laughed: “Put it in your mouth, you’ve probably already seen it in movies. Okay, now take a strong drag”, you did as he told you, “Good, now take the cigarette off your mouth and open it – but don’t blow the smoke, wait a little bit”, you waited for a while ‘till he told you could blow it. “That was good for a beginner”, he smirked, “Wanna try again?”. “Sure”, you said. Drag after drag, you and Calum ended up pretty high. “You see? I’ve already began to take your innocence away”, he smirked. You were still recovering from a joke he had said before, catching your breath before replying: “Yeah, yeah. Don’t get used to it”. “Oh, c’mon. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about that kiss”. You shrugged. “Well, I’ll give you something to think of then”, he leaned in and roughly pressed his lips against yours, wrapping his hands around your waist and cupping your bum. One of your hands moved to his hair, messing with it. The other went to his shirt, pulling him closer to you. “Hopefully that won’t leave your mind”, he smirked pulling away.
#5. Midnight conversations.
  • Luke:  “Sometimes, I wish I could just yell at the top of my lungs.”  He paused, wondering if he should actually tell you about that, wondering if you actually cared.  ’‘Yell at everything that annoy me.  Yell at Michael when he doesn’t clean his bunk.  Yell back at my mom when she yells at me for not doing my bed.  Yell at you when you wake me up in the morning,“ he continued.  ’'But I can’t.” He looked up at you before finishing his sentence.  ’'Because I love Michael and I love my mom.  And I’m in love with you.“ Your stomach felt all weird again, it was the first time he told you he loved you.  You looked Luke in the eyes and understood by the fear in them that he was not supposed to tell you yet.  But the truth is, you felt the exact same way.  He looked away from you.  ’'Luke.” He didn’t look. You swallowed your saliva.  ’'Luke, look at me.  I-“ You paused.  ’'I love you.” Was all you needed to say for him to turn around and kiss you with such force you could his heart beating as fast as yours, if not faster.
  • Michael:  “Why are you even with me?  Michael, I don’t get it.  You’ve got thousands of girls that are ten times prettier, skinnier, funnier than me.  Why me?” He looked at you like if you were crazy.  ’'Are you kidding me?  I don’t see any girl that could be any more pretty than you.  And so what if there are girls that are skinnier?  I don’t want them.  I want you.  You and you sarcastic humour.  Really, I love you for who you are and to me, you will always be the most beautiful girl ever.“  You couldn’t believe what you just heard, you didn’t expect this kind of answer.  And he kind of saw how you meant your words and how you didn’t expect his.  ’'And I truly believe what I’m saying.  I love you.”  You couldn’t take it anymore, you kissed him as hard as you could, his pink lips feeling just like heaven against yours.  ’'I love you too,“ you whispered between two kisses.
  • Calum:  ’'Why don’t you want to be with me?” He regretted those words as soon as they came out of his mouth.  ’'You think I don’t want to be with you?“  You were kind of sad to hear him say that.  ’'Calum, I-” You paused. “I want to be with you.  I guess I’m just scared.  I’m not good with relationships and love.  And I don’t to break your heart.”  He looked right into your eyes.  ’'But (Y/N), I don’t care about your bad luck with love.  And baby, I wouldn’t mind getting my heart broken by you.  You could play bad boy Augustus and I’d play little innocent Hazel.  I don’t mind crying over you at all.  Break my heart in as many pieces as you want.  All I want is for you to take a chance with me.“  You couldn’t resist his puppy eyes filled with water ready to fall down his pretty pink cheeks.  ’'I want to be you, but please.  Don’t ever cry over me, I’m not worth being cried over.”  You whispered the last part, before pressing his lips hard against yours.
  • Ashton:  ’'I don’t think I deserve to live on this planet.“  He felt his heart break at the sound of the tears falling out your eyes after you said that.  ’'No, no, no.  Don’t cry, baby.  Don’t think that either.  You deserve to be here, to live.  I, I-”  He paused and you soon realised he was crying as well.  ’'But why are you crying?“ He didn’t answer right away, he looked deep into your teary eyes.  ’'Because I wouldn’t be anywhere without you.  My life wouldn’t have any meaning.  I wouldn’t have any reason to stay here.  Do you understand me?  You’re the reason why I wake up everyday.  I would rather die than live without you.  Is that enough?”  You felt so bad for not thinking about him when you said that you didn’t believe you had a place in this world.  ’'I’m sorry.“  You said.  ’'Oh no, don’t be sorry, baby.  But I don’t want you to ever think that again.  Okay?” “Okay.” You whispered before kissing his little cute nose.

Suggested lines of direction for cast members directing one another on Parks:
Pratt: “Be more real.”
Scott: “Get it together.”
Plaza: “Don’t do that thing with your face.”
Scott: “That thing you always do? Can you stop doing that?”
Pratt: “A little better on this one.”
Poehler: “Better, faster and funnier.”
Scott: “Could you stop being so stupid off camera?”