the fast house

  • Slytherin: Why are you going to help Gryff? They betrayed you, remember?
  • Hufflepuff: I know, but...
  • Slytherin: But what? Gryff doesn't deserve your help after turning their back on you. I say let them figure it out for themselves. Get out of their own mess for once.
  • Hufflepuff: That's the thing, Sly.
  • Slytherin: What?
  • Hufflepuff: You don't turn your back on family. Even when they do.
Houses - Friendship

Ravenclaw and Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff

Ravenclaw and Slytherin

Ravenclaw and Gryffindor

Gryffindor and Hufflepuff

Gryffindor and Gryffindor

Gryffindor and Slytherin

Slytherin and Slytherin

Slytherin and Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff and Hufflepuff

The Work Environment

Aries in the 6th house: A fast paced workspace is preferred. Often these people are very hardworking, energetic and efficient and prefer to work in teams. This may cause conflict between them and coworkers, however, as they tend to favour the role of the leader and may become too controlling at times.

Taurus in the 6th house: These individuals work best in a slow paced environment, where they are able to concentrate on one task at hand. Though, there may be a lack of focus if their surroundings grow to be too peaceful. There may be a tendency to lean towards laziness. Altogether, these people are steady and deliberate, often enjoying themselves most when they are able to work with their hands.

Gemini in the 6th house: The work environment must constantly be busy. Growing bored quite easily, these individuals must be stimulated in order to remain interested and focused. They have lots of creative energy and are often overflowing with ideas. Despite their love for knowledge and learning, these people may not do too well in a structured environment and are prone to slacking off.

Cancer in the 6th house: With this placement, the work environment must be comfortable. Caring with coworkers, they are hardly ever domineering or bossy. These individuals may be rather sensitive or emotional when dealing with issues, so it is important that their surroundings are steady and calm in ought to aid their rational thinking processes.

Leo in the 6th house: These people feel as if they must constantly be in charge. They are most satisfied when their work environment is organised, efficient and running accordingly to how they desire. Perhaps somewhat dominant, these individuals take great pride in their work and may unintentionally set extremely high standards for those around them. They are generally very enthusiastic and goal-oriented when it comes to their tasks.

Virgo in the 6th house: It is very important that their surroundings are quiet, giving them room to think. It is highly unlikely that the work they do has no practical application, or is utterly thoughtless. Their minds must be stimulated. Extremely detail oriented, these individuals may overlook the bigger picture at times, causing them to stress. There might also be the tendency to overwork, which can result in an upset bodily function or illness.

Libra in the 6th house: A balanced and peaceful work environment is largely preferred over one that is chaotic. A workspace where they are able to socialise and connect with others is important. Typically, these people are very artistic. They may also have the tendency to become inefficient or lazy.

Scorpio in the 6th house: These individuals work best alone and in a quiet environment. They are very serious in regards to their work and are also quite the strategists. Often fixated on their goals, they may be prone to growing obsessed with their work. To their coworkers, they can come off as very intense.

Sagittarius in the 6th house: With this placement, the individual must be constantly stimulated. A fast paced environment is more suited to them than anything else. They are often very knowledgeable deep thinkers, yet may deal with work in a manner that is too lighthearted and careless.

Capricorn in the 6th house: A very structured, stable work environment is preferred. These people are often extremely self-disciplined and focused, and despise nothing quite as much as wasting their time. They are very practical and responsible, though may develop workaholic tendencies if they are not careful.

Aquarius in the 6th house: These people typically enjoy a work environment where ideas are shared openly and creatively, and individuals within the workspace are able to perform tasks in a collaborative manner. Despite their liking towards a more interactive style, they are highly independent and may prefer to do things in their own way. This might be bothersome to coworkers. 

Pisces in the 6th house: These individuals generally like to have their own different schedule and may be particularly sensitive to the way that their work is completed. They enjoy feeling good about the outcome of their work, which could be directly tied to their emotions. If their career, or simply their day-to-day routine, is not fulfilling, this may be deeply saddening to them.

Some Reddie headcanons where Eddie starts dating someone else

All the losers are starting to pair off. They’re falling into relationships that have been building for years, and Eddie feels like he’s just. There.

Because he’s had feelings for years, too, okay? But that doesn’t mean they’re reciprocated.

In fact, he knows they’re definitely not.

(They definitely are.)

So when this boy from the grade above him asks him out, he says yes.

And everyone knows that this boy is super bad for him.

All the losers try to tell Eddie that this relationship isn’t healthy for him, and they want to be happy for him, but they want him to be safe.

But Eddie won’t listen to any of them, because Richie said he’s happy for him, and that’s the only sign he needed.

Because of course he wants Richie, but Richie doesn’t want him, so he’ll settle.

Bev threatens to punch Richie, and he just looks confused until Stan calls him out on his bullshit.

“Why do you keep supporting this? You know you’re the only one he’ll listen to.”

And Richie shrugs it off, because he knows it’ll sound pathetic if he tells them the truth. Because he wants Eddie to be happy, and he knows Eddie will be happier with anyone else than he would be with Richie.

So he pretends.

And smiles.

And jokes.

And every day Eddie comes into school, he looks more tired. More drained from constantly fighting with this boy.

And everyone tries to let it go, because nothing they say works, but they’re all worried.

Eddie stops hanging out with them as much, claiming to be spending time with his significant other the way they all do, but half the times he’s actually isolating himself in his room or at school after hours.

Until one day Richie finally loses his mind, because Eddie ditched again, but Richie saw his boy in town alone with his friends.

He goes to Eddie’s house as fast as he can, but he’s clearly not in his room.

But he also can’t be at the arcade or the barrens or the quarry, because all of the losers would have seen him, those are their frequents.

It takes him two hours to end up at school, but it’s worth it when he does. There’s Eddie, sitting on a blanket with his back against the brick wall, bike laying in the grass.

He doesn’t look up at Richie, which is infuriating.

It doesn’t take long for gentle questions that go unanswered to turn into an argument between them.

“I can’t fucking pretend anymore, Eds! He’s toxic! How can you not see how bad he is for you?”

“It doesn’t matter!”

“Of course it matters! Why wouldn’t it?”

“Because at least he cares about me! At least he cares that I exist!”

Richies jaw hangs open, one of those rare moments where he’s speechless - almost speechless, at least for a few seconds, because how could this have happened

How could he have let the most important person in the world think that he didn’t care about him

(For a second he thinks of his parents, but then he’s looking back at Eddie, and he’s gotta do what he does best and talk)

“You think I don’t care about you?”

“Why would you? You’re Richie Fucking Tozier, and I’ve got nothing on you.”

“Fuck, Eds-”

“I told you not to call me that.”

“Just listen to me! Please. I know you ignore half the things that come outta my mouth-”

“I listen to everything you say.”

It’s quiet, after that.

And there it was, twice in one day that Richie almost didn’t know what to say.


And there’s his Eddie, looking at the floor, brown curls falling into his face. His hands are tucked away, hidden in the inside of the sleeves on his oversized sweater. It’s too much.

“Eddie Kaspbrak, I have been in love with you since seventh grade.”

And then there’s tears in Eddie’s eyes, and Richie doesn’t know who closed the distance between them, but Eddie’s face is pressed into the front of his shirt and his hands are holding on to Richie for dear life.

Richie is holding him back as tight as he can, holding him like Eddie is his whole world. His face is pressed against the top of Eddie’s head, and they just stand there like that for a while.

They stand there like there’s no where else to be, because there isn’t.

Eddie conveniently breaks up with the boy from the grade above the next day. The losers don’t ask.

Eddie tells Richie that he isn’t ready to date again, and Richie is super understanding and willing to wait however long it takes, but they still hold hands under the lunch table anyway.

(It only takes a week. Eddie has loved Richie since they met, how could he wait any longer? He hardly even remembers the name of the boy he dated.)

How do you move? Mars edition. 💃🏾👯‍♂️🤽🏿‍♀️

Mars in the 1st house: angry steps, in your face body movements. When ever they do something you feel it no matter where you are in the room-they’re movements captivate you and cause you to focus on them. They seem aggressive and heavy. Sort of Pushy and loud movements even when they’re not trying. Might make sounds as their doing things and can be easily clumsy and rough with themselves and their surroundings. Ex you know those cashiers that throw your Groceries or clothes like their hunting a pack of gazelles? That’s an Aries mars Maria lmao.

Mars in the 2nd house: sensual and erotic-even if that’s not their intentions their movements can seem very touchy and very earthy in a way-lusty and a gasp for air. They move slow and often times have very bull like movements-they rub things a lot be it their own bodies or their immediate environment and can be very natural dancers(natural rhythm). Their movements are usually slow and sloth like and can at times even seem “paused” in a way. Lethargic and sort of contemplative movements.

Mars in the 3rd house: fast movin-can seem to have a body that moves on its own quicker than the mind can catch up. The hands move more than anything else and the arms are the most self aware. Can seem antsy yet extremely calm all at once and the body operates on a potential energy timeline. Awkward actions. They can seem to fidget a lot with their hands and their movements almost always involve the hands first before anything else.

Mars in the 4th house: crabby movements-side to side-evasive type of gestures. Can always have arms close to the body and move in a self protective manner. Seemingly aloof when they move and hard to read what action they’re going through with. Depending on their emotions their movements are either defensive or passive. Can seem like they have childlike movements or old engrained reactions from childhood. Some can be a bit aggressive when you’re behind them or to close and they don’t know you. Ex don’t walk behind someone from New York :0

Mars in the 5th house: athletic movements-can seem rough and tough in how they move. They cover a room and can be very dominating in how they move especially around others. They’re not the most sensual of movers and can have stiff and almost alpha type movements be it female or male. Like first housers the moments can make everyone look. They don’t actually move in a dramatic way but when they’re upset their movements become more flamboyant and “extra” so to speak. Can swish and have a groove to their strides.

Mars in the 6th house: super calculated movements-everything is mentally processed before you see it in person-be it sex-be it walking out the door-every move seems perfect and absolutely well adjusted. They’re very intune with their bodies and can have an earthy and almost lusty way about how they move-there movements seem like they belong and fit their character. Computerized movements. Their movements shy away from groups and confrontation so at times they can seem evasive.

Mars in the 7th house: loud ass movements aha-surprisingly they have very charming and cute movements-they seem to move like children and have a bubbly and open way of moving one that invites friendliness and receptivity. Their movements always have a warm and easy relaxed expression and present a authentic atmosphere. They move the most around people and can seem eerily non-emotive when alone.

Mars in the 8th house: frankly they have very sexy movements-when they’re moving their bodies move in an almost seductive like and pop and lock type moves. Their movements seem sensual yet unassuming. There’s a mysterious energy to how they move and I just say these are natural dancers-they have a very rhythmic lumbar region and tend to be able to be very agile and naturally able to flick their hips so to speak. Also walk with a sort of side to side sway and can have an animated pelvic movement.

Mars in the 9th house: bouncy and jovial movements! They can seem a little scattered when they move and have an almost two headed approach to what and how they go about doing things-one head may want to go left while the other was still sitting down. Pretty clumsy yet very nomadic type of movements! They move like in a wide horse like way im not even gonna lie it’s cute and it’s kinda sassy! Aha they move like their dancing to invincible music playing in the background and boy are these some groovy cats.

Mars in the 10th house: earthy yet stiff as hell, they can seem very set in one position and don’t often do to much with their bodies unless the situation calls for it. They can be very emotive but mainly in regards to the public. They have an aggressive and almost dogmatic way of moving when it comes to those around them and are big on asserting dominance and control over their surroundings via their actions physically. Their movements can be kinda scary and remind you of a parent in a way.

Mars in the 11th house: cold movements-very intune with their body but the movements can seem as if they weren’t thought of and were more on instinct if anything. They kinda look awkward doing Sexual things not because it’s not in their nature but mainly because their movements seem so disconnected from their sense of self. You see their minds move more than their bodies. There’s a weird mind and body connection loss here and they seem like disconnected in a way when ever they’re moving.

Mars in the 12th house: beautiful movements and movements that seem innocent and almost angelic and nun like-they also look strange doing sexual type movements but can easily seduce those because of how entrancing and mesmerizing their movements are. They move like water and have flow like movements. Those not intune with it can have erratic moments while those intune can seemingly move like a fish in water.