the fast family

Jughead Jones | Donny Darko & Wednesday Adams

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anonymous asked:
Can I get a jughead x reader where the reader is like Wednesday addams and new to riverdale please 💜 💜

Welcome to Riverdale. The town with pep!” Read the sign that welcomed me and my mum into our new home. Ironic, if you ask me, after the death of a high school student. Well, no I haven’t spent a lot of time here before (just one summer and I met nobody), and neither have I met that, as told by my mother, Jason Blossom, but news travel fast if your family is small and very close. And this leads me to why me and my mother move here, in Riverdale. For a while now, well for about 5 years, my parents divorced, leaving me and my mum alone, and with nothing, to restart our life. We had done pretty well, actually, but the expensess were too much for just the two of us. So, our only solution, after a lot of thinking and talking, was my grandmother that lived in Riverdale. She offered to have us live with her, claiming that it would be easier for us to live properly, and that’s all the convincing needed to agree.

The old car we drove here with finally pulled up outside the familiar house of my grandma, allowing the few memories in my mind come back. They weren’t bad really, I just outcasted as always. Yeah, well, that’s what happens when, as a little girl, instead of wanting to be a princess you wanted to be Wednesday Adams. It didn’t bother me at all, me and her were very simiral. We hated everything at least a little bit, and black was a color we fancied. Funny story, when I was little my mum was scared that I would never have friends, or that I would have mental problems due to that, but truth be told, I am just fine. I was always simply a realist that likes the dark color of the night, it’s not that bad.

I made my way through the glass doors of the, so called, Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe, a little ring indicating my arrival. I was there to pick up some food my grandmother ordered for us, when I was met with the familiar man. When I spent the summer here my granpa would bring me at Pop’s and by me milkshakes and my favorite curly fries. “Y/N!” The man exclaimed, surprisingly recognize me. “Hey Pop. How are you?” I asked the kind old man that smiled widely at me. “Oh, you know, the same. Wow. You grandmother told me you changed but I didn’t expect it to be this much,” he commented handing me a plastic bag that contained my order. “Yeah, well… I wanted a big change,” I mumbled taking the bag and handing him the money. “Black looks great on your hair kiddo. It’s good,” he complimented and I thanked him, leaving the small dinner behind, but not before noticing this Donny Darko looking kid at the corner. It was odd, really to see someone like me around here, but it didn’t mean anything as for now.

It had been a while until my mother and I had finally settled in the cozy family house, and school was just about to start as well. It was nerve-racking for me, but I had a plan. Avoid human interaction as much as possible and keep it low. That was it, that was my only plan to survive another school year, but mostly to survive the embarassment that comes with being the new girl. So, I just brushed my died black hair, put on some black ripped jeans and a black shirt (similar to Wednesday Adams’ dress) and threw on the first pair of black sneekers I found, picking up my back pack and running out the door, in hopes that I would arrive early and skip the whole awkward situation when everyone stares at me, for various reasons.

As mentioned, I tried to be as early as possible into my new school, and I succeded, getting over with the whole paper work at the office and having plenty of time to find a good hung out place for myself, where I would keep away from all the horrible human beings that were to surround me for the next three years of high school. After finding my locker with ease and settling some stuff in it, I quickly made my way to the ouside, where lied many tables, all of which were empty. Almost. Although it was early in the morning, the time no one would be at school yet, the familiar boy from Pop’s stand there, a laptop on hand, typing away, never paying attention to his surroundings. He had actually caught the best table in the whole place, so I decided to just talk to him and maybe we could share. Now, I know I said I hate human interaction, but he seemed to be quite a bit like me. So, given the facts I hoped he was nice.

I stummbled over to the boy, becoming very shy suddenly, but I hid that as best as I could by voicing my suggestion. “Hey, sorry to interupt you, but I’m new, and I’m also much of a loner and this table seems so far from the others. Do you think we could share?” I questioned, never stopping to take a breath until I was over. The boy chuckled and told me a simple yes, surprisingly enough trying to make a conversation with me, that turned out to be super interesting.

After that day, me and Jughead, which proved to be his name, became very close. We were both like the freaks of Riverdale High, but it was ok. We had each others back. Really, I started to believe we only became friends because of our sarcasm. Anyway, today was no different than every other for the two of us, ever since school is started. We were currently sitting by the vending machine in the student lounge, along other classmates of ours, when the talking begun. “I bet Donny Darko and Wednesday Adams, over there, killed Jason. Did you like d-” I didn’t really pay attention to what Reggie said, being ready to fight him, but Jug held my arm behind. “It’s called necrophilia, Reggie. Can you spell it?” Jughead replied, sarcasticaly and Reggie was fast to attack. Fortunately for Jughead, and Reggie, really, cause I would’ve hurt him, Archie defended us, ending up with a black eye. 

For the rest of the day the two of us, Donny Darko and Wednesday Adams as addressed to by Reggie, sat by a booth at Pop’s talking and laughing. “He seriously called you Donny Darko. Oh my, it suits you!” I joked and he just looked at me with a small smirk. “Well, he called you Wednesday Adams, you know.” “I know. Isn’t that such a compliment,” I exclaimed, a breathy laugh falling from the boys lips. “So, Y/N, I was thinking… How about you be the Wednesday Adams to my Donny Darko?”