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  • Me: Undertale is a fantastic game, and an unforgettable experience. It's a wonderfully well-crafted deconstruction of the tendency towards violence, the illusion of choice, and the short-sighted 'us versus them' binary that pervades video games and interactive media. It shows that there are many more compelling and truly mature stories that can be told in the medium, if only developers and consumers saw the potential. I can't wait for games to be influenced by Undertale, which proved that telling much kinder, more thoughtful stories is not only possible but welcomed. I believe the effect Undertale will have on the industry will only serve to elevate the status of video games as a true artistic medium, and that time cannot come soon enough.
Main indie fashion components

Requested by: telelephant

- Eclectic style: Lots of styles mixed together in a complementary way

- Relaxed: Practical but complementary

- Highly customised: Outfits have a personal touch, modified clothes or wearing personal items

- Some vintage aspect

- Less based on current trends, more unique.

Hair: Minimal effort, relaxed, maybe try salt sprays depending on your hair type. Could experiment with asymmetry, blunt cuts, undercuts and tapering.

Jeans: Mom jeans are great if you don’t want to wear anything too revealing like you say. You can get some mom jeans with nice detailing from sites like ‘Monki’ and 'The Ragged Priest’. There are also dungarees!

Footwear: Practical and relaxed. Maybe boots or retro trainers? Some people wear Doc Martens as part of an indie look.

Vintage: You don’t have to include vintage items if it’s not what you had in mind, however you might find something that can’t be bought anymore, something unique. The best places to buy vintage clothes are, Etsy, Ebay, Wearecow, ASOS marketplace.

Customisation: If you don’t like something that you own or want to buy, change it! You could whip out your sewing machine and add embellishments or grab some scissors and cut it up!

Accessories: Personal items, treasured necklace or homemade jewellery. I made a metal moon necklace by melting down aluminium, that was fun :). Etsy is a great source for one off jewellery. You could also wear something that belonged/s to someone else, your Grandad’s belt etc. People attempting the indie style often make the mistake of wearing 'ethnic’ things where they wear things from other cultures. There’s definitely a right way of doing this but I think it often comes across as tacky and as misappropriation.

Tops: Something that you really like or an old t-shirt. Maybe your favourite band t-shirt or one from a family holiday. It doesn’t have to be fashionable, it could be a dolphin or something. Actually I think dolphins are in right now :/.

Makeup: Indie look make up is normally minimal, just foundation and concealer and maybe a little mascara . Some people like to make a feature of one thing in particular though, you could wear contrasting lipstick or a touch of eye-shadow.


- If you can’t think of outfit ideas try basing a look around a particular piece of clothing, a favourite t-shirt, a jacket or some old boots.

- It’s ok to incorporate fashion trends as long as you feel comfortable in them and they express something about you.

- Layering is a great way to mix styles together, maybe wear a hoodie under a coat or a jacket. Socks that come above boots etc, or a shirt with a collar under a sweater.

DAY 2899

Sopaan, New Delhi                 Mar 9/10,  2016                 Wed/Thu  2:02 am

Double breasted art work by Ef Pawan, and a belief that double breasts suit me better .. it is a fact though that I do prefer DB’s than the single .. it has more buttons !! 

Bet you thought it was something philosophical or fashion couture oriented .. naa .. its just a matter of choice .. 

Many a dress choice depends largely on what is popular and within the year’s fashion dictated by the 3 or 4 fashion biggies out of Italy, France, UK, USA .. 

4 individuals decide what the world needs to wear and we diligently follow .. that is dedication and respect and everything that goes along with following .. the following not of the social media kind and its numbers … but the trend following .. a year that propagates black, turns to red the next and we follow .. that is some commitment and zeal .. 

Most dress commitment and zeal is personal and personal body oriented .. you know your own body best and dress it accordingly .. sensible I guess .. but there are many that pay little heed to this compulsion and dress the body according to the bodies on the Fashion Channel ramp .. I think its wonderful to be able to be inspired by the lithe and elegant ramp runners, and to emulate them .. but when the emulation goes wrong then its a disastrous wrong …

So … it may be essential to be attired in the latest and be proud of its presence in your life and indeed your body … but equally is it a moment of pride to be attired in the choice of what you feel keeps the essentials required of your choice for your own body ..

Its the most perfect device to abstain from regimentation ..

My regimentation tells me that I need to get into my night dress, right now and invade the pillow and the bed and the alarm and the heat pads for the shoulder and neck pain etc ..

So see you on the other side of the ‘ramp’ ..

Love you all 

Amitabh Bachchan