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When in Tokyo 💕

So I always love reading the stories submitted here but never felt the courage to submit mine but now I feel okay sharing mine with you.

I apologize in advance because it’s gonna be a very very long one because there are three stories in it ! Please bear with me 😔 

So during the beginning of the summer holidays I went to Tokyo for 2 weeks to visit the city. It had always been a childhood dream and the trip was amazing and along the journey I found myself caught with unexpected encounters. 

Story 1 : Californian Loverboy 

I remember in Tokyo, I met other young travelers at my hostel and since it was Friday evening, they all wanted to have dinner at ramen restaurant together and then go clubbing in Roppongi (busy area in Tokyo known for its nightlife).  Now mind me but I didn’t plan to go out on this trip so I didn’t have any outfits to go clubbing and didn’t feel like going out that day but those newly-made friends insisted. So I gave in!  

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