the fashion gay 206


and annie for the win again!

i ran into annie (a future contributor to this blog)  and she grabbed my kate spade beau bag out of my hand and screamed “TAKE A PHOTO OF ME NOW AND POST IT ON THE FASHION GAY!!!!!!!!”  luckily she had an outfit on worthy of a post… that could have gotten awkward….

this outfit is like a modern day clueless with the chanel backpack. it’s preppy and classic, but the modern heels make it young and fashion forward. whether you like it, or not, studs are in and these shoes take the outfit from simple and preppy to fabulous.

exposed socks are also a trend i have noticed and i love how annie has done it here. perfect for the chilly seattle day with the thick leggings. 

i love the beau bag with the camel coat. it’s like an amazing explosion of neutrals! 

while some would not wear these shoes to school and would opt for classic oxfords (although that would be amazing as well) here at the fashion gay we tend to live the mantra “fashion over function”.

who needs practicality when you are fabulous!

well done.