the fannypackers

second-fannypack  asked:

Prompt: Richie and Eddie don't know each other, but Richie just wiped out on his skateboard outside Eddie's house

here we go

+ eddie hates sundays

+ he always finishes his homework friday when he gets home but his mom won’t let him go out past 6pm on sundays anyways so he always has to find ways to entertain himself

+ usually bill would come sneak in through his window to keep him company but he had therapy tonight until 7 and eddie was alone and bored out of his mind

+ he was currently staring out his second floor window and watching the squirrels 

+ but then he sees him

+ the cute, lanky neighbor kid from down the street skates right past his house

+ and then,,, back past his house?

+ he starts doing tricks on the sidewalk (nothing fancy, mostly just jumping up and landing about 50% of the time) but after the 3rd jump he… looks up at eddie?


+ and eddie’s like shitshitshit i’ve been caught staring at this boy and now he’s making me blush what the fUck

+ then the neighbor kid gets cocky

+ he decides to try that thing where you,, flip the board,, in midair before landing on it? (eddie is not very familiar with skating technical terms)

+ this trick makes eddie very nervous

+ Cute Boy falls flat on his ass and his elbow hits the ground hard

+ eddie runs down the stairs and out the door after grabbing his first aid kit from the nightstand

+ “ohmygod ohmygod what the fuck is wrong with you you could have broken your arm and all i have is neosporin and bandaids here what were you thinking come inside i have to clean up this scrape before it gets infected- no don’t TOUCH it do you know how many GERMS there are on human hands oh my god”

+ but then eddie just looks up and cute boy is smiling at him in the sweetest way he’s ever seen abut then he just smirks and says “hey i’m richie and i’m usually pretty good at skating but i guess i couldn’t help falling for you”

+ eddie needs his inhaler

ok so here’s a concept:

  • richie not being able to keep his comments to himself in class
  • richie’s teachers getting sick to death of his hand shooting up constantly
  • richie getting detention all the time for talking out of turn
  • richie getting this shit beat out of him at home when he gets detention
  • richie having detention so many times that he gets suspended
  • richie strolling up to school after the three day suspension w his arm in a sling bc his dad twisted his arm so far back that richie’s shoulder popped out of socket
  • kids in class rolling their eyes and stifling their laughs when richie asks a question that seems genuine and sensible to him but makes no sense to anyone else
  • richie’s adhd isolating him from his peers
  • teachers labeling richie as trouble without bothering to try to decipher what his issues actually are
  • richie not allowing his disorder to affect his grades
  • richie getting yelled out for not paying attention and then aceing every damn test
  • “i understand it the first time, that’s why i get distracted when you have to keep explaining it to everyone else”
  • the boy w the stutter and the dead brother showing up in detention one day bc he refused to give a speech
  • the kid w a fannypack and inhaler being there the next day too bc he straight up yelled at the nurse when she refused to take his temperature for the third time that day
  • a girl whose hair looks like autumn leaves and the orphan farmer boy who hardly talks casually striding in without even bothering to put out the cigarettes that landed them there in the first place
  • a huffy kid stomping in, arms crossed, drops into a desk and grumbles under his breath
  • “it’s not my fault the teacher was fucking wrong. again.”
  • and, finally, a chubby boy coming in, looking sad, offering gum and explaining he wasn’t trying to skip class, he was just hiding from the school bully
  • the rudest teacher in school supervising detention that day
  • “well would ya look at this little club”
  • everyone glancing at each other and grinning
  • the entirety of the losers club making every teacher’s life a living fucking hell from that moment on
  • but also helping each other w their issues
  • everyone leaving their bedroom windows unlocked for richie or bev to crawl into when their houses are unbearable
  • eddie sitting next to richie in class so richie has someone to pass notes to when he has a comment he can’t contain
  • richie carrying a thermometer, bandaids and an inhaler in his backpack for eddie
  • mike listening to bill’s speeches over and over until bill is comfortable enough that his stutter is practically nonexistent
  • stan grabbing mike’s cigarette out of his hand and pretending it’s his own when a teacher sees them bc if mike gets another detention this week, he’s getting suspended
  • stan scribbling down everytime he wants to argue w a teacher in a notebook to show to bill and bill nodding along while stan rants about all these fucking idiots
  • bev shoving and punching anyone who makes fun of ben for anything ever
  • ben buying twizzlers and jolly ranchers when bev quits smoking and throwing one at her anytime she starts craving a cigarette
  • this is so long but wow
  • friends loving friends man

Richie: how is the prettiest boy in Derry doing today?

Eddie: *without looking up from his fannypack* i don’t know, how are you?


Richie: *voice cracking* fine

“Yes a lot of that (were improvised). Richie in the movie is a very funny one, the Trashmouth. But Jack came up with actually a lot of those jokes that Richie says cause you know Jack is the crazy one. There’s a scene where he’s like “my second fannypack” which was a improvise. They improvised the whole entire scene. It was really funny.”

—Jeremy Ray Taylor when asked about ‘It’ improvised scenes on “Getting Real with Andrew Cohen podcast”

The Losers Club as Vines…


Bill: “Hey everybody! Today my brother pushed me so, I’m starting a kick starter to put him down. The benefits of killing him would be I would get pushed way less.”


Richie: “Hey, how much money do you have?”

Ben: “Oh-I only have 69¢ left.”

Richie: “You know what that means!”

Ben: “I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets.”


Richie: “This is how I walk into my house!”

Richie: “Sup fuckers!”

Richie’s mom: “Why do you have my phone?!”

Richie: “Fuck you that’s why!”


Eddie: “It is fannypack Friday and I got to tell you…I just feel super about it.”


Beverly: “I hate boys. Even though their nice and all…I still hate boys.”


Mikes Grandpa: “You know son, when I was your age-”

Mike: “Shut up bitch! You’re old!!”


Stan: “There’s only one way to start your Tuesday-and that’s being sassy as shit.”



Geogrie: “Hi Ronald!”

Pennywise: “You ready to have some fun?”

Georgie: “Mom just said we can’t play until we clean up our playroom.”

Pennywise: “Fuck yo momma.”


Derry Reporter: “Anything else you want to say to the people watching tonight?”

Pennywise: “My favorite color is blood.”

Derry Reporter: “Alright.”

“It’s summer, so we made this baby wrap in a light, breathable fabric. It is fashionable and practical.”

“Right! So maybe we shoot it on the beach to invoke the feel of a breezy summer day?”

“Yes, that is exactly what we had in mind!”

“Great, and what do you want mom to wear? Shorts and sandals? Maybe a flowy maxi dress?”

“We were thinking a full-length velvet bathrobe.”


“Oh, sorry! AND thick pleather pants that drag in the sand as she walks; both in gold, of course. Think ‘Vegas Elvis’ meets Sharon Stone’s character from Casino. You know, right at the end when she’s all coked up and crazy.”

“Isn’t that…a little impractical?”

“Well, we ARE going to give her a fanny pack.”

“Oh, okay. That makes sense then.”


I reorganized my room. It makes me v happy.

I’ve also adapted the method of putting things away, instead of throwing them on the floor, or putting them in the closest space. Doing this has kept my room clean.