the fannypackers

The Rock - Solid (1994, Select Records)
Genre: R&B/New Jack Swing

1. She Smellin’ What I’m Cookin’
2. Know Your Role (Check Yo Ho)
3. The Nation of Bedroom Domination
4. Solid
5. (She’s Creepin’) At the Smackdown Hotel
6. The People’s Lover
7. It Doesn’t Matter
8. Finally…
9. Rock Bottom
10. She Smellin’ What I’m Cookin’ (Old School RMX) feat. Big Daddy Kane & Q-Tip
11. Solid (B-Side Extended Version)
12. Rock Talk (outro)


These bags are to hold all your girly things. What’s a girly thing? A girly thing is whatever you want it to be because you’re your own person.
I designed this print because I was keeping all of my Magic the Gathering accessories in a makeup bag. I wanted something that was a little more…. me! Feminine, with a dash of clobbering’.

These pouches are 5"x8". Big enough to fit several items while remaining small enough to keep in a purse, fannypack, loot bag or clown car. But to be fair, everything fits in a clown car.

Can comfortably hold:

  • Makeup and Brushes
  • Tabletop Gaming Accessories
  • The Severed Extremities of Your Enemies
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Sanitary Items
  • All Your Secrets
  • & much more! 

Basically whatever you can cram in there! Good for you! Look at you go!

You can buy them here, on my Etsy.