the fannypackers

“It’s summer, so we made this baby wrap in a light, breathable fabric. It is fashionable and practical.”

“Right! So maybe we shoot it on the beach to invoke the feel of a breezy summer day?”

“Yes, that is exactly what we had in mind!”

“Great, and what do you want mom to wear? Shorts and sandals? Maybe a flowy maxi dress?”

“We were thinking a full-length velvet bathrobe.”


“Oh, sorry! AND thick pleather pants that drag in the sand as she walks; both in gold, of course. Think ‘Vegas Elvis’ meets Sharon Stone’s character from Casino. You know, right at the end when she’s all coked up and crazy.”

“Isn’t that…a little impractical?”

“Well, we ARE going to give her a fanny pack.”

“Oh, okay. That makes sense then.”


I reorganized my room. It makes me v happy.

I’ve also adapted the method of putting things away, instead of throwing them on the floor, or putting them in the closest space. Doing this has kept my room clean.




melty crop top: In control clothing

holographic skirt: In control clothing

holographic fannypack: amazon

wig: amazon

choker: etsy  YPSILONBAGS                                                                               

Necklace: claires compact brush turned into a necklace

shoes: Cotton Candy Feet

headband antennas: handmade

Holographic bow: etsy

dripping bow: made by my friend.