the fannibal campaign

Poster for all #fannibals to share around the block, feel free to spread this #SaveHannibal around the net and if you want to you can credit me :)

Let’s save this awesome show! Long live Bryan Fuller’s terrific take on the “Hannibal” mythos…/ Fan art - The-Imaginative-Hobbyist (Sonic-Sun on DeviantART).

Save Hannibal Netflix Campaign


As you probably know, Amazon currently holds the rights of emission of Hannibal in the majority of the countries, so Netflix is waiting for those rights to expire to acquire Hannibal rights in 2 years more or less.

Despite contracts, there’s actions we can take as an audience to change the state of things: Netflix could actually acquire Hannibal rights of emission now, but Amazon is selling them expensive, that’s the reason for the wait.

A strong demand from the audience can change everything, especially if they are Fannibals.

Our mission: Show Netflix such overwhelming demand that they can see is worth it to acquire the rights now, prove them they are going to have a lot of views and a lot of new subscriptions if they support Hannibal and Bryan Fuller.

How can we prove that?

As Netflix staff pointed out to us, putting Hannibal in the Netflix searchers is a powerful way of showing the amount of passion and demand for Hannibal.

Is a powerful way to prove how many fans there are and our committment, if we do it in all the countries with Netflix.

To prove Netflix there’s an overwhelming amount of fans waiting for Hannibal to be renewed, fans that are going to subscribe just to support Hannibal’s renewal, we need to make Hannibal #1 in Netflix searchs in all the countries; a powerful statement of our force and committment.

They say Netflix is not being a great success in France, show them they would have a lot of subscriptions if they renew Hannibal!

Netflix list of accounts:

Fannibals in all the countries, make daily searchs in masse, let’s reach our goal. Follow all of them on Twitter too!

















Nielsen system of ratings on NBC is not a reliable indicator of the real success of Hannibal, let’s make them know, let’s make Hannibal impossible to ignore. 

They are REALLY not aware of the true power of convocatory of Hannibal and the immediate big benefits on acquiring: Loyalty and a lot of subscriptions just for supporting Hannibal and Bryan Fuller, no one else can say that.

Excellent news from Germany: Our Netflix campaign is working, Hannibal is the SECOND most watched show after the new Season of  Fargo, we do this consistently everywhere with Netflix, is proof we’ll really subscribe to finance new Seasons, we’re not just saying. 

WE put and keep Hannibal at the top of Netflix, they will see there’s a big inversion here, we have power as audience, in a streaming channel like Netflix, we are big, keep spreading the word about Hannibal and do this guys!!