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This is a dedicated message to the ones who don’t know why I fangirl SO hard over Jin: THE man can sing, can joke, can cook, is strong, is educated, is kind, can dance (and don’t tell me NO! if you can dance BTS’ choreos or keep up YOU CAN DANCE), is from a good family and lived in a cheap dorm and struggled with the boys when he could just get his dad’s business, is humble and never said that his parents were rich, loves animals, treat people well no matter their age or background or race …, expresses his feelings well, Is a family guy, eats well and feed people he loves delicious and expensive food, is not afraid to wear pink because he is a man who thinks his masculinity is not as fragile nor that wearing a color mostly worn by woman is a disgrace, IS HELLA GOOD LOOKING, AND NOW ADD THIS TO THE LIST: HE HAS ABS! And in case you didn’t know, the BOI is stronger than Jungkook but he let him win because JK hates losing (remember kind?). Did I mention that he plays instruments and is good at snowboarding too? Ah yeah, he does those and he can act too (BIGHIT PUT HIM IN A DRAMA ALREADY). Wait I didn’t finish YET. He is soooo good at variety shows and is not afraid to show who he is. Finally, he is CONFIDENT, POSITIVE and lLoves TO SHARE HAPPINESS & MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH. There is still a long list but I will let the ones sleeping on him digest this one first. 

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You Understand, Right? (Part 6): In My Time of Dying

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader

Length: 1336+ words

TW: Nothing in this chapter!

A/N: I think this was one of the first chapter I wrote after people asked for a sequel. It has a special place in my heart. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!


It was a couple of days later when Dean had just gotten ready for bed, his eyes closed in hopes for a couple of hours of sleep when Y/N knocked on his door softly, opening the frame, and calling his name at the same time.

At the sound of her voice, Dean all but leaped into alertness. “Y/N? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

She didn’t say anything as she made her way to his bed, sitting on the space he left with her legs crossed. She ignored his watchful gaze as she chewed on her lips. No words could describe her time in hell, but she knew she needed to accept the memory. Without realizing it her breathing became shallower, and just as Dean opened his mouth, she burst into tears.

“Oh, sweetheart.” Dean’s heart ached at the sound of her cries. He circled his arms around her, and pulled her against his chest, his legs resting around her figure. “It’s okay. I’m here. Nothing’s gonna hurt you anymore, you hear?” Tears were stinging his eyes as she cried even louder, despair and grief in every teardrop. He had to physically bite his bottom lip to stop himself from crying as well. “Let it all out, sweetheart. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.” Dean drew small circles on her bottom hip, his other hand stroking the back of her hair.

It felt like hours later, and it probably was when Y/N had finally stopped completely crying. She sniffled continuously, using the collar of her shirt to clean up the mess on her face.

“I’m gonna get you a glass of water,” Dean said, seeing her finally calming down.

Y/N scrambled to grab his arm, shaking her head, pleading for him not to leave her.

“I won’t be long,” he promised.

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Would Mori kill Chuuya if Odasaku wasn’t enough to drive Dazai out of the Port Mafia?

Short answer: No.

Let’s make two things clear before we begin with the long answer. First: The blogger who put out this idea is one of my favorite BSD theorists, I respect them. This is not an attack or an attempt to take them down, just me protecting my sanity by saying what I think need to be said. Second, I might come to the fandom because of Odazai, but I stayed for Soukoku. So no, I’m not doing this because I hate the pairing.

The premise that I want to talk about was the idea that if Odasaku’s death hadn’t driven Dazai out of the Mafia, then Mori would kill Chuuya in order to finish the job.

Sadly, unless we are in one of those soukoku fanfics where Chuuya’s an innocent tsundere angel in a star-crossed romance with Dazai and Mori’s barely anything more than a devil incarnate made specifically to create the perfect Soukoku habitat, then, no, this scenario is not happening.

Now, even the blind can see that Dazai and Chuuya have a strong bond. The closest I could describe it without dipping into fangirl fantasy was brothers, complete with the sibling rivalry and childish pettiness everyone would display in front of their annoying family member. They’re also partners whose bond was made stronger by hell fires. I mean,

(Really, Bones?)

But is this enough to make Dazai leave? Probably. Would Mori risk it? No.

First, let’s look at the mother bear that has taken Chuuya as her own; Kouyou. As we could see in the manga, she has taken Chuuya either as her protégé, son or at least a little brother as seen from how he called her ‘Ane-san’ or the archaic, formal Japanese for ‘older sister’

If Kouyou is even half as attached to Chuuya, who she has known for years, is as she was to Kyouka, who only knew her for a few months, then do you even think that she will stay silent if she knew Mori killed Chuuya simply to drive Dazai out? To put in the way that would win the Understatement of The Century award, she will not be amused. Look at this scene where Kouyou told Tanizaki why she couldn’t let Mori die;

That’s the reason Kouyou is supporting Mori. When she found out he’s basically doing the same thing as the old boss, she will fight back.

Best situation Mori will lose her support; this is serious because not only she is an executive she is also one of its strongest ability users. Second-degree situation, she will kill him both in revenge and demeaning him no longer a leader deserving of her support.

Worst situation, Kouyou would defect from the Mafia, taking her faction with her along with the people loyal to Chuuya (Notice how caring Chuuya was to his subordinates, it will not be a farfetched to say he got many people loyal to him that would be enraged by the boss killing him off for such a shallow reason) It will break the Mafia in two with a possibility of a gang war fueled by revenge in Yokohama.

Think of the casualties, both monetary and personnel, if this is were to happen. Will Mori risk all this, just to drive Dazai away? Short answer is no. Long answer is no way on earth.

Second, the circumstance of Oda’s death. I hate to admit this but in objective point of view Mori’s scheme was a stroke of genius. It’s carefully planned for the best outcome with minimal casualties.

Positives of Oda dying

1.       The most obvious, The Gifted Business Permit. This is the biggest reward that came out of this sacrifice. With the Mafia should no longer fear the government’s punishing fist if they step out of the line, the freedom to do as they like as long as they’re not caught red-handed by military police.

2.       The cut-down to Port Mafia’s budget. As Odasaku himself has mentioned, Mori calling low-ranking members to his office meant they would be disposed of, indicating this has happened before and will happen again. This is important because the money and resource going to those useless goons can go to more important places, like weaponry or bribery. By killing off Oda, Mori take out a useless member of the Mafia whose only worth was calming marital problems, scaring thieving little kids and hunting for cats.

3.       Cementing Port Mafia’s name to not only the other gangs in the area, but also to the government. This would also be true for International scale since Mimic was supposedly a fearsome terrorist group with a powerful leader.

4.       Dazai lost his best friend and leave the Mafia.  With him gone, so was the threat to Mori’s reign.


1.       Losing one member with irreplaceable Ability that would have been OP if not for his creed to not kill.

Now, to Chuuya.

Positives of Chuuya dying

1.       Dazai losing his partner and driven out of the Mafia

Negatives of Chuuya dying.

1.       Kouyou starting a war on Mori, breaking Mafia in half, and possibly demolishing the whole thing to the ground.

2.       The loss of Mafia’s best martial artist

3.       The loss of the subordinates under Chuuya who was loyal to him

4.       The loss of one-half of Soukoku, will affect the morale of people under him because he was known to be strong both physical-wise and ability-wise.  

5.       The loss of people’s trust to Mori’s credibility, making rebellions and defection more common.

6.       The loss of the man who was so invulnerable he would be made Executive sometime in four years, when he was only 22.

As you can see, the negatives of killing Chuuya far outweigh the positive of having Dazai driven out of the Mafia by having him dead. Then this brought up the question; what would have Mori done if Dazai didn’t get out of Mafia?

The answer is: none. Seriously.

This is because there is no way Dazai won’t defect after that. Just like the planning for getting the Permit and getting Oda out of the picture, this has been calculated by Mori from the very start.

Notice this scene,

Now here’s the light novel version

The question arising from it is as such: why would a boy considered to become an Executive soon, scour the remnants of dead soldiers with its lowest-ranked member?

There’s a high possibility Mori was purposefully nurturing the friendship between them. This is also prevalent in the way he didn’t make any negative statements when he remarked about Oda having close relations to Dazai and why he didn’t take out Oda before this, or at least intervene with their friendship.

The same way Dazai’s confident in how his plans will come to fruition, Mori is also a being cut from the same cloth. There is now ay Dazai won’t leave the Mafia both because this has been carefully calculated for a long time and because Dazai himself will know that with this, he is no longer welcome in the Mafia.

I rest my case.

On the other note, the reason why I need to say all of this is because this theory is because how it makes Chuuya’s role into just a foil for Dazai, disregarding all of his worth as an important Mafia member. I love Chuuya, and not even as Soukoku. I love him because of how he is portrayed in the canon.

Killing off Odasaku was logical, it has many upsides and very little downside. Killing off Chuuya when he was clearly an important member was not only out of character, it distort both him and Mori as characters deserving respect.

Chuuya’s a person of his own rights, is important to many people and have people important to him and the list is longer than just Dazai. He’s a beautiful character with well-developed personality, have a life, ambitions, dreams and achievements of his own and I hate it when people just made him out to be a one-dimensional character whose world revolved around Dazai. Let me tell you; he’s not.  

BTS as Steven Universe Characters

Seokjin - Pearl

-refuses to just be another pearl

-Birb Mom™

-not a regular mom - She’s a cool mom

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Yoongi - Peridot


-can’t lose

-thinks she’s an evil genius when she’s actually just a big nerd

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Namjoon - Rose Quartz

-a strong leader who is respected by everyone

-sees beauty in everything

-curious about everything

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Hoseok - Amethyst

-loud and outgoing/fun loving

-compassionate even though she seems careless

-welcoming to everyone

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Jimin - Sapphire

-very soft singing voice

-pretty princess

-smooth as crunchy peanut butter

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Taehyung - Steven Quartz Universe

-happy-go-lucky kind of guy

-just wants everyone to get along

-many talents/interests, including art, instruments, and singing

(He even has the box smile)

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Jeongguk - Eyeball Ruby

-serious and stoic at first glance, but actually just a walking, talking meme

-a big fangirl on the inside

-dedicated to her mission

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(Look at that family resemblance #Twins)

-Admin Krümmel

In the Fandom

I blame @nevermeanttofall for this. They’re the one who encouraged me to re-write Under the Sea so here you have my stab at a Supernatural disney song.

Girl, listen to me
The Supernatural canon, it’s a mess
Meta over on tumblr is better than anything they’ve got in there

[Verse 1]
The lore is always deeper
In somebody else’s fic
You dream about reading more
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the canon around you
Right there on the TV screen
Such painful feels attack you
What more are you lookin’ for?

[Hook 1]
In the Fandom
In the Fandom
Darling it’s better
Down where it’s fluffier
Take it from me
Up in the CW they die all day
Out in the dark they cry away
While we devotin’
Full time to shippin’
In the Fandom

[Verse 2]
On tumblr all the fans are happy
As off through the blogs they roll
The boys in their car ain’t happy
They’re sad cause their friends are dead
But the boys in their car are lucky
They could be in Hell with Adam
(Guess who’s still stuck in the cage?)

[Hook 2]
In the Fandom
In the Fandom
Nobody hurts us
Use and abuse us
We’re who Singer loves to disappoint
The writers are off their rockers
We ain’t scared of nothin’
We know how to kill it

[Hook 3]
In the Fandom
In the Fandom
All the angels are laughing
The demons are dancin’
Even the hunter and the fed
Are in a highschool band
We got the plot
You got to hear it
In the Fandom

[Verse 2]
The news are in the dark
The vamp is in the bank
The place is full of wraiths
And the djinn is full of dreams
The fairies are sparklin
The Banshee is wailing
The Trickster’s the Messenger of God (yhea)
The Devil is playin’
His brother is frayin’
The fanboy is rockin’ out
The fangirl she squeals
They laugh and they cry, they know where it’s at
An’ oh is it gonna hurt

[Hook 3]
In the Fandom
In the Fandom
When the rpers start to write
There’s tears in my eyes
I can’t feel all these feels, there’s to much angst
We got a strong family bond
Each litte fan here
Knows how to jam here
In the Fandom
Each little shipper
Shipping their ship
In the Fandom
Each little sinner
Wishing for demons
Rocking for Ages
Over on tumblr
Yhea we’re in love here
Down in the trash can

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The saving grace for sasuke sakura is not manga, only fanfic author or artist. There r so many antis, all arent stupid, they have their own perception, which cant be taken as wrong just bcoz it differs. Hinata was made for naruto,all know. But sakura will be retained as superficial whiny scapegoat of heroine. Her presence isall over manga but her significance not so much. Hinat was in few pages but shined where it mattered and thatswhy she is well liked. I'm not anti just disappointedof her.

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Am I suppose to take this seriously? You claim that:

  1. Sasuke and Sakura only have the fanfics, artists and authors as their saving grace, not the manga.
  2. There are antis. They are not stupid. They just have their own perception which isn’t wrong just because they’re different.
  3. Hinata is made for Naruto.
  4. Sakura remains as a superficial whiny scapegoat of a heroine. Her presence is all around the manga but doesn’t have much significance.
  5. Hinata shined from the scarce pages she’s in and that’s why she’s so well-liked.
  6. You are not a Sakura hater but mainly disappointed in her.

Let me debunk this trash one by one.

1. Sasuke and Sakura, while not handled as well as we would like, are actually given enough justice at the very least. You must’ve confused that with SPs very own piece of trash, assassinating their characters. That’s why you thought of this.

2. Sure there are. But when the manga state its facts clearly and they state twisted facts contradicting it just to support their hate, then excuse me. THEY. ARE. STUPID. Yes, their perceptions are wrong because the sheer mental gymnastics is so ridiculous they contradicted themselves. Pathetic, pitiful, idiotic, and delusional are just some words I would associate with them. If they don’t want to be insulted, they should have read everything correctly, hmm?

3. I don’t care about garbage. Naruto himself got compromised just to suit to her and Kishi made them end up together because her felt that her loyalty needed to be rewarded. Naruto’s feelings were not taken into account. Poor boy’s been miserable since.

4. Honey, Sakura was no superficial, whiny scapegoat of a heroine. Kishi himself held on to her because he had faith that she has heroine traits. Her development as the strongest kunoichi is a major slap to everyone who told him Hinata is a better heroine. Meanwhile he can’t be bothered making Hinata stronger and a jounin, even goes so far as to say SP is the one to ask him to make her a movie because he doesn’t care about making Naruhina canon himself and they denied his request for a Sasuke movie. He cared enough about Sakura to give her importance even during Gaiden where she was present in the Kage Summit along with Naruto and Sasuke. He also went so far as to use her to punch a literal goddess. Hinata got one-shot by one who merely claims to be a god in the manga. Quite the difference, no?

Not only that, Sakura also healed and saved many people including her teammates. Removing her in the story line can affect the direction it took greatly.

To name them:

  • Sasuke may have lost himself to the darkness as early as The Forest of Death.
  • Sasuke would have been killed by Gaara.
  • Naruto and Sasuke may have finished each other off on the hospital rooftop, depending on Kakashi’s main incentive for getting involved.
  • Kankuro would have died from poison.
  • Chiyo wouldn’t have been able to defeat Sasori.
  • The Zetsu impersonating Neji wouldn’t have been caught.
  • Many more shinobi in the Alliance would have died.
  • Naruto would have died on his way to Minato.
  • Sasuke would have remained trapped in the other dimension.
  • Naruto and Sasuke wouldn’t have been able to land the decisive blow on Kaguya.
  • Naruto would have died after he was severely injured by Toneri.
  • Sasuke may have died in his initial encounter with Shin, depending in how lethal Shin’s attack was when Sakura intervened.

5. Hinata shined?

As far as I recall, she is reduced to a love interest. She is so weak her father discarded her as the heiress. She got defeated by Neji rather brutally. She went on a suicide mission for herself just to confess when everyone, including Tsunade, learn not to interfere. She caused Naruto to go on a rampage, almost turning into Kurama and would have killed him had Minato not interfere inside him. She can barely defeat one juubi clone. Kiba had to remind her to use her Byakugan because somehow she forgets of its existence. Neji died because he had to save both her and Naruto. She trips on a rock, gives up, and asks a recently dead Neji to help Naruto. Her major achievements in The Last are just borrowed from Naruto/Sasuke and Tsunade. The former as the incarnate of a powerful individual and the latter the title of Princess.

Except that it still emphasized that all the Hyuga are qualified to destroy the Tenseigan Altar. She just happen to be in the “purest” bloodline that is why she was chosen for it lol.

Her love story also had to be retconned and induced by a genjutsu.

What a stellar record.

Ehm no.

This is how Hinata shined:

Kishimoto himself state that Hinata must be popular because of her boobs. Reading pro-Hinata attest to this, lol. Her stans pays more attention to her body and loves to create a fanon “stronger” version of her because they can’t live with the fact that Hinata never got promoted to jounin nor did she ever master the clan techniques Neji already have prior to his death. She got stuck as a housewife and still fails to instill manners to her children, particularly that Gary Stu Boruto. If you count objectification as a means to shine, well I’ll give her that then.

6. You’re no Sakura fan you jealous hater. They don’t call her degrading terms and praise a much worse character than her. True Sakura fans are those who knows her changes from a shallow fangirl to a strong kunoichi, knows her strength and recognizes that Sasuke is the one to motivate her the most to make her become the ninja she currently is, and knows that she is now happy with her family after Sasuke returned for real in Boruto the Movie - your fave’s canon son’s movie.

Gintama anime ep 324/manga chaps 578, 579 and 580

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

Thank you for granting us Gintama and blessing us with the anime once again. Your continued tolerance of my silly thoughts on each manga chapter is greatly appreciated as always, and to spare you the same torture for each episode of the anime, I will only offer to you what I am most grateful for. Please do not let this be the last season of the show.

I am very thankful for…

…this beautiful, strong, and amazing Yato maiden, tamer of planetary Orochis…

…gave into the “excellent” courting skills of this dork…

…and decided to devote her life to taming the Orochi in his pants…

…so that neither of them would ever be alone again…

…and united in holy matrimony business partnership…

…to produce the universe’s craziest most adorable Yato siblings.

Also, honorable mention: chibi Mutsu,

in addition to my favorite manga to anime moment:

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams



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“I rather they don’t relate to us as a family member. We’re strictly here for training these kids and would rather keep it that way.”

“It would be sweet if they did think of us as family. Forming a strong trust with each other is important in a team. I think it’s nice knowing they feel comfortable coming to us for non-virus related advice.”

“Don’t encourage them.”

So I just wanted to talk about this for a little bit. Let’s see if it turns out to be a gigantic essay instead.

OOC (out of character)

Here we go:

Fubuki Shirou is not some kind of damsel in distress who freaks out about every little thing, gets scared way too easily and becomes completely useless until some other character (usually the other half of his preferred ships) “saves” him from that situation. He’s very much capable of handling himself, his problems, and his emotions. I don’t know why this is a thing in stories sometimes, but I’ve seen a lot of people portray him as helpless, incredibly emotional, and generally overly sensitive about everything. He’s a badass soccer player. He’s able to take down fully grown bears. He lost his family at a very young age, but stayed strong growing up. Just because he has a softer personality doesn’t mean he’s fragile. He’s fairly confident of himself and his skills, and has plenty of fangirls as well, as we can see in a lot of different scenes, he’s popular with girls. He’s strong and independent. And does not need to hide behind another man thank you all very much.

Same thing goes to other “seemingly more feminine characters” in the IE universe. Kazemaru, Midorikawa, and others as well. Please respect these characters and their personality traits, not just dump all shoujou fantasies on them.

This was just a tiny reminder. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. It just irks me, so I thought I would put it out there.

Yes, it’s hard to really capture the characters in books/anime/manga/movies/etc. , because in the end they weren’t created by us, therefore we can never truly understand them. That’s perfectly fine, and understandable. However I still feel like I want to speak up about this. I know people try really hard when we write about our beloved characters, and we never intentionally try to make them ooc, but it happens anyway more or less. I’m usually perfectly fine with ooc-ness, cause I’m not a great writer either, and it’s nice that people are willing to put effort into their works, but sometimes people stray too far away from the original characters, and it gets a bit annoying. Why don’t ya’ll just write original stories if that’s the case?

We need to talk about the greatness that is Perfect Strangers.

For those who may not know, there was a sitcom on in the ‘80s and ‘90s called Perfect Strangers, that gave us the adventures of Balki Bartokomous and his cousin Larry Appleton. It was my favorite show when I was a kid (yes, I’m dating myself here). In fact, I even remember sending the show a fan letter written on posterboard-size paper (my tv fangirling goes way back), and they actually sent me a photo back! It was tacked on to the corkboard on my wall for years. My family recorded tons of episodes on VHS tapes (dating myself again!), and my brother and I would rewatch them all the time. Needless to say, the show definitely had a strong place in my childhood.

I was elated when the first two seasons were released on DVD, but then we waited and waited for the other seasons, and it looked like I may never get to watch the rest of the series again…until Hulu saved the day! When I saw the announcement Hulu was bringing back Perfect Strangers I absolutely freaked out! I started watching the day they released the episodes and finished exactly one month later. And oh, what a glorious trip back in time! If you have never watched this fantastic show, or haven’t seen it in 30 years, I highly recommend checking it out! It’s classic comedy at its finest! Here are a few of my thoughts after my binge watch:

-First of all, the theme song is one of the best of all time. OF ALL TIME.

-Balki was always my fave, and Larry was always the angry guy who didn’t want to have fun. But after watching this time around, I’ve come to find that I have a newfound appreciation for Larry. He is such a clueless little dork who can get so carried away at times, but deep down, he has a really good heart. Balki AND Larry are both total cinnamon rolls.

-My favorite seasons are 3-6, the ones where they are in their 2nd apartment. That’s really when they hit their stride, and probably the most iconic episodes from the series are from that time. Season 3 is probably best of them all.

-The show is always commended for its physical comedy, and truly Bronson Pinchot and Mark Linn-Baker are excellent at that, but another area where they excel is their masterful way with words. All of the alliteration, talking over each other, arguing, and fast-talking take so much skill, not to mention all the Myposian they had to say!

-I want a stuffed Dmitri.

-”Babasticki” needs to become a thing. What a great word.

-When you watch, look for Dmitri (Balki’s stuffed sheep) in the background of the scene. Chances are, he will be wearing something or have a prop next to him that connects with the theme of the episode! I love shows that pay attention to detail like that. Here was a pre-internet show, heck, pre-DVD show, where the likelihood of someone catching that would be so slim. But they did it anyway! I love that.

I could go on, but it would be better for you to just go to Hulu instead. It’s back! And now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!

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Hi , I wanted to ask for a really cute bts GIF reaction . Can you do bts reacting to their little son/daughter hugging them & giving soft small kiss on their nose & asking them not leave them & mom since they both got into the fight ?! Thank youuu .

 Hey ~ Sorry for the long wait , I’m finally free so I can make requests like I used to!! I thought this request was adorbs to the max !!So here’s your reaction~~


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 Namjoon :

“ Awwwwww, you are my little universe *squishes their cheeks* You’re probably the best thing that ever happened to me.”

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Jin :

“ Awww, baby ,everything will be alright .* kisses their face* I’ll make food and everything will get back into order, I promise!”

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Jimin :

“ You’re such a bundle of joy.Daddy thanks the holy tree everytime he sees your face!I did a great thing by praying for that to happen. * giggles sheepishly*

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Taehyung :

“Daddy loves mommy,so It’s going to be okay * pulls the child in his arms* Do you want to help me get mommy’s heart back? I’m sure we can win her heartback together”

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Jungkook :

“Daddy is doing fine. You don’t need to worry about me, I’m a  strong man who can go through this .Back in the day, my fangirls called me Jeon Cena.Do you want me to tell you how I met your mom? “ he’d smile

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“ Hoseok junior , always remember to smile no matter what because there is always hope in this world ! Daddy will keep on smiling because he knows mommy will remain madly in love with him”

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Yoongi :

“Don’t worry, I got too much swag for this and your mom can’t even think  about the possibilty to leave an amazing man like me. Swag runs in this family, yoongi junior and I believe that everything is under control, so you don’t have to worry”

You can request ANYTHING from my blog :) REQUEST BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN !!I’m open to answer anything whether it be ships(CLOSED)/bts reactions to “___”/scenarios/drabbles/ bts fb status/bts text conversation/ bts snapchat AND MORE !!! IM LITTERALLY OPEN TO ANYTHING just please ask me what you want and I’ll make it come true

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The Hunger Games taught me never to give up on the ones I loved

Harry Potter taught me that love and friendship can defeat all evil

Percy Jackson taught me that there is a hero in all of us

Divergent taught me it’’s good to be different

Supernatural taught me to stick close to family no matter what

Merlin taught me friends are important and to always keep them safe

The Fault In Our Stars taught me to stay strong and never lose hope

really detest the comparison of VegetaxBulma to the Sakura and Sasuke pairing. I kinda get why they would compare the personalities of Sasuke and Vegeta but even then they are not that much alike. Vegeta and Bulma pretty much work out and Sasuke and Sakura eh not so much. Not to mention Sakura was pretty much a fangirl the whole time while Sasuke did not give a rat’s ass about her heck he tried to kill her multiple times and I don’t really get the whole family thing either I mean he’s gone for who knows how long. I mean get a backbone Sakura. Sheesh, I mean Bulma stood up to Vegeta’s crap hell she gave him a family which changed him from the ‘cold warrior’ and even gave up his life for them that’s some drastic development. Sakura’s development was great at one point and it was WHEN SASUKE WAS NOT THERE then it all went down the drain when she went back to her fangirl tactics even after he said he wasn’t interested. Oh and their personalities… Vegeta and Bulma both have strong personalities but they work extremely well together and have characteristics that complement each other and I personally found the personalities of Sasuke and Sakura alright but together… too dull prefer their personalities together only in Team 7. Basically:



Okay, I got too impatient but meet Ishtar, Fairooz’s older sister and a member of the desert mercenaries. The desert mercenaries are a group tasked with protecting the desert villages from bandits. She’s accompanying, along with her twin brother Hilal, Fairooz in their travel as it would be too dangerous for Fairooz to go alone.

Name: Ishtar Toma

Age/Gender/Pronoun: 25, Female, She/Her.


Ishtar is someone who does her tasks with no questions asked. She never complains about getting extra work and never speaks up about it. During her visit to Regna Ferox with her family to deliver weapons she had witnessed one of the battles and was very inspired by Khan Hale to become really strong. (Also a big fangirl of Khan Hale and her warriors. Has a strong wish to join them.) Ishtar aspires to be someone who can make a difference and become a warrior. She wants to be someone dignified and be one of the epitomai of strength and justice.

Personality: Stoic, Simple, Absent-Minded, Fantasizes too much, Enthusiastic (on the inside), Constantly hungry, Masochistic.  


She usually bears a stoic look but despite that she can never win in a game such as gambling.

Her parents kept it a secret if she or Hilal is older.


Not Astrid:

Astrid should be steaming hot, trying to figure out how the fuck to get out of the cave, not reminiscing about how Stoick accidentally has a thing for her & incest fetish, or asking Valka about ‘omg do u remember when u fell in love??’ YOUR IN A FUCKING CAVE SURROUNDED BY WILD, UNKNOWN DRAGONS THAT COULD KILL YOU IN A MOMENT WHAT THE HELL

This is it. Her character is nothing anymore. Her character constantly switches from ‘OMG IM SO MEAN GURL POWER’ to ‘hiccup is so kawaii, i luv u. butterfly kisses. uwu’ 

Funny thing I’ve noticed is she’s an asshole to anyone but the Haddock family. If Fishlegs tried what Stoick was doing, Fishlegs would just be Fish. Astrid just wants to be chief theory confirmed? Idk, I think I’ll do a post about it.

The fandom constantly shakes its fist and turns its head away from me, saying I’m just some big ugly troll, when I’m the only one who can look past the pandering bullshit and point the issues. 

BTW, where’s all those ‘feminists’ in the httyd fandom now, constantly talking about how strong and powerful the girls are? Oh wait, they’re too busy squealing and fangirling to notice the butchering of their ‘favorite’ self-insert character.

~mod Critter