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  • Saitama: The Egg we all deserve.
  • Genos: Cyborg. Moe. Housewife. Perfection.
  • Sonic: Ninja the Hedgehog.
  • Silver Fang: The coolest grandpa.
  • King: OtakuBro.
  • Mumen Rider: The Most Precious Hero.
  • Metal Bat: Hormonal HighSchooler. (The Perfect Big Bro).
  • Garou: Hiruma Wannabe.
  • Lord Boros: Perfect Pastel CyclopElf Macaron.
  • Sweet Mask: Dragon-Level Dildo.

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you think the love between marianne and bog is strong? pffft. they only knew each other for like five minutes.

28 minutes and 12.15 seconds, to be more exact, dear. 

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But my good-golly-gosh-darn it! That still isn’t very long!  Quick!  Could somebody please tell me what is this MAGIC time number that fictional characters in an animated kids’ movie need to share in order for their love to be “strong”?!  Oh, woe is me!  How can I go on without knowing this vital piece of totally useful information???  

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For y’all making OPM OC’s ‘n stuff

So, there’s a shit-ton of heros in the OPM universe ‘n stuff so I went and made a list of all the mentioned heros and their ranks, if you wanna make a hero OC but don’t wanna be taking a canon heros rank, or if you’re writing a fanfic and cant remember about a certain hero, ect ect. (I also included the city that they operate in, for the heros that we know where they work/live)

(Warning, spoilers for the webcomic. I’ll update the list as we discover more heros)

S Class: 17 heros in total

Pri-Pri-Prisoner - Rank 17
(Badd) Metal Bat- Rank 16
Tanktop Master- Rank 15
(Genos) Demon Cyborg- Rank 14
Flashy Flash- Rank 13 (Note: that’s his name in the anime but I think his Japanese name is Flash Of Flash. idk. We’re all abit conflicted with his name.)
Watchdog-man- Rank 12 (Q-City)
Superalloy Darkshine- Rank 11
Pig God- Rank 10
Drive Knight- Rank 9
Zombieman- Rank 8
King- Rank 7 (M-City)
Metal Knight- Rank 6
Child Emperor- Rank 5
(Bang) Silver Fang- Rank 3
(Tatsumaki) Tornado of Terror- Rank 2
Blast- Rank 1

A Class: 39 heros in total

(Saitama) Caped Baldy- Rank 39
Biting Snake Fist Sneck- Rank 37
Chain'n'Frog- Rank 36
Air- Rank 35
Feather- Rank 34
Doll Master- Rank 33
Heavy Kong- Rank 32
Forte- Rank 31
Peach Terry- Rank 30
Spring Mustache- Rank 28
Smile Man- Rank 27
Golden Ball- Rank 26
Crescent Eyebroll- Rank 25
Green- Rank 24
Lightning Max- Rank 19
Lightning Genji- Rank 17
Butterfly DX- Rank 16
Great Philosopher- Rank 13
Stinger- Rank 10
Tanktop Vegetarian- Rank 9
Death Gatling- Rank 8
Magic Trick Man- Rank 7
Blue Fire- Rank 6
Heavy Tank Fundoshi- Rank 5
Bushidrill- Rank 4 (Atomic Samui’s Disciple)
Slicing Sheman- Rank 3 (Atomic Samui’s Disciple)
Iaian- Rank 2 (Atomic Samui’s Disciple)
Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask- Rank 1 (J-City)

B Class: 101 heros in total

Mushroom- Rank 93
Tanktop Black Hole- Rank 81
Bone- Rank 77
Lily of the Three Section Staff- Rank 74 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
Piko- Rank 65 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
Jet Nice Guy- Rank 56
Darkness Blade- Rank 50
Butcher- Rank 49
Glasses- Rank 21
Mountain Ape- Rank 3 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
Eyelashes- Rank 2 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
(Fubuki) Blizzard Of Hell- Rank 1

C Class: 390 heros in total

Red Nose- Rank 385
Saturn Man- Rank 359
Hyottoko- Rank 347
Bun-Bun Man- Rank 331  
Grad School Graduate- Rank 299
Studless- Rank 295
Horse-Bone- Rank 283
Monocross- Rank 203
Grave Eight- Rank 174
Gasmask Cowboy- Rank 141
Armored Chief Clerk- Rank 111
Red Muffler- Rank 89
Battery Man- Rank 85
Funeral Suspenders- Rank 40
D-Pad- Rank 22
Tanktop Tiger- Rank 13
License-less Rider- Rank 1

I hope this helped for whatever you could be working on!