the fang king


Follow the story of a young little pigeon wanting to be a super hero but neglected because it’s only a bald pigeon and heroes are often big animals !

Never leaving it’s dream, this pigeon will continue to reach it’s goal, even if this it’s life is … quite boring because one wing can destroy everything !!

So, Waw !  I can’t believe I animated a full opening !! It was an amazing exercice, I learned a lot with it and that’s means that I’m now able to parody openings and endings :’D !!!! (I already imagine lot’s of them, try to imagine too haha !)  I animated lots of capes and it was super ! 

Many of you asked me to animate an opening, and to make something about One Punch Man, I liked the animation a lot =) (Studio Madhouse) and I wanted to try to make a full opening, needless to say that I was super afraid but I could do it in 4 days ! (four looong days !)

Again I’m happy to share my work with you all and to show that a little program can do marvelous things if you are passionate and love what you do !

Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous m'apportez depuis que je partage mes animations ici, J'ai vraiment hâte de continuer à partager pleins de choses avec vous tous !

Again Thank you all for your amazing support !! 

*** BEST WISHES FOR 2016 !!!!!! :D *****


心が折れそうだ・・・・・・ by きいろからー

  • Chen Guo: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of the items you have lost throughout your life.
  • Wei Chen: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
  • Ye Xiu: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.
  • Fang Rui: My will to live! I haven't seen this in 15 years!
  • An Wenyi: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Bao Rongxing: Mental stability, my old friend!
  • Su Mucheng: Guys, could you lighten up a little?

One Punch Man, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure style, drawn by NOTTAMA/ba_ba_bu. Please give the artist a follow.

  • Saitama: The Egg we all deserve.
  • Genos: Cyborg. Moe. Housewife. Perfection.
  • Sonic: Ninja the Hedgehog.
  • Silver Fang: The coolest grandpa.
  • King: OtakuBro.
  • Mumen Rider: The Most Precious Hero.
  • Metal Bat: Hormonal HighSchooler. (The Perfect Big Bro).
  • Garou: Hiruma Wannabe.
  • Lord Boros: Perfect Pastel CyclopElf Macaron.
  • Sweet Mask: Dragon-Level Dildo.
For y’all making OPM OC’s ‘n stuff

So, there’s a shit-ton of heros in the OPM universe ‘n stuff so I went and made a list of all the mentioned heros and their ranks, if you wanna make a hero OC but don’t wanna be taking a canon heros rank, or if you’re writing a fanfic and cant remember about a certain hero, ect ect. (I also included the city that they operate in, for the heros that we know where they work/live)

(Warning, spoilers for the webcomic. I’ll update the list as we discover more heros)

S Class: 17 heros in total

Pri-Pri-Prisoner - Rank 17
(Badd) Metal Bat- Rank 16
Tanktop Master- Rank 15
(Genos) Demon Cyborg- Rank 14
Flashy Flash- Rank 13 (Note: that’s his name in the anime but I think his Japanese name is Flash Of Flash. idk. We’re all abit conflicted with his name.)
Watchdog-man- Rank 12 (Q-City)
Superalloy Darkshine- Rank 11
Pig God- Rank 10
Drive Knight- Rank 9
Zombieman- Rank 8
King- Rank 7 (M-City)
Metal Knight- Rank 6
Child Emperor- Rank 5
(Bang) Silver Fang- Rank 3
(Tatsumaki) Tornado of Terror- Rank 2
Blast- Rank 1

A Class: 39 heros in total

(Saitama) Caped Baldy- Rank 39
Biting Snake Fist Sneck- Rank 37
Chain'n'Frog- Rank 36
Air- Rank 35
Feather- Rank 34
Doll Master- Rank 33
Heavy Kong- Rank 32
Forte- Rank 31
Peach Terry- Rank 30
Spring Mustache- Rank 28
Smile Man- Rank 27
Golden Ball- Rank 26
Crescent Eyebroll- Rank 25
Green- Rank 24
Lightning Max- Rank 19
Lightning Genji- Rank 17
Butterfly DX- Rank 16
Great Philosopher- Rank 13
Stinger- Rank 10
Tanktop Vegetarian- Rank 9
Death Gatling- Rank 8
Magic Trick Man- Rank 7
Blue Fire- Rank 6
Heavy Tank Fundoshi- Rank 5
Bushidrill- Rank 4 (Atomic Samui’s Disciple)
Slicing Sheman- Rank 3 (Atomic Samui’s Disciple)
Iaian- Rank 2 (Atomic Samui’s Disciple)
Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask- Rank 1 (J-City)

B Class: 101 heros in total

Mushroom- Rank 93
Tanktop Black Hole- Rank 81
Bone- Rank 77
Lily of the Three Section Staff- Rank 74 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
Piko- Rank 65 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
Jet Nice Guy- Rank 56
Darkness Blade- Rank 50
Butcher- Rank 49
Glasses- Rank 21
Mountain Ape- Rank 3 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
Eyelashes- Rank 2 (Part of the Fubuki Group)
(Fubuki) Blizzard Of Hell- Rank 1

C Class: 390 heros in total

Red Nose- Rank 385
Saturn Man- Rank 359
Hyottoko- Rank 347
Bun-Bun Man- Rank 331  
Grad School Graduate- Rank 299
Studless- Rank 295
Horse-Bone- Rank 283
Monocross- Rank 203
Grave Eight- Rank 174
Gasmask Cowboy- Rank 141
Armored Chief Clerk- Rank 111
Red Muffler- Rank 89
Battery Man- Rank 85
Funeral Suspenders- Rank 40
D-Pad- Rank 22
Tanktop Tiger- Rank 13
License-less Rider- Rank 1

I hope this helped for whatever you could be working on!