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Shouldn’t 11

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Cas, Sam

Summary:  Dean acted on his feeling for the reader even though he shouldn’t. Things get ugly. Now the reader has been locked in a coma. What happens next?

Warnings:  None

Word Count:  899

A/N:  Wow, this has been journey and taken quite a few twists and turns.Thanks for coming along for the ride. This is technically the last chapter, but stay tuned for the epilogue.

Tags are at the bottom.  

Shouldn’t 11

“Cas?” you gasp, feeling his hand in yours. Cas is here. His hand in yours feels solid and warm, grounding. You did it. You broke through the warding. The relief is immense and you choke back a sob.  

“(Y/N),” he says, pulling you to your feet, “I need you to focus. The warding that remains - it’s making it difficult for me to be here.”

“What?” you ask, trying to clear your head. “Oh,” you reply, dragging the back of your free hand across your cheeks, wiping away the tears. Taking a deep breath in, you try to reign in your emotions. “What do I have to do?”

Cas grips your hand tighter. “We need to find a door. Can you do that?”

“A door?” you repeat. You feel as if you’ve gone daft, parroting everything Cas says. The emotional roller coaster that you’ve been on has left you drained.

“Not a literal door,” he explains patiently. “We are deep in your subconscious, and we have to find a way out. You have to find a way out,” he amends. “I can help you along, but only you can find the path.”

Shakily, you gather your wits and steel your resolve. “What do I do?”

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CYOSTODA Part 6: Dean Tries to Pick Dare, But Sam Has Other Ideas

Title: CYOSTODA Part 6: Dean Trys to Pick Dare, But Sam Has Other Ideas

Characters: Dean, Leah, Sam and Reader

Location: Motel room, Crappsville, USA.

Word Count: 14449

Summary:  Things have taken an interesting turn. Dean’s ready for his dare, but Sam has something else in mind. 

Warnings: drinking, sexual innuendo, lots of almost smut

Author’s Note:  I am wrapping up this strain of the game! :-)

See @littlegreenplasticsoldier‘s Master Mess

The road so far..

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Don’t - Clark Kent x Reader

warnings: slight angst, reader gets hurt 


After you were taken you had little to no hope left that Clark would find you. You tried to make use of all the things he has taught you throughout the years you have spent together. Counting every stop the car made. Every turn. Memorising every sound. You thought that you actually did great. That it would have worked. But after the last stop the car didn’t start again. Instead someone grabbed you and took you out of the trunk. You couldn’t see anything but you were absolutely sure they brought you onto a plane. That’s it. You thought. Clark couldn’t possibly know where they’d take you. You lost the thing Clark has always taught you to value most. Hope.

It must have been hours. Days actually. Looking down you were clearly injured. But shock is one hell of a drug so all you felt was numb. You were lying in the corner of a moisty basement. Waiting. You weren’t even sure for what. The Police? Clark? Your captors were mocking you. Telling you he’d never come. 

More time had passed but you couldn’t really tell how long it has actually been. When a harsh sound caught your ear and yanked you out of your delirium. 


It couldn’t be. 

He found you. 

You fell in and out of consciousness. When you opened your eyes again. Clark was leaning over you. Looking at you with these beautiful eyes you missed so dearly. But now they looked different. They were filled with sorrow. You couldn’t bear looking at him like that. So you closed your eyes again.

You could hear him mumble “You’re okay….You’re….”. You knew he was still beside you but it sounded like he was miles away. A stabbing pain in your stomach woke you. He was using his heat vision to stop the haemorrhage.

You felt him get up and go after your captors. Two of them were already unconscious in a corner. You turned around to see the third one being lifted from the floor. Clark grabbing him tightly by his throat. You knew Clark. The person he was. But you also knew what he would do for you. He often called you his world. So what do you think he was capable of when his world almost ended. You knew he was on the edge of losing himself. With all the strength you had left in your body you brought yourself to cry out a soft “Clar- don’t do it- pleas- don’t”.

You heard something drop to the ground and quickly after felt Clark sliding one hand under your knees and carefully placing the other hand on your back. 

You felt a light breeze on your cheeks and the wind blowing through your hair seconds before you lost consciousness again.


“Are you going to tell me it was an accident? What, you tripped and fell on a pair of fangs? Didn’t know what you were doing? Got taken in by seduction? You, the most devoted Guardian of them all?” 

Chirrut can’t seem to get enough air, has to get up and pace back and forth in his cell, five steps to the far wall, sharp turn on his heel, five steps back. His cell, with its sparse furnishings ordered just so, unchanged from its configuration for twenty years since he was promoted from apprentice to junior and then to full Guardian, the better for him to pace like this without fear of sharp edges and unexpected corners.

Five steps to his bed, where Baze had slept for ten of those twenty years. Five steps to his desk, where Baze had sat and researched their latest assignments, or devised new ways for Chirrut to hunt without sight, or cleaned his weapons, or debated the finer points of theology. Five steps to his weapons rack, which still holds Baze’s sword. There had been another cell in this wing, one which was assigned to Baze. By their third year together, everyone had known how much time he spent sleeping in it, which is to say, nearly none. The two of them turned it into an office of sorts instead.

The temple reassigned it a year after his disappearance.

Five steps back to the wall, where he turns and faces the doorway. Out of habit, he clicks his tongue and listens to the sound bounce back at him, which tells him the same facts as before. Bed, desk, rack, wall, vampire. A vampire with Baze’s voice and Baze’s smell. He hasn’t changed his detergent or his hair oil, evidently. Just his fundamental humanity. Chirrut catches a bubble of hysterical laughter in his throat.

There’s a long pause, and then a rustle of cloth. Chirrut pictures the other man crossing, then uncrossing his arms.

“It was the Empire,” Baze says quietly.

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Imagine your boyfriend Eliot comes home beat up from a job, so you help fix him up

This was requested by @dragonstorytelling. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post. I hope you like it!

He thought you were asleep. Granted, you had tried to fall asleep. The lights in your bedroom were all turned off, and you were tucked in warm and comfy into bed. But how could you fall asleep when you knew Eliot was out there, possibly dying? His job was so dangerous, and you absolutely hated it, but there was nothing you could do about it.

He thought you were asleep. Eliot tiptoed into the bedroom, trying not to make any noise, but accidentally wincing in pain with every step. Your heart broke at the sound, and you wanted so much to help him.

He thought you were asleep. He slowly lowered himself into bed next to you, trying not to wake you, and making as little noise as possible and failing miserably. He was in so much pain.

He still thought you were asleep. You rolled over in bed, gently touching his face, a great empathy in your eyes, hidden by the shadows in the stark darkness, “Are you okay, Eliot?” You asked quietly. He did not respond.

Immediately, you moved and turned on the lamp resting on the bedside table. Soft light flooded the room, finally illuminating the wounds stretched across your boyfriend’s skin. It was awful, even worse than you had expected.

Without saying a word, you got out of bed, carefully guiding Eliot into the living room. He sat on the edge of the couch while you keenly danced about the house, collecting supplies to fix up his wounds. You went up to him, and gently began bandaging up his injuries. They were extensive, but none were too deep, and would heal well.

You managed to fix Eliot up, and when you were done, you looked down at him. His head was facing downward, away from the bright light of the living room. He almost seemed embarrassed, self-conscious of the fact that you had to help clean him up. Eliot looked so tired, and you could see ghosts haunting the space under his eyes, weighing down the dark bags even more.

You lead him to the couch, where the two of you carefully laid down together without uttering a single word. You wrapped your arms around him, and he wrapped his arms around you. For the time being, you both just forgot about Eliot’s typical rough exterior, and allowed his soft, romantic, kind inside to seep out and surround everything. It was just the two of you.

When you woke up the next morning, Eliot no longer looked so tired.  

Dinner and Baby

Summary: Dean takes the Reader to a nice restaurant to celebrate their one year anniversary. As it turns out, the parking lot is nicer.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 900+

Warnings: Call it smut. Call it porn. It’s Dean.

A/N: This a request for @kayshaabi. I hope you enjoy!

As anniversaries went, this one was pretty spectacular. It had taken a lot of pool hustling, but Dean had saved enough money to take you to one of the nicest restaurants in Kansas City. He ha also booked a fancy hotel room for the night. You had been together a year, and he was going to mark the occasion.

Dean was sexy like this when he was trying to please you. He was wearing one of his FBI suits. The shirt was white and crisp, the knot in his tie was straight and perfect.

There was something about Dean in a tie that made you want to take it off of him along with the rest of his clothes. And the way he smelled was more than a little distracting. It wasn’t cologne. That wasn’t Dean’s style. You could smell his soap, his shampoo, his skin. He smelled clean like rain, and you wanted to drown in him.

The two of you were seated in a semi-circular booth against the wall. This allowed you to be next to each other as you ate. It was intimate, romantic. There were candles on the table and a white linen tablecloth that completely covered what your hand was doing underneath it.

You had stared moving your hand back and forth up the inside of Dean’s thigh during the appetizer course. He was shifting in the seat trying to remain discreet. By the time the entrees arrived, he was completely hard.

That’s when you moved for his zipper. His eyes got wide. You smiled at him silently saying, “Oh, yes I am.” With one hand, you picked up a shrimp from your plate and teased his lips with it. The other hand was taking his erection out of his pants. You started to stroke him as you fed him.

You felt him throbbing in your hand as you ate your meal. Relentlessly, you moved your hand up and his shaft, giving a slight twist as you got to the tip. His mouth had fallen open, and he was breathing so hard he was practically panting. You leaned over and whispered in his ear, “You better control yourself, Dean. You don’t want to come right here, do you? You will; trust me. You will, and it will be so good. Just not yet, not until I say you can.

“Y/N, you better stop. I don’t know if I can…”. His hands were flat on the table, and his eyes were locked on yours, pupils blown wide. You licked your tongue across your bottom lip.

“That would make such a mess, Dean. How would we ever explain that?” You tucked him back inside his pants, zipped them up, and asked sweetly, “Do you want dessert?”

“No, Y/N. No, I don’t. You know what I want.” Five minutes later Dean had paid the check, and the two of you were standing out front waiting for the valet to retrieve Baby. Dean opened your door like a true gentleman before jumping behind the wheel and driving away too fast. Instead of leaving he turned Baby back around and found an empty parking space in the corner of the lot behind the valet ropes.

He was already taking off his jacket and loosening his tie. “Dean, what are you doing?” He snatched his tie the rest of the way off and started unbuttoning his shirt. “ I’m getting ready to have my way with you; get in the backseat now.”

By the time you met him in the back, his shirt was the rest of the way off, and he was pushing you down against the leather. The cut of your dress made it easy for him to push the material back exposing both of your breasts. He was tweaking one nipple while hungrily sucking the other. You were a gasping mess in under a minute; the walls of your vagina were squeezing around nothing.

Trying to get the upper hand in the situation you managed to form words. “Dean, remember what I said.” He looked at you, his sinful mouth turned up slightly at the corners. “I remember.” He pulled his pants down and stroked himself a couple of times. “Oh, yeah. I remember.”

He pushed your skirt up and tore your flimsy lace panties right off. He tested your entrance. Finding you wet, he pushed in three fingers and curled them so he was rubbing the front of your vaginal wall. “I remember exactly what you said. I can’t come until you tell me I can.” He started thrusting his fingers in and out of you. “Well, you’re going to be begging because there’s a new rule. You can’t come until I do.”

He slowed down the movement of his fingers. Now that you were no longer empty, you were squeezing his fingers fluttering and tight. You pushed your hair back from your forehead grabbing a fistful and pulling until it hurt. “D…D…Dean. Please. I need more.” He took his fingers from inside you and started circling your clit. You were right on the verge when he took his hand away and slid his fingers back inside you thrusting hard. He kept alternating back and forth never giving you enough stimulation in one place so you could come.

Then his mouth was back on your nipples back and forth between breasts sucking and licking while his fingers continued their delicious torment between your legs. “Dean, Dean, Dean! Please. I can’t take anymore. I need to come. I need to come. Please! I need you inside me. I need you to come inside me. Now, Dean!”

With one thrust, he was buried inside you, and finally you felt full. He was calling your name just as loudly as you had been calling his. He had been hard a long time now and his balls were heavy with the need to release.

His thrusts were strong and deep. You were putting scratches all over his back as your pleas got more frantic. “ Come, Dean! Come! Come inside me! Come inside me! Now, Dean, now!” You opened your eyes in time to see his eyes squeeze shut and his jaw clench as you felt him spurting hot inside you. You let go and felt your orgasm washing over you in waves.

He had buried his face in your neck, and you were letting out long shallow breaths when you heard the knock on the window. “Sir, Sir!” Dean covered your body from view with his. “Sir, you can’t do that here.” It was the valet.

Dean answered in as steady a voice as he could. “Right. Okay. We’re going.” It was hard to tell if the guy was flustered, pissed off, or jealous. “You’ve got two minutes before I call the cops!”

When Dean looked back at you, you were laughing. He put your dress back in place before getting his own clothes in order. By now, he was laughing too. He leaned down and gave you a lingering kiss. “That was incredible, Y/N. Now, let’s get out of here before we get arrested because I want to take you back to the hotel and do that again.”

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Atem: “I know what I’m going to do tonight. You.”

Yugi: “You WHAT?!”

masaya90 drew another little thing for me and it turned out amazing again! This a little daydream Yugi has in my fluffy fanfiction (chapter 3). I just couldn’t resist seeing it in a drawing. I love it! Thank you, masaya!

Go and check her out, she’s so talanted! But the position of the annoying, creepy fangirl is already taken by me. Just look at this gif that perfectly depicts my relation to masaya:



You’re a member of the wolf pack running in Beacon Hills, living happily until Niklaus Mikaelson turns up out of the blue on his quest to make more hybrids which ends with you telling the pack that they need to stay away for their own safety and letting Niklaus turn you into a hybrid. When the Mikaelson family decide to leave Mystic Falls, Niklaus takes you with him to New Orleans against your will because he has taken a curious fancy to you. 

On your first night in the French Quarter you break down into tears because you hate what he made you, but your sire bond prevents your hate for him to show past your undying loyalty, stronger than the loyalty to you pack in Beacon Hills. This is when Elijah Mikaelson finds you.

Elijah: Are you alright?

Y/N: Yeah, Elijah, I’m fine.

Elijah: You’ve heard of me?

Y/N: Well yes, Niklaus mentioned you on the way here, said you were very annoying and like wearing suits, I just presumed it was you.

Elijah: My brother does have a way with words, don’t cry Y/N, I know it’s hard now, I know you feel like a monster but I will always protect you, you’re family now and you’re an innocent girl, you didn’t deserve this.

Y/N: Thank you Elijah, but, how do you know my name?

Elijah: Niklaus has told me much about you, don’t fall into his darkness, don’t fall for his charm, your soul is too pure for that, promise me.

Y/N: I promise Elijah.

A Nervous Angel But A Confident Kiss

Word Count: 1,533

Pairing: Cas X Reader

AN: It’s finally here!!! Like I said yesterday I’m sorry it has taken me so long to post a new story and thanks for being patient with me. So without further delay, the new story. Hope you guys like it.

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Okay okay I know I literally made a Courferre fic rec list like two days ago but hey two days is a long time. Long enough for me to make yet another Courferre fic rec list!!!!

not so simple- pining. alllll the pining. glorious

your burning sun- beware. it will make you faint from happiness. and fluff

down this river every turn- *incoherent babbling*

a moment of change- lab!!! partners!!!

Sink into the Inky Depths- courf loves tattoos. ferre has tattoos. need i say more

back to you- long distance relationship *heart eyes*

good men- this will mess u up. ferre gets married. not to courf

just say yes- *bangs fists* proposal!!!

dreaming about the things that we could be- cute sleepy boys in love

hello, I think I love you- classic love at first meeting p much

*Insert Motorcycle Pun Here*- in which courf is determined to meet this ‘combeferre’ lad

How To Fall in Love- vlogger au. real cute y’all

lets ride

pairing: jikook
warnings: none
genre: fluff, photographer!jungkook au
length: one shot (595 w)
summary: Jimin was worth more than every picture Jungkook has ever taken.

a/n: !!!!! inspired by my post and this wonderful post. also heavily inspired by troye sivan’s ‘for him.’ and of course that amazing photo kook took of chim :’)

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Daddy!Harry Blurb #1: Girl

could you do one where the (Y/N) and H have a couple of boys and are pregnant again and it’s a boy but when the baby is born everyone’s surprised bc it’s a girl (kinna like the Beckhams) and maybe everyone’s reaction to it?

daddy Harry blurb where wants a daughter really bad and he already has four sons, so he begs his wife to have another and this one turns out to be a girl!


It had taken Harry a long time to convince you to have another baby. You already had four boys and they weren’t that far apart in age. Your house was a zoo with an 8, 5, 3, and 1 year old running around.

Harry loved his boys but you knew that somewhere deep down, he wanted a little girl. He had finally been able to talk you in to trying just one more time for a girl.

“If not, we’ll stop there, I promise. I just wanna see if we can get a girl.”

Halfway through your pregnancy, your ultrasound revealed that the baby was, in fact, another boy. You were both excited; the baby was healthy and growing, but you could tell that there was a slight twinge of disappointment in Harry. He really, REALLY wanted a baby girl to spoil.

Imagine his shock when you went into labour and gave birth, the doctor holding up the brand new little baby and announcing that it was actually a girl.

You had never seen Harry look that surprised and excited before. His hands were shaking when the doctor handed his baby girl to him, even though he had been through the newborn experience four times before.

He finally had his little girl, his princess, his angel to spoil and love and become completely enamored with. Looking down at her now as she let out tiny whimpers and scrunched up her fists while he rocked her in his arms, he already knew that she was going to have him wrapped around her little finger in no time.

“Thank you fo’ her.” He said, kissing you on the forehead as you both laid together in the hospital bed, the tiny baby still held tightly in her daddy’s arms. “She’s perfect.”

You nodded, smiling. Five kids was a lot, but you couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Jily in Heaven: Part 3

sorry this doesn’t go in order oops

“THE YOUNGEST BUGGERIN’ SEEKER IN OVER A CENTURY EVANS! A CENTURY!” James shouted as he watched Harry’s face turn from confusion to glee as McGonagall suggested he be on the team. “MY SON, MY BLOOD, A SEEKER! A GRYFFINDOR, FIRST YEAR, SEEKER!” James has taken to pacing back and forth, alternating between watching Harry and shaking his head with an expression that can only be described of as pure joy. 

“James, I’m watching him too! Oh hush I want to hear what this ‘Wood’ has to say about this! And for merlin’s sake Potter,” she said pointedly. “my last name isn’t Evans anymore!”

“Sorry, old habits I suppose,” James said looking slightly sheepish before turning back to Harry with an awed expression. 

She smiled, he’d called her that since he figured out the name. She remembered it clearly. 

Evans, I don’t believe I’ve heard the name before. What village are you in?” he had asked, with the amount of curiosity in his eyes only an 11 year old can have. 

“Cokeworth” she had answered only a bit confused at what he had meant.

“Cokeworth? I’ve never heard of that place!” he exclaimed, furrowing his brow as though if he searched his brain long enough, he’d find the answer.

“Well it’s not a part of the wizarding world. its regular people” Lily explained, a spark of defiance and a bit of insecurity showed through as she waited for his reaction. 

“Evans. I like it. It rolls of the tongue. It’s better than some of the dumb wizarding names anyways, like Black! Black is just dumb. It’s the absence of color, who’d want that in their name?” he teased as Sirius had dozed off near the window. 

“Don’t you … I heard you … hell to pay … “ and Sirius’s head lolled to the side as he dozed off once more. 

Lily smiled, feeling that maybe it wouldn’t matter she didn’t come from a wizarding family. 

James had just stuck 4 of those strange jelly beans in his mouth and looked delighted at first, until he started choking. “Pe-Pepper” he coughed violently until the bean had dissolved, and a grin replaced his look of disgust, as Lily was giggling uncontrollably, and he decided he liked that, her laugh … 

Smiling fondly at the memory, she was broken from the daze from James grabbing her hand. 

“Lils, we’ve got to go do something! Oh I wish I could tell Padfoot, or Moony … we need to tell my parents! And your parents! And the past gryffindor teams! and McKinnon, she’d sure be proud to see a little Potter filling her old spot on the team! and the Prewett twins, they’d be right proud to see the team now, oh and can’t forget the Vances …” he trailed off as he lead Lily away to go find them. All of them. 

Proud parents are common, but no one was as proud as James Potter, retelling Harry’s dive for the remembrall as though it was the greatest save in the history of Quidditch. In his mind it probably was, right next to the catch he made 7th year, diving over 70 feet to retrieve the quaffle, remembering a certain red-head had promised a date had he score 300 points in the Quidditch game. He remembered begging the seeker to give him extra time but it turned out unnecessary. The game went down in the books for being one of the longest, as well as Gryffindor winning by such a point gap the Ravenclaws could barely show their faces. He couldn’t wait to relive that with Harry. 

Spin the Bottle

(Request) Can u write a fanfic where Dan and the reader meet at a party and they play spin the bottle and smut happens?

Sorry for the lack of fanfics lately I got a job that has taken up all my time and Im sorry for letting you guys down xx 

Dan/Reader  *Smut Warning*  

“Alright Dan your turn to spin” Phil said to him. Me,Dan, Phil, and a bunch of my friends were gathered in the living room playing spin the bottle. Most of us of course were a little tipsy but having the best night.

“Okay fine” Dan said and the bottle started to spin. Part of me wanted it to land on me. I’ve had the biggest crush on Dan for years but the other part of me doesn’t want it to land on me. I’m just an awkward person I knew I would screw it up.

The bottle started getting slower and then stopped. I looked down to see that it had landed on me. Everyone was looking and then Dan turned to me. 

He grabbed the back of head and pulled me into a kiss. He forcefully slid his tongue in my mouth and I tried to fight back but I lost against his kiss. 

“Alright you two get a room” My friend said. Dan pulled away and whispered in my ear, “Meet me in the bathroom afterwards.” He smirked and returned back to where he was siting. 

I was breathless and couldn’t process what just happened. The rest of the game me and Dan just stared at each other and smirked. I was red as a tomato all night. 

Everyone got up and started drinking and talking. Thank goodness there were enough people so it wouldn’t seem me and Dan were gone. Dan walked in the bathroom and I followed afterwards. 

I walked in and shut the door but I was pushed up against and I felt Dan’s lips on mine. He put his arms around my waist and quickly took off my shirt. While he kissed my neck I unbuttoned his jeans and helped lift off his black t-shirt. Shortly after we were left with nothing on and Dan bent me over the sink. 

He kissed my neck and down my back. “Dan please” I moaned. He started to pound into me without warning and I screamed his name. He put his hand over my mouth and whispered, “Shh you don’t want us to get caught now baby girl”. He started moving faster and faster.

“Fuck” He moaned. He pulled out and flipped me over. “Get on your knees please beautiful” He said and I did. He came in my mouth and picked me up and sat me on the sink. 

“Your turn baby” He said and he put my right leg on his shoulder and started kissing my thighs and up to my core. Once his lips reached me I moaned his name through clenched teeth. 

I held onto him and I climaxed. He picked me up from the sink and pulled me into a hug. “How about I take you for dinner tomorrow night?” He said smirking. 

I giggled and said yes. He helped me put on my clothes and I looked in the mirror. My face was red and my hair was a complete mess. 

I looked at Dan and he smiled giving me a kiss on the lips.

Galactica, part 1 - AU!AAG

Hello darlings! The lesbian AU has officialy taken over my brain, and will now be turned into a series. The series has heavy inspiration from Devil Wears Prada. Fame, Violet, Katya and Pearl are females while Max and Trixie are males.

A million thanks to @samrull for being the greatest, @toriibelledarling for her lovely brain and to @veronicasanders for her support! ❤️

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Truth Or Dare (Jimin Fluff)

So much fluff, so much. petiteyoongi

Originally posted by jjungkook

It’s Saturday night, and Jimin has decided Taehyung might just be the worst thing that has happened to him, right after that god-awful Drama elective Jimin had selected at college because everything else had been taken (in hindsight, this was also Taehyung’s fault; he had lost Jimin’s form until it conveniently turned up on the last day).

“Come on, Jimin, don’t be such a wimp, you can do this,” Taehyung urged, and everyone agreed.

(No, Jimin cannot, and will not, shut up Kim Taehyung.)

Jimin couldn’t imagine how he had gotten into this situation. Saturday night normally meant catching up on some well deserved sleep until Taehyung had brought his friends around to their shared dorm (5 of them to be exact; some guys called Yoongi, Namjoon, Jin, Hoseok and a last guy whose name Jimin always seemed to forget), and they had started playing truth or dare.

And now Jimin had to ask the one girl he had been crushing on all semester if she had toilet paper to spare.

“I’ll do anything, anything you want. I’ll dress up as a girl, prank your grandma, anything, just don’t make me ask her for toilet paper,” Jimin was almost on his knees, but one look at the gleeful expressions from the guys told Jimin there was no turning back.

“We’re always here for moral support, Jimin-ie,” Yoongi offered a little too amusedly, and Jimin had the vague urge to punch something, preferably a certain Kim Taehyung’s face for suggesting this dare.

(Moral support my sweet ass, that just means barely stifled laughter as I make an idiot of myself in front of the girl of my dreams, thank you very much Min Yoongi.)

Taehyung stepped in among the crowd of howling boys, grabbing Jimin by the shoulders, looking him straight in the eye.

“You got this, Jimin. What’s the worst that could happen?”


What’s the worst that could happen? Of all the times Jimin had wanted to melt into a puddle of embarrassed tears on the ground, this would easily top the list.

“Excuse me, but are you okay?” She said, and Jimin could only stare at her standing in those cute pajamas at her dorm doorway, looking at him with a little concern, like trying to console a lost puppy.

“Uh, um, yeah,” Jimin stutters out.

(No, I’m not okay at all, please love me, you’re very pretty.)

“So,” she says, clearly confused as to what the hell Jimin is doing here, and Jimin knows that if he doesn’t say something now, she’ll probably close the door on him and the six of those idiots (who were conveniently scattered around the dorm halls) would just make him ring the bell again, and then she’d really brand him as a certified creep.

“I- I’m actually wondering if I could bother you for some, um, toilet paper?”

By this time Jimin is so red in the face, he thinks it shows through his neck and halfway down his torso and he can already hear the stifled laughs of the guys as they fail to appear casual.

What? Sorry, I didn’t hear you, you’re mumbling,” she giggles, clearly amused at the full blush Jimin is sporting by now.

(Your laugh is adorable, stop it because it’s making my heart hurt, please be mine, and don’t hear what I’m about to say right after this.)

“I said, could I bother you for some TOILET PAPER,” Jimin practically shrieks in embarrassment, and by now he’s probably sweating. From the corner of his eye, he sees that Taehyung has made a run for it, hand stuffed in him mouth as he gave barks of badly covered up laughter.

She looks taken aback, before slow understanding settles into her eyes as she glances behind him to see the other boys falling on the floor, casual facade dropped a long time ago.

“Dare?” she asks sympathetically, and Jimin could fall in relief at her understanding.

(You angel, you understand me, can I kiss that beautiful face?)

She suddenly leans into Jimin’s ear, and Jimin shivers from the proximity of her lips.

“Want to prove them wrong?”

Jimin jerks back, stares at her face. Maybe she was an angel. Girls like this didn’t come along every day.

“Hell yes,” he breathes out. She grins, grabbing his hands, shutting her door, and storming out in her pajamas as the laughter behind Jimin stops abruptly, and a silence falls over them, all eyes trained on the two.

“Park Jimin, right?”

Jimin nods wordlessly.

(Oh my god, she knows my name, she knows my freaking name.)

“Let’s go out and get some toilet paper then, Jimin. Together,” she adds, pausing for effect and then drags a speechless Jimin behind her.

Jimin can only smirk at all the guys’ faces as their jaws drop open at this turn of events.

“Hello, gentlemen,” she says to them on the way out, and they are picture of flustered nods and nervous hellos.

(Kiss my sweet butt, Kim Taehyung.)

As far as first encounters go, Jimin can’t argue that there can be worse as he revels in the fact that he’s holding hands with the kick-ass girl he has fallen for all over again.

At the end of Saturday night, Jimin stalks into the dorm to a gaping group of 6 boys, his phone flashing her number on the screen. Taehyung looks positively green with envy.

(Did I forget to mention that Taehyung can kiss my sweet butt?)

The Conduit Part 21

Author: Jena @i4z-0892-imagines

Summary: A night of pretending to be and escort takes a sudden, and unexpected turn. A break through, a life threatening decision lingers, as repressed feelings come to light in the face of danger.

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean

Words: 2,959

Warnings: Language, death, angst

A/N Based off of This Imagine.

It’s not over yet! It will never end!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! This fic has taken on a life of its own. Drop me some love, or not love, so I know you’re enjoying this as much as I am!!!!

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7- Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Pat 12- Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20

1 Year Later

“Yeah, yeah I’m on my way. Misty Pines Inn, Phoenix, I got it.” He repeated, rolling his eyes as he did.

“Lisa’s gonna be okay with you ditching town for a week?” Sam asked on the other end of the phone.

“She knows what goes on, she’s good with it, as long as I come back with all my body parts attached.” Dean answered with a smirk as he slid into the drivers seat of the Impala. He gripped the steering wheel with a grin, his fingers flexing over the soft leather, he breathed in the smell of the car, nostalgia washing over him like a cool breeze. He hadn’t taken her out in months, not since…

He cleared his throat, and cranked up the volume as loud as it would go, blasting Lynard Skynard.

Taking her out on the open road was like a long needed vacation, windows down, music cranked, and nothing but long empty road in front of him.

“Let’s stretch those legs baby.” He said with a smile, stepping on the gas. His eyes glanced to his rear view mirror, where he should have seen your face, smiling, singing with him, or passed out on top of a pile of bags. He clenched his jaw tight forcing himself to try to enjoy himself, but everything was a reminder of what he’d lost.

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Rating: T

Summary: Canon divergence. Weirdmaggedon is over. The world has taken it’s sacrifice and left the Pines family splintered and lost. And yet whilst they grieve an unexpected visitor arrives at the Shack. (Warning for character death)

AN: My first ever commission! Thank you @guardiancherisher! I’m glad that you are happy with how this turned out ♥ 


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Soon Enough - Negan Imagine

Hello! can you write an imagine where the reader goes with daryl to find the saviours after what happened to Denise but you get kidnapped and taken to Negan, so negan likes you and even maybe flirts with you but you miss daryl and your group? thanks!

You try to scream but the man holding you has a tight grip over your mouth, you feel your eyes widen in fear and will for Daryl to turn around but he’s too far ahead. As the man drags you away you kick your legs about, throwing the man off balance slightly in his moment of struggle you manage to shout ‘DARYL!’ You see him turn and start running towards you, his crossbow raised. The man hits you across the face and drags you away, throwing you into the backseat of a car. He pins you down as another man starts the car, you push yourself up and look out of the rear view mirror as Daryl runs into the road, moments after you’ve gone.

‘She was with the guy who messed with D..Figured it wouldn’t hurt to have something to make their leader speak to us.’ You can hear the guy who kidnapped you talking to someone, but you can’t see anything as the guy covered your entire head with a bag poked with airholes. He’s bound you up pretty tightly and you’re beginning to feel pins and needles forming in your wrists and hands. ‘Well, well, lets fuckin’ see her shall we?’ You hear a door open and footsteps as more than one person enters the room, your whole body tenses up and you try to make yourself as still as possible. Although your heart is thumping out of your chest, you don’t want these guys to see any sign of weakness.

You feel cool air hit your face and you blink your eyes as the bag is pulled from over your head. ‘What the fuck?…Untie her right now.’ You look up at the man in charge and he smiles at you. ‘Sorry about these fuckers..’ He points to the two men currently untying you. ‘Now I’m gonna make sure you’re comfortable, but you gotta promise me you won’t try any shit.’ Your tongue feels heavy and dry so you just nod your head, your arms are released and you try to rub some feeling back into them. ‘Here, let me.’ The man takes your hands and starts rubbing them in his own. Despite the circumstances you feel your cheeks flush with colour. You’ve heard and seen what this man and his people are capable of, but there’s no denying that he’s good looking. You lick your lips and look down, pulling your hands away from his. ‘Thanks’ He smiles at you and puts his hands on your shoulders ‘Is there anything I can get you?’ You nod your head ‘Yeah. I just wanna go back to my people…To Daryl and Rick…I just want to go back.’ You feel your stomach drop as you realise that right now Daryl is probably rounding up the others to come and find you. The thought of them, any of them, getting hurt trying to save you fills you with dread.

‘Now the thing is, I can’t allow that beautiful. You see your people killed some of my people and well, I don’t like it…Hey..look at me.’ He comes towards you and tilts your head so he’s looking in your eyes. You can feel his warm breath against your face and it sends a shiver down your spine and you lick your lips as you look at his mouth. He smiles at you ‘You don’t need to worry, I’m not gonna hurt you. I like you.’ He studies your face and looks up and down your body. He lets you go, brushing his hand down your arm ‘And I’m pretty sure you’ll grow to like me soon enough.’

He turns to the other men in the room ‘Get her a room and make her comfortable.’ As you’re walked to your new living quarters you feel your stomach twist with unease and hope that no harm comes to the people of Alexandria, who have become your family since the world fell to ruin.

The Blind Date

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Summary: Lydia and Allison feel, as your best friends, they should help you out when your love life has taken a turn for the worst and decide to set you up on a blind date.

Warnings: cursing, y’all

Word Count: 1,142

Notes: Cross-posted on @fanfiction-writers (go check them out, all the writers are amazing people!) and I had a bout of writer’s block when writing this so bare with me on any mistakes and the horrible plot.

Originally posted by stvlinski

Your name: submit What is this?

The thing about having best friends is that they like to involve themselves with your life. This isn’t always a bad thing; in fact, you love having people you could rely on and talk to. It’s only a bad thing when this happens:

“What do you mean they cancelled on you?! No one cancels on you!” Lydia shouted, making sure everyone could hear her. You tried to shove your head, and your looming embarrassment, into your open locker.

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