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Second Chances

Words: 10.1k

Genre: Fluff / Soulmate AU

Warnings: slight description of a panic attack, swearing

Description:  Soulmate AU in which you get to see colours when you kiss your soulmate. Dan has a particularity.

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Below is my retelling of Zeus wooing Hera. I think that retelling the stories of the Theoi is an important way for us to connect the myths with our own values and to continue the tradition of sharing the stories of the Theoi. This is just one of many versions, and is only my own small contribution to how we tell the stories of our deities. If you’re a pjo fanblog, please be respectful that these stories are part of my faith and religion. The myths of the Theoi are an important part in Hellenism, and are not fanfiction or head cannons.

Listen, oh faithful ones, to the story of our King Zeus and His sweet Hera. The story has been told many times, and each version is just a bit different, but I will sing to you now of how Blessed Zeus won over the heart of Golden Hera.

The world was still young by our count, but far older than we can fathom, when Zeus had taken His throne from Kronos. He had already proven Himself a capable warrior, a just king, and of wise council. He had already taken Metis, Themis, Eurynome, Demeter, Mnemosyne, and Leto all as lovers in turn, and fathered by Them many children. And in further time, He would take other lovers to His bed, though this is not the story we tell now.

No, it is the story of Zeus and Hera’s love and marriage which we share on this day. Some say it was at Argos that it happened, where Hera’s love for Zeus bloomed, but it was far earlier when Zeus had fallen for Her. For three hundred years Zeus had watched Hera, and fallen more in love with Her every day. The grace with which She carried Herself, Her patience, and Her unwavering standards. She knew tough lessons were never learned from soft hearts, and would set Her heart as stone when needed. Still, when the air was calm and the day quiet, She would wander, surrounded in retinue by the Hesperides, and share sweet moments of peace with Them. Her laughter sounded like bells on the wind, and Her gentle hands would scoop up whatever wild creature She could, the beast taming instantly in Her gentle care.

Zeus would approach Hera when She was surrounded by the dancing light of sunset, and each time She was cool and formal towards Him. He brought Her gifts, jewels and lotus flowers, and none of it warmed Her heart. Hera had no desire to be another of His lovers, a mother to Zeus’ children, but not His wife. Hers was a heart set upon home and family, not passing romances, and She thought Zeus had no room in His heart to take a wife and queen. None of His attempts could convince Hera that Zeus’ intentions were born of respect and love.

So Zeus thought, how best to show Hera His sincerity? And it was as He watched Hera with Her golden lion that He was struck with an idea. He took upon Himself the form of a cuckoo bird, and He flew down, landing beside Her. He took up a song and it filled Hera with such joy that Her laughter rang through the air. And She was so delighted with His song that She lifted the small cuckoo into Her hand and asked of it, “Would you like to be my songbird? You may perch upon my shoulder and sing in my ear each day if you would like, oh gentle bird. And in return, you shall be sacred to my name.”

And Zeus came back to Her in that form, every day, singing to lovely Hera. In this form He still brought to Her gifts, again laying lotus blossoms in Her lap and singing to hear Her laugh. And still, every day He came to Her. He would fly about Her head, playing games and tugging gently at Her tightly curled hair, and Hera would feed Him berries and place the flowers He brought in Her hair. For decades this continued, and Zeus was content to be by Hera’s side each day, with Her treating Him as gently as any of the nymphs or beasts which kept Her company.

Then one day, Zeus sat upon Hera’s lap, in His feathered form, resting there as She petted His feathers. And it was then that Hera spoke, “I believe you, you know. I have for some while, my King, but I did not want this time of ours to change. Please, let me see your face once more, Zeus.”

It was with a startle that Zeus flew from Her lap, returning to His godly form. Hera had known Him and seen through His transformation, but had played along with His guise, thinking that He would soon tire of the game and move on. But He had shown such sincerity every day, for a hundred years, that Hera was moved by His affection, that the King of Gods and mortals both would rather be a bird upon Her shoulder than to not be by Her side at all. Once She knew His actions to be honest, She began to let Her own heart fall prey to Eros’ game, and She took such pleasure in knowing a side of Zeus that no other had been privileged to see.

Mighty Zeus kneeled before Hera, and spoke, careful to be honest with Her always, “Lovely Hera, I’ve much to say, if you would hear me. It is true that I have loved many, and I can not promise you that I shall never love another, but I can promise that you will be the only wife I take. Yours will be the first council I hear each day, and the last each night. Yours will be a crown matching my own. And You shall have a throne of gold and marble which will sit beside mine atop Olympus. I would have you as my wife, until the end of time, if you would have me as your husband.”

Hera took up a flower in Her hands,smiling as She counted the petals and thought. And when She spoke, Her response was such, “Then we should arrange the feast and procession, should we not, husband of mine?” And it was with more joy than He had felt before that Zeus declared to all the deathless Gods that Hera, daughter of Rhea, would forever be known as Queen of Gods and mortals both, and Theirs would be a wedding which mortals would reenact for all of time in reverence of Their love.

You Brought Pizza

Originally posted by yourlipbalm

Summary: The reader cant sleep, but she has a surprise visitor in the middle of the night.

Word Count: 765

A/N: I was waiting for pizza to be delivered last night, so I decided to write about it. XD. Hope you guys enjoy!

*gif not mine*

  It was another sleepless night for you. You tossed, turned, taken a hot shower, drank lavender tea and even tried to meditate, but nothing was working. You finally faced the fact that you probably were not going to get any sleep that night. You turned your TV on and switched to Netflix, turning on That 70s Show, and continued watching it.

  You were watching the show for about ten minutes when you heard your phone dig with a text alert.

  “Who texting me?” you mumbled reaching for your phone.

  “You up?” two simple words made your heart flutter. Granted it really wasn’t the message itself, but whom the message was from.

  “Of course you are up Bucky,” you smile and you text back asking why he was up.

  Within moments your phone started ringing, you chuckled when you answered, “What are you doing up, Barnes?”

  “Come open the door,” his voice was soft.

  “What?” you jumped out of bed and walked, as quickly and quietly, so you didn’t wake up your roommate.

  “Just open the door sweetie,” he let out a soft chuckle.

  You opened the door to see the tall, dark super solider standing there, holding a pizza box. You smiled at him, “My knight and shining arm,” you wrapped an arm around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips.

  After a couple moments, Bucky pulled away, “This pizza is getting cold, baby.” 

  You walked to the kitchen to grab two beers. Bucky was already in your room opening the pizza box which let out the aroma of meat lover pizza waft through the apartment.

  You closed the door behind you and smiled, “I have had this dream so many times. You, in my bed, with pizza. It is a dream come true.”

  He gave you a sweet smile and held his hand out for you to join him in the bed, “I am here to make your dreams come true.”

  You handed him the beers to open as you climbed into bed. You took in a big whiff of the pizza and smiled, “This smells amazing.”

  “I knew you would like it,” he handed you your beer. 

  “How did you know I would be up?” you asked with a mouth full of pizza.

   He shrugged, “Lucky guess.”

   You raised your eyebrows, “Really? Lucky guess?”

   “Okay, I was walking by and saw your light still on, so I got pizza and came back.”

  You sighed and brushed a hair behind his hear, “Did you have another nightmare?”

  He nodded slowly.

  “And you wanted to make sure I was okay,” you asked softly.

  He turned to you and gave you a soft smile, “I always got to check on my girl.” 

  You leaned in and gave him a soft kiss, “You didn’t have to just do a walk by; you can always just come up.”

   He nodded, “I know, I just didn’t want to scare you.”

   “You could never scare me,” you placed your hand on his cheek.

   He kissed your palm, “I love you, Y/N.”

   “I love you too.” 

  “Y/N, do you have pizza?” your roommate, Michelle, asked as she opened your bedroom door.

   “The smell of pizza woke you up from a dead sleep?” you laughed.

   “The smell of pizza could wake me up from a coma,” she walked in towards the open box of pizza, “Hey Bucky.”

  “Hey Michelle, help yourself,” Bucky chuckled.

   “Thank you, Buck,” she said as she grabbed two pieces of pizza and started to walk out, “Night you guys.”

   “She is pretty great,” Bucky chuckled as he sipped his beer.

   You looked at him and blurted out, “Move in with me.”

   Bucky started to cough, choking on his beer, “What?”

   You raised your eyebrows, “I’m serious. You are over here almost ever night and it seems that you do little walk-byes. Just move in.”

   He sat down his beer and cupped your face in his hands, “I am so in love with you, and you never cease to amaze me.”

  “Is that a yes?”

   He planted a kiss on your lips, “Of course that is a yes. I would love to move in with you.”

  You wrapped your arms around him, “We are gonna be roommates.”

   “You are definitely going to be the hottest roommate I have ever had,” he squeezed you a little.

   “And if you bring pizza home, it will be the best living arrangement ever,” you giggled as he kissed your neck.

  “I will bring pizza home for you,” he smiled against your neck.


Y'all y'all y'all y'all guess who’s started writing fic!This is a monster idek where it came from but it came so here ya go.Also, I’m going to be cool and thank betas and things so a s/o to @ghostiemakingposties and shradha(who is sensible and is not on this site) for all the help I love you.
Constructive criticism is always appreciated! Also, first fic so be nice. Spread the love,y'all!

It’s soft and fluffy and the first time Magnus sees it,he has to backtrack and take a closer look.He walks towards the grey lump slowly,hardly daring to believe what it could be.
And really,when he realises and picks it up and maybe (slightly) nuzzles into it,he can’t even blame himself.It’s just so squashy and smells so Alec and as he sniffs it(unashamed),he can just imagine his boyfriend sitting in a couch,curling that huge 6 foot frame into a small ball,cozy and comfortable,maybe reading a book (preferably with Magnus by his side).
The image in his head makes him grin and before he can think twice about it (and possibly do the right thing) he gives the hoodie one last sniff and swiftly folds it and keeps it in his shelf.
The first time he does it, it’s an almost unconscious decision.He’s just so
tired and he can still hear the voice of the old lady who came to him for help ringing in his head.He can hear the disappointment in her words when he told her that he just couldn’t do it and if it’s one thing Magnus hates more than homophobes,sexists,racists or just general assholes, it’s not being able to help a client.
He walks into his home and makes his way to his room to change into something comfortable ,once again cursing the Clave’s uncanny ability to keep Alec busy when Magnus needs him the most.He’s about to call his boyfriend,just to hear his voice (they’re such saps and he knows it and he loves it) as he’s ruffling through his shelf,when he spots it out of the corner of his eye.And really, no-one’s there around to blame him when he quickly pockets his phone,takes out the article of clothing and smells it.And as Alec’s scent washes over him and along with it,a wave of calmness, it’s only a matter of a few seconds before he’s changed into it along with a pair of pajamas.
He’s taken to wearing the hoodie around the house.Sometimes,when the day brings difficult clients or he does a particularly exhausting piece of magic and Alec can’t make it to the loft because he’s too busy at the Institute.
On those days,he comes back home and after being dramatic about Alec’s absence for about ten minutes and going about his usual pre-bed routine(something that he makes sure to do because once,when he forgot,the next morning saw glitter on his sheets and glitter’s an absolute bitch to get off of anything),he settles for the next best thing after Alec’s physical presence next to him or under him.
He never, ever wears it around Alec,though.He doesn’t even mention it to him.Maybe because he’s scared Alec might want it back or possibly because Magnus likes having this piece of his boyfriend just for himself that he can cuddle with after a hard day and really, without this acceptable substitute,where would he be when his boyfriend can’t make it to his arms at night?
So a few weeks later when they’re lying down in Magnus’s bed, inbetween all the forehead-kisses and nose-nuzzles and the whispered sweet nothings, when Alec asks him whether he’s seen his grey hoodie,Magnus replies in the negative with a suggestion of “Why don’t you check at the Institute again?”
Alec debates the idea of Izzy throwing it away because It’s horrifying,Alec and she’s been known to have disposed of Alec’s ‘horrifying’ clothes in the past and Magnus humours him with a “I wouldn’t blame her.You do have a rather terrible sense of fashion.” and to the sound of Alec’s indignant reply of “It was extremely comfortable.” and the steady thump of a beloved heartbeat against his ear,Magnus falls asleep,content in the knowledge that this is one night where he has the real deal.
Really,Magnus should have known that it was only a matter of time before his boyfriend found out.
It happens on a rainy evening.Alec,Jace,Izzy and Clary are hunting down a Shax demon when the skies open up.They’re too far from the Institute but they need to find shelter because it looks like this might turn out to be a real storm.So obviously (obviously),they go to Magnus’s.And if Alec was planning on going there after the mission anyway,this just helped his cause.
They climb up the stairs and reach his floor to see Magnus opening his door.On hearing the noise,the warlock turns around and sighs on seeing these four drenched teenagers,whom he may or may not love.
(He loves one of them a little more than the rest but don’t tell that to anyone.)
As they traipse into the living room,Magnus waits at the door for all of them to enter.
And if he just so happens to share a short kiss with the tallest one,nobody saw.
(That’s a lie because everyone saw and simultaneously groaned and the only reason the kiss was short was because of Jace’s huffed “Magnus, we’re all drenched and freezing so can you turn up the heat in here and then kiss your boyfriend senseless?”)
He obliges.
Honestly,he should have possibly had some forethought when in reply to Alec’s “Can I borrow a t-shirt?This one’s drenched,” he says “You can take what you want from my shelf.”
(Actually,he did have forethought.He was thinking about Alec removing his wet t-shirt to put on a new one.)
(It must be noted here that Magnus is more than just borderline gratuitous.)
So when Alec comes out of his room,holding a small,grey,rather familiar bundle in his hand, Magnus is speechless.
(He does, however,notice that Alec has,infact,not yet changed and is still wearing a wet t-shirt.)
“Magnus,” Alec starts.”Is this what I think it is?”
Honestly,Magnus can’t be blamed if he responds with a “Depends.What do you think it is?”
And Jace,clueless clueless Jace just
has to open his mouth and go “Hey, isn’t that the hoodie you were looking for?”
Of course,because everyone has to put their ten cents into their discussion,Izzy incredulously says “You accused me of throwing it out.”
And because this conversation is apparently no longer theirs,Jace pitches in with a “To be fair,Iz,you did say it was terrible.”
And Clary, bless her ,being the only sensible person in the room(apart from Alec.Alec is extremely sensible.Alec in a wet t-shirt is also extremely sensible. Magnus is easily distracted.) gets off the sofa with a clap of her hands and a “Wow,would you look at that,it isn’t raining anymore.Looks like we can leave.Thanks Magnus!”
This proclamation is followed by the redhead shepherding Jace and Izzy out the door amidst their protests of “It’s pouring out there.”and “But my hair isn’t properly set yet.It’s going to get frizzy if it gets too wet.”
The latter is Jace’s contribution and Magnus can hear the sounds of Clary telling him to get over it you big baby and after the door shuts,the apartment is deafening in its silence.
There’s something in Alec’s eyes and Magnus can’t seem to figure out what it is.This worries him because at this point, they’ve come to be able to read each other’s emotions pretty easily.
They look at eachother,never breaking eye contact.During the entire interaction between his siblings,Alec had unfolded the bundle and realised that it is,in fact,what he thought it was.
“You said you didn’t know where it was.”
Alec says it neutrally, unaccussing,as a statement.
“I may have lied.”
Magnus doesn’t intend for that to come out as blunt as it did,but he can’t take back what he’s already said.
That’s it.That’s all Alec says.Just that single word.
And maybe it’s the fact that the question sounded so innocent or that Alec’s looking at him with this indistinguishable look in his eyes or maybe that he’s still in that damn t-shirt,but the next thing Magnus knows, he’s telling Alec the whole story.
How he found it that morning when Alec had to leave in a rush because of the call from the Institute,how he was initially going to return it but didn’t,how he wore it without even realising it the first time and how it became a regular thing.
And somewhere towards the end of his story,Alec drops the hoodie on the counter,makes his way towards him,cups his face in his hands and whispers Keep it.
When they kiss, it’s new and tender and he’s so full of love,Magnus might burst.
(He is pleasantly surprised by the turn this conversation has taken)
(When he peels Alec’s t-shirt off, it’s obviously because he doesn’t want his boyfriend to catch a cold.)
The hoodie lies on the kitchen counter,forgotten for now.
They’re too busy to care about clothes.
Magnus does,in fact,keep the hoodie.
The first time Alec sees him in it,his siblings are, unfortunately, around.

Styles & Co. - Part 11

Authors Note: Hey everyone! I am like swimming in my ideas and slowly drowning because I just don’t know which ideas to use and how to piece them together. Which is why it is taking me so long to get the chapters written. Again, I apologise for the dialogue. I can’t help it! Enjoy. Xx

You can find my Blurbs HERE and the other Chapters HERE

It has been a week since I first started working at Meyer Enterprise, being his assistant isn’t really that bad. I honestly thought it would be worse.

I have barely seen Harry, he hasn’t managed to come home for too long; I think the longest he was at the house was Sunday when he accidentally slept in. I haven’t really been too concerned about it, I am more concerned about the prenup we are yet to discuss and the fact that I am meant to go to New York with Logan next weekend. Logan said it had something to do with a charity event and clientele, I didn’t get the logistics of it. All I one-hundred percent know is that it will be three days in New York, two of those days strictly for business and the third a free day.

I step into the house and wander into the living room where I am surprised to view Harry.

“You finally decided to come home,” I comment with a raised brow, unsure of why he is home so early. It is eight at night and I wasn’t anticipating him to even think about leaving the office until at least two in the morning. He nods, his eyes dropping back to his laptop. I only assume he is working and going over a client’s portfolio for the night.

“I need to go to New York this weekend,” I inform him, not even bothering to ease him into the idea smoothly, either way, he is going to have his fit and make it known that he is more than likely against the idea. I know him far too well to even think for a second that he will be forthcoming and accepting of a business trip.  His eyes immediately gaze up at me with their dark silvery luminosity narrowing on me as he bites his tongue. He doesn’t say anything, he just continues to stare at me with a displeased look. “Are you going to say anything?” I question, his silence not settling well with me.

His silence is like the calm before the storm. You think everything is perfect and serene, no wind, no rain, a small ray of sunshine peeking through the eclipsed clouds, then abruptly it is a twister of a substantial downpour and tremendous winds with rolling thunder.

For a moment I think he is going to keep calm and collected, but he proves me wrong the moment he opens his mouth. “I think the fuck not.” He bluntly answers, shaking his head at me disapprovingly.

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Don’t Turn Around (Part 2/2) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request: Hi! I really love your stories, they’re amazing and very suspenseful. I was wondering, can you do a one shot where the reader is a mutant taken in by the Avengers after a freak accident. She has feelings for Steve, but she’s scared of her powers and thinks that he’ll never love her? It’s okay if you can’t get to it, but have a good day!

Part One

In the next month that followed after your rescue and return to the compound, you kept a low profile and had yet to return to duty with the team.  It wasn’t purely by your choice alone, as Steve wouldn’t allow it even if you had wanted to.  You had been effective at clearing the memories from his mind that had left him riddled with guilt before your rescue, but the man knew you too well; despite your best efforts to act as normally as you could when he was nearby, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something more was going on with you and he was keeping you grounded until he could figure it out.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write about the RFA (Plus Saeran and V) reacting to the Protagonist being forced into an arranged marriage by her family?

Okay this ask is actually kind of cute and drama-worthy lol

Anyways, enjoy!

I’m gonna make the beginning the same for all members, 

MC got a phone call from her parents that she need to attend an omiai(?). Her parents and the groom-candidate lol will be meeting at X Hotel at a certain date. Her parents demanded that she come. 


  • MC kept it a secret from Zen that they are attending an omiai
  • Her parents doesn’t know she’s dating Zen either
  • Let’s just say MC’s parents are conservatives that doesn’t believe in a career in the entertainment industry
  • So when MC finally met her candidate that turns out to be a total drag, she couldn’t stay any longer
  • MC texted under the table to Zen telling him that she’s on an omiai and needs some help
  • Zen, the Knight, came as fast as lightning and made the flashiest entrance as possible
  • Banged the restaurant door open
  • Hit several person as he goes
  • Fall on his knees in front of MC
  • “MC! Please don’t marry someone else! I love you!”
  • Okay, parents, who wouldn’t want such handsome and passionate son-in-law like this?


  • This is super easy, who wouldn’t want Han Jumin to be their son-in-law?! Huh?! Huh?!
  • MC already told Jumin about this
  • Jumin said he already had a plan thought of
  • It was the hotel owned by C&R too
  • MC and the other party had talk over lunch
  • The staff kept bringing expensive and grand foods, they didn’t even order anything
  • “Courtesy of our Director”
  • When the talk about marriage was about to be brought up, Jumin appeared. 
  • MC’s parents legit kicked out the other party


I couldn’t think of Yoosung now …………..


  • MC told Seven about this omiai
  • Our mischievous Seven had a mischievous plan too
  • Seven sent MC to the hotel, but he didn’t went out to meet MC’s parents
  • Instead he went somewhere with his laptop
  • There are CCTVs, he can always watch
  • Whenever the groom-candidate was about to talk, bad things happen
  • Sudden fire alarm going out somewhere
  • Telephones all ringing at the same time
  • Lights on top of him flickering
  • And all sorts of stuff
  • MC’s parents dragged MC and left immediately
  • Mission: successful!!


  • MC wanted to cry when she told V about this
  • But he just smiled as usual
  • Oh this man
  • He assures MC everything will be fine
  • And MC should meet the other party to respect them
  • MC didn’t see V the day before and the day of the omiai
  • But when they arrived at the hotel
  • The lobby has turned into a gallery
  • Full of photos taken by V of MC
  • MC and MC’s parents literally melted
  • Seriously, no move can ever beat this. 


  • Could hear that MC and her parents are talking about omiai
  • Interrupts the phone call, takes the phone from MC
  • “Your daughter doesn’t need an omiai. She’s marrying me.”
  • Instead of an omiai meeting, it became Saeran’s meeting with MC’s parents. 
  • Hello parents, this your future ice-cream-loving son-in-law

“You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay?” coldflash AU 

(from this post)

for @airydoorway

The smell is driving Barry nuts.

The day he moves in, he appreciates the homely undertones of vanilla in the air, and thinks that the previous owner of the tiny apartment must’ve been the type to collect those pricy, excessively scented candles. It’s not an unpleasant smell, per se, so he opens a window and doesn’t think twice about it.

The vanilla, however, persists for some time. When it finally goes away and Barry takes a deep, relieved breath, a hint of cinnamon tickles his nose. He spends two hours rooting through the apartment’s shelves and cabinets in search of the offending candle, but comes up empty-handed.

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Arthur laughs, and the next thing I know, he’s wiping my glasses. He puts them back and stares at my face to make sure they’re not slanting. “There you go. That’s better.”

I push them against the bridge of my nose. “Thanks.”

He pulls his hands from the warm pockets of his jersey jacket and wraps them around mine. It’s hard to hate him when he’s like that.

I wish Arthur will let me sleep. I wish he’ll take me by the hand, drag me home, toss our clothes on the floor, and curl up under the sheets until the sun comes up. But he has other ideas.

Street lamps cast halos in the fog, which I’d describe as heavenly if I’m not exhausted from following Arthur around the city while he gets plastered at stupid o’clock in the morning.

“Hey, Alfred?” He looks above his shoulder, his words coming out with mist. His nose is red. “You alright, mate?”

I nod.

Arthur laughs, and the next thing I know, he’s wiping my glasses. He puts them back and stares at my face to make sure they’re not slanting. “There you go. That’s better.”

I push them against the bridge of my nose. “Thanks.”

He pulls his hands from the warm pockets of his jersey jacket and wraps them around mine. It’s hard to hate him when he’s like that.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

Three parties, two fucks, and a bajillion drinks later, I forgot we went to see a band we’ve been dying to see for ages.  

“Loved it,” I say, keeping my eyes on the floor, “Felt like Sziget all over again, don’t you think?”

He chuckles. “Well, this one was completely mental, but Sziget was something else.

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Where Lucy is the only one Sane

Dedicated to the weirdness of the Fairy Tail and the Fan Fiction Community

In a world where only Lucy is sane.

Please read this as comedy.

Based on Proud to be a Ginger’s answer to an anon question.



Walking into the guild hall hand in hand, Lucy and Natsu smiled joyfully. “Seven months now Natsu!” Lucy squealed in delight, hugging her boyfriend close to her.
“Seven months since when?” Natsu smirked down at the blonde.

Lucy scowled at the pinkette male. “Since you asked me out you dummy.” She lightly smacked his arm playfully as they walked closer to the guild bar.

Lisanna sprawled around the corner of the bar, her sly eyes on Natsu and Lucy. A mass of distaste for the blonde; Lucy. Smiling widely, a plan formulated in her mind. She began to leave the pillar she was looking out from and began to walk towards the couple.

“Natsu, come here and kiss me.” Lisanna purred as she came closer to the couple.
Natsu turned and stared at Lisanna before looking down at Lucy. His face changed and his eye brows were raised as he then turned to Lisanna.“I told you not to say things like that near Lucy.” He spoke. 

“Huh!?” Lucy exclaimed.“What is going on here!?”

Natsu quickly pushed Lucy out of the way before he approached Lisanna’s side and leant down giving Lisanna a quick peck on the lips. In turn Lisanna smiled and turned to speak to Lucy.

“Natsu loves me more, we were childhood sweethearts, he promised me that we would be married. This is also a petty excuse.” Lisanna turned to Natsu, who seemed to change character (due to bad writing, Natsu is now Majorly OC).

“Lucy it is true, I love Lisanna and as a bonus of me breaking up with you.” Natsu spoke, then clicked his fingers.
Suddenly Erza, and Gray were beside his side. “We are kicking you off the team because for some universal reason among Fairy Tail fanfictions you are too weak and Lisanna is better and stronger.” Gray and Erza spoke together.

Lucy stood in shock of the scenario. “What do you mean!?” Lucy shrieked. Everyone had gone insane, was she the only normal one anymore?

“Huh? What do you mean Lucy? I thought you would understand.” Natsu once again changed his character and his emotions within seconds, represented as dumb and immature.

“Whaa-?” Lucy couldn’t finish her sentence. All of a sudden people walked past her and ignored the blonde. Confused and baffled at the sudden change of the guilds behavior, Lucy attempted to talk to Mira, who completely ignored the Blonde’s attempts.

Sadly Lucy found her-self sitting with the only people in the guild who were closest to her excluding Natsu, Erza and Gray (brace yourself for a long list of characters whom FF authors seems to favor most) Wendy, Gajeel,  Levy, Happy, Carla, Pantherlily, Romeo, etc (insert minor characters in here).

“I don’t get it.” Lucy rubbed her temples, this whole scenario was so–out of this world and completely not the behavior of what the guild would act like, let alone Natsu.
“It’s okay Lu-chan. I know people will remember you soon.” Levy comforted the Blonde. “What people have forgotten about me now?” Lucy shrieked.


Lucy’s eyes widened  in awe as people turned to face her and started throwing beer jugs, plates, and food at the blonde. Stumbling to get up, Lucy raced outof the guild hall, running straight to her cosy home on Strawberry Street.

“I’m so confused.” Lucy puffed as she slid down her bedroom door. “That all happened so fast…”
Moving over to her bedside table, she looked at the picture of Natsu and her just taken a month ago. Confused, Lucy sat on her bed. “This has to be a funny joke.”
A tapping at her window awoke the blonde from her thoughts. There on the window sill was Natsu, dark, broad and a bit menacing. “I hope you have come to apologize.” Lucy puffed, hands on hips.

Natsu licked his lips, eyes narrowing in on her.“It’s dragon mating season and your my mate.”
Lucy raised an eyebrow and opened the window.“What did you say?" 

Natsu pounced on top of the blonde. "I’m now a feral character who is now going to – (explicit) – to you.”

Lucy in shock laid her eyes wide open, she then shook her head to wake herself up. "I don’t think so mister! First you go and cheat on me, dump me, kick me off the team, ignore me, bash me and then come crawling back for some –(explicit)–, I don’t think so mister!”

Natsu snarled at the blonde, “That’s not a good idea.” Just as he was about to –(explicit)– on the blonde, a majestic glowing woman released a dramatic “Noo!” from her lips.

“Stay where you are!” The woman spoke, arm raised.
Lucy’s jaw dropped, as she looked between Natsu and the woman.“Who are you!? How did you get in my house!?”

Lucy pointed to Natsu, then gestured to the woman. “Do you know her?”
Natsu shrugged and relaxed a bit, nothing like how he was a second ago. He climbed off the blonde. “Never seen her in my life.”

“I have sensed your heart ache, from what has happened to you.” The woman spoke before Lucy interrupted her.

“Who me?” Lucy pointed to herself.

“Yes, yes shh now.” The woman hushed her quickly before dramatizing her next sentence.“Your heart ache has called me here. You are also of age now. Your mother was the Queen of dragons and asked me to protect you, you are now going to be the Queen of dragons yourself, after an odd number of six years of training.”

“What? Queen of dragons? You knew my mother?” Lucy exclaimed, slightly suspicious.

“Of course I know your mother, Ashliegh.”


“Yes yes that’s what I said.”

Lucy’s eyebrows furrowed as she turned to look at Natsu sitting next to her whom seemed, interested in the conversation. He in turn looked back at Lucy and shrugged his shoulders. “What do you mean six years of training?”

“You will train to become a elemental or celestial dragon slayer, depending on what the reader wants.” The woman spoke dramatically.

“Readers? Wha–”

“Shh shh doesn’t matter, you must come with me now so you may train.” The strange woman spoke, and she leaned and grabbed Lucy’s wrist.

“I’m not going anywhere with you! You nut job for all I know you could be the city’s current serial killer!” Lucy protested, hitting the woman’s hand at the same time.

The woman, hovered in a pause before releasing the blondes hand. “Actually I have another appointment else where.” She moved to the door before looking back at Lucy and Natsu. “You never saw me.”

Staring at the door, Lucy shook her head before turning to Natsu. “Can you go? It’s been a messed up  day today.”

“Uh, no. I hate you still for no reason and I am now going to attack you in a terrible manner.” Natsu sneared at the blonde

Lucy awoke in her room, it was dark, and the only light was the moonlight that fled through her slightly parted curtains. The moonlight shone down on the picture of herself with Natsu on the bedside table.

 Looking around the room, Lucy smiled in relief to know that this was reality.

It was just a dream.

A weird messed up completely out of character dream.

Rolling over in her bed to face the window, Lucy was greeted by a sleepy Nastu.

“Are you okay Luce?” He mumbled in a tired state.

Lucy nodded in reply, snuggling herself into his chest. “Just a dream.”

“Just a mixture of weirdness and my vivid imagination.”

Lucy felt Natsu smile against her forehead. Her kissed her there, before ensuring the arms snaked around Lucy’s waist was tight, and protective.

“Tell me about it in the morning, for now I’m–Natsu yawned– tired…” Natsu dozed off again as he cuddled her close to his body.

Lucy smiled and drifted off herself, comfortable, safe and warm in his loyal arms.

Master Post Fanfiction (Sonic Edition)

Sonic and the Chaos Kingdom AUreviews -Sonic is made king after his 23rd Birthday celebration, and let me tell you, he’s not too thrilled about it. Only a little while later, Prince Shadow threatens his reign with a rebellious attack! War rages as Sonic must now be the king he’s meant to be. Using the help of his friends,General Knuckles the Barbarian, Tails the Royal Adviser/Councilmen/Lead Strategist,& Maid Amy(or is she?)

Sonic Supers! (UNDER EDITING): reviews -A 2 season story about Sonic,Shadow,and Silver fighting Eggman to save Tails- Wait, Amy? Eggman stole a Gun?Amy suddenly turns Super? But how..? And what is this ‘Negative Chaos? Oh no! Amy’s been taken over by a being known as Dark Chaos, whose bent on turning the world into her 'Own personal playground?’ (SonAmyShadSilv, ends with Sonamy)

Were Sonamy: reviews -Sonic is dealing with being a Werehog while doing his daily business of being a Hero, but Amy Rose can’t stand missing him this much! So she sets off to find her one true love! But what has become of her Blue Blur? Were Sonamy - (distinct changes have been made from it’s original version. It now has more content. Sorry for the roughness before, it was my first fanfiction, after all)

Were-Nights: reviews -We’re back to Sonic Unleashed! Where Sonic finds Amy and doesn’t want her to know about his werehog form, worried it may frighten her. He must get her back without her finding out his little secret, but that could be hard when your partner, Chip, is being a little too much of a 'romantic’ and keeps trying to leak your secret every chance he gets! -Were-Sonamy

Trying to 'Tap’ into Lovereviews -After some mean newscasters break Amy’s heart with lies on public television, and just openly degrading her, Amy pleads for Sonic to show her even the smallest bit of comfort from his heart, to reassure her that he cares. Sonic’s torn, but ends up doing what he can to let Amy in his heart… Even through simple and small things… ( Sonamy ONESHOT)

Timeless Game: reviews -Amy has grown up to be a grouchy old maid working at a library. 20 years ago, Sonic left to fight an aging and slowly going insane Eggman, before suddenly appearing before her once again after all this time. Can she allow herself to love again? Or is the old Amy Rose dead and gone? And will Sonic suffer for his life choices and never truly rekindle his old love again? (Aged Sonamy)

Sonic and the Shade Stonesreviews -Eggman’s planning something, apparently an ancient ritual made to create even the goodest of people into the evilest of creations. Little does Amy know her significance in this mass mayhem of sorts! Will Sonic be alright or will his Darker side take over him…? -Sonamy with some Dark Sonic stuff lol xP

Sonic Lost Words: reviews -“I’m s-sorry, I never got to s-say-” And at the end, she doesn’t glomp him? Hmm… I wonder if she’s nervous.. Amy… what are you hiding? What were you gonna say…

Rose Petals in the Wind: reviews -One day, while Amy continues to try and impress Sonic, Tails invites her to come to the city with him. There, he agrees to teach her a thing or two about flirting with Sonic, along with some other advice from outside sources as well. Sonic is surprised by the turn around, but can he really understand her feelings? Or will the Wind be left without his Rose petals? Or the opposite?

Rememory: reviews -Amy gives up her memories of Sonic to protect and save the world from Eggman’s other worldly invasion of demons! Devastated by her actions, Sonic seeks to bring her memories back by making her fall back in love with him, But this 'new’ Amy doesn’t seem too impressed. Will Sonic have to sacrifice something to bring her back? Find out, in this wonderful Sonamy Story!

Playful Wrestle?reviews -Sonic and Amy have a moment, that suddenly turns contradicting as he admits that he can’t love her within the bounds of Sega’s rules and the laws of the Game. A Sega employee is at a press conference, stating that the company may let Sonic and Amy be more romantic in the future. Eggman is shocked by the news within the game world. A boy learns to tolerate sonamy and enjoy the game!

Metallic Need: reviews -Metal Sonic breaks out of his prison with a vengeance, set with a new theory that Sonic’s friends give him strength, he creates his own 'support’ and plans on destroying Sonic with his own perfect team. Sonic won’t have any of that! However, he finds that Metal him may have created his ultimate downfall without his help…Can Robots really feel? (MetalSonicxMetalAmy)(Some Sonamy)

Instinctsreviews -Amy is going through her first mating season,Tails is helping with the animalistic explaining,but when feelings/uncontrolled behavior get in the way of every day life,will Someone have to step in to help?(This is not as bad as you think,there is simply a lot of kissing and Hedgehog instincts. Mostly a drama. I’m to innocent to write stuff like that! SonAmyShadSliv)

Figures, a lovely pair - Sonamy (A bit of MarioxPeach too): reviews -Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games have to compete to see who will be the 'Preview Couple’ for the Figure Skating Pairs event! Who will win? And what exciting things will happen out on the ice rink’s ring? - Omochao’s announcement. (ONESHOT)

A Classic Love Story: reviews -Rosy the Rascal and Classic Sonic both grow closer in this cute little story about being alone, but having someone there to always make you feel safe and sound, loved and appreciated, but also why you should always keep your friends smiling! -Classic Sonamy (Rosy from Genesis/Sonic CD era, in case anyone was confused. (Not Comic World!)

Sonic IRL (A Collection of Sonamy One-shots): reviews -In a world where Sonic and his friends are real, virtual creatures that can only be seen through the walls of Sega, comes these cute and epic mini-stories about the adventures of Sonic and Amy, who slowly grow closer through their experiences together. Take a trip into the secrets of Sega, and their living and speedy Mascot’s journey of discovering love with the ever so cute Amy!


2 Hours and 9 Minutes

A Yuri on Ice Fanfic
Written for @seungchuchuweek

It’s past 2 am and he has training in five hours. Four hours and fifty-two minutes to be exact. He went to bed and turned the lights off two hours and eight minutes ago… Two hours and nine minutes now…

He has just spent two hours and nine minutes scrolling through the pictures on Phichit Chulanont’s sns account. To be fair, considering it has taken him that long, it says something about how often the other posts. (Way too much) It also says something about how far gone he is on his fellow skater that he finds it adorable. (2091 pictures? Really?)

Seung Gil is not good at this sort of thing. Has always believed getting involved with someone at this point in his career would only prove to be a distraction. Hadn’t even sought out friendship with the other international skaters because what was the point? They were competitors after the same prize. Would proclamations of friendship really withstand that competition? 1.09 points between a place on the podium and going home empty handed? Wouldn’t they hate each other two events later?

Apparently some people can’t take a hint, though. He’s actually grateful for that right about now. Even if part of the outcome is how a casual comment about him needing to check out his sns by Phichit has him up at some ridiculous hour of the morning. Because he obviously didn’t have any self control when it comes to hundreds of selfies of his one-sided crush.

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Atem: “I know what I’m going to do tonight. You.”

Yugi: “You WHAT?!”

masaya90 drew another little thing for me and it turned out amazing again! This a little daydream Yugi has in my fluffy fanfiction (chapter 3). I just couldn’t resist seeing it in a drawing. I love it! Thank you, masaya!

Go and check her out, she’s so talanted! But the position of the annoying, creepy fangirl is already taken by me. Just look at this gif that perfectly depicts my relation to masaya:

Fanfic Aesthetics by donutworry

the night light hits off, turning kisses to bites - Kai Parker

“You’re cute,” he says. “You try so hard to be good, even when none of it matters in the end. You’re like a Norse god during Ragnarok.”

Kai chuckles, tossing his head back. Bonnie watches him as though he were a venomous snake as the laughs come to a stop. He stares hard at her.

“Stop trying to own my choices, you thief. What I do is what I do.”

“night light” has taken a turn, so I thought I’d show that with a new aesthetic. The other one is still the cover, but this represents a lot more of the trajectory of the second half of the story. For @respectable-alcoholic.

Taken pt. 2

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2316

A/N: So here is the second installment of Taken. I’m not sure how this turned out, but I hope you guys like it. I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything but I’m on summer break now and will probably be posting more. Also just let me know if you want to be tagged in this series or anything else that I write. 


Warnings: Nightmares and some angst (I guess)



Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live a normal life? I do. To have a normal family. Normal friends. Normal… everything. But the thing is, I don’t even know what normal is. I have no idea what parents and friends are. All I know is the cold dark walls of this cell and  the agony of a knife at the hands of horrible men. That is where I am now, in a cell listening to the drops of water that is unseen in the pitch black cell I current call me home. When all of a sudden i hear the door at the end of the hall that is outside my cell door open. Your stomach sinks and your breathing and heart rate increases because you know what is coming Large boots stomp down the corridor and stop outside of your door. You scramble for something to cover your mouth with even though it’s futile. You take off the rag that is around your body and cover your face just in time for them to open the small gate on the door and shove the gas cans through. Despite your efforts, as the gas fills the cell you begin to feel light headed it starts to spin. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and you lose consciousness just as you hear the sound of the cell door opening. 

You wake up with your heart hammering in your chest and the familiar sound of a heart monitor that is beeping in sync with your heart. Your breathing is so rapid as you try and slow it down. You begin to take in your surrounding and for some odd reason you were expecting to be bound by leather straps, instead it was a soft blanket that was draped a tossed your body. You look around the room and notice a figure sitting haphazardly in a very uncomfortable chair. The room was darker because the lights were off except a small light behind you so you could make out much of the figure except they were very large and had dark shoulder length hair.

“Good evening Ms. Y/L, I have notified Dr. Banner and Mr. Stark that you have regained consciousness.”  Stated a voice that seemed to come from the walls. As the voice spoke the figure next to you jumped up scaring you with their sudden movement. They walked over the light and turned it on and you could fully see who they were. The chin length hair that you saw before was a warm chestnut brown and he had stubble on his face that showed he had not shaved in many days. He was quite handsome, however, the most striking thing about his were his eyes. They were the bluest blue you have ever seen. They made you feel like you were home and that you surrounded by a warmth you have never felt before  you swear that you have never met this man before this moment, yet, his eyes are so familiar to you that you know that you have seen them before. As you stare that this man your heart beat quickens again as well as your breathing. He walks to the side of the bed with his hands stretched out in front of him as if one movement to quick and will cause you to run away like a small frightened animal.

“Y/N?”  He spoke in a rough voice?

Y/N? What does that mean? Clearly your confusion was displayed on your face and the man closed his eyes and took a deep breath, disappointment and saddened draping his features.

“Oh good. She’s awake.” You turn you head to see another man with tired yet kind eyes and very particular facial hair leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed in front of him.

 “Glad our Terminator 2.0 is back to her normal self. How are you feeling Y/N?” As he said this he walking toward the foot of you bed revealing a man with a white lab coat. All of a sudden you hear the faint beeping of you heart rate skyrocketing.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Asked the man with the coat as he walks into the room. He reached for you and out of reflex you push him against the wall and cabinets full of medical supplies.  You pulled the wires that connected you to the bed.

“Y/N stop!” yelled the man with the blue eyes.  You got off the bed, your heart hammering in your chest. The man that was at the foot of your bed moved in front of you and you stopped because he was blocking your only exit. He started to move towards you and said “Y/N you are okay.” 

You look behind him towards that  door and ran for it. He tried to stop you but as if it were instinct you threw you fist at his face and it made a sickening sound when it connected. He landed on ground and this was your chance. Running through the door you took a left and you could hear someone shouting at you and footsteps following you. You reach an elevator but you can open the door because you can’t find a handle, so instead you try and pry the doors apart and you see a dark cavern below.

“Y/N please stop you are safe.” Pleaded a voice behind you. Turning around you see the blue-eyed man from before.

“Why do you keep saying that?  What does Y/N mean?” you ask.

“That is your name.” he explained the man. Name? “It’s what you are called. My name is Bucky.”

“Okay Bucky, where am I? Why don’t I know my name or even anything else? It seems like important information.”

He slowly walked towards you with outstretched hand like before. He said, “You are at the Avengers compound. You live here. You had a run in with some very bad people who erased your memories.”

All this information was making your head hurt. You squeeze your eyes closed and run you hand through your hair. “Why would they do that? What the hell is an ‘Avenger’?” you asked in a strained voice. Opening you eyes you stare back into his sky-blue eyes.

“They did because you are an Avenger so that means you are incredibly powerful. I’m also an Avenger and Tony and Bruce are Avengers too. We fight bad guys because we have special skills.”

“Who are Tony and Bruce?” you ask.

“They are the two men from before.” Bucky said standing a few feet away from you, concern written all over his face. “Will you please come with me back to the medical room?” he asked softly giving you an outstretched hand.

“But what about the one with the coat? Is he a bad guy?” you ask in a small voice.

“No he is a doctor. That’s what doctors wear.” he replied.

“But is he a bad guy?” you ask again.

“No he is a good guy and he is going to help you. 

You stare back at Bucky with wary eyes, “If I go, can you stay with me?” you ask grabbing his hand. You don’t know this man but looking into his ocean blue eyes you can’t help but feel like you trust him with you life.

“I will always stay with you.” he replied. He led you back down the hall where you came from. You arrived back at the room and you saw the man in the lab coat checking the other man’s face. When you saw the man in the white coat you felt your stomach drop again. Your steps halted and you grip on Bucky’s hand tightened. “It’s okay. He’s a good guy.” Bucky whispers in your ears. He leads you back into the room and says “Y/N this is Bruce and Tony.” Pointing to the respective men.

— Later that day—

You talked with Tony and Bruce a bit after having Bruce check you out and he gave you “a clean bill of health”. Tony showed you around the compound, with Bucky in tow of course, and introduced you to various members of the Avengers and giving sassy remarks about everything and eveyone. You favorite so far was Natasha, she seemed like she was a capable woman who knows a lot of secrets but also could have a good time. They all however, seem sad when they met you. When you asked Bucky why, he said because we were all friends before and they are sad that their friend doesn’t remember them. I get it, I probably would be sad too. So there you were, in the room you had before with all the pictures of you, rather someone who looks like you, spread out all over the bed. Bucky said that when you joined the Avengers you loved to take pictures of everything and everyone you met. Bucky was sitting next to you going through each picture and talking about the memories that you can’t remember. You noticed that out of all the hundreds of pictures there wasn’t any of you and him.

“Hey Buck?” you asked looking up.

“Ya” he said putting the picture in his hand down.

“Why are there no pictures of us together? Clearly we are close because I feel safe with you, so why would I have pictures with everyone else and not you?”

After a moment  he answered, “Because those are for another time.” He checked the time and saw that it was almost midnight. “It’s getting late, you should probably go to bed.” he says standing up. You stood up with him and started to pick up all the photos.

“Uh okay, I’ll see you tomorrow?” You ask.

“Ya if you want to see me.” he said looking at the ground.

“I definitely want to see you tomorrow.” you say way too fast. You look down blushing, suddenly finding a corner of a picture incredibly interesting. He chuckles, “Alright doll see you in the morning.”

When he leaves you look around the room looking at all the books and records that you seem to have collected. Bucky showed you how to play a record on a record player so you take one off of the shelf and begin to play it. The sounds of an artist named Kansas fill the room.

I close my eyes, only for a moment

And the moment’s gone

All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity

Dust in the Wind

You pick up the pictures off of the bed and put them on the dresser. You then lay on top of the covers realizing how tired you were. It was exhausting meeting everyone today, you just felt so bad for not remembering them but Bucky said that you shouldn’t feel bad because it wasn’t your fault. Bucky. He is amazing. He knew exactly what to say and he was just so patient with you. As the song continues to play you let the drowsiness take over.

Now, don’t hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky

It slips away, and all your money won’t another minute buy

Dust in the wind

All we are is dust in the wind

You wake up cold, naked, and strapped to a table. The room is white and the all too familiar smell of sterilization invades your nose. You hear a pair of shoes walk over to your table.

“Good your awake. We shall begin.”

The man disappears and comes back with a knife. “This is only going to hurt just a bit.” he says with a evil smile on his lips. He brings the knife down to stomach and begins to cut. The white hot pain sears over your skin and you let out a guttural scream.

“Y/N!!” a frantic voice says. “Wake up!”

You also hear someone screaming out in pain, then you realize that it’s you who is screaming. You slowly open your eyes and find the ocean.

“Bucky?” you ask in a raspy voice.

“It was just a dream. You’re safe.” you break down in tears. What was that? Why would I think of that? These thoughts race through your head as Bucky brings you into his arms as you sob your heart out. As you begin to breath normally you ask Bucky, “What the hell was that?”

“We will talk about it in the morning. Do you want some water?” you shake your head yes. And he begins to untangle you from him. You grip him tighter and whisper “please don’t leave me.” You see his heart break in his sky-blue eyes. “Doll, if you want something to drink I have to get up, but I will be right back.” he says. You release him and he stands up and leaves without another word. He comes back and you’re in the same spot he left you. He hands you the water and you chug it like your life depended on it. When you’re done you handed it back to him and he sets it on the table behind him. He then sits on the edge of the bed and you curl into yourself. “Do you need anything else?” You shake your head no. When he gets up to leave you whisper “Can you stay with me please?”

“Of course doll.”

You scoot over and pull the covers back let him get in the bed with you. When he lays down you instantly attach yourself to him by putting your head on this chest and wrapping you arm around his torso, breathing in his scent. You relax your tense muscles when he wraps his arms around your waist. You stay in silence, only listening to the sounds of your breathing before the exhaustion of your nightmare takes over and you slip into you deep unconsciousness.



@cheythehulk  @a271g913  @aenna-4

WIP-Riverdale One Shot

Mature- Cheryl Blossom/FP Jones

@alwayslostinbugheadland and @sprouseharts This is really all your fault.

FP knew trouble when he saw it walk in. Cheryl Blossom, wearing a short red cloak and carrying a wicker basket, was definitely trouble. The crowd of Serpents in the Whyte Wyrm all stopped in their tracks as the redhead walked through the bar.

FP walked over to her. “Well, hello there, little red riding hood. You must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.”

She smiled at him, but it didn’t meet her eyes. “I just wanted to come and tell you how glad I am that you were released from jail. I understand that my family has caused yours an immense amount of grief. I’m the only Blossom left who can apologize for my family’s mistakes.”

Beneath the Stars Bonus Chapter II: Among the Stars

This the second Moriel bonus chapter for my Modern AU fic. I hadn’t originally intended to write it, but @acotarshipweek gave me the perfect excuse to for Moriel Smut Week. Day 3′s prompt is First Time. Thank you for including this prompt!! And thank you to @kitashiwrites for reading it over and providing endless support and encouragement while you play video games. I love you!!

AO3 Linkage

Summary: Morrigan and Azriel have been together for several months now, but they still haven’t made the all important decision to sleep together… yet. Feeling nervous about it, Mor drags Feyre with her on an unexpected shopping trip to help her work out some of the details. When her and Az sit for their portraits later that same day as part of Feyre’s AP exam project, things escalate quickly between them afterwards as they realize they both might finally be ready for the next step. NSFW

Among the Stars

“Don’t worry, it’ll be easy! And all of the paints are non-toxic, I promise. Everything will wash out.”

I listened to Feyre chat merrily on about my afternoon portrait session ahead of us for her AP Studio Art exam. Feyre hadn’t told any of us much about what to expect for these portraits and Rhys was keeping his lips sealed shut with the details except to say he hoped Feyre didn’t give us quite the same treatment he had received - whatever that meant. All Feyre would say was to pick a time to come by the gallery she worked at and bring a change a clothes, something we wouldn’t mind getting dirtied up in.

Naturally, I panicked a little. I didn’t like not having a roadmap for where I was going or what I was getting myself into. Which was probably why it was a good thing Feyre didn’t know where I was dragging her to as we walked around the mall. She might not have agreed to come if she’d seen today’s roadmap.

Even seeing the store some fifty feet ahead of us as we wove between the crowds, our shoes clicking on the shiny tile floors, I was worried I might have trouble getting to not just wait outside.

But damn it, I had a problem only Feyre and a credit card could fix. So one way or another, I was getting her in that store.

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anonymous asked:

prompt time? okey doke :) how about the medival au but with some chrason bc it has quickly taken a seat in my heart. they're both royal advisors/nobles/whatever and they meet at the same time as mat n steph and they criticize mat & steph for being completely lovestruck while also being completely lovestruck -🌹

“They’re not very observant, are they?” Jason started at the unexpected voice behind him, turning away from the window to see the Queen’s advisor Chris standing in the doorway of Jason’s chambers. The other man was smiling amusedly, his dark eyes shining with barely concealed laughter as he looked past Jason’s shoulder to watch Queen Stephanie and King Matthew strolling outside in the gardens just outside the castle walls. His Royal Highness was chatting animatedly about something (probably the arts, Jason has sat through many discussions of the ancient Greek’s plays and old legends passed down and performed) as the Queen smiled and listened attentively as Matthew gestured animatedly.

He hadn’t known Her Majesty for very long (it had really only been a fortnight since she and hers arrived at the Patrick castle) yet Jason had been able to peg her immediately as the driven kind. She would walk through hell and fire for her kingdom and had the determination of a hunting dog chasing an injured deer. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that this was a marriage of advantage to her, and at first he’d worried about his King and friend’s habit of letting his heart lead the way.

And then, he’d noticed something surprising.

The Queen wasn’t one for smiling. She was stoic in meetings, while addressing her court she was quick and efficient. Queen Stephanie was the product of a life time of royal training and generations of royal breeding, and it showed with every word and action. Jason, while uncomfortable with her hard to read expression, could understand. He was the serious type himself and rarely smiled, preferring a stoic foil to his King’s friendly personality. But when she was watching Matthew and Jason was watching her (it wasn’t spying, just a caution watching), he’d see her smile small and soft. There was a fondness in her eyes that belied her mature exterior and, as he watched the two monarchs walk, he could see it again in her face.

“My Queen’s definitely the serious type.” Once again, Jason jumped at Chris’s voice. He’d somehow crossed the room and now stood beside Jason, still watching their lieges. “But she’s a softie on the inside. If you look close enough, you’ll see that softness has begun to extend towards your King. Or rather, our King. Though,” At that, Chris looked at Jason and grinned brightly. “I’ve a feeling you’ve noticed too.” Mutely, Jason nodded and turned back to the window. The two continued to watch, but all Jason was focused on was the warmth of Chris’s shoulder nearly touching him.

“King Matthew is a kindhearted soul.” Jason finally found his voice and looked at Chris, surprised to see the other advisor still watching him with a smile faint on his lips. “Tough, but kind. He’s told me even before this engagement that he respects what he’s heard of your Queen. Our Queen, soon I guess. He’s always been impressed by capability, and much like with Queen Stephanie, I think you can see the impression she’s left showing on his face when they talk.”

Chris snorted and rolled his eyes, reaching up to adjust his spectacles. “Isn’t it funny how we can see how entangled they will be, yet they can’t?” He jokes and places a hand on Jason’s arm. Jason smiled back, wondering why his own heart suddenly seemed to be beating a little faster as Chris’s smile grew. “They’re brilliant leaders, but when it comes to their hearts they lack the directions to follow its wild twists and turns.” He agreed.

The two turned back to the window and watched Matthew pluck a white rose from one of the bushes and carefully peel the thorns off it. Jason was intimately aware of Chris’s breathing and his hand still on Jason’s arm. He could see Stephanie, too, had her hand on Matthew’s arm as he threaded the rose through her braided hair until it rested prettily behind her ear. That shy smile was back on her face, and Jason realized he too was smiling for once. “They’ll make a good partnership. They’re both wonderfully similar and perfectly different. It’s not there yet, but by our Lord I can already see love blooming between them.” Chris said softly, and Jason looked away from the window to glance down at Chris’s hand on his arm. “As can I.” He agreed, his own smile growing as Chris smiled too.

Jack goes into the NHL draft on schedule (in 2009) and Bitty keeps up figure skating… for a while. Hilarity ensues. A terrible fic-in-bullet-points that I couldn’t get out of my head. Enjoy. 

  • Saying that Eric got into hockey because of a boy was a little unfair.
  • He got into hockey because of a really cute boy.
  • Andrew, 5’11, green eyes, fellow figure skater, nice to Eric, did I mention green eyes?
  • So Eric likes Andrew and Andrew likes hockey, so Eric does some Late Night Googling™
    • He looks up stats and player names and talking points
    • Watch hockey? What? Why would that help?
  • Next day, Eric discovers that the only thing boys love more than talking about sports is Explaining sports
    • Furthers his hockey understanding
    • However, much of it can be summarized by “Fuck the Blackhawks”
  • Eric does some more googling over the next few weeks - because why not?- and, well, when a boy spends enough time on the Internet…..
  • He doesn’t mean for the fanfiction to show up, it’s just there
    • Not Without You” - 9,764 words, 3 chapters, M/M, angst then smut, For Mature Audiences
    • Jack is faced with a tough decision, and Parse just wants to help
  • Kent Parson and Jack Zimmerman are players for the Las Vegas Aces, and Eric knows their stats (fighting for the Calder, great chemistry, highest scoring pair)
    • And Jack Zimmermann is *totally not* exactly Eric’s type

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Hanging By A Rope

Anon: Can you please write a jonghyun kinky smut? ^_^ hehe thanks

Author: Admin V 

Character(s): Jonghyun (SHINee)/ Reader

Word Count: 1,113

Summary: Jonghyun is sexy and handcuffs are replaceable.

You definitely weren’t prepared for this. You sat backstage as you watched Jonghyun grab a handful of Taemins hair. 

Nope. You really weren’t prepared for this.

“Wait a second, are those…? That ass." 

"Who are you talking to? And what are you talking about?” You jumped at the sound of Key in your ear. 

“Well, Kibum if you must know, I’m talking to myself and I am talking about the handcuffs that Jonghyun is currently flaunting.” He nodded, “I see. And what exactly about the handcuffs makes him an ass?" 

"We use them during sex.” You turned to look at him with an as-a-matter-of-fact face. Key smiled, “I know. I can hear you through the walls." 

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