the fandom will hate me someday

I love Super Junior and will always support them and be ELF. But the way both the members and the fandom handled Sungmin’s marriage really shocked and disappointed me. I no longer see them as a group that is like family, and the fact that Saeun still gets death threats and hate on her social media accounts is so gross. I hope their marriage is so Happy and they have a beautiful family life and I hope someday the other members don’t suffer the same fate they let Sungmin publicly face alone.

Hey guys! This is Amiya and I’m leaving...

Hey guys! This is Amiya. I know this is very sudden, but Ive been thinking about this for a very long time now. I promise myself to post this once i reached 10k and it’s time…… I am officially closing “Jihanlife”. This includes mmeanielife, verkwanlife, and jicheollife…… 

I dont even know how to write this without getting emotional ahahahah. 

Being a part of this community is an eye opening experience. Unexceptionally. It gave me more than what ive asked for. All i wanted is a place to store jisoo and jeonghan photos. but then i met you guys and made alot amazing friends, supports, and love. OVERWHELMING LOVE. I was able to show my arts and edits and gain alot of skills through the process. Overtime the purpose of “jihanlife” had changed. It is now to spread the love and share out seventeen information to you guys. To make people learn more about seventeen and gather together as a fandom and i think my job is done here. I’ve complete my goals. Over this past 2 years, Im so glad to be able to make you guys happy. The best part of tumblr is that i can really connect with you guys like no other platform could. I love answer your question funny or serious. i love making shit post. i lovelovelove many thing about this place. it makes me feel warm and welcoming everyday. A year ago, i cant imagine leaving this place. “Jihanlife” mean so much to me…………

Now to the hard part….. as to “why im leaving…” 

The closing of jihanlife (tumblr) does not mean the ending of my love toward seventeen. Don’t worry. I’m not leaving seventeen or this fandom any time soon. I’ve been in this fandom since before they debut. I’m WAY to invested in seventeen. It’s too late to turn back now ahahah. Perhaps I even love them more that ever and will always do. But there are some reasons why i decided to leave…. and im gonna keep it very real.

1. I cant keep up with my blog. I cant work like i did before. My normal routine is to upload EVERY SINGLE PHOTOS of jisoo and jeonghan onto this blog EVERYDAY. and I run this blog alone. Once i missed a day. Its hard for me to go back and reupload it. Sometime it can take up to 6-8 hours per day. And thats just too much. I know i dont have to upload every single photos out there but its just my thing you know. and it starts to become a burden to me. Almost like task i need to complete. It starts to feel like work instead of hobby. I somehow pressure myself into it and i started to “hate” this blog. Someday it left my heart heavy and i want to get it off……. 

2. Unpleasant personal experiences with fansites. Ive been in the fandom for sometime now. For 3-4 years. I know things and experience things that are fairly unpleasant. Something most people dont know about and i wish you will never know.. ever. Since then, i dont feel the same. It’s hard to explain you directly but it is what it is. I really do wish i havent experienced those negative stuff but it hit me hard and yep life is life. Shit happened once in a while and its okay. i get it. i get over it. moved on. But little bit little, I lose that motivation, I gave them those “maybes”. The will to run this blog as energetic as before, its slowly disappearing. i highly respect fansites. I was one before (and pls dont dig up my history lol its ancient). It takes alot of time, money, effort, and passion. Since this blog is highly involved with fansites. I gave them credibility of their works, respect their works and understand their tricky circumstances that most people wont understand, but unfortunately Ive never recieve any form for mutual respect and instead an “unpleasant” experiences. Dont get me wrong, there are alot of good fansites out there. Ones that respect you as a human being. But Im just never lucky to met/known ones. It sucks. (At the end, you do you. Me do Me. Im good. No hard feelings <3 )

3. It’s time. You know when you do so many cooking to the point that you can just tell by instinct that your chicken is cooked. No? me neither. I dont cook lol. All jokes a side, i really mean it. I just feel it is the best time to leave it like this and move on.

4. I’m Confused. There are alot happening in my life right now and im confused. So I need to make the decision and cut something out. A huge sacrifice. Jihanlife is my life and i love it so much. Ive worked on it so so hard 24/7 for the past 2 years but we need to make that decision to move on. Maybe I just need a break. Sorry for not being able to do this anymore…. Im so sorry…..

5. I ate too many gummies bear. I ate too many gummies bear. I ran out. I need to buy a new jar. so i cant blog. (lol)

Im not gonna deactivate this blog (yet). Im gonna leave it like that because damn i worked on it everyday for the past 2 years for nothing ahahahh . If you guys want to check out old photos of Jihan. You can still swim in the archive! 

After I posted this in my blog, ill be here for the next 48 hrs before permanently leaving. So i can answer and talk to you guys <3 

Even though im leaving tumblr but you still can find me screaming about seventeen, retweeting Jihan photos, doing this same shit on


Follow my personal life! You can stalk me on youtube and IG. I just started a youtube channel! Yes im moving from tumblr to youtube now ahhahha. I have alot planned ahead and it would be nice to have my friend here go along on a journey with me! <33 im not quite sure with the content yet but im trying! So Join the Journey to the wildness of random shit LOL! So stay tune!!! 

Youtube: Amy Choo

IG: gam.choo

It has been an amazing and precious experience. Truly. I hope you guys will keep continue loving seventeen and support them and yeah i hope you guys will do amazing…. as always. I will always be there for you even if im not in here anymore. Thank you for being so kind and caring to me. Thankyou for cheering me up when im down. Thankyou for adoring my work. Thankyou for being positive. Thank you for making this place a special place <3

This has been Amiya. Thank you for having me. Be kind, stay humble, believe unicorn and eat alot of cotton candy. I love you all.

Continue to spread the love.

Jihanlife (amiya)

For Swen

Well, the word “overwhelmed” is not enough to express how I am feeling right now. Your messages on tumblr, twitter, facebook and instagram are beyond sweet and I don’t know how to react when I read that what I do inspired you or helped you somehow.

Right now, I don’t know what to say. I feel like I am abandoning all of you, and this is the reason why you deserve this post.

I want you to know that I will never forget your massive support. Right now, I remember all the things I have made in this fandom, how many good people I have met and talked, how many special things have happened to me in this fandom. I want to let you know that every single word of support you have told me are in my heart and my soul. I don’t want you think I am leaving forgetting all this, forgetting all of you because it’s not the case.

I am leaving yes, because when is enough, is enough and I don’t want to hate Emma and Regina because of all the bad apples and bad situations I have lived all this time. However to make a swanqueen or zelena fanart is hard to me because the passion I felt is gone. I am exhausted of all this and I need to leave this enviroment.

I am tired to see my inbox with hate, I am tired some people don’t respect fanartist (and that’s why a lot of them, a good ones, left) Believe it or not but we, the fanaritst, love making fanart, love sharing, love making something that doesn’t exist in the fandom.

Making fanart is not getting attention or likes or popularity. I make this because I am in love with this. I spend maybe more than hour to figure out what kind of fanart I can do to be original, because I want to give you this to all of you, because you deserve it. And it’s sad when you see that people take your ideas and make them their own ideas just because you like what I do. i am tired to get hate just because I make fanart and you like it.

I am so sorry guys and you can be sure that leaving this fandom is one of the hardest things I have lived in my life. But I want you to know that I love you so much and your words will be in my heart forever.

I also want you to say that I am not cancelling the accounts. I want you to know that I was “Misslane” before Swanqueen and I will go on being Misslane but you will see me making other stuff. And if someday you want to talk to me or say Hi, please do it. I will go on shipping swanqueen, but I won’t make fanart. I dunno if this will last forever or just I need months, I am not sure about this right now.

I am writing this post to let you know how I am feeling about this but also to tell you guys that your support you have given to me all this time is appreciated and loved and I want you to know that for you, I will go on making fanvids for this fandom. I didn’t know these videos touched so many lives and well, I owe you this, you know?

Well guys, I will miss to make fanart, yes i will do but I will see you around Swen.

love you all,

Whenever I get sad, I just remember Korrasami is canon.

The fact that these two beautiful, bisexual women of color are in love will never fail to make me happy.

It’s my beacon in the harbor, and my safe refuge in a world that belittles, mocks, invalidates and hates LGBT women.

It is a ship that dared defied impossibility, as it stared it in the face and wouldn’t back down. It was our very own, fandom version of the Miracle of Istanbul, a great fight back when we were down and out and against all odds, only to achieve the most monumental of victories in the end.

Only this was much more important than football, mainly because this changed the course of history, and it’s all for the better.

After all, I never thought I would see the day when two people who looked like me, and share my orientation, would ever become the main protagonists on screen, or be the titular characters in any media. I was so used to being marginalized and ignored, and having to find my representation in other characters, even if I had little to nothing in common with them.

And oh, how happy I am to have been proven wrong. So when Korrasami happened, it was a defining shock to the system, with the most shocking thing about it being: it validated me. Suddenly, I was visible and I mattered.

And no one will ever be able to take that feeling from me, as I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.

And whenever I need a pick me up, I just remember that sometimes, the good guys do win in the end. And that Korrasami happened.

And that means the world to me. More than you could ever realize, and more that could be possibly conveyed through words. And I think that all of the words in the world still wouldn’t be enough to properly convey how much it means to me, and how much it’s changed my life for the better.

It’s the bounce in my step, the air in my lungs, and it’s the hope I carry in my heart. And it’s what will get me through the rest of my days.

I could write more about this, like how Korrasami has spoiled me and how I now have the minimal of expectations of seeing other wlw ships in the media and to be treated right (only to find those expectations are sadly, unrealistic). And I could write about how Asami carried me through the death of my father, as I used her as an outlet to vicariously release my emotions, and a source of comfort in one of the most painful epochs of my life.

And there’s more I could write about, but for now, I’m gonna leave it at this.

Every time I see those panels of Korra and Asami being happy and in love, I can’t help but cry, mainly because it gives me hope that I too, can someday find the love they both have.

Here’s a photo of me meeting Tom Hiddleston the other day at radio whilst waiting for Ed Sheeran. It was a pleasant surprise to be honest :)


Alas, I know some of you lame ass anon (and marginally like 0.000002% braver not anon keyboard warriors) seem to amuse yourself with hating me every time I meet your beloved Thomas. So do me a favour this time; instead of directing your hate into other people’s and fan accounts inboxes like the lame bloody w*nkers you are, please get a backbone, preferably come off anon and direct it to my inbox to provide me with some much needed amusement if you really can’t suppress the need to hate.

Or better yet, if you live in London, which some of you once claimed (my fave being the person I met at the GQ awards, which I’ve never attended, who I told that I had Tom and Cumberbatch’s phone number because I hacked someone that works at a phone company or something LMAO keep reaching) write all your complaints about me on the back of a postcard and give them to me in person if you ever see me and I’ll be glad to reply to you in real life, without a keyboard and screen to get in the way :) :) :) :) :)

In the mean time, every second you try hate and bully is another second this photo of myself meeting Tom is going to exist trololol so enjoy <3


AND FOR ALL OF THE KIND PEOPLE WHO DON’T TURN ON MEMBERS OF THEIR OWN FANDOM AND ARE HAPPY WHEN OTHER PEOPLE MEET THEIR FAVES… I thank you. You the real MVPs and I sincerely hope that you too get to meet everyone you want someday :)

anonymous asked:

Despite of all the hate, do you still ship Ereri?

I think the fact that I run this blog makes the answer to that obvious, no? hehe.

No hate is going to ever stop me from shipping anything. I’ll end up blocking half of this website if I need to before that happens!

I’ve shipped ereri for a long time, way long before I even joined tumblr, and during all this time my love for the ship has only increased. It’s my favorite ship, Eren and Levi are my favorite characters, and I love the fandom and their amazing creations. Ereri is very dear to me, and no hate can change that.

If someday I lose interest on it, it will be probably because many years have passed and the series has ended, and it will be time to move on. But even then, I can see myself still going back and rereading the same fics all over again, enjoying the same old arts, etc., haha. 

Don’t worry, I’m going to be here still appreciating Ereri for a very long time (^_−)

anonymous asked:

Even though I don't support Kataang, it doesn't change the fact that Aang is one of Zuko and Katara's closest friends. So I love the idea that someday, Zuko and Katara would make Aang the godfather of one or more of their children.

There´s this huge misconception that if you ship Zutara you must without a doubt hate Aang, and to me that´s just ridiculous. Although I´m sure it is the case for some people, I think most of the fandom can agree we don´t hate Aang. We just think he´s not good with Katara romantically speaking and vice-versa. 

At least that´s what happens on my case. I love Aang, just not with Katara. 

Thant said, YES!! I wholeheartedly agree and it´d be unjust to say otherwise. I think Aang would play an important role in the lives of their children and making him the godfather of any of them (although I´d put my money on the first born) would be a great way to honor their friendship and show how much they appreciate Aang. I´m all for this headcanon, I hope we can see more of it around. 

Re: The Unhealthy Side of Zeki

I’ve accidentally lost this post once already after almost finishing it, so I’m just going to apologize in advance for if there’s lack of clarity anywhere and say that anyone is more than welcome to ask me to elaborate if necessary. Initially when I woke up this morning I fully intended on writing my chapter meta before enjoying the rest of the day outside, but after seeing the disagreements over @getoffthesoapbox’s post here, I felt the need to address that instead because I think a lot of people are missing the point of her concerns and are getting hung up on the way she personally feels about them instead. Her personal feelings, whether you agree with them or not, do not detract from the issues that she has brought up, and in fact I brought up some of the same issues just last chapter.

I’m going to place the rest of this post behind a cut, but I hope that those who were bothered by @getoffthesoapbox’s post will take the time to read it before just writing it off because of a difference of opinion.

Keep reading

Secret Love Song; Taeyong.

Request:  “Helloo~ Can I request a taeyong scenario based on the song “secret love song” by Little Mix? Thankss”

Genre: Angst.

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my first time writing a scenario based on a song, so, yeah, if this sucks or gets too long or too short (?¿) is because I had no clue of what I was doing, lmao. Also, writing this made me realize lots of things related to idols and relationships. I guess it’s kind of sad that they receive so much hate for doing something normal like falling in love, but, not matter how jealous and protective I’m toward all the members I know that the NCT stans are not going to disappoint me if someday this happens. This fandom is really respetful and it’s full of smart people but, just in case, remember this and never stop being supportive, no matter what the situation is, ok? Never forget that our boys are still babies doing their first steps and they need us by their sides.

Also, idk if this is what anon was expecting of me to write, honestly I had lots of ideas while listening to the song’s lyrics but I hope that y’all enjoy it a lot anyways!! ^^

You put your cup of coffee down and sighed, the pain that this horrible headache was giving you every time was harder to ignore but even more painful was the simple though of your boyfriend. You missed him so much and you felt so insecure without him by your side, comforting you.

The sound of a thunder suddenly caugh your attention. You walked towards the gigantic window of the room and looked at the million of rain drops that were falling from the grey sky. Feeling that the weather was understanding your feelings more than thousands and thousands of people would.

When you hold me in the street and you kiss me on the dance floor
I wish that it could be like that, Why can’t it be like that
‘Cause I’m yours

You saw some people avoiding to get wet, running with smiles in their faces while looking for a little roof that could protect them of the rain that came so suddenly. A few seconds later you recognized him, entering quickly to the building where you were waiting for him, wearing all black and protecting his face of the rain with the hood of his jacket. A ungrateful feeling of sadness suddenly was invading your body at the though of him.

We keep behind closed doors
Every time I see you, I die a little more
Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls
It’ll never be enough

“I’m really sorry for making you wait, y/n. The rain made things harder for me.” He said while taking his now wet jacket off and leving it on a corner. “How do you feel, honey?”

“I feel so frustrated and.. kind of… disappointed?” You felt pain in your heart by just thinking about it one more time. There was so much that you wanted to say and having all this strong feelings that you couldn’t express was killing you inside. Taeyong sat beside you with a concerned expression in his face, and you looked at him in the eyes. You took the warm cup of coffee and silently offered it to him, he accepted it but then made a funny expression when it was too strong for him, making you smile weakly. “So much things happened to us in so little time, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I’m feeling really frustrated for the same reason too, and I know perfectly that you don’t deserve all of this, Y/N. I’m so sorry that this is happening because of my fault, and-”

“Don’t say that,” You interrupted him, making him go silent. “It’s fine, I know that if I stay by your side we can overcome it.” You took of your jacket and got closer to Taeyong, putting your small piece of clothing around his shoulders to keep him warm again but getting lost in his intense eyes. “Just.. don’t leave me, that would be even harder for me to surpass.”

“You know I would never do that, espeacially in a situation like this.”

It’s obvious you’re meant for me
Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly
Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep
But I’ll never show it on my face
But we know this, we got a love that is homeless

“You know, even if the public’s response to our relationship wasn’t the best.. I don’t feel regretful at all. Everyone knows that you’re mine now and It’s a relief for me to being able to finally stop hiding my jealously when other people talk to you.”

His comment produced a sad laugh to come out of you, making him smile. But you knew perfectly that it wasn’t like that at all. Your relationship was public now, yes, but now you won’t be able to have dates outside because of the hate that both of you were receiving from part of haters and some fans.

You had to admit that your relationship would never we normal. You’ll never be able to have real dates like normal people does, like going to the cinema or a café and just talkabout your day, and that your biggest bother is how rude this random guy was with you because he was getting late for his job or something like that. You had to cover yourselves with mask and always wear jackets with hoods, and you didn’t even complain about the hundred of persons that were hating both of you.

Why can’t you hold me in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
'Cause I’m yours

Your relationship would never be normal, but that’s a risk that you decided to chose just for him. The feelings that Taeyong woke up in you were more powerful that the hate of a thousand of different people. You know that with him by your side, only the sky is your limit. 

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Kuroshitsuji fandom: "Lets all fight over a character's gender and accuse people of transphobia and at the same time ship pedophilia cause thats A-OK." The fact is Grell is male, some people can call him trans, thats completely fine but we shouldn't argue because Grell has used BOTH male&female pronouns to describe himself in the manga and anime. THEN Sebastian only sees Ciel as his meal and on more than one account happy to see the boy SUFFER because he gave his butler the wrong orders.

This Grell’s gender discussion is so ridiculous and unpleasant in so many ways, it only makes me cringe everytime I see posts about it where someone claims Grell is trans like it’s a canon fact when it’s not.

Though I can say the Grell fandom, the majority of it, and the Grelliam fandom especially is amazing and I’m glad I joined the squad. ❤️ I regret nothing. And I will continue to create art of my fave pairing. No one can stop me, ha!

(Also Sebastian is trash. I hope Grell and William will kill him someday and finally get married after that.)

Okay but Judar was in his home village all of this time. Please take a moment to imagine:

  • Judar trying to interact with the people in his village and the villagers finding him to be amusing and/or strangely endearing in his temperamental ways.
  • Judar having to wash clothes. This is really important to me for some reason. Imagine an older lady trying to show Judar how to wash his clothes without the use of magic.
  • Judar interacting with the children in his village. He comes off as really mean at first but he’s really just a big pushover when the kids manage to get through to him after weeks of pestering.
  • Judar going through this life-changing period in his home village and trying to discover himself a bit more in peace.
  • For the first few months “That’s not how [insert everyday task] was done in the palace” is said in every other sentence. He just can’t deal.
  • He’s always wondering how Alibaba or Hakuryuu are doing and all of the villagers are just like “He’s talking about them again.”
  • Peaches. Lots of peaches as gifts from children. Peaches = tolerance friendship.
  • Judar spends nearly two months learning how to make makeup from one of the older women in town and he hates it but for the sake of his eyeshadow he must do this.
  • “What do you mean I have to help bring in the harvest?”
  • While magic is amusing, it’s seen as a way for him to cheat his way out of chores like the other villagers.
  • There’s always that one old lady who is constantly mistaking him for a girl and telling him he’ll make a nice bride someday.

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I think that shows like Riverdale and Sense 8 have taught me was that just because shows like them are diverse, that doesn't mean that the poc in the shows are treated fairly either by the writers of the fandom. I wish that someday in the future there are more diverse shows where the poc aren't sidelined, mistreated, poorly written and or hated by the fandom or creators.


Hym’s replies 7

This is long, please bear it ^^;

esexoeveryday said

Hi there! sorry to bother hmm I was wondering if you take requests? I absolutely love your drawings and recently started following you. You’re very talented btw.

I don’t take request, I am sorry;; but Thank you <3

luladyin said

Could you please please pleaseeee do a Luhan fanart dressed up as Napoleon pretty please? :3 I really love your fanarts <3

Why Napoleon? but I don’t take request, sorry ;__;

Anonymous said

Hi^^ Can I make a request? If you don’t mind, I ask for kai fanart or comic ^^  Btw, I really love your arts and comics ><

I don’t accept request, but I am sure I will draw Kai :3

dyojjang12 said

If I may ask, Chen Xiumin and Luhan are your main biases?

yes they are *_* and yours is D.O right

btstanya96 said

hey i really love ur art…. i have one request… can u plzzzz dwar some kai’s pic…. if u can and want… ^:^

with others tooo…

I will draw Kai…if he does something interesting :B lol I am sure I will draw him, he’s climbing up my bias list *___* but drawing Kai is hard for me, I still can’t draw his face rightly

OMG! I love you drawings so much! It’s like.. Yhey look alike with the real boys! I make drawings too, but, I van only draw Jongdae and Minseok right. Sorry if I scared you kkk Baaaaii

‘kay bye lol, thanks tho :3

jazzieherzcc said:

Omg!! Your drawings are soo cute!!! 😘  I love them.💜

Thank youuu ♥♥♥

Anonymous said:Hi! I love all of your arts they are so cute! Do you make any of your arts into stickers? Bcs if you do, I would love to buy it! :3

I haven’t yet,  I have plan to make sticker sheet but I think I’ll wait after EXO next comeback ^^

yehet-bitches-ohorat said:

Why did I take this long to find a blog like yours?!?? PLS HIT ME WITH A BRICK!

Anonymous said:

Oh my gosh you’re baekhyun and Chen comic was absolutely adorable….I didn’t expect a foot massage lol!

What did you expect? :3

Anonymous said:Omg I’m loving these chenbaek drawings (≧∇≦)/

Thank you~!! ^^ More ChenBaek drawings will come~

Anonymous said

What app do you usually use for drawing? I really want to learn how to make a fanart ❤️

I use Adobe Photoshop CS2, I hope you will enjoy making fanart ^^ ♥

Anonymous said:

I love your line stickers!!!! I promise if they make it (I’m sure they will) I will buy them!!!!!!!

Amen~ but It’s still in review orz, I have no idea it will take this long

Anonymous said:

First want to say I love your fanart^^  I also draw fanart and I am thinking of doing blog like yours~ Any advice you can gI’ve me? And you don’t draw on paper do you?

Yes I don’t draw on paper. Do you mean advice for drawing fanart or advice for running a fanart blog? If your drawing style is manga style too, I can give you some tips&trick, it works for me so I hope it will work for you too~

For drawing fanart :

  • draw the recent event of EXO, if you pay attention, most fanartists draw fanart of the recent event
  • give story/ funny thing in your fanart, if you familiar with EXO members’ characters you can imagine their reactions when something happens ^^
  • if you can’t do both, draw cool/beautiful fanart with details, beautiful fanart doesn’t need to follow the recent event and doesn’t need to be funny, you can draw randomly such as, Minseok in historical era outfit *___*

For running a blog :

  • make your tumblr’s layout fit as fanart tumblr, medium/ big thumbnail, for me I prefer not to use infinity scroll -personal taste lol-
  • idk if this works for tumblr or not, but for twitter, I usually post fanart when the my timeline traffic is high such as 08.00 PM- 11.00 PM
  • use hashtag, this works for both tumblr and twitter, I usually use #exo, #exo fanart, #exo fan art, #member’s name, #pairing name -if you draw pairing-

what else? hmm I think that’s it~! sorry if it sounds lame lol

Hi i love ur art! <3 how long have u been drawing??

 I started drawing since 2008~ but for fanart I started drawing it since November 2013,

wow-lovely-idjits said:

OMG, I’m in love with your fanarts <3

Thank you~!! ♥♥

rraviosa said:

I love your art omg but the other night a saw a repost of the xiumin and chanyeol comic you did, but on instagram I wasn’t sure if you were okay with reposting until I just now read your description just thought you should know

Thanks for telling me this, can you give me the IG link?

I am getting tired of this repost thing. Some time ago, someone told me that my fanarts reposted in weibo, tumblr, and twitter too. I have told some of them to take it down but they ignore me, mostly fanbase that has guts to ignore fanartist’ complain. I hate it so much when fanbases repost my fanart, like.. it will make a lot of their followers think “reposting is okay it’s sharing” =.= no it’s not sharing since the reposter took the credit from the fanartist and make it like it’s theirs

tbh it’s almost impossible to avoid repost thing until someday our fandom can appreciate fanartist more. That’s why I only post low quality of my fanarts and it always has my huge watermark lol

sorry I am ranting here .__.

soojinnie710 said:

good luck with the stickers <3 they are soooooooooooooooo adorable >“< I’m absolutely looking forward to themmmm :33

I am looking forward too ;___;

iseefairies said:

uM HI I just found out that you’re Indonesian and um yeah I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK SO MUCH I CANT BELIEVE YOU LIVE NEAR ME (im in jkt but y'know) anyway I LOVE YOUR ART A LOT OK PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND HAVE A GREAT DAY♥♥♥

I live pretty far from you since I am in surabaya haha


Anonymous said:


;______; thank you anon~!!

bubbleteablupblupblup said:

HII!! I LOVE YOUR ART! OUO can’t wait for your line sticker :3

I can’t wait too orz, thank you for the support~! ;___;

Anonymous said:

What app do you draw your fanarts? :))

It’s Adobe Photoshop CS2 :3

Anonymous said:

how do you draw all your fanarts?can you list down the steps one by one? :)

by moving my fingers and hand *troll face*

I posted this gif in my sometime ago

  • 1st pic : ugly rough sketch, only to make me sure their pose and position
  • 2nd pic : refined outline
  • 3rd pic : blocking, different colours mean different layers
  • 4th pic : coloring
  • 5th pic : add clothes pattern, headset cables, a lil bit light effect from upper right
  • 6th pic : give simple border, add watermark, and write anything on it

I did most of my fanarts like that ^^

captivatesme said:

Your art makes me smile 💛 thank you for sharing!

Thank you for liking it~!! <33

geenjae said:

Not gonna ask anything. Just wanna say that you’re AWE to the SOME!!!

Thank you so much~~!!!

Gibslythe you did nothing wrong

I really hate this I left 4 days ago to go on a family trip with my family (we’re Hispanic) and it’s like 14 of us in a little house having fun spending time together and while I was there I had no internet and so I downloaded Dirty Laundry by @gibslythe and spend all night one day while I was gone reading it and absolutely loving it, being a part of a giant Hispanic family it felt so great reading like I have never read a fic or seen a show really that portrays Hispanic families as large, fun and hectic but loving and caring yet at time overbearing or downright unbearable with family tension AND I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PART OF IT??? Because that’s exactly what my family is like, we love each other, there are lots of us on each side of the family so now I’m back with internet after 4 days, back then Dirty Laundry was the best thing ever and so loved by the fandom and now I come back to ALL THIS UTTER NONSENSE  

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE SAYING THINGS LIKE LARGE FAMILIES AND THE SONG GASOLINA OR WHATEVER ELSE THE HELL YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT IS A STEREOTYPE what else is it supposed to be????? I mean really? Who is controlling what is a stereotype because literally all I’ve seen in the fic is what I’ve grown up with?? I’ve grown up with large families or going to visit extended relatives, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, I’ve grown with my mom playing Hispanic music in the car I PRACTICALLY HAVE THE LYRICS TO GASOLINA AND SEVERAL OTHER SONGS FOREVER STUCK IN MY HEAD SO WHAT THE HELL

Why are you attacking the writer to the point it is too emotionally overwhelming for them to write anymore after their final update? What the hell??? If you don’t like something they wrote you could be polite and ask them something or just stop reading the fic BUT TO DRIVE THEM NOT WANT TO WRITE ANYMORE? WHAT THE HELL

I also hear there are people asking why one of the characters are autistic and giving grief but the writer is using friend/family experiences to write that character so again why hunt them down like that? They are doing so much work, so much effort and research to portray these characters so why? Why are you doing this to them? Turning this once beloved fic into a witch hunt??? Why?


HONESTLY since we’re here let me tell you a story so while I was in my screenwriting class last semester I was probably the only Hispanic person in class I didn’t care really and didn’t really notice until the class was going over our final scripts in class and this guy who’s not Hispanic wrote a script about a white and a Hispanic roommates in college, pretty much in the story the Hispanic guy had very bad stereotypes, he had a sombrero and a few other things that were really stereotypical I can’t remember all at the top of my head but basically the story went was the white roommate was trying to get the Hispanic guy expelled for listening to his music (Hispanic music, which is fine) really loudly and keeping the room hot (the writer said “like south America” which I found a bit weird) but anyway, yeah this character wanted to get a kid expelled over something stupid like that’s too severe and I was getting weird feelings from the story by then, so then the white kid recruits a friend to get marijuana and stash is with the Hispanic kid’s stuff so he could get caught and expelled and here I am trying not to scream because the story ends with the white roommate winning and the Hispanic one getting expelled and the thing that hit hard the most was when the Hispanic kid was begging not to get expelled he said something along the lines of “No! My family is poor!” that really struck a nerve with me, it made me angry and sad to hear because my family is not well off but we get by and my parents are sending both me and my sister at the same time to a PRIVATE school because they care and are working their asses off to make sure we get a better education than them, my sister and I hardly get to see them because of how hard they are working for us they literally both leave the house at 6:00 am sometimes my dad at 3:00 am and don’t get home til 5:00 so yeah that line “My family is poor!” FUCKING HURT ALRIGHT? And while we were sharing the scripts another person was reading out the script and literally said when he was done reading “I’m really glad I’m not Mexican” (the Hispanic guy was supposed to be Mexican, anyway moving on) seriously, the guy who was reading it even saw how offensive the script was my class even got into a debate because of it, some saying the writer wasn’t trying to be offensive, while others including myself saying it was still offensive I’m sure the writer of the script is a decent person and didn’t mean to come off as offensive they just didn’t know the culture enough or bother to look up the culture to make it not offensive.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make? THIS FUCKING SCREENPLAY IN MY CLASS WAS OFFENSIVE.

This screenplay made me feel terrible and sick listening to it.


This fic made me feel at home and so happy to see my family values and such positively portrayed. I literally read the whole thing in one sitting until 3:00 am because of how beautifully written it is

I don’t give a bloody fuck if people send hate to me for this post you people who did this to the writer are sorry excuses for human beings and should be ashamed for harassing a minor and driving them to this

@gibslythe you did nothing wrong and I’m really sad to see this fic go so soon I really hope this harassment doesn’t hold you down you are a very talented person and care so much, giving the time to portray these characters amazingly I hope to see your work someday again and wish you well and hope you’re doing alright

anonymous asked:

You need to get some reading comprehension. It was CONFIRMED in the manga that Sakura is Sarada's mother and Sasuke CONFIRMED that he and Sakura love each other. I know it's hard to accept for you delusional fag-fuckers but quit being salty. Otherwise you'll drown in your own tears. Not that I would mind.

Everything in the spin-off points out to Karin being Salad’s mom, from her looks and bad eysight to her ridiculous chakra boost that Sakura doesn’t have but Karin does. Karin kept the umbilical cord that traditionally the mother of the child keeps. Sasuke didn’t confirm shit, he said they have a connection because they have Salad. Pretty typical for unhappy marriages that the child is the only thing to connect, it proves nothing since I haven’t seen anything that proves Sasuke loves Sakura. And Kishi couldn’t even give a reason for Sakura to love Sasuke cos it would sound “fake”? Lmao. And he said he didn’t draw a page where Sakura gives birth cos it would felt contrived or something like that, so people can draw their own conclusions. This guy is almost as hilarious as your fandom. He constantly takes a dump on your ship and shits on Sakura at every possible occassion (self-proclaimed heroine? XDDD) and you keep worshiping him and claiming SS is his otp or something. And Sasuke’s reaction to seeing Sakura after 12 YEARS? “Ugh what are you doing here?” -__- and refusing to kiss her, as well as leaving the very next day. AND HE DIDN’T EVEN INTEND TO MEET EITHER OF THEM. HE WAS UPSET THEY ACCIDENTALLY MET.

Guess what you are? A pathetic coward. Hiding behind a grey-face, thinking I give a shit that you are calling me a…fag-fucker? What the heck is that even…lol. You’re probably some 14-year old horny teenager who thinks fag is such a tough guy insult and are typing angrily because someone doesn’t like your shitty ship. :’( You need a tissue?

I wonder if someday you SShitheads realise how nasty and disgusting you and your fandom are…and woke up to reality.

Think next time before you send anon hate and call a real person such nasty slurs.

Also, I wonder who is the salty one, since you’re so goddamn angry about my opinions and what I think even if you have your “canon”. :’D I don’t even care about naruto anymore, other anime are so much better than that crap, I only occassionally come to this blog to make fun of shippers like you. Have fun with your shitty ship, I don’t care.

anonymous asked:

I keep seeing people hate on Jumin for his discomfort re: women and... the guy was highly implied to be molested by his mother, had it implied that women have treated him as a sexual object before, has seen his dad be manipulated by women for his money his entire life... it's not like he goes on huge tirades about how awful women are. He just personally has trouble being comfortable with them. We don't blame women that are survivors of sexual abuse for being uncomfortable around men.

Exactly. Jumin has flaws, and the fandom sometimes treat him like crazy for that, but the other characters have them as well. He’s not perfect, but that’s what makes him a well-written character. Honestly, if you want an otome game where the characters just say sweet nothings 24/7 without saying anything that may oppose your opinions/moral views/ideals, then Mystic Messenger is not it

[Be careful, rant ahead. Once you read, don’t stop or you’ll die in seven days- jk this is not a chain letter. I just don’t want people getting butthurt after reading the beginning and then assume the rest of the content without even knowing what I’m trying to say. I use ‘you’ a lot here but it’s not directed to the asker, but to people in the fandom, only those who think they are associated with this]

Regarding the fandom’s treatment towards the characters, how should I say this.. I think Seven is too ‘worshipped’ in the fandom by most people. I can list important flaws he has that are not just 'little flaws’ you can ignore. But it would take a long time to re-analyze all over again, re-read through the original lines from the game, present my interpretation, etc, and I feel like I would use offensive words if I do it now so maybe I’ll wait before doing that.

What I think about Seven? He’s a very well-written character as well, with very detailed background story, he’s not “the fun and humourous type with a happy and fulfilling life” like how he appears and that adds depth to his character. His choice of words when expressing his emotions are certainly better than Jumin’s, and I do agree that he has a different approach to his issues, but that doesn’t make him less unstable than Jumin. I like him as a character, but I dislike the imbalance in the fandom. I can compare with the other characters as well but I think the fandom’s treatment towards Seven and Jumin is the most contrasting.

Even if someday, after I present my analysis on Seven’s flaws and what he did wrong, and you can say “I still love him anyway!”, then let me ask you, what makes Jumin deserve the hate? “It’s because what he did was worse!” Who are you to judge? It may not seem bad for you, but it could seem bad to other people, who makes the decisions what’s 'worse’? “But Seven changed his attitude and perspective after that!” So did Jumin. So let me ask you again, what makes a character, any character, deserve unfair treatment?

I know these are just game characters but dang. Even if you still hate Jumin after me talking until my mouth foams, well, I’m not asking you to like him, I’m sincerely asking you to try and stop expressing your burning hatred towards him. It’s your freedom of expression, but pardon me, ever heard of being considerate? In fact, if you post what you dislike/hate about him in a respectful manner, then there’s nothing wrong or annoying with that. That actually adds balance, and serves as a well-thought opinion. But it pains me and at the same time makes me want to laugh my ass off seeing people posting these thoughtless posts, where they probably haven’t even played the route yet and just assume, or have played the route but starts it with a closed mind in the first place, or have played the route but refuse to re-analyze things, refuse to try to see it from other people’s eyes (or even worse, doesn’t even RESPECT other people’s perspective). I respect your opinion of seeing Jumin’s route as wrong/fucked up, as long as you say it in a respectful way (like what someone did the other day), but understand that I do not have the same perspective as you, and please respect it.

This answer got too long but I just need to get this off my mind, it’s been there for a long time.

Love Letter to My Followers, Friends, Fandoms I’m a part of.

I’m gonna put this under a read more. Because it’ll be kinda long but this is for you guys.

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e-r-i-r-i-deactivated20170107  asked:

I wanted to apologize for all the stupid hate and backlash people are giving you from the NH and SS fandom. You are only sharing your opinion and it's sad how many people are being so rude. I hope someday the fandom will settle in peace :) :) :) ~NH/SS fan

Thank you your words, they mean a lot to me! I am just disappointed in those individuals but I would never address the whole NH and SS to be all like that because I know that respectful people like you exist. Thank you very much again!

Okay, let me get this out there right now. 

You all know about how much I ship swan queen now. Like, it’s definitely one of my otps of the damn show. But I know it’s not gonna become canon. Regardless of everything gay that WE see happening, canonically, Regina is not one of Emma’s love interests. Adam and Eddy have said this many times. Hook, on the other hand, is CANONICALLY Emma’s love interest at the moment. Hate it all you want, but you cannot deny that it is a fact. I do not ship CS, but I also understand that at this point in time, he is her love interest. Therefore, Jen is clearly gonna talk about things that are canon at the moment. With that, the interviewer is ASKING her about Hook. She isn’t straight up randomly bringing him up!!! She is being asked about him. 

How is she being rude and disrespectful? Because she isn’t acknowledging a ship!? I’m sorry but that is not her job. Her job is the play the character she is given, and that’s it. She answers the questions given to her, and she knows her character better than ANY of us. 

It’s so so silly to throw hate at someone when they are being perfectly kind about things. Especially in the same interview where she praises the fans for being so kind and thoughtful and everything. 

Let me say again, that I SHIP SWAN QUEEN. I love Swan Queen. I see the gay as much as other sq fans. But I also accept that THAT isn’t what the show is heading towards. Fuck, maybe someday our dreams will come true and SQ will happen. But at the moment, it ISN’T and it’s unfair to punish the actors for focusing on what’s CANON and not FANON. If you wanna be upset, that’s fine. But don’t spread hate and certainly don’t be hateful directly to her. Because we, as a fandom, should be kind and spread kindness. NOT hate. 

anonymous asked:

How are you feeling after the MMFD news we got today?

I’ve been mulling this over a bit, Anon. 

I think it’s safe to say that my emotions are very super ultra MIXED. 

I’m a little sad we’re missing so much of Finn and Rae’s relationship. We might get glimpses in flashbacks, but they’re going to be at another stage in their lives. That being said, we get to see them at another stage of their lives! However, I really wanted to see them as a working/working-on-it couple, and from the description we got, I’m worried it’s going to be good between them for five minutes, then Finn puts pressure on Rae, she freaks out and they break up, and mayyyyybe get back together at the end? No thanks. But, I could be wrong. It could be them working on it and then parting at the end in a “we can try to be friends someday” kind of way. 

Oh, fuck.

To be painfully honest, I kind of hate this. 

DON’T GET ME WRONG! I love being part of this fandom. I love getting anonymous thought-provoking asks. And I’m going to get excited about set photos and stuff, but I’m really getting anxious about what’s going to happen. I’m running these doomsday scenarios in my head, and it’s not even fun stuff I want to fanfic.

I’m old enough to remember when you watched the show and THEN obsessed. You might idly speculate about what was going to happen next series; you might write fanfiction, too. BUT, you didn’t get these detailed descriptions of what was upcoming, or little teasing hints from the cast on social media, or people trying to NCIS-style enhance grainy cell phone pictures of script pages. 

I don’t know if my nerves can take another round of this, when we know it’s going to be the last series. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from being a series detective, but I don’t know if it’s increasing MY enjoyment.

I mean, don’t worry—I’ll still be around; I’ll still speculate; I’ve got fanfic yet to write!

I just have to figure out how much news and how many updates I can handle.