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Jimmy, describing his show as “stupid junk” that he doesn’t take seriously, accidentally pinpointing exactly why his show isn’t better, while pretending most of these greatest hits aren’t linked back (with timestamps) for context, a context that changes absolutely nothing about the content of these transcripts, which he keeps mistakenly placing in quotation marks for some reason. 

So basicallyIt’s just locker room talk.

me, pressed against the windows of the g&s building: matt, did whisper awaken, was the hdywtdt on thordak just flavor text or was it more? it extended 10-15 feet past its original length and he heard whispers, did the vestige awaken and if so what does it do matt what does it dO I NEED TO KNOW

Malcolm Turnbull claims the 26th of January is our day, our national day, but what he’s really saying is it’s our day as the white people of Australia. He’s saying that the 26th of January is the national day of the white people who came to Australia and brutalised, infected and enslaved the original, rightful owners of the land. He refuses to change the date of Australia Day because it’s ‘our day’. But it’s only our day. It’s only a day for white Australians to be able to celebrate, and even then, many of us don’t want to.

The PM is not being asked to eliminate Australia Day. He’s being asked to move the date, so that we can celebrate the incredibly mixed and rich culture Australia has become without celebrating the day we came to this land and destroyed so many lives of those who were already living here. But he refuses, because Australia Day is ‘our’ day, which clearly means it has nothing to do with the Aboriginal people, the terrifying brutalities white man put them through, or their claim on this land at all.


And Now, The Weather.

Can I just say that you are all amazing? I posted the original version that I messed up and next thing I know, it’s got something like 300 notes and all these hashtags saying that it still looked good.

(Holy crap almost 1200 notes now, I seriously didn’t even expect this to get 10, you all sure know how to make a guy feel loved)

So that got me out of my tilt and I remade the design. 💙 Thanks everyone.

Pirate Radios and other radios the fandom doesn’t talk about

Pirate Radios:

The Pirate Radios are Murdoc’s transmissions from his seclusion on Plastic Beach. He spins some records, drinks a lot, and as Murdoc describes it, we get to watch him mentally disintegrate. 

Pirate Radio 1 (Part 1) (Part 2)
Pirate Radio 2 
Pirate Radio 3 (Part 1) (Part 2) 
Pirate Radio 4 feat. 2D!  
Pirate Radio 5 (The Fall Review) 

Spotify Radio Show: 

This show was to commemorate 10 years of Gorillaz! Murdoc is still drunken and manic per usual but may also be using drugs. Listen at your own risk. 
Radio 1 (Part 1) 
Radio 1 (Part 2) 
Radio 2
Radio 3 

The larrie fandom is unparalleled, like. I look at our fandom in the context of other fandoms, and even sections of this one, and it’s so fascinating to see just how many things we have set in motion. With fan projects and just how seriously we take them, how there are large sections of people dedicated to promo, or sponsorships – people taking money that could be used elsewhere for IRL things to buy and gift for people they will never see. It’s amazing, like. We did that. And we did it because we love the boys. Because we know they deserve better and we wanna give it to them. But honestly? Shout out to us for being incredible because every single one of us has /made/ something incredible and sometimes it just hits me and I’m so in awe of who we are and how we got here, and why we’re /still/ here like it’s just awesome I’m so proud of us tbh cause we really are fighters and we really do Get The Job Done

anonymous asked:

mother jas i wasnt part of the fandom when the radio show was a thing :( pls tell me what that time was like?

it was sweet and quieter because they didn’t do anything big and drastic and they always flirted on air and dan would play his good music and phil always had funny anecdotes and i miss it so much the radio show was so fun because we all loved it and it was like a liveshow but better :(