the fan and the bellows

if u really cant plot reset anymore…….im……like……how f*cking useless lol! glad i finished most of my towns before the sh*t hit the fan but that ruins my plans for bellows and chateau like……..u cant even wifi w/o updating so its not like i could even finish them on an un-updated ds. what the f*ck

i was considering using the amiibo function to move some villagers in and out of completed towns but that wont be happening now

agent-caz  asked:

Blue and Yellow, how many more books (about your love lives) do you two need before I can leave (and finally let my trashy soul rest)?

You hear that, Caz?! They love your Bellow fanfics so please make more! Beat that writers block!



Sitting outside in the chill after a beautiful day, windy as it is, I’m in love. Usually this would only appear scribbled and stowed away in a notebook; today it’s locked in the car.
I was prepared for a much shorter walk.

Rummaging through the trash as dictated by its adapted nature, a squirrel keeps catching my attention long enough to establish that he is not the dog to whose company I’ve grown accustomed.

Precious creatures, they are.
Wind chill is a powerful force, sinking teeth like icicles into bone.
Affronted senses dull to a hum or a low whine. Hearing sharpens till ears numb and still comfort is accessible.
In and among lungs like bellows fanning a flame in my solar plexus.
Legs, stock-still, crossed against a weaker nature, low whine turns inside out, white-noise a static the color of snow drifts in and over.
Here they come, dear familiars. Back into easy comfort of artificial chambers of heat.


- - -
I warn you: you can’t let your feelings run your life
I’ve seen
Mark my words

Let’s kick this off with the most infamous video out there:

Yep, it’s You Can’t Fight The Homestuck.

This happens to be the first good video I found when I first looked into the YouTube side of things about, oh, a year and a half ago now?

From this, a new world of possibilities opened, thanks to the recommended videos bar. Seriously, I was stuck for hours in a sort of clickbait-like haze.

Personally, I missed most of the con-related hype of the fandom around 2012ish, maybe 2013, but I’m told that this was sung, no, bellowed by hundreds of fans at photoshoots.

I currently have most of the song memorized. No doubt I will be humming it all day Wednesday. It’s great, and the fandom’s great, and please watch this video if you haven’t already.