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Can we talk about the fact that Mary was willing to risk the boys life, and her own just to get the Colt to the British Men of Letters?

I like Mary a lot, but that was a bitch move.


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Friday, I’m in love... with your writing! (Week 13/14)

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As I said before I’m gonna add to this list the stories I read on a weekly basis. As always, feel free to tag me in your SPN related fics and remember to ALWAYS LEAVE FEEDBACK AFTER YOU READ, drop and ask with a few encouraging words (Why you liked the story), reblog using a reaction gif, use tags!!

A long list ahead beccause there’s two weeks of reading.








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I know that I’ve done posts like this before, but this time it’s different.

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Everyone: Thank you SO much for everything. Whether you follow me (the few of you out there), or you’ve messaged me, or you’ve liked/reblogged any of my posts, submitted an ask, or just made me smile with one of your posts: thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You don’t know how many times I could say that. I have thought about deleting this blog, but every time I saw that people on here actually care about me, I couldn’t. You guys don’t know this, but you’ve saved me pain, you’ve saved me suffering, and you’ve saved a life. My life. So I am grateful. So, so grateful. Please keep being kind and amazing. Always. I love you all. 🖤❤️🖤❤️


Happy Supernatural day. Here is a short film inspired by it,
Whatever it takes : A Hunters Tale

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Its one in a MELON!

Well that’s Seedy!:  A juicy blend of watermelon, strawberries and some other fairy known scents, will carry you to warm summer days filled with bites of chilled watermelon and the dreaded sticky wrists! Omitting the wrists, the fairies have created this amazingly fragrant blend, and for a little extra whimsy, they’ve even added some glycerin seeds!

It’s just a one night stand

It had started of as a normal night, you were just going to have some fun with your friends at the local bar. Since it wasn’t your intention to bring somebody home, you decided on some skinny jeans and a flannel. Whilst all of your friends were being little whores in tiny dresses, dancing with the towns college boys, you ended up at the bar with a beer in your hand. That was until two ruggedly handsome men walked in, one really tall with quite long hair, the other a bit shorter with the greenest eyes you had ever seen. They seemed like they didn’t belong there, there was just something about them that was off. Realising you were staring, you turned back to your beer completely forgetting about the two men at the table right behind you. Soon enough your friends came up to you: ‘would you mind if we head out? The boys wanted to show us someplace special!’ You answered with a bit of a mumble, sounding like ‘okay, have fun and use protection’. Within a timespan of three minutes the shorter one with the green eyes came up to the bar. ‘What do you drink’ was the first thing he asked. ‘thanks, butI’m all set on this beer’. He then asked if you wanted to join him at their table, his argument being that sitting alone at a bar is kinda sad. So you grabbed your beer, and followed the mysterious man. They introduced themselfes as Sam and Dean, the one with the stunning green eyes being Dean, and the one that kinda looked like a moose, Sam. In the time you sat with them you learned a lot about their lives, how they traveled around the country and took over the familybusiness after their father died. After a little while, Sam excused himself and said he was heading out. It had been a long day, he said, and it was time for some rest. You expected Dean to go with him, but he remained seated. You kept on talking about shared interests, ,like music and his car, a ’67 black impala Chevy, aka the car of your dreams. He suggested showing you his baby, and you happily agreed. Once outside, you felt the cold seeping in your bones and shivered, you instantely felt a heavy weight on your shoulders, it being Deans leather jacket. You could help but catch a sniff of his scent, and damn did that boy smell amazing. Whilst admiring his ‘baby’ in silence he wrapped is arm around your shoulder. You slowly looked up and noticed he was already looking down at you. Slowly leaning in, you wetted your lips with your tongue. His lips were softer than you had imagined, a tender and sweet kis slingering on your lips. ‘You know my place is empty right now, we could go there if you’d like’ he chuckled and said ‘is there even an option here?’ Giving him the directions to your apartment he slid his hand across your thigh. Once arrived at your place and quickly getting out of the car, he gently pushed you against the door. Attacking your skin softly with his lips, sucking markes every here and then. You giggled as you lead him to the bedroom… And well, the rest is history.

And now you were lying here, a couple houres later, listening to Dean trying to quitely slip on his clothes and leave. ‘You know Dean, you could also stay the night’ Absolute silence followed. ‘Dean, look, don’t worry about it. I’m not trying to push you in a relatonship. It’s just, is it really woth it to drive through the middle of the night to a shitty motel and wake up your brother? You can just stay here and enjoy the sensation of clean sheets and a soft matress. You can leave as soon as morning starts. And I know this is a one-night-stand, no strings attatched. I expect nothing more than that. Hell, you don’t even have to give me your phonenumber. We won’t see eachother again after this, so no worries.’ You heard a quick rustling of clothes, as you expected. What you didn’t expect was, the sheets being moved and a stong arm around your waist, pulling you closer. ‘thanks’he wispered, in a hoarse voice, like he was close to crying. You fell asleep soon after that, feeling safe and secure in Deans arms.


The next morning you woke up to an empty bed. You wondered when he left, right after you fell asleep or at the crack of dawn. You rolled over, not ready to face the day yet. But was met with paper rustling, you quickly reached under the sheets, finding a piece of paper. To (Y/N) was witten on it


Dear (Y/N),

I’m sorry I had to leave, but my brother had a bit of a crisis.

You were right tho, your bed was a lot more comfortable than a motel bed. And you don’t snore as loud as Sam.

I know you expect to never see me again, and that was my original plan. But I’ve actually grown quite fond of you. So if you ever need me, or when I’m in town. You can reach me on this number:

(669) 221-6251

Love Dean

P.S. Oh and btw, I left an old shirt of mine one the table, I’ve outgrown it. Thought you would look cute in it :)


You smiled to yourself as you got out of bed and walked to the table, your smile grew ever wider when you saw it was a shirt of ‘Def Leppard’, one of your favorite bands. You slipped in on over your underwear and went to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea.