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cool concept: demons and monsters being defeated by disabilities

-a demon waits to scare a woman as she opens her eyes she doesn’t notice because she’s blind

-the boogeyman grabs the child’s ankle as they climb put of bed, it’s prosthetic the child doesn’t notice

-sirens fail to lure the deaf sailor for obvious reasons

-the schizophrenic doesn’t pay any attention to the demons telling them to do things because it’s the same shit as always

-the demon screams in frustration as the guy with ADHD he’s possessed keeps forgetting that he came into the kitchen to kill his family not wash the dishes

-the devil tries to create an unholy union to give birth to the anti-christ he is thwarted by the man’s severe anxiety disorder

-demons try to torture a person with chronic pain who just thinks they’re having a bad pain day

The Signs as things Tom Holland has done/said
  • Aries: the whole lip sync battle performance, crashes rdj's interview wearing sunglasses
  • Taurus: hates spiders but only the small ones, brings his dog Tessa to random interviews
  • Gemini: "my nickname is Dutch because holland=dutch", literally can't keep his mouth shut and spoils all of Sony/Marvel's secrets
  • Cancer: can sing but is super shy about it, went to a party dressed up as spiderman only it wasn't actually a costume party
  • Leo: "I'm under strict instructions not to swear but I can't help it because I'm British", spends his free time doing flips in his backyard
  • Virgo: has called multiple people "darling" during interviews, can't properly pronounce crossaint
  • Libra: really hates quinoa, made people cry with That Scene under the rubble
  • Scorpio: takes his little brothers to premieres and the gym and is overall a good sibling, can't touch his toes
  • Sagittarius: hair always looks really fucking good no matter what, is creeped out by cats
  • Capricorn: moves into an apartment five minutes away from his family, cut his hand washing dishes
  • Aquarius: brings Harrison everywhere because they are pretty much attached at the hip, "with great power comes great lattes"
  • Pisces: visits kids in hospitals dressed as spiderman and is super nice and sweet to all of them, broke his nose proving he could do a flip in the middle of a jungle
Kjælenavn på norsk/Endearments in Norwegian

Du er jenta mi - You are my girl

Jenta mi - Baby girl

Du er gutten min - You are my boy

Gutten min - (I would use “gutten min” as we in English use “Babe”)

Min eneste - My only one

Min elskede - My beloved

Min dyrebare - My precious

Elskling - Darling

Min kjære - My dear

Kjære - Dear/Love

Søta (to girls only) - Cutie

Søten (to boys) - Cutie

Min skatt - My treasure

Skatt - Treasure

Vennen min - my friend

Snuppa - Babe

Min bedre halvdel - My better half

Kjekken - (mr) Handsome

Hønemor - Overprotective (mother). But also used to women/girls who are cleaning/washing/taking much care of other people and is stressed and worry about her “kids”. 

Lillemor - (lit. Little mother). This is sometimes said to the one amongst friends and in families who cleans, wash, remembers to bring food etc. Its an endearment.

Pusen - My kitten

Pus - Kitten

Godgutten min - My good boy

Engel - Angel

Engelen min - My angel

Prinsessa mi - My princess

Prinsen min - My prince

Søtnoms - Cutiepie (I dont think English has a word for this)

Lykketrollet - Lucky charmer

Månestråle - My moonbeam

Honningblomst - Honey flower. Min honningblomst - My honey flower

Gudinna mi - My Goddess

Godbiten - My good treat

Pusekatt - Pussycat (My delicate flower :P)

Gullet - Lit. The gold. We say it as “gullet mitt” and alone “gullet”. Used as my most precious. 

min lille due - My little dove

Hjertet mitt - My heart

Godjenta mi - My good girl

Min skjønneste - My most beautiful



Day Five: Blue

Blue had somehow managed to convince Lance and the others to let just the two go on a solo mission. Blue had requested Lance ask Allura, who had agreed because Zarkon and his fleet hadn’t attacked for a few days. So, it was just Blue and Lance, flying through outer space.
“Blue, where are you even taking me?” Blue only answered with an amused hum. Lance rolled his eyes fondly, letting her take him where she pleased. Lance gazed at the stars that flew past them, watching them as the flickered and shined. In the corner of Lance’s eye, he could see a small pastel purple dot. As Blue flew toward it, Lance realized that was a planet. Blue suddenly cut off Lance’s vision, so he couldn’t see the planet as they landed. “Hey! What was that for?” Lance could basically feel the laughter coming from Blue in his head. They softly landed, and Lance could hear a faint crunch as Blue’s paws hit the ground. A familiar hiss flooded throughout the cockpit as Blue lowered her jaw, allowing Lance to step out into the new planet.
“Blue, what is this place? Why did you-” Lance dropped his sentence, letting the words drift away with the gentle breeze. The planet was beautiful. Blue had landed on what appeared to be a beach. The water was a pastel purple, and the sand was a soft blue color. Strange birds with four wings flew across the sky, their calls almost sounding like bells. Lance could clearly see the various aquatic life in the water, watching as rainbow-scales fish swam through iridescent seaweed. “Blue..this place is amazing. Breathtaking. But…why did you bring me here?” Lance’s eyes fluttered shut as Blue showed him an image: it was him and his family, playing and splashing around back at him home beach. Lance had a wide smile on his face, tilting his head back and laughing loudly as he and his siblings splashed each other. Lance opened his eyes, glistening with unshed tears.
“Blue..thank you.” He walked toward the shoreline, taking off his boots and letting the sand sink in between his toes. He let the waves wash over his ankles, smiling softly, letting fond memories of his family wash over him. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t hear Blue creep behind him. With a swift move, Blue bit the collar of Lance’s suit, lifting him into the air.
“B-Blue?! What are you doing?? Put me down-” Without letting Lance finish his sentence, Blue tossed him into the water, Lance screaming the whole time. With a splash, Lance quickly resurfaced.
“What the heck what that for?! I’m going to get even you hear me? B-Blue? What are you doing? Oh. OH QUIZNAK!!” With a pounce, Blue jumped into the water with Lance, splashing him with large waves. “Okay, that’s it! It is ON!!” Lance and Blue continued to splash each other. Blue could feel the love for Paladin and happiness in her grow as she watched her Paladin grin and laugh, just as he had with his family.

‘Any advice for starting uni?’ … Learn to use a laundromat. Basically if there’s any household chores that you’ve been kind of lazy and leaving to your family to help you out with, you need to learn to do them. You need to learn to shop for basic supplies, you need to learn to cook, you need to learn to clean, you need to learn to do your laundry. ‘Cause you might be like 'I know how to do my laundry’ and then you get shoved into a queue in a laundromat, honestly traumatising. When I was at Manchester Uni, I’m like 'okay, got to go wash some clothes’. I go down there. There’s like a hundred people. I start freaking out, 'cause you know, people, outside, you know, experience. And they’re like queuing and I’ve never used a laundromat 'cause my family had a washing machine, so I was like 'I literally don't know how to work this machine’. What’s the etiquette of waiting? Do you just leave your clothes because then I’ve heard horror stories of people like taking other people’s clothes out and I was just like *freak*. So you need to… That’s what I say. Join some societies, even if you don’t go to them. Because it’s good to make friends and just get to know people. 'Cause the thing is, at university these days - and I don’t care how old or young you are - you can join a club. There will be something that represents you. There’ll be a YouTube fan club, there’ll be an anime club and you might be like 'I don’t like meeting people and making friends. That’s scary’. If you’re at university and you go to a freaking anime society, everyone there is going to be a weeb nerd like you and then  you’re probably going to make a couple of friends. And even if they’re not your best friends ever, sometimes it’s just nice to know some people. And if they have like some crappy activities or you meet up every Wednesday, it’s just nice to have some human contact regularly in your life.

@danielhowell​ during his live show on the 4th of July 2017

Quotes from Dan (65/?)

Helpful advice for those starting university in the autumn. (I wished I joined more societies in the beginning to be honest).

anonymous asked:

childhood friends (like ages 3 to 10) wash and tucker? who grew apart when wash's family had to move away for dad's military work. years later Wash is moving back to his hometown after some intense military stuff himself, and meets tucker (mid or post transition of course) who's been dealing with difficult police ptsd too. they catch up by sharing their issues and crying on each other's shoulder

again: nothing like anon specified but anything with them as kids only makes me think of very cute brotherly/familial relationships and this dynamic

  • Jiyong: today when I woke up I was so confused that I couldn't remember any korean whatsoever so I panicked and screamed 'BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPEAK FRENCH! ' in English
#SaveHannibal Countdown: Mizumono

We’re 98 days from Bryan’s two years ultimatum now, counting down for S4 news!

Today is S02 E13 Mizumono three years anniversary!

To celebrate, reblog this and add your favorite Mizumono scene pic, meme, quote, gif etc. - or your own fanwork.

My favorite moment (well, it’s not that short, but…) my favorite moment (among others) is whole this “We couldn’t leave without you“ thing.

Hannibal truly opened to Will, he allowed him to get closer than anyone else has ever got… He even offered Will a redemption without killing anyone when he realized that Freddie is still alive! But Will couldn’t leave his old life for the new one, yet.

And so his betrayal felt even worse… Just look at Hannibal’s face. In the end, he cried - and there was no one for who he should pretending; this time his tears were genuine.

Did you, Will? You should’ve known earlier…

So, because Will hurt him emotionally in a way no other person in the world could, Hannibal decided to hurt Will physically and make him feel his own pain.

Then, poor Abbie… Hannibal liked her, for sure! But he saved her mainly for Will. Without Will she would have died in the kitchen in Minessota, under her father’s knife. But Hannibal saved her for Will back then and he did it again when everyone thought she had been killed. She was a gift to Will, something what he could have if he would decide to go with Hannibal. But he didn’t want it, so Abigail died in the kitchen, under her father’s knife…

And right here, the dream about murder family was washed away with rain and tears…

It’s never easy to choose a scene, Hannibal is simply full of perfection! So I hope you will point out some other scenes here with me ;-)

Also, see you next week - we’ll countdown with S3 episodes!

#SaveHannibal Countdown: Kaiseki - Sakizuki - Hassun - Takiawase - Mukozuke - Futamono - Yakimono - Su-zakana - Shiizakana - Naka-Choko - Ko No Mono -Tome-wan - Mizumono - SEASON 3 - 2 years anniversaries

It’s Over, Isn’t It? (Langst Song-fic)

Here it is! An Altean Lance songfic! The song in this fic is it’s over isn’t it from the Steven Universe fandom! The verison I listen to varies between NWTB and another youtuber who I can’t find in anything but AMVs! Either way! Thank you to @angielmao-blog for being my beta on this little one-shot and I hope you all enjoy! Warnings this fic include.




Emotional Dependence

Child Neglect


Non-con Body Modifications

Please Enjoy!!!

I was fine, with the men

Who would come into her life now and again

He watched with calm eyes as Zarkon walked out of his mother’s room once again, adjusting his military outfit with hearts in his eyes. Lance blinked with his owlish eyes and looked away, the orange marks on his cheeks and his arms flaring and glowing a little more brightly before Lance calmed the flare of magic with deep breathes. Clenching his small childish fists as if the pressure and slight pain of the tight grip would help. Lance bit his lip and ignoring the sinking feeling in his stomach.

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Car Wash Employee being stuck with Jack and slowly taking on a much needed parent role- one that isn't made out of a weird obsession and twisted love- and trying to give him the best care they can. Obviously they're still under watch as Knock Out and Breakdown's "lover", but it's easier getting him things that a human absolutely needs. KO is overjoyed they're getting along, until a bit of jealousy kicks in and he views it as a challenge of parenting. CWE isn't seen by Jack for a while. Concern™.

Knock Out would be EXTREMELY jealous!!!  DX

He knows he has no one to blame but himself though, as he did at first encourage their interaction.  He knows Jack has been feeling lonely and that humans are pack animals.  And Knock Out just so happens to have one on hand.  

He’s delighted at first to see Jack brighten up a bit.  Jack greatly appreciates having another person around to talk to and it shows.  It’s not Jack’s happiness that bothers KO as much as it is the fact the Jack would rather spend time with the pet than with him.  

It starts to gnaw away at Knock Out, driving him into a fouler mood whenever he sees them huddled together in conspiratorial whispers or just enjoying the other’s company.  (Jack certainly never smiles like that around him.)  It gets to the point where Knock Out can’t take it anymore and decides to put a stop to it.

Jack starts to panic when he doesn’t see his new friend for a couple of days, and Knock Out refuses to tell him anything no matter how much he begs.  When Jack finally sees CWE again, they’re strangely quiet and appear to be quite shaken.  They don’t spend as much time with Jack anymore after that. 

You’re Not There

Based on the song: You’re Not There by Lukas Graham

Word Count: 2080

Warnings: Angst. Death.

A/N: I had a weird day and was feeling super angsty/depressed. Then that song came on my iPod and I just… I just had to write.

Version en Español:Tú No Estás Allí

Her gratitude was etched into every worry line and wrinkle on her face as she hugged her little boy close. Over his shoulder, the woman stared up at Dean with watery eyes. “Thank you so much!”

With a little wave and smile, Dean turned and walked away. Another hunt and another win. Everyone made it out alive except for the monster. A year ago he would have celebrated with you. A year ago, he would have let your excitement at seeing a family reunited wash over him. A year ago, you would have wrapped your arm around his waist and guided him to the Impala with a beautiful smile painted on your lips.

A year ago, everything was different.

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For some reason, everyone in my family hates washing silverware. So every time one of us washes the dishes, we leave most of the utensils in a mug for someone else to wash. It turns into a game of chicken until someone (usually my dad) washes them. Just now, my mom sent me this: