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Now he can swim

Source: @ linmelman

Shout-out to the Connor Kenway fans, both old and new, that stuck around with him until July 3rd in the year of our lord and savior 2017 in time to see our baby boy become a father. We did it, y’all.

I can’t draw babies or cute stuff to save my life, and this is no where near complete, but my god do I have so much feels that I need to get out.  

It made me so sad to think that Connor might have spent the rest of his life watching people come and go, having to watch them leave for one reason or another.  It made me sad to think of Connor being so far away from his people, and having no one to ever call his first name given by his mother.  It made me sad to think of Connor living in that big empty house, with no one to greet him after a long day.

 It made me sad to think that Connor never had a happy ever after.

 So when I saw the pages from the comic, I was so happy.  I cried when I saw that Connor not only had a wife who sounds like she knows how to handle Connor (lol the best wifeys always know, Connor), but also 3 beloved children that chatter with him in both Mohawk and English, that he reassures and encourages them to speak their mind, and have them be capable and strong and connected to the earth as much as he is- it was all I could ask for and more. Thank you for giving some form of closure to Connor.