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New Connor Kenway Info!

Hello there AC Fandom. Well here is a big surprise for everyone! I want you to look at something here. So a fan made a speculation on if Connor’s Assassin shirt Uniform was remnants of his grandfather’s Edward’s robes, as they look so alike, just that Connor’s shirt uniform looked faded and aged. 

Yup! Its officially canon. As seen on Alex Hutchinson’s twitter, the Creative Director of the game Assassin’s Creed 3, and by Ashraf Ismail, the Game Director of Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag, they confirms this as true..

Connor inherited his grandfather’s, Edward Kenway’s Assassin robes! Now the question is how did Achilles get his hands on these robes? Well here is one strong theory right here: 

I mean Connor did learn of his grandfather of being a Pirate-Assassin from Achilles right? Makes sense the tale was told by Edward’s Quartermaster himself, Adewale not to mention that the robes were given to him on that day! It was mentioned that when Connor first were given the robes, he modified them to reflect his native heritage. 

News of this is still developing, but as of now, it is official canon! Go nuts everyone.

Assassins and Their S/Os

Altaïr : Although he loves his S/O very much, he will not stop (within reason) to get what he wants, or to be the right one even though he usually isn’t. He argues a lot, and usually has the last word. However, he is able to mend relationships…with bumbling ease, but at least he is able to.

Ezio : Although he loves his S/O very much, he finds attractive people, well, attractive. It’s hard for him to not flirt with every single person he sees, and he’s upset and/or confused when (if) his S/O points out the fact he has ‘unloyal habits’. He denies, saying his S/O is the only one for him, and he really does mean it. Ezio is pretty much able to easily mend relationships because of how attractive his is, and how sweet he is.

Connor : He is extremely loyal. His S/O could ask him for anything, and he would get it for them. His S/O could even ask for a pony, and Connor would get them the best pony they’ve ever seen in their life. He doesn’t argue a lot and tends to stay quiet and in his lane. He doesn’t ever have to mend relationships because they are rarely afflicted.

Edward : The drunkard gets into arguments often not only with his S/O, but with practically anyone within a 25 feet radius of him. His curses a lot, but then again, it’s kinda cute how tired he gets. He is either pissy drunk or sweetly drunk, depending who he is with on the time of intoxication. When it comes to mending relations, it’s difficult, but in the end, shaggy gets his Lass/Lad/ S/O back.

Arno : The extremely cheesy, sweet French man is cheesy, and sweet. He will usually bring back home roses on special occasions, and sometimes regular roadside flowers on other days as a sign that he loves his S/O and wants them to always know that. He finds others attractive but doesn’t stray the slightest. Arno barely has to mend relationships.

Jacob: This lug is egocentric, yes, but doesn’t put himself first, like how Altaïr in some situations does. Jacob keeps watch over his S/O and likes to lag around them a lot, usually not wanting them out of his sight. Jacob doesn’t have to mend relationships too often, though. He’s pretty okay with anything his S/O does…just not dangerous stuff.

Evie: Evie also doesn’t like her S/O to do anything that could put them in harm. Evie also watches over her S/O, like her little brother does. They are very much alike, but where Jacob can somewhat trust his S/O to get on by themselves, Evie doesn’t. Evie is the real one who basically sows herself to her other half. Evie doesn’t mend relationships either unless it’s over her clinging-ness, or her rules being too harsh, if they are.


March 30th 1793 

Winter draws its last breath, as spring’s rain slowly crawls over London. I had followed the pages of my Father’s journal which lead me here. To his…our manor, The Kenway Mansion, at Anne’s Square, right at the heart of the capital. 

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Connor Kenway x Reader

Words: 1042

A/N: This is just something stupid and random that wouldn’t get out of my head. I didn’t really know what to do with it after I finished so I just thought I might as well upload it.

How had it all gone so wrong? You sighed heavily into the darkness, the cool metal of chains contrasting to your heated skin. You could blame it on your skills or your distractions, but you knew what it really was. Your eyes moved towards the metal bars separating you and the man you loved. He was looking up to you with sad, brown eyes, apologies being spoken in the silence. Had the two of you not been so caught up in the breathtaking feel of one another, you would have been more aware. 

You would have heard Shay walking through the forest, the crunch of twigs beneath his heavy boots. You would have been prepared for the ambush. But you hadn’t been aware, you hadn’t been ready. And now? Now you were surrounded by darkness, your arms pulled away from your body painfully, the smell of alcohol and gunpowder heavy in the air. Now you were forced to stare into Haytham’s gray eyes, Shay to his right.

“Care to answer my questions?” Haytham asked, although he was aiming the question more towards Connor, despite his eyes being on you.

“Don’t,” you croaked to Connor, not wanting him to reveal the Brotherhood. He was torn, his mind telling him to keep quiet while his heart clawing at him to help you.

“It wouldn’t be the wisest decision to keep silent,” he drawled, circling you like prey. You didn’t back down, resolve in your stance. It was foolish, really. You had to keep yourself safe, had to keep your secret safe. Your eyes once again sought out Connor’s, the faintest bit of tears in them. Maybe you should have told him, but perhaps it’s better this way. If he doesn’t know, he won’t be able to blame himself for that as well. 

Your heart was screaming at you to keep it safe, do whatever it takes to make sure they’re safe. You swallowed the guilt thickly, knowing that Haytham would kill you should Connor not bend to the terms.

“Don’t touch her,” Connor growled, bared teeth shining brightly in the darkness.

“All I ask is for information.” Haytham shrugged nonchalantly, watching you closely. Connor once again looked at a loss, so confused as to what he should do. Every fiber of who he was, was urging him to help you, to protect you. But the results of giving Haytham what he wanted could kill hundreds. Was it so wrong to be willing to give their lives in return for yours?

“You’re a bastard.” You mumbled, a soft smirk pulling at his lips.

“I am asking quite nicely.” Had you felt a little better, you may have been able to say a better retort. However, your body choosing to be the absolute asshole that it is, you lurched forward, bile rising in your throat. You were shaking, dropping to your knees heavily as the acidic taste passed through your opened lips, a few hot tears mixing in. Haytham was watching you strangely, disgust written on his features. Unfortunately for him, you didn’t care in the moment, another gag making itself present. You could practically hear your heartbeat as your heart began to slow down once again. “That was rather unpleasant.” Avoiding Haytham’s wary gaze, you met Connor’s worried eyes.

“Connor,” you whispered, the lingering taste of vomit still on your mouth. You wanted to forget about the world and just lay down, wrapped in Connor’s embrace.

“(Y/N)?” He inquired, a large hand grasping the metal bar. Sighing softly, you left the comfort of his stare, looking up to the elder Kenway.

“If you wish to kill me, kill me.” You stated. “But do so knowing that you are killing your unborn grandchild as well.” The reality of the situation came crashing down on Connor and Haytham, both of them in various states of shock. Shay didn’t look much better, dropping his gaze to the floor.

“You’re with child…” Connor breathed, tears shining in his soft eyes. The normally stoic expression on Haytham’s features melted slowly, careful steps bringing him closer. Connor growled, pushing his weight against the bars as he attempted to keep danger away from you and the child, accomplishing nothing but making noise.

“I will not kill you,” Haytham admitted, almost a look of pride in his eyes. You watched warily as he unlocked the chains binding you, lifting you from the ground softly. He was silent as he moved closer to Connor, opening the door separating the two of you. Connor didn’t spare his father a second glance, wrapping two large arms around you in a protective embrace. He held you close, relishing in the feel of you against him. You happily returned the hug, watching Haytham all the while. There was almost a look of resignation on his features, his eyes alight with memories as he watched the two of you.

“Go,” he said simply, looking over to Shay with a look that told him to stand down. You blinked, not expecting such an act from the Grandmaster. Connor didn’t speak, only nodded once in thanks as he pulled you out of the darkness and back towards the light of day. He was still on guard but considerably more happy as you stepped into the streets, the warm sun beating down on the two of you.

“I’m going to be a father,” Connor whispered, a smile on his face. You couldn’t help but smile back, the feeling infectious. “We’re going to be a family!” He exclaimed happily, picking you up and spinning you around despite the looks of each passersby. You laughed, squealing a little at the feeling of flight. Connor immediately set you down, worry passing through his expression. “Did I hurt our child?” He asked innocently, looking down at your tummy as if a dragon was about to pop out of it at any second.

“Of course not.” You chuckled, linking your arm through his. He smiled sappily, pulling you closer to him. “Let’s go home.” You said, wishing for nothing more than a warm bath. This day surely had been confusing, but at least you had family. And who knows, maybe Haytham would meet your child one day. And maybe then, you could be a proper family.