the family iii


hymn to the sea

a study playlist for the sailors who dream of the waves [ listen on spotify ]

i. main titles stepping onto the boat and feeling the breeze playing on your skin. the sounds of the busy dock fade as you sail towards the sun. ii. finding dory watching mutli-coloured fish play below the surface of the water, smelling the salt water iii. one family nights spent sitting on the deck, watching the stars and almost missing back home iv. hymn to the sea the sun rising, light playing on the waves and remembering exactly why you seek the horizon v. wayfinding the wind catching the sails and spurring you on, your hair whipping around your face, spotting something in the distance vi. main themes your ship attacked by pirates, your sword glinting in the sunlight, knowing that you can win or die vii. field trip turning around to go home, a sense of nostalgia as the waves hit the side of the ship viii. fireworks the last night onboard, never wanting to leave ix. rose stepping off the boat, glad to have your feet back on land but you take a final look back at the ocean and suddenly you long to be upon the waves again.

i’m sorry but i’ve spent the whole day thinking about how scanlan and pike are probably at just about perfect height for some accidental/purposeful groin elbowing on their taller party members

and i’ve just been laughing about the idea of pike telling a story, maybe about her and grog’s adventures growing up, and she gets really animated telling it and she’s making these big gestures and she just. accidentally catches percy right in the junk with her elbow.

and the whole group is watching her talk so they all see it happen and the other three guys all make like these noises of sympathy and then they just lose it. scanlan is on the ground in seconds, grog is crying, vax is laughing so hard he’s making this terrible wheezing noise every time he tries breathe. vex and keyleth are trying really hard not to laugh, but it’s not going very well.

pike, of course, feels terrible, and percy is doubled over and red in the face and yet still trying both to maintain his dignity and make pike feel better because no one wants to make pike feel bad, even about this, but he’s just had a very strong, heavily armored, enthusiastic gnome elbow hit him right in the delicate bits and privately he’s thinking well this is the end of percival frederickstein von musel klossowski de rolo the third, killed by an accidental gnome elbow to the crotch. this is the end, not with a bang but with an extraordinarily high pitched whimper.

for like a week afterwards, scanlan keeps flinching towards percy with his elbow and then laughing his ass off at percy’s ridiculous dodges to try and protect himself until vex kicks him in the junk to defend percy’s honor


Whoops, my hand slipped

Look I made shitty yet accurate depictions of eps I through III gifs

Please don’t delete my description.. I know one of you did, and it’s disappointing.   

me: I must understand the medieval History of England.

*some books and documentaries later*

me: …plenty of Kings indeed…

me: *a bit doubtful* So let’s systematize:

me: *quite doubtful and sweating* Just need to add the respective names and dates and it will be great…

👏 I 👏 Love 👏 Connor 👏 Kenway 👏 So 👏 Much 👏 Holy 👏 Shit 👏 

Things I want for Carmilla and Laura’s future: A Concept

A wedding

Carmilla fucking with the wedding planner who pitches them an over priced 17th century castle because she was there when canon turrets were a practicality rather than a statement.

LaFontaine accidentally spilling wine on the vortex manipulator they’ve been building at their joint hen party, thus sending them all back in time to pre-revolutionary France the night before the wedding.

Carmilla growling and pacing back and forth in a wine cellar whilst LaF fixes the manipulator.

Laura reminding her that they did always want to visit Paris together.

Laura and Carmilla having a baby.

Carmilla pretending to be chill.

Carmilla following a pregnant Laura to work in cat form to make sure she’s safe.

Laura’s students walking past her in the parking lot whilst she yells at a sheepish black cat.

Sherman Hollis patting Carmilla’s shoulder when their baby is born like ‘Welcome to the club, you’re doomed.’

Carmilla baby proofing the house maniacally.

“Carm, why have you bought ipecac on Amazon Prime Delivery?”

“In case she accidentally eats something poisonous.”

“Carm, honey, light of my life, she’s a week old, she’s still breastfeeding.”