the fame cover

sorry but gaga has no bad album covers.. the glasses in the fame? legendary. both covers for the fame monster? changed pop culture and how people viewed it. born this way? never been done before. show stopping. amazing. the pose in artpop? instantly recognizable. the pink hat in joanne? suddenly pulling a taylor swift and no one else can wear a Pink Hat™ (© Lady Gaga. No copyright infringement intended. Property of Interscope Records and Haus Of Gaga 2016) thats just how it is.

new playlist
  1. years & years - king (acoustic)
  2. escondido - try
  3. banks - gemini feed
  4. SYML - where’s my love
  5. vance joy - i know places (cover)
  6. oh wonder - lose it
  7. lana del rey - brooklyn baby
  8. the neighbourhood - baby came home 
  9. terror jr - come first
  10. indila - dernière danse
  11. hippie sabotage - devil eyes
  12. clean bandit - dust clears
  13. R.LUM.R - frustrated
  14. blackbear - girls like u
  15. dominique - i think i’m fallin' 
  16. jaymes young - i’ll be good
  17. alt-J - left hand free
  18. x ambassadors - renegades
  19. years & years - ready for you (acoustic)
  20. zayn - she
  21. tinashe - vulnerable
  22. mree - fame (cover)
  23. the civil wars - devil’s backbone 
  24. cashmere cat (feat. ariana grande) - adore
  25. banks - and i drove you crazy
  26. justin bieber - backpack
  27. ella henderson - beautifully unfinished
  28. friday’s nights - bitter’s kiss
  29. miguel - cadillac
  30. yuna (feat. usher) - crush
  31. lana del rey - diet mountain drew 
  32. flume (feat. cher faker) - drop the game 
  33. the weeknd - starboy
  34. kodaline - high hopes
  35. lauren o'connel- house of the rising sun (cover)
  36. fleurie - hurts like hell
  37. amber run - i found
  38. bright eyes - lua
  39. banks - mind games
  40. ruelle - monsters
  41. dillon - thirteen thirtyfive
  42. ben howard - under the same sun
  43. the neighbourhood - u&i
  44. the black keys - ten cent pistol
  45. interpol - all the rage back home

PRINCESS, CUT FROM MARBLE; a Daenerys Targaryen mix • listen

Mother of Dragons - Ramin Djawadi // Yellow fliker beat - Lorde // Hells bells - Lacey & Sara // Smother - Daughter // Mhysa - Ramin Djawadi // Immortal - Marina and the Diamonds // Hunger of the pine - Alt-J // Fear and Loathing - Marina and the Diamonds // Sia - Elastic Heart (Miia & Brandon Skeie Cover) // Hall of fame (Cover) - Gavin Mikhail // Heart of courage - Two Steps from Hell // I met up with the king - First Aid Kit

Marinette did wrong ok

(Volpina Spoilers)

But If I was a lonely, unseen unlucky girl, that suddently covered by fame, attentions and fake friends, that use me to charm people saying lies about our friendship, I would get upset too.
And then… Marinette is not a stereotypical character. She is a very well written character with flaws and strenghs. She is just a teenager, she is emotional, she is stubborn, fierce and yes, proud.
She is not perfect at all.

Just imagine to be an unlucky, insecure girl. You do everything wrong, even making a simple breakfast.
Then you got the power of LUCK. Something you never had before. Your self-confidence has a big boost, because now you can do right something and Paris counts on you.
The question is: where this luck will bring you to? How far can go your self-confidence, now you are the hero or luck?

It’s perfectly normal to show a great confidence when your life changes this much. The fact is… It’s dangerous, not only for which fight this will make you face, but also for your temper. Maybe her powers gave her TOO MUCH self-confidence. We are humans, we are made of imperfections.

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