the falls gonna kill you


This probably won’t make sense to anyone who isn’t me, but let me try.

I was trying to explain my position the other day in a discussion about dusttale and Papyrus’s likeliness to be a willing co-conspirator in that kind of situation.

I was trying to express my opinion that even if there was an endless cycle of genocide runs and both brothers somehow remembered them, and even if all hope was lost, the second such a plan was actually vocalized, I felt like Papyrus would decide there had to be another way. He would never go through with it or support it unless he was completely corrupted beyond recognition (even if he was of sound mind but completely compromised morals). I was trying to express a very difficult to explain series of headcanons and analysis, which made this a personal exception, even though I enjoy Papyrus crisis-of-faith plots, angst, face heel turns, and the brothers actually being on the same page. I was trying to be both eloquent and elaborative. 

But instead all my mind could conjure up was a scene of sweet, sweet sibling hypocrisy.

I suppose that’s as good a reason as any not to murder everyone you’ve ever known and corrupt the very culmination of your being in a bloody, dusty final stand.


You clean up nice.

Punishment (Yoongi x Reader)

Pairing: Yoongi/Suga x Reader
Rating: M
Gerne: Wouldn’t you know it? It’s smut.

Words: 2,614

Warnings: bondage, orgasm denial, etc.

Summary: You want to have sex. Yoongi wants to nap. You’re having none of it.

A/N: I literally wrote this in one afternoon. smh I don’t think it’s my best work but it’s something. Anyway, Reblogs/Comments/Favs always appreciated!

When you’d started dating Yoongi you’d known of the fact that he is lazy. On his time off he likes to lay in bed and do nothing—maybe he’ll read a book and make some ramen or take a shower, but that’s it. He cherishes his off days like an old man, and sometimes that upsets you honestly.

Your relationship has lasted this long because 1.) You understand how Yoongi’s mind works and how busy he is and 2.) You’re pretty easygoing yourself. However…you have needs. And you know he has needs too, so sometimes you just don’t get it.

“I’m not really feeling it right now,” he tells you, yawning as he turns on his heel and swaggers back towards your room. He flops face first onto the mattress and you stare in appalment.

“Come ‘n nap with me,” he grumbles into the sheets at seeing your unhappy look, and you scoff.

“Enjoy your nap Yoongi,” you say, tone clipped as you turn away and trudge into the living room. You hear him mumble something in your wake but, of course, he doesn’t get up to come after you. Yoongi hates confrontation, after all—and you’ll get over at some point, just like you always do.

But…not this time, you decide. Not this time—not when Min Yoongi had just showed up to your apartment without warning and passed out on your bed. If he had brought food or had even kissed you and suggested a movie, then maybe you would’ve been in a better mood, but without speaking more than a “hello” he had dragged himself into your room and promptly passed out.

Think again, bitch.

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Prompt:  “Scotty/Reader. Fluff. Getting stuck together in a Jefferies tube!”- @vintagevalentinexx

Word Count:  1,529

Warning:  Being stuck in a tight space.

Author’s Note:  This was actually so hard to write! They just kept arguing with each other and making each other angry. IDK, I had to sit ‘em down and have a chat about their motivations. Anyway, I think we came to a good conclusion. Enjoy!

“Ye’ve gottae be joking!” Scotty cried when the access hatch denied his passcode for the third time in a row.

“I don’t know why you’re so shocked, this happens to me at least once a week,” you quipped, securing your feet in the rungs of the ladder and leaning back against the opposite wall.

“You’re gonna fall an’ kill yourself, you stand li’ tha’,” Scotty grouched as he pulled his comm from his pocket. “Scott to Ratchkov.”

“Aye, Sir?” came the lieutenant’s tinny reply.

“What’s happening with port C-18?”

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childish | tommy shelby

tommy is in a funny mood and wont leave the reader alone

send requests here and prompts are here

Originally posted by mariebum

For the fifth time in the ten minutes, you found yourself rolling your eyes at Tommy’s childish antics. Tommy had moods where he would be an annoying little shit, purely because he knew how much it wound you up. Usually, you would keep your cool and not react to his behaviour but when you were stressed out, you couldn’t help but snap at him. However, shouting at Tommy did nothing. It just made him want to annoy you more.  

Usually he would start out by flicking parts of a rubber at you. His laugh would fill the room, amused at his own behaviour. Shouting at him did nothing, so you would simply tell him to stop it before going back to whatever work you were doing. By not reacting, it would fuel him to do more.  

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“Get To Know Me” Meme

Favorite Movie [2/5] - A Walk To Remember

“Jamie has faith in me. She makes me want to be different, better”

The Fall's Gonna Kill You (2.20)
  • Donna: So, NASA's OSF tells us that the 30th Space Wing at Vandenberg Air Force Base believes that a Chinese satellite has fallen out of its orbital flight plan. The last detection the 30th had placed it in what they call a "degrading orbital path" and it's now dropped off their radar, suggesting it's begun a rapid fall towards the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Charlie: Cool.
  • Donna: No, it's not! What's the matter with you people?
  • Charlie: What'd I do?
  • Donna: A thing the size of a garbage truck is gonna be in a two-thousand-mile-an-hour free fall and no one knows where it's gonna hit!
  • Charlie: I'm rooting for Zurich.
  • Donna: Charlie.
  • Charlie: I've had it up to here with the Swiss.

butimnotdeadyet  asked:

Cap Can- 1, 9, and 15 for the OTP thing, please

Disclaimer: Every answer is a headcanon.

1) Who rocks the Ferris Wheel seat and who flips out and begs them to stop?

  • Leonard. Sara.
  • Sara forced him to ride the Ferris Wheel. He doesn’t really want to. They’ve been going around the amusement park for over two hours now and Leonard just wants to go home. But Sara insisted on riding one last ride. He ultimately gave in. They stopped at the highest point of the Ferris Wheel, giving them time to gaze at the lights below them. Everything was peaceful until Leonard rocked the passenger cabin.
    • “Stop rocking it, Len.”
    • “I mean it. Stop it.”
    • ”If we fall, I’m gonna kill you.”
    • “Don’t test me, Leonard.”
  • And Sara’s complains would go from threatening to begging.
    • “Stop it or I’m not talking to you for a week.”
    • “Can I please have one night without feeling sick in my stomach? I already deal with it on a daily basis with the timejumps.”
    • “Babe, please?”
  • Oh, her bright blue eyes and her pout would be the death of him.

9a) Who wakes the other up in the middle of the night to tell them a cool dream they had?

  • Leonard
  • He doesn’t sleep unless Sara sleeps first. He’d tell her that he’s not yet sleepy, or that he’s just going to read one last chapter. Truth is, he just wants to be sure that she’ll be sleeping okay and that no nightmares would come. Sara’s always been a light-sleeper but ever since they’ve been sharing a bed, she learned to just relax and be assured that Len would be there beside her. 
  • He’d feel her shuffle beside him–early signs of an emerging nightmare. Before it could get worse, Leonard would wake up and remove the knife underneath her pillow (just to avoid any accidental stabbing when she wakes up). He’ll then shake her and wake her up, drowning back the nightmare and taking it back to hell. 
    • “Why? What’s wrong?” Sara would ask as she rubs her eyes. He’d quickly make up a reason for him waking her up. She doesn’t need to know that he’s saving her from another nightmare.
    • “I just had this dream,” Leonard would say, “where you took the jumpship and brought me to the set of Star Wars. We stole some Stormtrooper costumes and walked around set, pretending to be extras.”
    • “You seriously woke me up just to tell me about your nerdy dream?”
    • “Well I woke you up because I thought it was cool. Come on. Seeing a masterpiece being made and being a part of it is at least kinda cool for an assassin.”
    • Sara would just sigh and see the loving and gaze Leonard gives her. “Fine. Tell me more.”
  • It doesn’t matter if Leonard would have to make up dreams he never really dreamt. He just saved her from some pretty bad ones.

9b) Who has the most nightmares, and who sings them back to sleep after?

  • Sara. Leonard.
  • A week wouldn’t be complete if Sara doesn’t get to be woken up a few nights because of the nightmares looming over her. Sometimes it’s about the Lazarus Pit or her time in the League. Most nights it’s Laurel being killed by Darhk. Every once in a while, it’s Leonard exploding alongside the Oculus. 
  • During the times she’d wake up from these nightmares, Leonard would be waking up with her, rubbing her back and kissing her shoulders to remind her she’s just dreaming.
  • Sara would lay back down and cuddle close to Leonard. His hands would then be preoccupied–one stroking her hair, and the other one joining her hand as they lay on his chest. These gestures would be enough to lull her back to sleep.
  • But in the cold nights that touch isn’t enough, Leonard would give something of himself more to Sara by singing to her. The songs he’d choose would range from eras to genres. Sara’s personal favorite would be All I Ask from Phantom of the Opera.
    • “No more talk of darkness
      Forget these wide-eyed fears
      I’m here, nothing can harm you
      My words will warm and calm you…”

    • Say you love me…” Sara would say, speaking the female’s lines.
    • “You know I do.”

15) Who likes writes the others name on their wrist?


OTP Headcanon thingamajig. I own nothing. Just reblogged it. God, I don’t want to get in trouble again with this.

izukusfreckles  asked:

Mineta for the ask meme 😏😏

im gonna kill you

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: none
worst quality: the fact that he actively prowls after the girls and doesnt stop despite clear disgust towards both from the boys and the girls
ship them with: death
brotp them with: no one
needs to stay away from: everyone
misc. thoughts: horikoshi i dont give a FUCK whether mineta is your goddamn self insert or whatever, KILL HIM.

Hard Couple

REQUESTED BY ANON: Hello. I really love this blog by the way. One of my favourites 😊 could you do one where the reader is in an abusive relationship and the boys find out and save the reader from him. Thank youuu

As a Winchester, and especially Sam and Dean’s sister, you are supposed to be badass, like them.

Though, you have the soft side, is it because you are a girl? Nah…. Because you hate seeing people hurt and you’ve been cuddled and babied by your brothers all your childhood.

Today, you are seventeen, last year of high school before you can be free of every teaching thing that isn’t hunter related.

You’ve been going at the same school for the past year, since you three found the bunker. So, you made friends and a…. a boyfriend. Dean never liked him, Sam managed him, but never really like him.

You don’t either, he only goes out with you because you are pretty and for him it’s the way to popularity. You had lost all your friends like that, because he was forcing you to stay with him for image.

Though, today, he did something he had never did: slap, hit and kick.

Why? Because you brought him water and he wanted a beer.

You just realized how dangerous for you this relationship can be. You are scared to see how far he could go, but this is what keeps you from leaving him.

You had told him that you couldn’t hide the bruises in your face from your brothers, but he said he wasn’t scared.

He doesn’t know them well.

You enter the bunker, quietly. Hoping to go put on some make-up to cover everything up, but Dean is there.

“(Y/N)!” He exclaimed once you reached the bottom of the stairs “what happened?”

He grabs your chin, examining your face.

“I’m okay, Dean” you lied “I feel on my way here”.

“Yeah, of course” he scoffs “I’ll clean you up and then we are going to talk”.

At that moment, the bad moment, Sam enters the room and sees you bruised.


“I’m pretty sure she got herself in a fight again” Dean sighed.

“I told you I fell, Dean” you argued.

Sam shakes his head “(Y/N)? Did (Y/B/N) did this to you?”

You stare at him mouth open but the word ‘no’ doesn’t get out.

“Is he right?” Dean asked you and turns back to Sam “how can you know?”

“At Stanford, I used to have a friend whose boyfriend hurt her… I can recognize it”.

“I’m gonna kill him” Dean yelled.

You jump, tears falling on your cheeks. You know Dean would never hurt you, but someone yelling scares you.

“It was the first time” you cried silently.

“He’s not allowed to do it once” Sam said sitting you on a chair and sits beside you “we will help you with that”.

“After I break every bones in that son of a bitch body” Dean growled “no one hurts my baby sister”.

Imagine Request - Discovering Love

Can you do a imagine wherr y/n are one o the justins best friend and he realises he’s in love with her while she’s in the vs fashion show. Btw, i’ll miss your imagines soooo much bae 😢

“Good luck out there, don’t trip!” Justin smirked as he shoved you lightly.

He’d spent the last hour trying not to stare at you as you walked around in your black lace underneath the pink gown you were wearing.

“Ha, ha.” You sent him a look as you slipped on your heels. You saw Justin bite down on his lip as he looked down.

“You know, there is a high chance you’ll fall. One dent on that stage and you could fall faster than a line of dominos.” He grinned, folding his arms.

“If I fall, you won’t see me for a few years.“ You pouted, tightening your robe.

“I’m joking, I’m sure you won’t fall.” He chuckled. “You’re gonna kill it.”

“Thank you, I’m a little nervous but it’s gonna be good.” You smiled widely, ready to go on any second.

He engulfed you in a hug, taking a breath in as he hugged you tightly. “I’m proud of you, you’re gonna blow everyone away.” He smiled sweetly down at you.

“Look at you getting all mushy.” You grinned. “But thank you, I love you.” You swayed in the hug.

He sighed deeply. “I love you too.”

Once you were walking down the stage, you felt energy run through you. You smiled and swayed your hips as you walked.

Meanwhile, Justin breathed heavily while he watched you from the side. He inspected your body and reminded himself of how great you looked, but he also looked at your face and how beautiful you looked whilst you were smiling.

He felt a weird feeling run through his stomach as he watched you proudly. He knew he had developed feelings for you over the past few months, but the feelings had never been so strong.

He inwardly panicked at the thought of being in love with you. He knew he had more than a crush on you; he wanted you to be happy, his heart jumped when he touched you, he wanted to be the one who made you feel things you’d never felt before.

He smiled as he watched you chuckle and smile brightly, his eyes gleamed as he bit down on his lip, loving the way your hips moved and swayed. He watched your long hair bounce softly and your eyes shine as you enjoyed yourself. He mentally complimented the way your curves looked in your lingerie and wished he could run his hand down them smoothly. As his mind raced, he knew more than ever before, that he was in fact, in love with you.

anonymous asked:

How would the 2p's react if they would meet themself as girls? ( sorry fir bad english )

The 2Ps meeting their Nyotalias

2P!America: Wait, what the hell? You look like me?! *checks her out* Wait… you’re probably nothin’ like Porkchop… Heh *throws an arm across her shoulders* I think we’ll get along just fine, Miss Rebel~ *they start taking selfies while holding up inappropriate hand symbols and send them to 1P!America*

2P!China: Hey there cutie~ *tries to flirt with her but then realizes she looks just like him* Hold up, what-? Oh… you’re one of those ‘Nyos’! Funny, I never thought my genderbend would be so fucking adorable… Hey, let’s go annoy Kuro together! *laughs and grabs her hand*

2P!England: *gapes and slaps his hands to his cheeks* Oh my goodness gracious, well aren’t you just a precious little angel sent from heaven above? *fanboys over his Nyo’s frilly pink dress and pigtails* You are too cute!~ Would you like a cup of tea, poppet? Come in come in; we have so much to discuss!

2P!France: You’re kind of creepy-looking… wait, what did you just say? What do you mean I look like that too? *sighs* Guess you’re right… whatever. So… are you gonna leave or…?

2P!Russia: *tilts head* The more the merrier, I suppose. *looks down* I just hope scary Ivan doesn’t have a Nyo as well…

2P!Italy: Tchh… We all know I am the alpha Italy… however, *scans her, slowly grins* You’re so much cuter than Felicia; would you like to come in for a glass of wine? Also, tell me about your ambitions…

2P!Germany: *grins* Yo, I heard you were supposed to be girl-me! *goes in to high five her, pauses with his hand in mid-air* Wait… *smile falls* Why do you look like you’re gonna kill me…?!

2P!Japan: It’s a pleasure to meet you. *bows* …Let’s run the Japanese black market together.

2P!Canada: *grunts* Hey. *waves halfheartedly* Uh… nice Mountie uniform.

2P!Romano: *internal screaming* She’s… you… I… yoU’RE PRETTIER THAN ME?!!!!? *falls to knees, sobbing* Bella you are too beautiful, I can’t handle it–!!! *cries until she helps him up*

2P!Austria: *evil cackle* This is too perfect!~ *gets down on one knee, gently grabs her hand and kisses it* My glorious demented counterpart, may I ask for your partnership in raising hell? Ohohoho, thought so~

2P!Prussia: It-It’s so great to meet you… *smiles softly* You’re really pretty… And you have scars just like me… Wow, and you look so strong. Can I call you my big sister? :’D

Perfect things that will make your day

-Looking at particularly spicy memes

-The way Gerard says “Hotel Bella Muerte” in The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You

-The way Gerard’s lip kind of falls when he talks. You know what I’m talking about.

-The perfect transition between The End. and Dead!

-Frank talking about his kids

-Hearing ray’s vocals in Helena

-Finding new band merch you didn’t know existed

-Finding new rare songs from your favourite artist

-Remembering that Fall Out Boy is still together

-Having free time so that you can listen to music, draw, write, or even have a hot drink

-Finding the perfect ship and the perfect pictures to go along with it

-Your favourite YouTuber posting a new video… BEFORE IT NEEDS TO GO OUT

-Having the correct pronouns used

-Discovering new parts of songs that you’ve heard close to 4 billion times

-Finally nailing the hardest part of a song on an instrument (vocals count)

-Getting complimented on something you worked hard on

-Popping bubble wrap

-Finding something you wrote to your future self

-Laughing uncontrollably at nothing

-Finding a cute person or if you don’t like people dog


-Having long stupid conversations with people you love that have no meaning

Great things do exist in everyday life



“I’ll bet you a night in the cell, that I can get y/n to go out with me,” Minho walked over at a staring Newt, and clamped a hand on his shoulder.
“She is beautiful isn’t she?” He gazed at you from across the Glade, “you’re on mate!” He said shaking hands to confirm it.
“You’re on shank!” Minho said running off.
“Where are you going?!” Newt called after him.
Minho ran to the well and splashed some water on his face and then ran over to you.
He stopped in front of you making you jump.
“Oh, hey there Minho!” You laughed.
“I just came in from the Maze!” He said hands on his knees panting and squinted as he looked up at you.
“Oh really?” You smiled as you continued to walk with the bucket of tools in your hand.
“Ya, it’s quite the work out,” he stood up and flexed a muscle.
“I can tell.”
“So I was um wondering…”
“Hey y/n!” Newt ran up to you and acted nonchalant leaning up against the wall, cutting him off.
“Hey Newt,” you laughed.
“You can’t just do that shuck face!” Minho said, his face becoming red with anger.
“Do what?” You asked.
“There were no rules!” Newt argued.
“Um, rules to what guys?”
“Oh nothing!” They both chimed, smiling at you.
“Uh, ok then?” You shrugged and chuckled as you went to hand the tools to Gally.
“So y/n, I was wondering if…” Newt leaned up against the ladder and slipped falling over, sending the ladder crashing on Gally.
“Newt! I’m gonna kill you!” He stood up chasing after him. Newt scrambled away and winked at you as he ran off.
“So, as I was about to ask,” Minho began running a hand through his hair, “do you…”
Newt ran back around, Gally still chasing him, and pushed Minho out of the way.
“Do you want to go out with…”
“Me sometime?” Minho jumped back up, pushing Newt.
“Hey y/n, enough flirting and help me with this!” Gally called.
“Bye guys,” you waved rolling your eyes and walked off.
“She was so into me,” Minho flexed his arms again.
“Shut up shuck face, she was hooked on my every word!”
“Says the guy who knocked over a ladder and was chased away by Gally,” Minho teased.
Newt gave him a shove, “Let’s get back to work.”

Request: Could you do one where the reader is sent into our world (Like French Mistake) and she has a crush on Dean, and is dating Jensen in our world. Then Dean gets into our world and the reader doesn't realize so she still acts like a couple with him. And it's awkward and he likes her too? Sorry if I'm being too specific!!

“Hey, Y/N!” Gabriel exclaimed, appearing next to you. 

You jumped, but once you’d gotten over your initial shock, you rolled your eyes. “What do you want?” You asked.

“I’m bored.” Gabriel shrugged. “And I thought I’d have some fun with you." 

"Not interested.” You told him, moving to the kitchen.

“That’s not how the game works.” He told you, then snapped his fingers. You knew that meant something bad was happening and spun to look at him, but he was gone. 

You thought it was weird, but decided to shrug it off. Maybe he’d decided to leave you alone. You walked into the kitchen and started looking through the fridge. You pulled out some eggs and got to work. Dean walked in a little later. 

“Hey.” You greeted him.

“Hey, do you know where Sam is?” He asked.

“Uh, I think he went out.” You said. “You want some eggs?”

“How could I turn down food?” He asked, smiling.

You laughed and shook your head. “Then make yourself useful and get over here.” You ordered. 

Dean rolled his eyes but stood next to you, and started chopping some peppers. You worked silently and smoothly, until Dean ran his leg up yours. You jumped and stared at him, eyes wide. You’d had the biggest crush on Dean forever, but he didn’t know that, and he’d certainly never done anything like that before. 

“You okay?” He asked, his voice not as deep as it usually was.

“Cut!” A voice yelled from somewhere, and people flooded your kitchen. You jumped at the sudden intrusion and looked to Dean for some help. 

“Are you okay?” He asked, stepping closer to you and cupping your face. 

“Uh, yeah.” You answered, searching his eyes. Then he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. You didn’t do anything at first, too shocked to move, but soon you melted into the kiss. 

Dean pulled away from you and rested his forehead against yours. “You haven’t kissed me like that in years.” He commented. 

“Years?” You asked, confused.

“It’s not a bad thing!” He quickly said, not wanting to offend you. “It’s just.. strange." 

"Jensen! Break it up!” Somebody yelled, and Dean instantly turned around. He stuck his tongue out at the man and laughed. 

“Jensen?” You asked.

“Yeah, honey?” He said, turning back to you.

“Uh, I think I just need to lay down.” You said, moving away. 

“Oh, I’ll go with you.” He offered, wrapping an arm around your waist. 

Your heart raced at the contact. It’s not Dean. You reminded yourself. This was some guy named Jensen, not the man you’d loved since you met him. Although, they looked an awful lot alike… 

No! You had to push those thoughts out of your head. You didn’t know where to go, so you let ‘Jensen’ take you to a trailer. Apparently, it was yours. You walked in and saw a huge couch resting in front of an aquarium. A giant TV sat opposite the couch, and an oak table was in the center of the room. “Why the Hell is there an aquarium?” You muttered. 

Jensen took a seat on the couch and motioned for you to join him, and after hesitating for a moment, you did. In this world, you were dating him, and you weren’t sure if there was a real version of you here, and if there was, you didn’t want to ruin her relationship. And you liked the way it felt in his arms, it was basically how it would feel in Dean’s.

“So, what’s wrong?” Jensen asked, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you closer to him.

“I… I just don’t feel very well.” You said, thinking up a quick lie.

“Alright, then you rest. I’ll go tell Bobby and see if we can just shoot the Sam-Dean scenes today.” Jensen offered, kissing the top of your head and getting up.

“Okay…” You said, and watched as he left the trailer.

You jumped up the second the door was closed. You found a computer and started it up. You remembered something about Sam and Dean saying they were in similar situation a few years back. You typed in your name, and pictures of you instantly popped up. 

You scrolled through them, amazed. You remembered certain things happening, like the picture of you slapping Crowley, but there were never any people around to take the picture! You clicked on one picture, and an IMDB page popped up. 

The page was for an actress named Y/N Dresden, and apparently she played a character named Y/N Y/L/N on the hit TV show Supernatural. It was no question that you were in the same universe Sam and Dean were in that one time, and you were trying not to freak out.

“Gabriel, you’ve had your fun. Please bring me back.” You prayed. Either the angel didn’t hear you, or he didn’t care, because nothing happened. “Fine, you dick, I’ll pray to Cas.” You said. “Castiel, Cas, help. It’s Y/N. Gabriel popped me into another universe where out world is a TV show, and I’m freaking out.” You sat silently for a few seconds, but once again, nothing happened. 

You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself. Sam and Dean were able to get out last time because they did a spell, but a spell didn’t bring you here, a douschy angel did, so you didn’t think that would work. You’d just have to wait for Gabriel to get bored.


You’d been playing the part of Y/N Dresden for a week now, and although you’d never admit it, it was kind of awesome. Jensen Ackles, your boyfriend, was amazing. He was kind, sweet, charming, funny, just about everything you’d wanted. And maybe, just maybe, you liked him because he was just like Dean, although you’d never admit that to anybody, even yourself. 

You were also pretty good at acting as yourself. It was weird at first, but you realized you just had to act like yourself, and everything was easy after that. You’d just finished filming a scene with Jared, who was fake Sam, and decided to look for Jensen. 

You saw him looking around, staring at everything. You  tried not to laugh at the sight, and ran up to him. “Jensen!” You called, waving at him.

“Y/N?” He asked.

“Yes?” You replied, copying his tone.

“Wher-” He started, but you interrupted him by wrapping your arms around his neck and bringing him into a kiss.

He seemed shocked at first, but melted into the kiss after only a moment, and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You pulled away, leaving only an inch or two between you. “What’s gotten into you?” You asked, chuckling.

“I… Um. Okay, this is going to sound weird if you’re not the real Y/N, but-” He started.

“Wait. The real Y/N?” You asked, taking a few extra steps away from him.

“You’re not her, are you?” Dean asked, his face falling. “Dammit. I’m gonna kill Gabriel.” He muttered.

“Holy shit. Dean?” You asked quietly, not believing your eyes.

“Y/N?” Jensen-Dean-somebody!- replied.

“Oh my God, can we get out of here?” You asked, attacking him with a hug. 

“Yeah! Let’s go somewhere quiet and Gabriel or Cas will come get us.” Dean said.

“Follow me.” You ordered, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards your trailer. 

“Woah, is this yours?” He asked, entering the trailer. 

“Well, fake mine, so yeah." 

"You’ve got an aquarium!” He exclaimed, running up to it and staring at the fish.

You laughed and shook your head. “You’re like a little kid.”

Dean continued to circle the trailer, picking stuff up then putting it back down. You were looking at your aquarium when Dean sat next to you again, a picture frame in his hand.

You glanced at it and saw that he was holding a picture of you and Jensen, arms wrapped around each other, you pressing a kiss to his cheek. “So, in this world you’re dating fake me?” He asked.

“Yeah, that’s why when you first got here.. I, uh, you know.” You said, face turning red. You were so excited about possibly going home, that you’d forgotten all about kissing real Dean.

“So.. You’ve been kissing fake me?”

“Yes, you pervert.” You said, trying to lighten the mood by joking.,

“Do you like him?” Dean asked quietly, staring at the picture and not looking at you.

“Yeah, he’s a really great guy. But, I was only acting like a couple with him because….” You faltered, feeling like an idiot.

“That’s not a real reason.” Dean said, smiling slightly at you.

“Because he looked like you.” You sighed, averting your eyes to the floor. 

“Well, I am very cute.” Dean joked, bumping his shoulder against yours.

“Can we just drop the subject?” You asked, not wanting to embarrass yourself any more.

“No.” Dean stated. “Because I’m jealous of this Jensen guy.”

Yo whipped your head towards him, making your eyes connect. “Why?”

“Because I like you, and he got to kiss you.” Dean explained, leaning towards you. 

“You can kiss me too.” You mumbled right before your lips touched. 

You scooted closer to him and Dean wrapped his arms around you. Your hands went to the base of his neck. You weren’t sure how long you were kissing, but you knew you’d have kissed for much longer if Gabriel hadn’t interrupted. 

“Alright, break it up. You’ve entertained me, time to go back home.” He announced.

Dean’s arms were still wrapped around your waist when you felt yourself being moved. Suddenly you were sitting on the couch in the bunker. “Thank God.” You sighed, leaning your forehead on Dean’s. 

“Um, hey guys.” Sam coughed awkwardly.

“Oh! Hey!” Dean exclaimed, and you both backed away from each other.

You jumped off the couch and hugged Sam, then Cas. “It’s so nice to see you guys.” You said, sighing in relief.

“Not as nice as it is to see, Dean, apparently.” Sam teased.

“Oh, shut up.” You said, punching him lightly.

“I’ll go yell at Gabriel.” Cas offered, disappearing.

“Thanks!” You called after him.

“And I’ll… go watch TV. Or something.” Sam said, leaving the room. But not before throwing Dean a not-so-subtle thumbs up.

“So. You, uh, want to continue?” You asked Dean.

“God, yes.” Dean sighed, walking towards you and quickly closing the space before he kissed you again.

(I hope you like it!)

Saviour || Peter Maximoff x Reader

A\N: Alright! SO. In this imagine the reader is a mutant who has the ability to manipulate the air. Essentially like Air benders in Avatar the Last Airbender or Legend of Korra (both awesome shows). If you haven’t seen these shows then dude….what are you doing with your life???

Prompt No.2: “Why are you up there? Actually no, how’d you get up there?”

Prompt No.13: “I never thought this level of idiot existed.”

Request: “2 and 13 for Peter Maximoff?’

You clung on the thick tree branch hanging on for dear life. Today was definitely not a good day. You had decided to test out if or not you could partially fly by creating a small cyclone around yourself. You had successfully managed to lift yourself 45 feet off the ground but maybe because you had gotten a little too carried away, you had suddenly jerked forward landing painfully in a huge tree. A fall from this height was surely gonna kill you so you had grabbed on firmly to a tree branch. You were sure as hell not going to risk ‘flying’ down to the ground. What if your abilities acted up again and you ended up flailing on your way down? It would probably result in a broken arm and you weren’t so eager to injure yourself.

It had been roughly 10 mins since you were stuck in the tree like a cat. You were praying inwardly that someone would come by, notice you and help you down. You could scream for help but you felt that the branch would be offended and fling you off. No sooner had you said that, Peter suddenly appeared on the spot where a moment ago there was no one.

“[Y\N]?” Peter questioned squinting in your direction.

“Oh great,” you mumbled to yourself. “My knight in shining armor.”

“Why are you up there? Actually no, how’d you get up there?”

You sighed and shot a fake smile in his direction, not sure if he caught that. “Well! I thought that today was a good enough day to scale the tallest tree in the whole goddamn yard. And as you can see I did just that!”

“Alright,” Peter said swinging his leg back. “Clearly you don’t need my help. So I’ll be going!”

“Wait! Wait!” you panicked. “Ugh I was testing out my powers and I flew a little but somehow I was thrown into this tree and now I am trying my very best to not die. Happy?”

“Extremely. I never thought this level of idiot existed.”

“Yes yes,” you snapped. “Now that we have that out of the way, can you help out a little instead of just gawking?”

“I don’t know [Y\N],” Peter shrugged. “what’s in it for me?”

You rolled your eyes. “Well Peter, you get to save your only chance of having a love life and also save a life.”

You looked at Peter who was looking at you blankly, clearly not convinced. You cursed inwardly knowing that you’re gonna regret this later.

“I’ll buy you a month supply of twinkies and I’ll do your weeks’ worth of homework.”

At that Peter’s face broke into a grin. “There we go!”

He pulled down his goggles to his eyes and before you knew it you were back on the ground in the safe arms of your boyfriend.

“Thank you,” you whispered before kissing him. You smiled innocently at him before giving him an air blast to his face. “That was for not rescuing me when I first asked you too.”