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Fallout Pt. 19 | Jungkook

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: post-apocalyptic AU | angst

Word count: ~12k

Synopsis: After the bombs fell, there was nothing on the world besides grey; grey skies, grey pastures, and grey people. The world had been devastated, and the sole motor of your every action was pure instinct because, deep inside, you only wished you had died with the majority of human kind.

TW: MATURE CONTENTS | Swearing, mentions of abuse/rape, blood, violence, gore, “zombies”, sexual contents/references

A/N: Today I’ll do my note in a different post. Please read it :) But yes… I hope this doesn’t disappoint you. I know it’s been a long time.

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Fallout Pt. 18 | Jungkook Apocalyptic!AU

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Genre: Post-Apocalyptic AU | Angst | Slightest smut (more like nudity?)

Word count: 15k

Synopsis: After the bombs fell, there was nothing on the world besides grey; grey skies, grey pastures, and grey people. The world had been devastated, and the sole motor of your every action was pure instinct because, deep inside, you only wished you had died with the majority of human kind.

N/A: If this sucks, I am sorry. There might be some mistakes because it was so damn long. Also, Danbi as a name means sweet rain. Also, this proves I am obsessed. (SPOILER?)

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of rape/abuse, blood, violence, gore, zombies, sexual contents/references.

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Pain is fleeting.

When it only affects the flesh, pain it’s ephemeral. It’s nothing more than a physical reaction to a noxious stimulation so, once the disturbing sensation is quelled, and the injury mended, the sensation is also forgotten. It is a very vague concept when it is not felt, a constant fear lying in wait in the depths of our minds, and it doesn’t become real until the very moment skin breaks, blood streams in haphazard filigrees and bones break accompanied by violent cracks and muffled screams of agony.

However, when that dim emotion becomes ceaseless, when you conclude its harrying will have no end, pain immediately loses its influence and even the strongest minds surrender to its inevitability. At some point, although your skin breaks or blood escapes your body, you welcome every blow as an old friend and you accept that feeling as an intrinsic part of yourself that will never abandon you.

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Companions React 2

Companions react to overworking Sole to the point of exhaustion.

Cait: “Fuck!” she yelled, retching loudly.  "Goddamn it!  Where the hell is that vault?!  It’s been three days and we still haven’t found it!“  She kicked the dirt furiously, stubbing her toes.  ”Fuck!  My insides feel like they’re on fire!  Ya promised you’d help me!  What the hell have ya been doin’?!  I marked the damn thing on your map!  So what gives?!“

"I’m sorry…” Sole stammered, agonized by her outburst.  "My Pip-boy can’t get a clear reading.  It’s hard to locate a vault, especially if there’s computer interference.  It causes static, sort of like an EMP that–“

"I don’t give a shit!” she screamed, punching a nearby tree and cracking the bark. “Just fix it!”

Sole sighed, her eyes heavy.  "I know it’s hard, but please try to be patient.  We’re in the right area, we just have to find it.  Can’t you take some addictol?  Just for now?  Just to settle your system?“

"Addictol?!  I told ya that shit doesn’t work on me!”

“Not long term, but it’ll last long enough to get you to the vault.  Please, Cait.  I just–”

“Ya don’t give a shit if I live or die, do ya?!”  She digs her nails into her skin, gritting her teeth.  "I knew it!  I’m just a burden to ya!“

"No. Please.  You don’t understand.  I–”

Sole stumbled, losing her footing and crashing to the ground.  Shocked by the sudden display, Cait rushed to her aid.  That’s when it hit her: Sole hadn’t slept or eaten since their journey began.  Cait was so high and hyped up on chems that she didn’t feel the effects of fatigue; nor did she notice Sole’s dedication, but now it was clear as day.  She hadn’t complained or taken a break even once. She was fully devoted to helping Cait, yet all she did was flare her rage and spit hurtful accusations.

“Damn.  I’m … I’m so sorry,” Cait moaned, reaching into her bag.  I’ll take the addictol.  You just rest now.“

"But … we’re so close,” Sole breathed, barely conscious.

“Stop it.  I ain’t dyin’, I’m just bein’ dramatic. You rest now.  We’ll find the vault in the mornin’.”

Curie (pre-synth): Curie wasn’t used to having so much freedom.  In truth, she wasn’t sure how to handle it.  Restless, eager to explore, she dragged Sole across the Commonwealth, studying everything in her path.  She bombarded her with questions, some of which Sole had difficultly answering. She could barely finish a thought before the rapt white robot dashed off in search of something new.  But when she hit her limit, Curie was quick to notice. She immediately set her down, strewing words of concern.

“Mon Dieu!  I am so sorry!” she wailed.  "I … I can’t believe I forgot how fragile the human body can be.  Moi! A nurse! Impardonnable!  Here, you must drink and rest.“

Sole giggled, taking the bottle of purified water.  "It’s all right, Curie.  You’re just excited.  I don’t blame you.”

“Still, I should have been more attentive to your needs.  Why did you not say something?”

“Honestly?  I didn’t want to spoil the moment.  You’re just the cutest thing when you’re happy.”

Curie shied away, her thruster blazing.  "J-je suis embarrassé!“

Sole laughed, lying back on the grass.  They’d continue their journey in the morning.

Piper:  Piper was desperate to expose McDonough. She’d do anything to uncover the truth, including drag Sole along on a wild goose chase.  They spent days interrogating people and tailing his every move, and Sole was exhausted.  Piper, on the other hand, only seemed more energetic, riled by the prospect of finding evidence to support her claim.

"I know there’s something here,” she said, rifling through his files.  "Try kicking me and Nat out of our town?  Yeah, we’ll see about that.“

Sole watched nervously as she began to regret breaking into his office.  "Piper, look, if you haven’t found anything by now, maybe you’re wrong.”

“I’m not wrong!” she yelled, trying but failing to whisper.  Sole touched a finger to her lips, but Piper rolled her eyes in response.  "I’m telling you, the guy’s scum.  It says so right here.  According to these files, he’s hiding all kinds of things from the public.“

"Including being a synth?”

Piper stepped back, gripping the papers.  "Well, no … but there’s still more to read.“

Sole sighed, on the verge of collapsing.  "Piper … if McDonough is a synth, do you really think he’d keep such damning evidence in his office?  It’s not exactly secure.”

“W-well, what about his computer?  Looks like it’s password protected.  What’s he hiding on there, huh?”

“Everyone has a password on their computer.  And politicians keep secrets.  It’s what they do.  That doesn’t mean he’s a synth.”


“Take the files. Run your stories on that.  With any luck, it’ll be enough for the public to push him out of office.  But this is a man’s life we’re talking about.  Please, Piper.  Let it go.”

She clutched the pages firmly.  "But … I was so sure.“

"You hate him. It’s only natural that you’d want him to be the bad guy.”

“I … guess that’s true.”  She folded the files and slipped them into her pocket.  "I guess, for now, this is enough.“

"I’m proud of you.”  She leaned against the desk for support.  "Now can we please get out of here?  I’m so tired.“

Piper cringed, staring at her pale partner in crime.  "Damn, Blue.  You really are, aren’t you? Aw, man.  I’m sorry.  I guess I’ve been pushing you a bit too hard, huh?”  She stretched her arms, yawning loudly.  "Now that you mention it, I’m pretty tired too.  All right, let’s get out of here.  We can rest up at my place.“  Sole nodded and turned to leave, but stopped when Piper touched her shoulder.  "And, Blue?  Thanks.  No one’s ever stuck their neck out for me before. Here I have you picking locks and running around the Commonwealth, and I never even thanked you.  So … thank you.”

Sole smiled, patting her back.  "You’re welcome, Piper. And don’t worry about it.  I look forward to working with you for a long, long time.“

Codsworth: "I’m so sorry, mum!” he said, helping her to her feet.  They were surrounded by raider corpses, most of which Sole put down herself.  "I said I’m no Mr. Gutsy … but I didn’t expect to be this useless in battle.“  He scanned her body, finding several cuts and bruises. "Oh, I’m so sorry.  Does it hurt?”

“Don’t worry about it, Codsworth,” Sole wheezed, taking a moment to catch her breath. “You’re just not used to combat. I’ll–”  Her knees quaked and she crashed to the ground.

“Mum, are you all right?!  Mum?!”

It wasn’t just the fight; she was exhausted from travelling.  She had spent days following Codsworth with little food and limited rest.  He took notice, but without the proper supplies he couldn’t do anything to help her. When the raiders attacked he panicked, having never faced such a powerful enemy.

“Ooh … I was no help at all!  As much as it pains me to say it, perhaps you should leave me behind henceforth. Or upgrade me into a more battle-worthy frame?  I’m sure Mr. Sturges could work wonders.  It might not be compatible with my programming … but what are a few glitches and personality wipes in comparison to your safety?”

Sole winced, horrified by the suggestion.  "You don’t actually mean that, do you?“

"Well, I’m not overly fond of the idea.  But if it helps keep you safe, I’m willing to take that chance.”

Sole smiled, resting on the grass but holding one of his arms.  "Don’t change a thing, Codsworth.  You’re family.  I can’t lose you, too.“

"But I’m–”

“Perfect, just the way you are.  People don’t upgrade themselves, they practice.  You just need some training.”

“I … thank you, mum. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”

“I’m glad.  And I’ll be happy to teach you the ways of combat.”  She closed her eyes, no longer able to fight her pending sleep.  "Just as soon as I … have a rest.“

Codsworth whirred, refusing to leave her amongst the blood and bodies.  He picked her up carefully, avoiding his saw, then slumped her over his torso.  With an ambitious glow, he hovered off into the distance.  This time he’d protect her.  No matter what, this time she’d be safe.

X6-88:   X6 expected Sole to go above and beyond.  A few days without rest shouldn’t have been a problem, but he was disappointed to learn otherwise.  She collapsed, her feet blistered and hips throbbing. They’d been walking non-stop for hours, and it had been days since she had a shower, a decent meal, and more than four hours sleep.

He turned to face her, frowning in annoyance.  "Get up, Ma'am.  Our mission isn’t over yet.”

"I need a break,” Sole wheezed, sitting back on the hard, dry dirt.  "Just a few minutes.“

"You are the future of the Institute, Ma'am.  Our mission should remain your top priority.”

“It is,” she protested.  "But I’m only human.“

I’m not tired,“ he scoffed.

"You’re designed for this sort of thing.  I don’t have the same build as you.”  He paused, considering her words carefully.  "Let me put it this way: have you ever seen anyone in the Institute– that isn’t a synth– push themselves the way you’re pushing me? Could Father do this? Non-stop, without a proper rest?“ She cringed, removing her shoes to rub her wounded feet, and X6 watched, feeling slightly sympathetic.

"My apologies, Ma'am.”  He bent down, offering her some water.  "Perhaps my expectations are too unrealistic.“

Sole shook her head, taking a long, much-needed swig.  "I don’t mind that you have high expectations of me,” she lisped between sips.  "It’s actually quite flattering.  But let me have my basic necessities.  I need to eat.  I need to sleep.  And sometimes, every once in a while, I need to sit down.“ X6 groaned, removing his sunglasses and tucking the temples behind her ears.  "H-hey, what are you–?”

“Sleep,” he mumbled, shielding her eyes from the sun.  "You have eight hours.  The average time needed for an adult female.”

While she rested, he wrote up a schedule of when she should eat and sleep, as well as a healthy meal plan. After all, as the future of the Institute she needed to be at her peak efficiency.

Strong: Strong could go days without rest, and he didn’t understand why Sole, the person he swore to follow, couldn’t do the same.  The moment she collapsed, exhausted from four days of non-stop travel, he grunted and threw her over his brawny shoulder.

“Strong forgot how weak humans are.  Need sleep. Sleep!  Strong will keep safe.”

He sneered, trying to keep her comfortable as he carried her to the next town.  The people screamed when they saw him approaching, thinking that Sole was his victim, but he proved otherwise when he laid her at their feet, asking them to feed her.  As the people tended to Sole, he impatiently stood outside her bedroom.  He knew she’d probably be in there all night, but no one said he couldn’t be angry about it.

“Strong bored!” he bellowed, leaning against the wall.  Fearfully, one of the citizens tapped his arm.  "What you want?“ he growled.  "Should be looking after leader.”

“Y-your friend will be fine,” the man flinched.  "She just needs some sleep.  But, uh … in the meantime, we’ve been having some trouble with raiders. Your friend said you might want to h-help us with that?“

A sadistic grin filled the mutant’s face.  "Need help with raiders?!  Good. Strong will smash!”

He ran out of the town, telling the man to watch over Sole until his return.

Preston: “You look a little tired,” Present remarked, following closely behind Sole.

“I am,” she groaned.  "We’ve been at this for days.  How many more settlements are there?“

"Just a few, and they’re all pretty close to each other.”

Sole sobbed, looking at her map.  "How are you not tired?”

“I guess I’m just used to this,” he shrugged.  "Travelling for a long time with little rest is kind of what the Minutemen do.“

"Well I just woke up!” she griped.  She lowered her head, tears forming in her eyes.  "My husband’s dead, my family’s in tatters, my son’s missing, and everything out here wants to kill me!“

Preston felt his heart shatter, her words hitting him hard.  "Damn, I … I never even considered that.  I was so wrapped up in rebuilding the Minutemen.  Damn.  I’m sorry. Look, if you need to rest–”

“I’m fine,” she said, wiping her eyes with her sleeve.  "I’m sorry, Preston.  I was just feeling sorry for myself.  You’re right, of course.  Helping people is what’s important.“

"No.”  He sat down and ruffled the grass beside him. “I’m sorry I’ve been so inconsiderate.  You need to rest.  We can help the settlements tomorrow.”

“A-are you sure?”

“Absolutely sure. Take all the time you need.“

Sole smiled and laid back, sighing when the weight left her feet.  She closed her eyes, dozing off, but not before she felt Preston’s duster cover her body.  She muttered a weak ‘thank you’, comfortable for the first time since leaving the vault. While she slept, Preston hummed his favourite tune, keeping her nightmares at bay.

Danse:  With his power armour, Danse had no problem travelling long distances and fighting for extended periods.  After killing a near endless wave of feral ghouls, he and Sole made their way back to the Prydwen.  He hardly took notice of her scratches and bruises, obtained during the vicious onslaught.  She dragged her feet, her body aching and worn from two nights of very little sleep.

"Danse?” she peeped, her eyes narrow.

“What is it, soldier?”

“I … I think I–”

She stumbled forward, but Danse reacted quickly.  He dashed towards her, catching her in his arms.  Only then did he notice the damage.  A crushing guilt consumed him as he realized how useless he was during the fight.  While she fought the ghouls, he focussed on the mission, securing the package they were sent to retrieve. Only after he had it did he lend a hand.  He shook her gently, trying to wake her, but to no avail.  He tried again, gasping when a hint of blood stained his fingers.

"Damn it, soldier, stay with me!”

He laid her down and reached back for his med kit.  She wasn’t going to die; she wasn’t even in danger of dying, but he couldn’t help but worry.  After all, it was his fault she was in such a sorry state.  He was usually so careful, always putting his men before himself, but somehow she had slipped through the cracks.

“I’m okay,” she slurred, feeling the stimpack pierce her skin.

“No you’re not. You’re bleeding.”

“Hey … ad victoriam, right?”

Danse flinched as she passed out, overcome with exhaustion.  He held his breath, but a throaty grunt escaped his lips. “No, soldier.  Not alone.”

He lifted her off the ground, securing her in his arms.  Hanging his head in shame, he made his way back to the Prydwen, vowing to fight by her side like an honourable soldier should.

Deacon: Deacon spent days teaching Sole his covert ways, but espionage was harder than she thought.  He pushed her hard, adopting the roll of a drill sergeant. Finally hitting her limit, Sole collapsed, her arms tangled in one of his stupid costumes.

“Damn, you okay?” he asked, sitting her upright and freeing her arms.

“It’s too much, Deacon.  I’m so tired.”

“Well, why didn’t you say somethin’?”

“Because I … I wanted to get this right.  I thought if I kept going it would eventually come to me, like it did with you.”

Deacon curled his lips, stifling a guilty laugh.  "Ohh, uh … yeah.  I was lyin’ about that.”

Sole stared at him, thrown by his confession.  "You what?“

"Come on.  You actually believed that?  It took me years to master this stuff, not days.”

“B-but you said–!”

“You actually think there’s such a thing as the 'Spy’s Psyche’?  That was just a fib a told ya to keep ya motivated.”  He laughed boisterously.  "And I guess it kinda worked, huh?  Kept ya motivated!“

"Deacon … I am going to kill you!”

“Okay.  I understand you’re emotional right now, but think of it this way: you’ve made excellent progress.”

“I hate you.”

“Aw, you don’t mean that.  I can tell.”  Sole sobbed and hunched forward, fading in and out of consciousness.  Only then did Deacon realize that he took his game too far.  "Hey, I’m sorry.  Let’s get ya back to HQ.  You can rest up and we’ll tackle this another time.“  He picked her up and headed back, holding her close to his chest.

"Hey, Deacon?” she hummed, resting her head on his collar.  "When you said I’ve made progress, was that a lie too?“

He paused, then smiled sweetly, easing her worries.  "No. I wasn’t lyin’ about that.  I may not always tell the truth, but I give credit where it’s due.  You’ve done great, buddy.  All we gotta do is work on your stealth.  In time, you may even outshine me.”

Sole winced at the prospect.  "Does that mean I have to shave all my hair off?“

Deacon stopped in his tracks, then threw his head back, laughing so hard he nearly dropped her. He couldn’t help but chuckle the whole way back to the Railroad.

MacCready: MacCready rushed to Daisy’s shop and handed her the cure for Duncan.  He explained the situation, and Daisy was only too happy to help.  She promised the cure would reach Duncan, and MacCready cheered, taking his first sigh of relief in what felt like an eternity. He turned to Sole with a outstretched smile, but gasped when he saw her near passed out on the bench.

"Hey, a-are you okay?”

“Yeah…” she wisped, forcing half a smile.  "Just tired.“

He approached her silently, then took a seat and placed her head on his lap.  "You saved my son’s life today,” he whispered, his eyes damp.

“I’m so glad.  I can’t … wait to meet him.”

Before she could say another word, she slipped into a deep sleep.  MacCready removed his hat and covered her face, shielding her from the light.

“I didn’t realize how much this took out of you.  I’m real sorry.  I … I’ll never be able to thank you for this.”

“Don’t think you need to,” Daisy chimed.  "She doesn’t seem the type.“

MacCready smirked, gently caressing Sole’s arm.  "I know.  I’m not sure what to do with that.  She never asked for anything, never once complained.  I didn’t even realize how tired she was.”

“Well, don’t beat yourself up over it.  For now, just let her rest.”

“I will.”

With a grateful smile, he lifted her off the bench and headed for Hotel Rexford.  He’d pay good caps for the best room they had.  He didn’t mind.  Not anymore.  She was worth it.

Hancock: Hancock stood on his balcony, staring out over his town.  After learning the truth about McDonough, he needed to vent.  He and Sole had just finished clearing out the old warehouses around Goodneighbor, killing every mobster in their wake.  He was fuming, teaming with adrenaline and anger, but Sole was spent, weighed down by days of intense travel and travesty. She fell forward, leaning over the edge.

“Hey, you okay sister? He rasped, coming out of his stupor. Sole tilted back, nearly falling over the railing.  "Jesus!” he wailed, reaching out and grabbing her arm.  "Hey!  What the hell is wrong with you?!“  He went silent when he saw her face, her eyes lifeless and empty. "Hey.  W-what’s wrong?”  He grasped her hand and shook her gently.  "Talk to me, sister.  Come on, talk to me!“

"I-I’m sorry,” she breathed, weakly squeezing his fingers.  "I just blacked out for a second.  I’m … so tired.“

"Oh, God.  This is my fault, isn’t it?”

“No.  I’m fine.  I just–”

“Shh.  Take it easy.”  He picked her up, quickly but carefully, and carried her into the estate.  "You can rest here.“ He placed her on his bed, pressing her into the pillows.  "Do you need anything?  Water? Food?  Probably food, right?”

“Hancock, I’m fine. Really.”

“No you’re not. You’re exhausted.  Ya haven’t eaten, ya haven’t slept, ya haven’t had a moment’s peace.  And it’s my fault.  Draggin’ ya along on all my steamed-up tirades.  Damn it. I didn’t even ask if you were hurt durin’ the fight.”

“It’s okay, Hancock. Really.  I know how much clearing out those warehouses meant to you.  I’m just glad that we … that we–” She rubbed her eyes, dizzy and completely spent.

“Hang in there, sister.  I’ll have Cosgrove cook ya up somethin’ nice.  And, uh, I’ll get ya some water and–”  He scratched the back of his neck, at a loss for words. “Sorry, sister.  Aside from chems, I don’t really know what else to offer ya.”

Sole giggled, having never seen him so insecure.  "You’re doing fine, Hancock.  A bed and some food is more than enough.  And listen, I’m … I’m sorry about McDonough.  I know this must be hard for you.“

Hancock grumbled, sitting on the edge of the bed.  "I just wish I knew what was what,” he whispered, his voice filled with sorrow.  "Was it a synth who murdered all those innocent ghouls, or was it my actual brother? Have I been hating him all this time for the wrong reasons?“

"You said you didn’t recognize him, right?  Maybe it wasn’t him.”

“Yeah, but … Guy always let power go to his head.  Didn’t know how to handle it.  There was never a humble bone in his body.  While I’d like to think otherwise … the likelihood that it was him is high.”

Sole frowned, sitting up and placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.  "If you want, we can search for him.  I have a bunch of records from the Institute.  We can sift through them and see if there’s anything on your brother.“

Hancock smiled, rubbing her hand and laying her back down.  "Thanks, sister.  That sounds good to me.  But let’s wait a while, huh?  Right now, just rest.”

Nick:  Nick tossed his files to the floor, grunting angrily.  "Damn it!  We’ve spent three days looking through these notes and we still haven’t had any luck tracking down Winter’s tape!“  He punched the desk, his circuits whirring. He wasn’t an impatient man, but he had waited two hundred years for this.  "That one last tape is all I need!  The final piece of the puzzle!  So why can’t we–?”

He froze, seeing Sole nearly passed out on the floor.  She was surrounded by paper, her hands black with pencil from taking notes.  He noticed the dark bags under her eyes as she rocked back and forth, barely cognisant.  Approaching her slowly, a hundred questions plagued his thoughts. When did she last eat?  Two days ago; he was almost certain of that, but how long had it been since she slept?  It was easy for him to forget the basic necessities of life, especially when working a case, but that didn’t excuse his behaviour.  He’d been so demanding, so pushy, so coarse and uncaring, but Sole never complained.  Not once.

“H-hey.  You all right, kid?”

“Huh?”  It took her a second to realize he was talking to her, but she eventually nodded, groaning softly.  "Y-yeah.  I just … I’m … I’m tired.“  Her eyelids twitched as she struggled to keep them open.  "But let’s keep going.  I … I think I’m on to something.”

Her voice was so weak and quiet that Nick couldn’t help but cringe.  He sighed remorsefully.  If guilt could kill, he’d have shut down right then and there.

“No…” he whispered, gently grasping her hand.  "It’s not important.  We can try again after you’ve had a break.“

He kneeled down and held her tight, lulling her into his chest.  She tried to fight him, insisting she was fine, but the moment she was comfortable she slipped into a deep sleep.  She was exhausted, hungry, and fevered.  Nick bit his lip, muffling a frustrated sob as he picked her up and gently placed her on the sofa.  It was his fault, and not because he was a synth who forgot about sleeping and eating, or because he was a detective too dedicated to his work; it was because he was selfish.  Plain and simple.

"I’m sorry, kid. I’m so sorry.”

He quickly covered her with his trench coat, then collected her notes.  He grit his teeth when he realized that she was mapping out the locations where the other holotapes were found.  She made several connections and even circled multiple areas where the final tape could be located.  He gripped the papers, crunching them with his metal fingers.  She was working so hard, to the point of breaking, and he didn’t even notice.  He didn’t even thank her for finding what she had.  He had never been more disappointed in himself.

“Damn it, kid. I’m so sorry.  Never again.  I promise.”

He returned to the couch and took a seat next to her, then positioned her head on his lap.  He spent the rest of the night stroking her hair and humming 'Am I Blue’ to keep her slumber peaceful.  He’d apologize again in the morning.

Just General Fallout 4 Headcanons

Cause who doesn’t like a good set of headcanons? (I guess this’ll be part 1) Let’s do this (BEWARE SPOILERS):

  • Remember in the beginning of the game, where you get to go around the house and explore a bit? If you go up to the dog bowl, the Sole Survivor mentioned their dog ran away. WHAT IF, after around 210 years, a dog comes up to Sanctuary Hills, but it’s ghoulified, and then the Sole Survivor reads their collar, only to learn that it was their old dog (Bonus points if the dog was chosen by their spouse, and the dog’s a small dog like a Shih Tzu or a chihuahua)
  • Jun and Marcy are on good terms. They don’t need to be a couple, but they learned to get along again.
  • Sarah Lyons isn’t dead.
  • Maccready left Duncan with the Lone Wanderer back in the Capital Wasteland, after he left Little Lamplight, he might’ve bonded with them and started to trust them a lot more.
  • All of Deacons stories that he tells Shaun are true. Every. Single. One
  • We don’t get much backstory about Fahrenheit, which kinda bothers me because shes a great character! But one thing that I headcanon about her is that at one point when she was a kid she was all alone, and one time after a brutal fight with a super mutant or some feral ghouls, she was left out to die in the middle of the wastes. Then Hancock came in, helped her out and tried to find her a new home. Ever since then, she looked up to him and remained his bodyguard ever since. (But seriously Bethesda pls fix this i need more Fahrenheit in my life)
  • Piper writes fanfiction
  • and Cait might have read one or two of them
  • Remember when Deacon said he was once in the Capital Wasteland, as well as claiming he was a women (which was canon, apparently). We all know Deacon lies a lot, but what if, and I know the chances that this happened was very slim, but what if Deacon was Victoria Watts? It can be possible, very unlikely, but possible.
  • Sturges is like a Mama Bird to little Shaun whenever the Sole Survivor is gone. 
  • Whenever the Sole Survivor mentions a pre-war meme, you just hear Nick Valentine from the other side of field being like “Nope nope nope not this again, nope nOPE”
Autistic Galra Keith (Part 3)

It’s finally here! The fluff (and assorted headcanons)! You don’t have to read the previous parts first, but here’s the links if you want them.

[Original autistic Keith and Pidge meta]

Autistic Galra Keith Series
[Part 1: Childhood, the Garrison, and Mentor!Shiro]
[Part 2: The Reveal and Fallout]
[Bonus: Purring is the best stim]
[Part 3: Here!]

Obligatory reminder: Keith is both autistic AND alien (Galra and Altean) in this series. Pidge is also autistic.

Minor spoilers if you squint.

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Fallout Pt. 13 | Jungkook Apocalyptic!AU

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

Masterlist | Fallout Masterpost + Trailer

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic AU. Angst.  

Word count: 5k

Synopsis: After the bombs fell, there was nothing on the world besides grey; grey skies, grey pastures, and grey people. The world had been devastated, and the sole motor of your every action was pure instinct because, deep inside, you only wished you had died with the majority of human kind. There was no good people left in that world, not even you. And when his dark figure hovered over you and brought you forcefully with him you confirmed it.
They were no good either.

N/A: EDITED! AND RE-EDITED (because i was probably half asleep while doing it the first time) Have fun reading! Feedback is more than welcome people!!

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of rape/abuse, blood, violence, gore, zombies, sexual contents/references.

Originally posted by jjks

A ray of sunshine disturbed you in your sleep. It played over your eyes, gleaming and waving as a faint current of air filtrated through the window pane and moved the thin fabric that covered it. It was a substitute of a curtain that did not fulfil is task properly. You opened your eyes slowly, and the vague memory of the previous day’s events returned to your mind, still hazy.

Jungkook was still laying by your side. His face was too close to yours, your noses almost touching. It was too close for your comfort, and definitely way too close for your own safety. The mattress creaked when you tried to move away from him, and his eyes popped open. In his swollen eyes you could see the confusion that overtook him when he noticed you so close to him. The distance between your bodies was almost none, but he did not say a word about it.

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Fallout Pt. 17 | Jungkook Apocalyptic!AU

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

Masterlist | Fallout Masterpost + Trailer

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic AU. Angst.  

Word count: 6k

Synopsis: After the bombs fell, there was nothing on the world besides grey; grey skies, grey pastures, and grey people. The world had been devastated, and the sole motor of your every action was pure instinct because, deep inside, you only wished you had died with the majority of human kind. There was no good people left in that world, not even you. And when his dark figure hovered over you and brought you forcefully with him you confirmed it.
They were no good either.

N/A: I’ve been struggling a lot with writing  (maybe this sucks, lol) and it would be really nice to know what you think about it! Thank you @taetaes-monica95 for helping me with it!! :) 

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of rape/abuse, blood, violence, gore, zombies, sexual contents/references.

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Soon, when you could not hold the kiss any longer, you rested your head against his chest, and your voice came out poised and firm when you spoke, despite the images that assaulted your mind. They were images of the brief moments you had shared with Jungkook in the exact same position that somehow felt completely different now that they were illuminated with the filtered light of memories.  It was a far off dream. Your reality was that of the moment you were living, so you shut your eyes tight and uttered the words you knew you had to say.

‘I’ve missed you too, Zico.’

Your words entered into Jungkook’s brain like a bullet. He did not seem to understand them at first, because confusion was the first emotion you saw reflected on his face. You watched breathless how slowly he closed his eyes, how his dry lips parted ways when he inhaled deeply, as if oxygen had suddenly vanished from his system. His whole posture exuded raw tension. You could perceive only by looking at his tensed muscles and the protruding veins in his arms how powerless and frustrated he felt. You knew he would not be able to stay calm for long.

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Cosplay DIY: Fallout Vault Suit - Part 1: Base Suit

Items Used:

  • 2 ½ Yards Dark Blue Stretch Fabric 
  • ½ Yard Yellow Stretch Fabric 
  • 20" Yellow Zipper
  • Blue and Yellow Thread 
Fallout Pt. 8 (Apocalyptic AU!)

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19

Masterlist | Fallout Masterpost + Trailer

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic AU. Angst. 

Word count: 3.126

Synopsis: After the bombs fell, there was nothing on the world besides grey; grey skies, grey pastures, and grey people. The world had been devastated, and the sole motor of your every action was pure instinct because, deep inside, you only wished you had died with the majority of human kind. There was no good people left in that world, not even you. And when his dark figure hovered over you and brought you forcefully with him you confirmed it.
They were no good either.

N/A: Sorry for the delay. Feedback is always welcomed.

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of rape/abuse, blood, violence, gore, zombies, sexual contents/references.

Originally posted by myeong-su

The boy gloated at Jungkook with a malicious grin that transfigured his beautiful features. Everything in the room was static. It seemed as if even the specks of dust that flew in the air had stopped their fall due to the tension among them. The two tall men studied each other, waiting patiently for the other to make the first move.  

Taehyung was still too close to you and that reduced to zero your chances to get away from the two of them. His companion was too weak to stop you, but you were unarmed and he was too corpulent for you to try to tackle him down in your extreme lassitude state.

Still, you ran.

Taehyung was faster and, placing himself in front of you, he interceded your course with astounding reflexes. He extended his arm and grabbed your neck, forcing you into a kneeling position.

‘Train her?’ He mocked. ‘What are we supposed to do with someone like her? She has no sense at all…’ He looked at you diverted, seeing how you could not even mutter an answer. ‘Where did you think were you going?’ The pressure over your neck did not diminish when he saw you gasping for air.

‘Aish, such a beautiful sight.’

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