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Hey, guys. I got a little bit of a favour to ask you.

A friend and I have been talking about doing a rewrite of Fallout 4. The original writing’s a little on the weak side, so we’d like to make it better. This is coming from a place of utmost love, because we wanted Fallout 4 to live up to what it could have been.

We wanted to post any ideas we have onto this blog, and if you like where we’re going, just go on and give the post a like. If you don’t like it, replies, askbox and messages will always be open for you to express how you feel.

The rewrite would later be posted as a fanfic where the protagonist goes through the motions, doing main plots and side quests, all with the same familiar characters and setting, just with a bit of a different spin.

Could you like or reply to this post if you think you’d participate? We’d appreciate it a whole heck of a lot.

Obligatory question mark?

honestly the one thing that feels the worst about fallout 4 is the main character themselves

like in skyrim and new vegas, your character is just some asshole. it doesn’t matter who they are or what their role in the world is. the story leaves it open for you to just do whatever the fuck you want as soon as you walk out of that cave because your character has no predetermined traits

in fallout 4 you’re a mild-mannered middle-class person living in a peaceful world, so when you step out of the vault there’s already an established character here. it makes no sense for this regular joe to step out of the vault with all of their senses intact to put a bag on their head, cover themselves in spikes, and declare themselves Doctor Fuckface, warlord of the wastes


SmackDown Live Fallout


Companions of the Commonwealth fancast 

Chadwick Boseman as X6-88 || Oscar Isaac as Deacon
Kyrsten Ritter as Piper Wright || Diego Luna as Robert Joseph MacCready
Rinko Kikuchi as Curie || Elliot Knight as Preston Garvey
Rami Malek as Nick Valentine (3rd gen synth) || Odile Vuillemin as Cait
Rahul Kohli as Paladin Danse || Bradley James as John Hancock (pre-ghoul)