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“Oh, well look what we have here, boys. Everybody give a warm welcome to Johnny! What do you say we show Johnny a thing or two about what it’s like to die?”

Crown The Empire + Johnny’s Trilogy


lockscreens no. 41 - desperate measures, haven’t had enough, and fallout lyrics. marianas trench for requests.

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Oh, Catastrophe - Crown The Empire


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Evening out with your girlfriend: goes by evening or eve. He’s an angsty little shit. Thinks he’s the toughest kid in town, but he’s never left the suburbs of Chicago. He has dark brown hair that’s always in his face. He likes mcr and blink 182. He always wears way too ripped jeans and band shirts. He has a precious little face, which is why he hides it with his hair. The only person hell open up for is Patrick or infinity. He yells a lot. (There’s a temper tantrum room under the stairs. He spends a lot of time in there.) 5'4. Orangish gold eyes.

Take this to your grave: goes by grave. Slightly less angsty, more shy. He spends a lot of his time in his room playing video games. He’s really close with joe and Andy. The first album to show up. He has longish light brown/blond hair that goes in his eyes. He always has a beanie on. He likes wearing skinny jeans and huge sweaters. He’s really shy and soft until you try to take away his video games. It takes both folie and Pete to drag him away from his controller. 5'4 Aqua green eyes.

From under the cork tree: goes by cork. Has little deer antlers. Usually shy and skittish, super close with Andy and Patrick. A few weeks out of the year he’ll get really angry and want to fight everyone (he spends those days in the tantrum room) he has shaggy brown blond hair and wears cheap snap backs cause he can cut holes in them for his antlers. He’s the nicest once you get to talk to him, and is the only one who can calm down srar. 5'5 grey blue eyes.

Infinity on high: goes by infinity. Very angry, but a classy kind of angry. He’s very into fashion and glitter and makeup. He says he doesn’t wear makeup, but you can totally see lipstick prints on eves face. He hates almost everyone, and is indifferent to everyone else. He has long brown hair that he usually has tied up in a ponytail or a bun. He has to dress up, even if it’s just for grocery shopping. (He totally has pyjamas with sheep and clouds on them) He spends some time in the tantrum room, but less than the others. 5'7 dark blue eyes

Folie a duex: goes by folie or fall. He’s the mom friend, he worries and cares about everyone, but doesn’t allow anyone to worry about him. He’s big and tall, and everyone goes to him for advice and stuff. He is the Ultimate Dom™. He spends a lot of time in the tantrum room just screaming and punching and crying. He has short brown hair with a shadow of a beard. He usually dresses casual to everything, which pisses infinity off. 6'0 burgundy eyes.

Soul punk: I have no idea what he goes by. The biggest fucking twink you’ll ever meet. He likes wearing skirts and dresses and makeup, and will always have his nails done. Identifies as genderfluid, but uses he/him pronouns mostly. Platinum blond hair (totally natural) which is usually always styled. He wears his glasses sometimes, but prefers not to. 5'2 pastel blue eyes.

Save rock and roll: goes by save (cork calls him rocky) scary mother fucker. He goes into these episodes where he turns into the demon from the ybc. He basically comes from an alternate reality where the ybc videos are canon, and he’s been possessed. So everyone hates him cause he basically killed the joe in his universe and tried to kill this joe. But he’s not that bad, only when he has an episode. He’s a pure and sweet child when he’s out of an episode. 5'6 bright blue eyes (yellow eyes for demon save)

American beauty American psycho: I  have no idea what he goes by. He’s pretty chill. Desperately in love with Pete Wentz. Dark brown hair with red and blue streaks. He looks like a tough punk. But if you so much as mention Pete wentz, he will melt. He’s pure at heart, but he’s seen a lot of bad shit so he doesn’t open up to just any one. 5'5 dark green eyes.

Fallout 4 Companions As Death Of A Bachelor Songs

Victorious: Danse

Golden Days: Piper

House of Memories: Valentine

Crazy = Genius: Deacon

The Good, The Bad And The Dirty: Cait

Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time: Hancock

LA Devotee: Curie

Hallelujah: MacCready

Death Of A Bachelor: Preston