the fallen dreams


-An antique gun. It has no ammo.-

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If you like any of these bands, like this and I will follow you :)


August Burns Red


Being As An Ocean



Capture the Crown


Crown the Empire

Fit For A King

For the Fallen Dreams


In Hearts Wake


Memphis May Fire

Miss May I

Motionless in White



Parkway Drive

The Plot In You


Stick To Your Guns

Stray From The Path


Upon A Burning Body

We Came As Romans

Woe, Is Me

The Word Alive

last night I dreamt that Failbetter Games put out a Fallen London coloring book that was only sold on cruise ships and I flipped through it and you could color in horrific creatures and banquet tables laden with zzoup and one I particularly remember was you could color in a host of screaming zailors falling into the inky depths off a ship and honestly? I’d buy it



At last, the first in a series of interconnecting one shots about my Victuri Merman AU!

I had so much fun drawing these, I hope you guys like them! These two drawings are based on the last scene in this one shot :D

This first one shot is bit short and possibly a bit slow but you need to know how they met first :) Then it’s just going to be fluff for days~

I haven’t written fanfiction in about 6 years. Please have mercy X’D

This is the only place this fic is posted at the moment since I don’t have an AO3 account. Anyone wanna help a fan out and send me an invite so I don’t have to go on a waiting list? X’D

Relatively short introductory one shot under the cut.

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Dream Daddy: Robert Small

On a Friday night, you are most likely to …

make a deal in an alleyway. Have it go badly. Who’s the cop? Was it giacomo? I trusted giacomo

If you had one thing to take with you onto a desert island, what would it be?


What are your turn-ons?

don’t talk to me

What did you want to be when you grew up?


What’s your favorite movie genre?

italian neo-realism

What’s your ideal date?

grave robbing

What do you never leave home without?

at least four knives

I spend a lot of time thinking about:

you ever really look into a rabid animals eyes

Things we were promised but didn't get in the finale or any other part of the show.

Feel free to correct me / add anything

1. Ian said that there would be a very gory death. We never saw anything of this sort.

2. Keegan said that there was a scene he felt uncomfortable doing and that it’s “nuts” and when we see it, we will know what he’s talking about.

3. There were supposed to be TWO realistic masks - we only saw one.

4. I still don’t get why Alex/ Twincer tortured the girls. Yes she was bitter that Spencer lived a better life but why did she burn Aria, Impregnate Alison and all that other stuff.

5. Most of all they kept saying that this would be satisfying for us all. All I feel is frustrated and disappointed. They also promised us it’s someone we know not some random person and yet here we are. Seriously half way through the episode I had to check I hadn’t accidentally changed the channel or fallen asleep and dreamed it.

envy-kitty  asked:

I'm here to say that I love Steve and I'm crying. Do you have any silly details about him and would it be alright if someone wanted to draw him?

Publishing to share the answers to your great questions, I hope you don’t mind!

First of all, thank you! *Dries your tears*

Gosh I’d be flattered if anyone wanted to draw him! Thank you for asking!

Silly details about Steve:

  • He’s an untidy dad, but endeavours to be clean.
  • He can multitask….barely.
  • Isn’t much for large social gatherings but in small groups he’s a riot.
  • Cracks the daddest jokes. Puntastic. He’s an embarrassment to his child because of it and he’s proud of this accomplishment.
  • Likes to read filthy romance novels in his free time and sometimes draws fanart (was almost caught by his daughter and he’s more careful now).
  • Is super interested in forensic sciences, criminal psychology and criminal profiling and tries to psychoanalyse everyone. It earns him eye-rolls.
  • Watching so many crime shows has made him paranoid. Batman paranoid.
  • Pro bullshitter.
  • 99% of his wardrobe consists of black clothes. 1% is the rainbow tie-dyed shirt his daughter made him years ago. He still wears it. 
  • Forgets to do normal human things like eat and sleep and laundry unless his daughter reminds him.
  • Always makes time for his baby girl. Will intensely seek revenge at her school over an unfair grade.