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10! For the shadows we fall series and 2! For game theory

10: Why did you choose this pairing for this particular story? // SALverse

I was a blackice shipper from the moment I walked out of the cinema after watching the film.

And that doesn’t normally happen to me.

Like I had no intentions of seeing RotG (the advertising campaign was SHIT), and then saw some (non-shipping) gifs and images on Tumblr and decided to see it.

While I was watching it, I loved the dynamic between Jack and Pitch straight away. I remember thinking during the Antarctica scene ‘I wonder if there’s any fanfiction of this? I bet there’s not. I wonder if there is though? Like ten maybe? Is there even a fandom? Fucking hell Pia there’s probably no fandom at all it’s a fucking kid’s movie goddamn you idiot’ etc.

I walked out of the cinema and went straight to my phone and looked it up on AO3 and saw that there was a fandom (pretty small, at the time maybe only 60-100 fics?) but way way more than I’d thought, and that the pairing even had a name: blackice. I was so excited. I joined the fandom at the time where people were still coming up with names for the pairings, lol. For a long time, blackice covered everything, including Kozmotis/Jack pairings (which is why I still use it for that, I’m an old-timer).

I read all the fic with the pairing (I’ve never really shipped anyone else in the fandom) and realised I couldn’t quite find something I was looking for. Like there were fics with hurt/comfort, but they weren’t huge or long (at the time), or there were PWPs with really hot sex, but they lacked sprawling character growth (no fault of the PWPs, which were still super fucking hot, I just have weird reading habits).

It was a pretty short step to then writing the first chapter of From the Darkness We Rise and exploring the pairing the way I wanted to. They’re the only pairing for me, in RotG. :)


2: What scene did you first put down? // Game Theory

I actually think it may have been the sex scene from the first chapter. But then I wrote a lot of it out of order. Like, I wrote Liver before Wait/Hunt/Display etc. But I am fairly sure the first scene I put down, was a hatesex scene, because I wanted to explore what it would look like.

At the time I wasn’t thinking of writing a long story, I wasn’t thinking of writing a happy story (I didn’t ever expect Gwyn would get a happy ending, I knew he’d fall in love with Augus but always felt he’d be doomed by it), and I wasn’t thinking of writing beyond a few ‘never to be published’ scenes of hatesex to get a feel for the characters. So initially, the chapters I was writing were sex scene focused, and you know, oh well, character growth and development happened from there, lol.


Come here honey….


“There’s some kind of force field keeping us in, but who would know how to fix it?  Hmm. Maybe someone needs to come out of retirement.“

-”Bill Cipher, “Gravity Falls”

Night Falls: Chapter 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing,

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 1,884


A/N: Can you believe I hand-wrote this whole chapter?

Prologue, Chapter 1

“Son of a bitch,” Dean groans as his hand runs through his hair, watching the cab drive off.

He hadn’t expected you to storm out like that. He had no idea what the hell your problem was, but the last thing he needed was an uncooperative witness. If he wanted any chance of finally nailing Crowley, you were it. 

He turns around and heads back to the police station, finding the detective Dean had seen you with earlier sitting at his desk drinking coffee.

“Are you the detective working the Hein murder?” Dean plops himself down in the witness chair next to the desk without invitation.

“Yeah, Benny Lafitte.” He reaches out his hand for Dean to shake. 

“Dean Winchester.”  Benny nods, his hand falling away to flip open a file, flashes of crime scene photos appearing before he lands on a statement page. 

“How can I help?”

“Your witness,” Dean throws a thumb up towards the door you had stormed out from just a few minutes ago. “What can you tell me about her?”

Benny’s head dips as he reads the file.

“Y/F/N Y/L/N, age 27. Works at the Barclays Business Center as an Content Marketing Specialist. Was on her way home when she walked in on the murder. Got fourteen stitches in her hands after being shot at twice by this man.” He pulls out a sketch and slides it over to Dean. 

Long pencil strokes create a man with a crooked nose, a long, circular jaw and short beard covering the lower half of his face. Without the fine lines of age, he looked exactly like the man Dean saw twenty-four years ago, even without the scar running down his left eye.

“And she’s sure this is him?” Dean breaks his gaze away from the graphite eyes staring up at him.

“Seemed pretty sure.” Benny leans back in his seat. “When our guys got there, they figured he was ‘bout 100 feet away before he fired at her.” He taps his pen against his keyboard. 

“Lucky for her, she’s quick. The guy put two bullets straight through the headrest.”

Dean nods, already knowing of Zazel’s marksmanship.

“Did you get her address before she left?” Dean steers the conversation back tho the entire reason he came back into the station.

“Yeah,” Benny says while thinking, pushing some papers aside before picking up a blue sticky note.

“709 Jefferson Court, apartment 3E.” Benny hands Dean the address.

“Thanks,” he folds it up and sticks it into his pocket next to his badge. 

A silence falls over them and Dean stands, the conversation clearly over. Benny stands with him.

“Good luck with her.” Benny shakes his hand.

Dean thanks him, not telling him it’s you who needs the luck.

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i was bummed when it looked like they might share a dance together at the celebration & then didn’t but LOW AND BEHOLD JUST A LITTLE LATER ON WE GET A VERY NICE SLOW DANCE TO SMOOTH JAZZ RECORDS WHILE DEBATING DEALS WITH A DEMON & PROMISING THEY’LL SAVE EACH OTHER FROM MADNESS, SO YEAH I’M DOING FINE but i felt like finishing this wish-fulfillment piece anyway, so…