the fall of the ego

I will use the writings of JK rowling to get me through the racism, the xenophobia, and other bullshit that has spiked in the past election. Especially her describing what kind of losers most of the deatheaters actually are, and how they needed the rhetoric of being pureblood to keep their egos together from falling apart. And I hope to be like Hermione who was smarter and better than them, and kill their rhetoric with my accomplishments.

The problem with love these days, is that people are falling in love with people who compliment their ego, rather than their soul. They settle for this kind of connection, so their egos have a convenient cushion to fall back on- rather than a deep gut level love that connects two people by the strings of the soul. It can be easy to mistake the two if you have never experienced this sort of soul connection. A love like this is hard to come by, so when you find someone who fills your soul rather than inflate your ego, hold on. Hold on for as long as you can… Because most of the time, this particular kind of love only appears to us once. And sometimes, it flies by us too fast to be fully grasped.

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You know, I kind of feel sorry for Bill. Like, he deserves it completely, but...I feel sorry for the guy. You know?

It’s understandable. He’s in a pretty pitiful situation. I mean take all his power, kick down his thousand-mile-high pedestal, and stick him with a bunch of people who hold a grudge against him and what do you have left?

Asteroid Series: Dark Asteroids

Okay so someone asked me to explain the asteroids and THERE’S SO MANY so I’m gonna make a series! Tonight I’m looking at dark asteroids because I mean… Pluto in the 8th House, go figure. To find the asteroids in your chart, get your chart on and when in the chart selection go to the bottom and put the number into the bar given.

Lucifer (1930): As I understand it, it represents our rise and fall, the thing that boosts our ego and can simultaneously break it (and others).

Kaali (4227): This is the asteroid that involves dark rituals and involvement with the astral planes.

Nessus (7066): This asteroid represents sexual abuse but also betrayed trust, any kind of abuse and deadly jealousy.

Dejanira (157): Shows us what we are victimised by

Karma (3811): Shows us where our karma appears, what we need to work on

Orcus (90482): A dwarf planet with similarities to Pluto with more focus on spiritual corruption and redemption.

This is my thing with Cass and Neda. I love Cass, I do. She was my absolute favorite person in bbcan4, I was such a Cass stan and so disappointed that she didn’t win. The thing about bbcan4 was though, apart from her, Tim, Nikki, Mitch and Ramsey I really did not like the rest of the cast at all, so it was easy to love Cassandra and to root for her. Now that she’s on bbcan5 with very likeable people such as Neda, Sindy, Ika, Kevin, Gary, Dre, Karen, William, and even Demetres, I can see certain aspects of Cass that I don’t really enjoy. She falls behind for me this season because she has this huge ego and weird presence about her that came from the last season claiming she’s better than Neda, should have won the vote over Neda, and claiming that Neda has a pre-season vendetta against her which she didn’t. Neda never once said she was a better player than her, was a huge Cass fan and wanted to work with her and only turned against her when she heard Cassandra say that she wanted to backdoor Neda if she didn’t have immunity. 

Moving forward i’m a 100% Neda stan and will support her through everything and if she needs Cass to go this week to win the game, then she must go. 

My Fair Warrior: Part 13

Setting: New York City, New York, USA, 2022

Summary: When the deal with Tarquin Sommers falls through, it’s a blow to Rhys’s ego. But Feyre is determined not to let him slide back into the darkness.

Ship: Feysand

Rating: G

Word Count: 4,364

A/N: Part 13 of my Modern AU. As before, some lines come directly from ACOMAF and belong to Sarah J. Maas. Also, yes, there’s some bending of the timeline thanks to human healing times and real-world logistics.

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