idk if any of u remember but a while ago there was this show on telly called the fall and it had scully off the x files and a bunch of irish people in it. well i figured there’s not enough important info about the show on the internet so maybe i should be the one to enlighten people with some cold hard tv facts.


You just want to be noticed, you want to be the centre of attention, to have special treatment, to make your mark. But it’s all just a performance. All of it. You perform for me, for your solicitor, your doctors, your nurse, your psychiatrist, even your family. It’s all just one big performance as protection against the dreaded black hole of your heart. Well, guess what, Paul, it’s time to grow up. It’s time to take responsibility for what you’ve done. Let’s stop this pathetic charade.

For Gibson, I decided I would tell the audience next to nothing about her private life, but let them learn about her little by little via the choices she makes. The actor who plays her, Gillian Anderson, was fully behind that as an idea. She wanted to keep Gibson as enigmatic as possible. That only works if you have an utterly compelling performer, and Gillian is remarkable at conveying depth of thought in any situation. - Allan Cubitt (x)


“My jaw dropped when Gibson delivered this speech. She simply and elegantly exposes all the sexism inherent in everyone’s attitude toward her private sexual relationships. She unearths the wider cultural misogynistic discomfort with female sexual agency. I wanted to clap or call someone and say, ‘It’s happening! Feminism is hitting mainstream TV with a brutal right hook!’ Yes. Yes. YES.” (Amanda Rodriguez)