Finally, The Fall is back
Lynn Enright meets Jamie Dornan, Gillian Anderson and The Fall creator Allan Cubitt to discuss misogyny, objectification and the hit BBC show’s return

“People have become obsessed by her blouses. On the one hand, I think that’s cool because it’s catching people’s imaginations; on the other hand, I think if that’s all you think about the character of Gibson, it’s doing the drama a disservice, and it’s doing the character a disservice, and doing Gillian a disservice.”

- Allan Cubitt - 


idk if any of u remember but a while ago there was this show on telly called the fall and it had scully off the x files and a bunch of irish people in it. well i figured there’s not enough important info about the show on the internet so maybe i should be the one to enlighten people with some cold hard tv facts.