the fall (2013)

  • me, back then: oh boy stephan's university is a GREAT show with a fanbase that seems welcoming! :)
  • me, a little later: oh boy...steve's universal studios is a nice show, but the fanbase is kind of...rude, possessive, and disrespectful. but hey every fandom has a few bad apples! i still love the show a lot though so i'll do my best to ignore the fanbase and enjoy the source material
  • me, much later: stephanie's unicycle is...not doing so hot lately, but i have hope this is just a rut! no media is perfect! and no fanbase is perfect either! i'm just here for the source material! maybe if i just forget the episodes i felt uncomfortable with didn't happen they actually didn't hahaha :)
  • me now: please just unbubble her so i can die in peace