the fall!

Yeah, having a boyfriend is cool but so is singing to your favourite song in the shower and licking cake batter off of spoons and feeling the warm sand between your toes at the beach and buying your friends flowers on their birthdays.

Yeah, having a girlfriend is cool but so is acing that one test you studied so hard for and smiling at strangers and giving money to the homeless girl you see on your way to work every day and falling asleep to the sound of rain.

Yeah, being popular is cool but so is laughing with your brother until your stomach hurts and seeing your sister smile after you tell her she looks beautiful and hugging your parents once they get home at the end of the day.

Yeah, aiming to be loved by people is cool but don’t let it get in the way of life. Don’t forget to live.

—  gentle-falling 
  • og victuuri: still crying that it's canon, the mom friend™, soft
  • victuuri 2.0: sinnamon rolls, argue abt who tops 24/7, 'choke me daddy'
  • smol otayuri: "my sons", always screaming, brotp to end all brotp's
  • tol otayuri: headcannons 25/7, argue abt who will be taller, rated T make out sessions
  • otayuri 2.0: daddybek, 'so let's say yuri is 18...', smol @ heart
  • anti-anything: sad, always triggered, discourse™, has .5 friends
  • literally any other ship: content starved, read 50k fics cause their ship is a side pairing, deserve better

The Revelation™