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Marvel Gender Swap part 3

Falcon, Zoe Saldana | Winter Soldier (Bucky), Emily Blunt | Quicksilver, Teresa Palmer | Fury, Kerry Washington | Scarlet Witch, Jared Leto

The original photos are owned by Marvel, Edge of Tomorrow, Jared Leto photoshoots, Elle, Iro in black, I Am Number Four, Justin Stephens

My crush on Pietro Maximoff is ridiculous. You know, I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t ask for a beautiful, dorky cinnamon roll to come into my life and ruin it. I did not see this coming.


Falcon flying compilation in “Captain America: the Winter Soldier”

[Français] Parce que je sais que vous tous vous avez kiffez ces scènes que vous  voulez ces ailes pour Noël !  :-)

[English] Because I know all of you loved that scenes and look these wings for Christmas ! :-)

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On your left!

Yeah.. I have this problem with having gazillion things I want to animate and lack of patience to finish. Besides this part is actually the most entertaining one :S 

But maybe one day. I think streaming would help me concentrate on finishing both of those (and second part to this one) but I’m not sure my computer would manage that :S

The Fast and The Curious- Ch004

The Fast and the Curious

CH001- Back to Life
CH002- Back to Reality
CH003- Back to the Here and Now

Chapter 004
Decide What You Want From Me


“You were meant to be watching him!” Natasha scolded Clint. The aforementioned man sighed in frustration, pinching the bridge of his crooked nose. He had come to the compound to visit the twins now that Pietro was awake, but he was sorely regretting his decision.

“I swear to God, all I did was get a coffee!” Clint responded, showing her the cup of steaming liquid in his hand.

“He needs to rest,” she continued her rant, pointing to the empty bed for emphasis.

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