Avengers - Truth or Dare

Avengers - Truth of Dare

By: kh4love

Pairing: Reader’s choice

Original Source: X


You shoved your hands under your thighs. You weren’t worried about the truth, but who knew what insane dares Tony could come up with. Natasha passed some bowls of popcorn around.

Tony shook a bowl in the air, waving his fingers over it excitedly. “Okay, let’s see who’s first!”

He pulled out a slip of paper and grinned. “THOR!”

Everyone cheered as Thor smiled grandly. “I shall pick Dare of course!”

Tony pulled put his phone and shook it. “I found a cool app, let’s see what it says.” Tony looked up, his eyes flashing. “Stand outside naked for three minutes!”

Natasha laughed and clapped her hands while Steve choked on his drink. “He has to what?” He asked as soda dribbled down his chin.

Thor stood up and shrugged. “Tis no matter. In Asgard we are not ashamed of our bodies as you Midgardians are.”

Wanda squirmed. “We are not ashamed, it’s just… awkward…”

Thor dismissed her statement and walked out the balcony, disrobing as he went. Autumn had descended upon New York, but that didn’t seem to bother Thor.

“Oh my God, he’s actually gonna do it!” Your eyes widened.

Natasha and Wanda jumped up and watched, as Thor stood naked with his back to us, watching over the city. “Start the timer!”

“The breeze is quite exhilarating!” Thor said as he started rotating back to us.

“DON’T TURN AROUND!” Clint shrieked covering his eyes. Sam, Bucky, and Steve all averted their eyes. Pietro made a disgusted face while Tony nodded. “Lucky Jane!”

You quickly looked away. The girls giggled and whispered amongst themselves as Pietro ran to cover Wanda’s eyes, but she blasted him back.

Bucky reached for Tony’s phone and stopped the timer. “Times up!”

Thor frowned. “That was quick.” He remarked as he retrieved his clothes and joined us back on the couch. Natasha sat back down with a smile on her face. “What a great way to start the game! You should’ve looked!” You wrinkle your nose. “No thanks.” Tony pulls the next Victim.

“Wanda! Truth or Dare?”

“Dare!” She answered eagerly.

“Guess what kind of underwear each player of the opposite sex has on (briefs, boxers, thong, or none.) If you guess more than three incorrectly, you must play the next five rounds in your underwear.”

The guys all looked at each other. “Go ahead!” Clint waved her on.

Wanda sighed and pointed to each guy in turn. “Steve, Boxers. Sam, Briefs. Bucky… Boxers. Tony, Briefs. Thor I already saw, Boxers. Clint, boxers. And Pietro…” Wanda tapped her chin as Pietro smirked. “Normally you wear a thong…”

We laughed as his face went red. “WHAT! Don’t lie-”

“But tonight, let’s go with boxers!” she sat back with a grin.

Everyone was silent. “Well… was she right?” Natasha asked.

They all nodded. Clint cocked his head. “How did you guess correctly?”

Wanda licked her lips with a smile. “I just do… who is next?”

You pull out a name. “Bucky!”

He huffed and sat forward. “Dare.”

Tony shook the phone and read. “You and a party member of the opposite sex must switch all clothes until your next turn.” He laughed. “Okay, let’s pick a girl!” he pulled another name from the bowl.

Tony laughed. “You and Wanda gotta switch! Even underwear!”

Bucky stood up. “Are you serious?”

You clapped your hands laughing. “It’s the rules! DO IT!” Pietro snickered at your side.

Wanda and Bucky left and came back moments later. Wanda strutted into the room, a huge smile on her face. Bucky’s blue short sleeve tee billowed around her. She kept hold of his jeans with one hand and struck a pose. We all clapped and she clomped over to take her seat, stumbling a bit in his large boots.

“Come on Bucky! Don’t be shy!” Natasha coaxed.

Bucky slowly entered the room with a fierce scowl on his face.

Steve whistled. “Lookin good Buck!”

Natasha snorted while Pietro fell on the floor, rolling in laughter.

Clint crackled. “Hot Mamma!”

Bucky looked heavenward with a sigh. Wanda’s strapless orange dress clung to his body for dear life. It came to a stop about mid thigh, exposing a whole lot of excess skin. His feet spilled out of her ankle boots, making him walk on his toes.

“Come on hot stuff, strike a pose!” Tony cooed.

Bucky crossed his arms, the bangles clinking as he moved. “That’s not part of the dare!”

Everyone began speaking at once, egging him on until he finally relented. “Okay! Fine…” He began waving his hands in the air, in imitation of Wanda. His fingers moved more intricately than expected and he dropped down on one knee, extending his arm out with a smile.

It was silent for about two seconds before we all lost it. Tony fell back off the couch clutching his stomach as he laughed. Bucky straightened up awkwardly. Steve rocked back and forth as a few tears reached his eyes. Wanda chucked a pillow at Bucky with a smile. “That is NOT what I look like!”

Bucky caught the pillow and tossed it at you, catching you in the face, sending you down on top of Tony as you laughed. He kicked off the shoes and sat next to Steve, striving to adjust the skirt over his legs, before finally shoving a pillow on his lap.

“Nice breasts by the way James!” Tony commented as he took his seat back on the couch.

Bucky crossed his arms over his chest defensively with a scowl. “Alright, come on choose someone else!”

Tony next pulled Sam’s name. “After all that, I’ll choose Truth.”

Tony huffed. “That’s no fun!” but he shook his phone anyway. “On a scale of one to ten, how good looking would you rate yourself?”

Sam laughed and leaned back with his arms crossed. “Well that’s easy! I’m obviously off the charts!”

We laughed and Wanda tossed some popcorn at him. Steve was pulled next.


Natasha laughed. “Of course he would pick that!”

Tony smirked and held a hand up. “No, I’ve got a good one!” He raised his brow and leaned forward with a smirk. “Who’s a better kisser, Peggy or Sharon?”

Bucky snorted with laughter, as Steve’s eyes narrowed. “We’re not playing that game.” He said harshly.

Tony shrugged. “Well, I guess that answers the question anyway huh?” Steve looked outraged, but Tony continued on anyway.

“Okay, next is… Clint!”


Tony threw up his hands. “Do you people even know how to play this game?” Clint grinned, happy to annoy Tony.

“What really happened in Budapest?”

Clint and Natasha exchanged looks. “That’s classified.”

“BOO!” Everyone screeched and hollered as you threw popcorn at Clint.

“Okay, next person has to do a dare!” He fished around in the bowl, pulling out a name. “(Y/N)!”

“No!” You groaned.

Tony’s eyes lit up as he read from the phone. “Shut your eyes and pucker up. The group gets to pick, while you aren’t looking, a random person to give you a 10 second kiss. You may not open your eyes until the person is back, mixed in with the group. The group does NOT have to tell you who they selected.”

Your eyes widen as everyone laughs.

Clint jumped up and came over. “Tie your scarf around your eyes!”

“But…” You looked at everyone in turn. Clint shook his head and tied the scarf for you. “Cover your ears too while we pick.”

You jammed your fingers in your ears and waited. You could hear muffled voices, but nothing distinguishable. The voices became louder for a moment, then it was silent.

Seconds later, you feel a hand on your arm. Natasha removes your fingers and whispers in your ear. “Your ten seconds start now, enjoy!”

Quiet laughter floated around you as a hand cupped your cheek.

You could sense someone hovering right before you, their breath tickling your lips. You inhaled sharply and nibble your bottom lip. Having no idea what to do with your hands, you place them on your knees.

His lips brushed yours softly. As if he was worried about kissing you.

Or, as if he didn’t want to…

He suddenly gave way to some kind of pressing desire. The kiss deepened and he pressed himself into you, causing you to fall back against the cushions. You bring your hands up to pull him close, but he lets go of your face and grips your hands, pinning them to your side.


He broke away, breathing heavily against you. Your chest heaved and your head felt fuzzy. Your cheeks were singed and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay, don’t take the blindfold off yet.” Natasha holds your arm and addresses the mystery man. “Get back over there so she won’t be able to tell who it was… and stop smiling!”

You bite your lip to keep from giggling. At least you know he enjoyed it… whoever he is.

The scarf was lifted and you blinked against the light. You observed the guys in before you as your eyes adjust back to normal. They were all smiling.

“Okay, who kissed me?”

Tony shook his head. “We’ve decided not to tell you.” He winked. “It’s more fun that way!”

You narrow your eyes and stare them down. They all kept their mouths shut, wearing big goofy grins. You look at your crush and blush.

Could it have been him?

Since no one would tell you, you could only assume. And while you didn’t know for sure, you could most certainly hope!

Natasha snatched the bowl and rummaged around. “Alright, who’s next?”

Okay, this coloring and activity book is kind of weird.  The front and back cover say Avengers Assemble and use the Avengers Assemble character style, and there’s a sheet of Avengers Assemble stickers.

And the first page says Avengers Assemble.  However, as you can see, the actual coloring pages and activities don’t use the Avengers Assemble team or character designs.  Hmm.  

I found it at Dollar General.

More fun with photoshop. This time I wanted to see how Anthony Mackie’s Falcon from the Winter Soldier movie would look as Captain America. Of course I know that Falcon is only Captain America in the comics, so calm your tits MCU fanboys. I just wanted to see how awesome Anthony Mackie looks in the red white and blue. It took me an entire day to do this.