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All the freddie questions are just making it like faker. My friend, whose not in the fandom but believes Louis has a kid, is sending me pics of herself listening to the interviews with captions like, "is he serious???" "WHAT THE FUCK." 😂

louis out there single-handedly giving the larries material

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When he was ask about babyson birthday celebration "i don’t want to do anything too…" Louis Tomlinson on babyson turning 1. What a plan there. Lol

I have no more words. People who still believe this is real need help asap it’s getting faker and faker every time he says something lmao poor baby, he’s trying it’s not his fault he has zero connection with that kid

Top 5 Thursday: Beginner Champions

By Helmight

Not even Faker started off playing high-skill champions like LeBlanc or Zed. At some point, when we first started playing the game, we all defaulted to basic champions just to help us learn the game. With a roster of over 130 champions though, it can get pretty daunting to try and figure out who you should play - especially if you’re new. Today’s Top 5 breaks down the best champions to play while you’re learning the game.

Since there are five roles in the game, I’ve chosen to pick one champ for each lane. That technically doesn’t make it a “top” 5, but whatever. It’s close enough.

#5: Top: Garen

Speaking as a Garen main, there’s a lot of subtle nuance to Garen’s kit and a distinction between people who play him well and people who are experts. However, if you’re new, none of that matters. All you need to know is that Garen is a brutally simple champion to play. Run at the guy with Decisive Strike, silence him, then Spin To Win in order to deal tons of damage. If the guy’s low, just go ahead and hit R for a free kill. W can be used in there somewhere, I guess.

His damage combo is simple, but Garen also has some pretty forgiving mechanics. Judgement just requires you to be near enemies, instead of landing skillshots from afar, while Perseverance and Courage both help keep Garen alive. All of this combines to make Garen an excellent starter champ in the top lane.

#4: Jungle: Warwick

The jungle is a scary place for newbies, full of strange monsters that seemingly take off your entire health bar before you even get them down to half HP. In this kind of environment, it’s tough to learn how to jungle - unless you’re playing Warwick. Endless Thirst and Hungering Strike keep you topped up while farming, preventing new players from worrying about anything except clearing camps and finding gank spots. Once you reach fights, Warwick is pretty simple to play beyond finding a good target for your ult.

This’ll change once the Warwick rework hits live, but for right now he’s still the easiest champion to play in the jungle.

#3: Mid: Annie

The Dark Child is one of the simplest midlaners to play at a basic level. Disintegrate is targeted and Incinerate isn’t hard to hit, so new Annies have plenty of ways to get their damage on safely. Summon Tibbers is also an excellent ability for new players - it gives Annie tons of damage, but also summons a controllable friend to help her out if she’s alone.

Sure, a new Annie won’t be able to accurately manage their passive well, and probably won’t realize just how good Molten Shield is. However, simply playing Annie is a simple task.

#2: ADC: Jinx

Jinx may seem like an odd choice for the ADC role, but hear me out. The Loose Cannon’s kit forces players to rely on their autoattacks for most of their damage - making her a good choice as a starter ADC - while including no hard-to-use abilities like Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit or Corki’s Special Delivery. Zap! is a pretty satisfying skill to land and teaches skillshots, while Super Mega Death Rocket! is well-used at both close and long range.

Knowing which weapon to have equipped will probably evade most newbies, as will proper use of Get Excited! However, Jinx still has a pretty simple kit that teaches some of League’s basics to beginners.

#1: Support: Sona

Learning to support? Sona’s the best in business. She includes a little of everything on her kit, including damage, shields, heals, and CC, allowing her to fill multiple roles depending on how the lane’s going. Her abilities are also pretty intuitive - green aura heals, blue aura damages, purple aura gives speed. This means that new Sona players can pretty quickly figure out what their spells do, and how best to utilize them.

Other generalist supports have less intuitive abilities, or are too specialized for a beginner. Sona hits the perfect balance between ease of use and impact, which makes her a perfect learning support.

Let me know what your favorite beginner champions are in the comments, and be sure to like and reblog this post if you enjoyed it!

Ten song shuffle

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  1. Big Data- Dangerous
  2. Rise Against- Savior
  3. Silversun Pickups- All the Go Inbetweens
  4. Four Tet- As Serious As Your Life
  5. Taking Back Sunday- A Decade Under the Influence
  6. Marcus Marr, Chet Faker- The Trouble With Us
  7. Alanis Morissette- Uninvited
  8. The Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition
  9. Arctic Monkeys- Fireside
  10. No Doubt- Sunday Morning

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Reminder to Abled people

The “perks” disabled people receive are not perks to the disabled. They only seem like perks if you have full bodily function. They aren’t benefits at all, they are the minimum required effort to help disabled people and they barely cut it. 

Special seating is to fit a wheel chair, our butts and legs are in the same amount of space as you. We’re also cramped and uncomfortable and in pain, don’t be telling us how you have it worse. Most of those seats aren’t even in good spots in the theater. 

Special parking is so we can even access the store. The walk from the middle of the lot for you is the same as the walk/wheel from the front of the lot for us. Many of us can barely make it inside from the handicapped parking.

Boarding planes first is because it takes extra time to do everything, including get in and out of chairs. They do not want US to block YOU. This is for YOUR benefit. 

This also applies to the special lines at roller coasters- They do not want US to block YOU, the majority, from having a good time. Odds are a disabled person can only ride a few rides before having to go home (as well as many rides bar people with health conditions), few to no disabled people are using this line. It is a SAFETY precaution as well, because a disabled person cannot handle the strain of waiting in line in the heat as long as an abled person can. In fact, most abled people barely tolerate it. Why would you expect a disabled person to not pass out and need emergency services and halt the line if abled people do it, too?

Using the Elevator is not a privilege. How the hell are we supposed to get wheel chairs, damaged body parts, and our generous helping of pain up the stairs? If you think this is a benefit, pinch yourself immediately because you are dreaming. And yes, elevators often make disabled people with sensitive constitutions (most of us) feel ill. It’s not even pleasant. 

Being Granted extra time on tests is because many of our brains freeze up when placed in a stressful situation. It also often takes longer for us to remember or process a question or answer. If you have testing anxiety, you are eligible too! Do not think it is limited to disabled people and it is a benefit. It’s so we don’t fail every test. It’s so we can KEEP UP with you. 

“Getting” to take their dogs everywhere, is the most misconceived of them all. The dog is specially trained to preform a task so we do not DIE suddenly in public. Sure, the dogs are loyal friends, but I am not exaggerating when I say it is to prevent DEATH. Please understand the dog is for personal safety. Like a rescue inhaler or an alarm. Do not complain that you cannot have a dog in public and do not bother our dogs. You are downplaying our illness. It is both rude and cruel. Are you at risk of dying suddenly that could be easily preventable with an assistant? No? Then leave us and our service animals alone because it is none of your business. 

Please think about WHY disabled people need this rather than decry the whole system that barely supports us. I am sure you mean well, but if you think that these things are “perks” or “benefits”, then you are part of the problem. 

A large population of disabled people don’t even get access to all of these things because of the extremely harmful “faker for benefits” mindset that has been widely adapted. It is killing us. Literally. Please be considerate of the needs of all human beings, not just those like you. 

“Choosing to be disabled”

Ableists often believe that “choosing to be disabled” is a major social problem. They aggressively believe that most disabilities aren’t real, and that people could stop being disabled if they’d just make better choices. They think most disabled people are fakers who just stay disabled out of laziness.

They may see accessibility and accommodations as “enabling”, and try to get them taken away. Or, they may try to force people into treatment (whether or not safe and effective treatment actually exists.) Or they may just be mean and hostile towards disabled people they encounter. Or any number of other things. This hurts all disabled people badly.

People with disabilities often feel like they have to prove that they are not faking, and that their disability isn’t a choice. This can lead us to worry a lot about whether we’re somehow doing this on purpose. In this state of mind, it’s really easy to find things that feel like evidence that we’re fake.

Disability usually involves tradeoffs. We can’t choose to have all of the same abilities as nondisabled people, but we often can make some choices about which abilities to prioritize. This can superficially look like “choosing to be disabled” if you don’t understand how disability works.
For instance:


  • All medications have side effects
  • Managing the condition and the side effects can involve complicated tradeoffs
  • There is usually more than one option
  • It can often be a choice of what abilities you prioritize most, and which impairments are most tolerable
  • You may be able to choose to make any particular impairment go away
  • That doesn’t mean you could choose to be unimpaired
  • Ableists will think you are faking no matter which choices you make. They are wrong.

Mobility equipment:

  • People with mobility impairments often have more than one option, and there can be complex tradeoffs. 
  • Eg, which is more important to someone?
  • Being able to go further without fatigue (in a power chair) or being able to ride in a regular car (with a collapsable wheelchair)?
  • Being able to travel a mile on the sidewalk (in a wheelchair), or being able to use all of the subway stops (by walking)?
  • Being able to get into inaccessible buildings (by walking), or being able to go out without being in pain (in a wheelchair)?
  • Retaining the ability to walk (by spending a lot of time doing physical therapy) or being able to take a full course load in college (by spending that time on studying and losing the ability to walk)?
  • No matter which choice you make, ableists who don’t understand disability will see it as “choosing to be disabled”. They are wrong.

There are any number of other examples, for every type of disability. This affects every kind of disability, including physical, sensory, cognitive, psychiatric, chronic illness, and the categories I forgot to mention.

Tl;dr We all have to make choices about how to manage our disabilities, and there are often complicated tradeoffs. No matter which choices we make, ableists will think we’re making the wrong ones. No matter which choices we make, ableists will think that we are faking.

In the face of this kind of hostility, it is easy to start doubting ourselves and believing that we’re fake and terrible. It helps to remember that the ableists don’t know what they are talking about (even if they are disabled themselves). Making choices about how to manage disability is just part of life. The ableists are not experts in how you should be living you life; they are wrong and they are mean.

Drop the Game
  • Drop the Game
  • Chet Faker feat. Flume
  • Lockjaw

I’ve been seeing all, I’ve been seeing your soul
Give me things I wanted to know, tell me things that you’ve done…