the fake maknae lol


Summary: Y/N is scared the boys won’t like her.



A/N: I can’t even remember the time I made these. Was a long time ago for sure, but I hope you guys enjoy it! Fell free to request any type of texts.


Kris ; The father , because of his height.
That’s the only reason.

Suho ; The mother, just rich mother who will buy a mall just for his babies. Tao is his favorite son.

D.O ; Mama Suho said that D.O is the most obedient among the babies , So
D.O is the EVIL STEP SISTER. He had that looks of the evil. Who planned his siblings death 100ways in 5seconds.

Chanyeol ; For Kris its Yeol, a puppy who loves his father so much, but not how much he loves Baekhyun, his wife. Just look at him and your day is complete. He has the derpiest face ever.

Baekhyun ; The real daughter of the family. He doesn’t need mic to speak loudly, when he was young Suho said that B accidentally ate a microphone. How ? Let’s not ask, its complicated.

Tao ; Oh I already said he’s Suho’s favorite son right ? But according to Sehun he’s a slight fake maknae. Strong on the outside but a 5 year old on the inside. He’s the 3rd youngest.

Chen ; Is this guy even part of the family ? Jks I was just kidding XD. Chen Chen is the most talented he sings very well. He’s one of the TROLLS of the family. Just look at him and you’ll probably start to laugh. But don’t believe on what he says, he’s a troll that’s a Jongdae news.

Lay ; Oh he’s our beloved unicorn angel.
He’s so quite that if there’s a competition for not talking he’ll probably take home the championship belt.

Kai ; The sexy stripper. Lol he’s the 2nd youngest and the slight fake maknae. He loves to tell lame jokes that only him can understand and laugh . If he doesn’t laugh to his own jokes then who will ? He’s the dancing machine of the family. D.O loves him so much. I think Kai’s the only survivor if D.O’s plan to massacre his siblings works.

Sehun ; The YOUNGEST. THE REAL MAKNAE. His one of the bullies of the family. Even he’s the youngest he don’t respect his hyungs. So sometimes Luhan will punish him by …. I can’t continue anymore. I’ll just let your fantasies go wild.

Luhan ; He thinks he’s manly, but I’m not sorry Luhan YOU ARE NOT MANLY. SHUT UP PRINCESS. Whenever i look at you my tears starts to fall. Hows this man more beautiful than me ? Life’s so unfair! Oh btw he’s the 2nd eldest.

Xiumin ; the eldest and the only normal person in the family. His words are Law.
Whenever he starts to talk all of the family members will listen carefully. They love him so much ♥