the fairy tail he would always protect when it was in danger

Canonization of Gruvia. (A massive collection of notable moments)

Normally I talk about chapters, but this time since my OTP is now canon, I’m going to talk about them more exclusively.

Note, this post isn’t necessarily about their own development (many other gruvia fans have already taken care of that portion), but rather this is just an examples of some key moments of this beautiful ship before they entered into canonization) 

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Gray has feelings for Juvia at this point of the stage.



Let’s backtrack shall we?

Obviously Juvia has feelings for them ever since they met here. People say, that Juvia fell in love with Gray because of his looks, but I’d say she fell in love with not only his looks but also his courage to stand up for his comrades, more.

Juvia went from being angry to Gray’s words about saving Lucy, to falling in love with him ever again here, when he saved her from the rain, and showed her shine.

While Juvia wasn’t very close to Gray at this stage,  Gray was pissed at the notion of her being attacked by Simon.

When Juvia requested Makarov for joining, this is Gray’s face.

See how happy he is?

Behind that cool attitude armor of his, shows his true self.

First chapter cover of them featured:

Gray, Juvia’s going on a mission:

Gruvia parade

Here in other portion of the events, we see an edolas version of gruvia

to a beautiful unison raid, one of the sweetest moments of display in combining magic of compatibility in a anime only arc

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Juvia was the only to believe Gray is innocent and trapping Natsu for a reason, not even Cana (Gray’s own best friend) believed him. Juvia did.

Gray worried about Juvia’s own progress and status

See Loke’s face? He’s basically blushing at seeing Gray worry about Juvia when he should be worried about himself.

Meredy’s magic showing how powerful emotions are between two characters. Considering how Juvia and Gray have strong feelings for each other, Meredy’s magic worked. Otherwise it wouldn’t have if their feelings toward each other weren’t strong.

Juvia being enraged at the thought of her lover being in danger

The moments they shared depict Gray teaching Juvia how to eat here. (Let’s not forget the fact that a married couple (bisca x alzack) were blushing at the sight of seeing this)

and range from Juvia saving Gray from the enemy

to Gray saving Juvia from the enemy

Deep powerful moments. Juvia showing how intellectual and a quick thinker, to Gray showing how he can outwit his enemy and save his loved one. Even instinctly going as far as giving up his own body to save his lover from harm.

Carrying Juvia when she’s hurt.

to shouldering each other’s injuries

Some Jelly Juvia, since Gray was in line to get treated for his wounds by nurse Erza  :>

Now GMG Arc is where we get sufficient amount of moments between Gray and Juvia.

First we got a sign of jelly Gray :>

This shows that Gray first the time is annoyed at a female guild member being taken away from him. 

To putting matters into his own hands

Spawning a cover where they are going to get more canonical moments.

From Gray’s own sister figure talking about his feelings

Telling him to be more open. and ofc a sign of blushy gray and his tsunderism.

His brother telling him to marry Juvia already, telling him to give him the date for marriage.

To some Gruvia teamwork,and Gray trusting Juvia in her powers

While Juvia nods in approval, they show a canonical unison raid this time.

and succeed, holding each other’s hands with a smile.

See how comfortable Gray looks in the spur of this moment?

casual gruvia

In the aftermath, we see Gray saving Juvia from her death,  a very powerful moment from dragon kids.

After Gray was thankfully saved by Ultear, we see Gray bluntly speaking to Juvia about his wants. Ofc, I’d say it’s more and less comedic relief, and I have no problem, because negative moments eventually turn into positive.

Juvia reprimands Gray for showing a sulky mood, and requests him to please smile for his family.

Gray eating Juvia’s cookies. Gray’s annoyed at the thought of any one else eating her baked delicious food, and offers to eat.

With a hilarious conclusion ofc.

Onto Tartaros arc

Gray, Juvia are on a side mission to collect information about missing people’s whereabouts.

Now here’s another powerful moment of Gray holding a scared Juvia’s hands, and telling him to not worry as he’s by her side.

Cute Juvia, not letting her love get any harm.

Now, we see an enraged Juvia once again at the thought of hearing that Gray’s life is in danger

Let us appreciate that one of the largest panel was given to Juvia in regards to Gray remembering his loved ones when commiting IS. Yes, Juvia’s panel was even bigger than Ur.

Gray’s own father, calling Juvia his woman and entrusting her in the power of killing Keith the necromancer so he can RIP peacefully.

Juvia calling Silver her father :D

The power of Juvia’s feelings and strength and someone who will not let her father law’s request go in vain.

Silver giving his blessings to Juvia, and telling her to take care of his son.

Juvia wants to see her Gray-sama.

So here we see Juvia confronting Gray about his [s]their[/s] father


After a brief tug, Gray thanks Juvia, and doesn’t let her go. Juvia was about to move on, when apologizing but it was GRAY HIMSELF that grabbed her and needed to be comforted. Silver had to go, because he would’ve been tortured by Keith, and his spirit would have not RIP if Juvia didn’t kill Keith. 

One of the more powerful moments for Gruvia IMO

Moving on

Some key moments in an omake

Chapter cover

Natsu ships them.

Juvia made a scarf for her Gray-sama on the celebration of their 413th anniversary (the combined days of when they first met :D)

Gray and Juvia meet. Keep in mind, Gray is mourning for Ul’s death anniversary and Juvia is unaware of it.

While an intoxicated Gray (he was drinking) threw her gift say, stating ice mages don’t grow cold, he apologizes.

Gray remembers the first time UL knitted him her scarf as a kid.

Gray realizes what he’s done, and desperately tries to find the Juvia made scarf he threw away

and proceeds to wear it, in a cute tsunderish expression, stating he feels warm now.

Gray once again apologizes, and Juvia is excited to see he has her scarf around his neck, ending in a hilarious sequence of a body  :D

On a sidenote, my favourite cover. My babies sleeping side by side.

Onto Avatar arc

We know from this fact that Gray and Juvia lived together (JUST THE TWO OF THEM) in one small distant house.

Imagine that! They lived together as husband and wife practically under in one roof, eating together, training together, and sleeping under one roof. Imagine that. 

See in my view, this is where Gray started to get closer to Juvia and now knows her more. When you’re living together for over half a year, you get to know the strength, weakness and knowledge of the person. You become closer emotionally to that person. Keep in mind, there was no one else around Gray and Juvia, so it was strictly them. So basically they were part of conversation they had around that timespan, period.

You see Juvia became sick through the rain with fever even though water magic. This shows strongly devoted to Gray to a point that her advantage over rain was useless when she found out he was away for a long time.

Juvia sensed that Gray was fighting enemies, and got there in time. Here he apologizes for his departure, and they battle together.

and look at that, Juvia even got his stripping habit! I think this is a great tribute to Ul, and a nice idea Mashima implemented. They are known as the stripping couple thanks to Ul. :)

and ofc Gray apologizes once aain for his actions, assuring Juvia who’s happy as long as he’s safe.

and ofc jelly Juvia :>

Another powerful moment incoming.

Gray offers to treat Juvia

Gray thanks Juvia for always being by his side.

States that after war is over, He’ll give her an answer

The 6 months of living together has brought them more closer than ever, and now Gray is more open about his feelings.

cuties posing

G x J on Gray’s boxers, huehuehuehue

cuties x2

Unfortunately, Gray and Juvia are now tied via ice chains, and about to fight to the death. Notice Juvia’s words in the last panel.

Such tragic case of events, they are forced to fight to the death. Juvia refusely is trying to resist, while Gray is doing the same.

Juvia stating, she can not harm Gray anymore, and is willing to give up her own life. Stating how happy she is to ever meet  Gray. *cries*

and here comes a twist, Gray does the same thing! He also commits suicide at the same moment and time Juvia does, stabbing himself with a ice sword. So basically both would rather die than harm each other. Such a powerful profound message and feelings of intense mutual love of this couple shown for one another

Gray was willing to give up his own mission of destroying END for Juvia’s sake. Both of them were willing to give up many years of their lives for each other. If this isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. srsly.

Gray states he wants to protect Juvia at any cost.. Notice how Gray was about to say  comrade, then crossed that out, and said “you”. Meaning Juvia is more than just a comrade for Gray. 

This is beautiful. Romeo and Juliet esque.

Juvia saves Gray’s life by giving him, her blood.

Juvia saying she’s now part of him with her blood. This is beautiful. Juvia thought this much about Gray’s life that she taught herself this magic just in case Gray’s life was in danger. Look how much she cares for Grays’ well being. She’s the perfect woman for Gray. and as a huge fan of Gray from the start, I’m proud of the fact that he’s developing feelings for the right girl.

Gray’s so distraught. Look how emotionally effected Gray is. He’s crying his heart out. Poor guy : ( He lost to so many of his family members, and now he’s lost his most closest loved one. Begging Juvia to open her eyes, bawling his eyes filled with tears, screaming her name :(

enraged Gray, about to unleash the demon in him.

We get a cute panel of the couple.

Gray’s so pissed about Juvia’s demise, that he’s only hurling grunting sounds.

Gray doesn’t care about Invel, he cares about how Invel stole away his future.

Look how vulnerable, heart broken and pain Gray’s eyes are :( He’s shattered in mind and physically. He’s no longer the same here. This is what lead to him getting out of control against END, because the trauma of seeing another close loved one of his dying infront of him, was too much for his mind to bear. He was no longer the same person.

Once Gray found out Juvia’s alive while she utters his name, he utters back her name and  falls down with immense gravitated pressure. While down, he’s fiinally he’s in peace, resting, in full relief that he doesn’t need to over exert himself now that Juvia’s alive His mind is in peace, he’s smiling. Juvia is also in full relief that her Gray-sama is fine, and falls right at him lol.

Gray reassuring to himself, that he needs to apologize about Juvia. See how open he is, he doesn’t even care if his comrades are there lol.

Before the canonization scene, I would like to remind everyone once again, of how Gray reacts to Juvia from earlier moments, to recently when she tries to get closer to him.

It started from this:

to this

God bless character development. God bless this pairing. God bless character change. Gray is openly smiling while being close to Juvia while she embraces him. This is the happiest Gray has ever been in these two panels, than he’s ever been before. He’s loving life.

Here comes the canonization last scenes of this pairing. First we see Gray being jealous at a drunk craved Juvia, and quickly drags her away. Would Gray reacted if that was Erza, Lucy, or any of his other comrades? HELL NO. At tleast not to that extent, of personally dragging a woman from that mess.

Gray is talking about scars, Juvia has one, and Gray wants to get rid of it, but Juvia doesn’t mind. Not only does Juvia have Gray’s stripping habits, but now she has his scars as well lol.

Now here comes the CONFESSION! Juvia says what about her body?? GRAY CONFESSES THAT IT”S HIS. THERE”S NO MAYBE, HE CLEARLY BLURTS OUT IT”S HIS IN THE OPEN!!! Gray wants Juvia and her body. Infact he wants to sleep with her with this implication. 

Look at Wendy, she knows what’s going on. This is the best we’ll see out of Gray, a blushy tsundere Gray’s own confession. He’s not the type of guy who’ll straight up say I love you or hug a woman like that, this is just Gray in character! :D.

This essentially makes GRUvIA CANON!!!!  

Sure, it could’ve been better with all of that teasing and buildup  but we still got an amazing moment! and for that we should cherish it for our OTP!

Small rant:

For those antis, do you read while having your eyes closed? How do you ignore the developments, panels, and strong feelings they have for each other? you are in denial. You are in denial of Gray’s character. It’s truly idiotic that you believe he’s acting out of character, it just means you don’t know a single thing about him. You just want to  ship him with another girl because you don’t like Juvia.  You don’t know Gray’s character at all all if you think he’s acting OOC. This is Gray Fullbuster at his characterization.  This is Gray in love with his woman, so who gives you the right to bash Mashima about his own creations? Kindly close the door and get out :)

Gray’s happiness IS and will always be JUVIA. A true Gray fan knows that.




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Note: I may have missed some key moments, so write them down in the notes, and I’ll edit and them in later.

I have not added the Gruvia moments in the second movie, because I haven’t watched it yet. 

Likes, and reblogs are appreciated! If you ship Gruvia, you will love this!

Monsta X As Fairytale!AUs (Thank You For 800+ Followers!)

Honestly, I love fairy tales and just the whole aspect of romance and fantasy together. Call me a hopeless romantic or a cheesy person, but I like imagining and seeing the scene in my head as I read or including myself into the story. These ended up to be a bit sad, ironic for celebrating something big here on the blog. I decided to do a twist on some of the AUs, so please bear those in mind. They may not correlate with the actual story, so watch out for that. Thank you so much for sticking with me and please enjoy!

Shownu - Beauty & The Beast

Held captive in his own castle, Shownu couldn’t help acting arrogant, selfish, and hostile toward anyone who dared to speak to him. It was because of the curse that he was granted, as well as the other captives who were turned into talking objects. Shownu became a beast; a beast that the townspeople feared and wished to obliterate when one father, specifically yours, found out your affiliations with the Beast and wanted you to stay safe. You were held captive just like the others in the abandoned castle, where Shownu ordered you to clean around the castle. On one winter morning, you decided to play in the snow and brought Chip, Cogsworth, and Lumiere to see the snowflakes for the first time. As a joke, you threw a snowball at his fur-covered face and watched him glare at you and hurl a snow boulder at your back. From that time on, he began to develop feelings for you. Something he couldn’t believe was happening. After giving you a beautiful night of dance and dinner– he himself didn’t realize he was falling in love until Lumiere, the candelabra had told him. Despite your protests and reassuring him that Hyunwoo was not a dangerous being, he didn’t bother to listen. As the relationship between you and Shownu grows, his protective, strict yet loving side rises to the surface, but the citizens didn’t acknowledge that. Hearing the constant banging of fists against the old wood and the bullet-like rain drops crashing onto the windows, Hyunwoo was willing to protect you at all costs, and the thought of lifting the curse escaped his mind. If he dies at that moment, so be it. He found his one true love in the ten years he was given to do so. 

Wonho - Little Red Riding Hood

Promising your grandmother that’d you visit her, you didn’t think much of it while traveling through the forest. Around the town you resided in, the citizens could recognized you by the bright, ruby red hood you wore whenever you were traveling somewhere. Stepping on the fallen branches here and there throughout the forest, your grandmother’s cozy, slight worn-down cottage caught your eye. Especially the little gnomes that stood proudly near the door. Unlocking the door with the key your grandmother had given you, the door had opened without you touching the handle. There stood a man, who looked around his twenties (physically) and had the distinguishable wolf-like ears and bushy tail behind him, swaying slightly back and forth. You held your basket close, immediately asking his identity– but taking the more offensive approach, you pushed his chest and demanded the location of your grandmother. With innocent eyes, he held his hands up and asked for you to not shoot him or harm him in any way. After some time of getting used to, you realized that he often visited your grandmother because he struggled to survive in the woods, despite his species as a wolf hybrid. How unusual. But because he was targeted by the citizens, you had to keep him safe in the cottage. Wonho was his name. He was quite the delicate wolf– his feelings could be hurt a bit easily. But his pure heart made up for it. His alluring body was a plus. You couldn’t help but admire his back as he went to fetch a bucket of water. One night, he was cornered by large, burly, hostile men with torches, and you were behind him. He promised his heart and love for you, his Little Red Riding Hood, hoping you’d stay alive. Baring fangs and having his perked up ears, it was hard to tell what would happen next. Luckily, he managed to drive them away from the cottage so they would only focus on him. Will he survive and protect your relationship with him or be burned by the scorching fire?

Minhyuk - Peter Pan

You were sleeping one night, and your brother and sister were sleeping in a separate room when a boy, dressed in green with a robin hood-like hat with a red feather came flying through your window in search of his shadow. This woke you up to the sound of a lamp shattering on the floor. You saw a boy staring at your wall, specifically his shadow. He turned to face you and he whispered you his name and flew about in your room. Becoming fascinated by his ability and his story, his name was Peter Pan or Minhyuk (is what he goes with)– he didn’t exactly know how he came to be. As well as the fairy he traveled with, Tinkerbell. Nonetheless, he took a hold of your hand and brought you to Neverland, a world he resided in and a land full of imagination and dreams, pirates, Lost Boys, and beautiful scenery all around. However, there was a conflict between the real world and Neverland. Despite the fun and memorable times you’ve had with Minhyuk, his mutual feelings toward you turned into love which he denied when the Lost Boys brought it up. You couldn’t help but feel love toward him as well, even if you knew the consequences. At one point, Peter told you the cost of bringing a human to Neverland: bringing a human to a world of fantasy and childish dreams will soon end it. But Minhyuk didn’t regret doing so– he just had to see, touch, and be with a human for once. When the Neverland began to disintegrate, he brought you back to your bedroom where it all started, handed you his red feather and stood at your windowsill with longing eyes that would tear up when he left. Before, he told you, “You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” Then, he’d fly out of your window, watching his body disintegrate into pixie dust and eventually, nothing.

Kihyun - The Little Mermaid

Always being held down by your father, you couldn’t experience the life of being in a relationship unless it was another one of your kind. After hearing countless stories from the sailors above, the feeling of wanting to be human grew and grew inside your heart. The other mermaids/mermen told you it wasn’t possible. So, you came across this beautiful voice above the waters. Peaking your head above the surface, you kept yourself hidden behind a boat belonging to the boy that captured your interests. He was perhaps in his early twenties, and his voice was unlike any other. He would sing while he cleaned, bring crates, or sort out the nets for the next fishing opportunity. You didn’t hold a grudge against him for doing that– he was doing what he was told to do. On one fateful night, the boat was set out to sea and with the treacherous waters, the boat tipped over, launching everyone out. You watched the boy slowly descend to his death, or until you were able to swim by and bring him to a beach not too far away from their location of departure. Cursing your inability to speak on land, you were able to stay hidden within the waves near the shore. Waking up, the boy found you in front of him, staring curiously into his eyes. He introduced himself as Kihyun. From then on, you two would speak, Kihyun not even minding the fact that you weren’t human. You saved him and the least he could do was thank you. But he developed feelings for you, and you wanted to dance on land for the first time. Charades were getting to be frustrating, and so making a deal with a cursed woman in a cave seemed like the only option for you to become human. However, you couldn’t speak when you got on land. Not only that, but the cursed woman sought out for the man who you fell in love with, planning to kill the both of you for ruining her plans of marrying Kihyun and becoming human forever. 

Hyungwon - The Prince(ss) and the Frog

You lived a normal life, working in a diner where you entertained and served the guests with delicious meals that reminded them of home. Making others happy and feel like a family at the diner was what made you content with your work. On the side, you tend to hope for romance or some sort of action in your life where it’d you bring you in a less routine-like lifestyle. One night while walking along a river in the forest a voice, presumably male, called out for your help. As you looked around, failing to find the source, the voice asked you to look lower– and there he was. Slightly perturbed, you saw a frog talking to you. At first you couldn’t believe it but with the frog’s sassy, sarcastic, and slightly arrogant personality, you came to a conclusion that this frog was once human. He even told you so. He requested for you to ask around town for a “Prince Hyungwon” because he had suddenly turned into a frog. Apparently, his arrogance and willingness to stay single as a prince had gotten him cursed and the quest for searching a loved one was given to him by a witch. If he could, Hyungwon would march to that cottage of hers and demand to be reversed. Sadly, he was only kicked back into the river and along the way, he met a crocodile who came by to talk with him from time to time. But the more the both of you spent time together, you both began developing feelings for each other. Whether you’d be his true love or not, Hyungwon didn’t know and didn’t bother considering you to be his one and only. All he could do is feel guilty for dragging you into his situation and wish that one day he could become human and thank you properly. He just doesn’t know how to do it. 

Jooheon - Jack and the Beanstalk

Growing up poor wasn’t easy for Jooheon (or sometimes goes by the name Jack). After his widowed mother asked him to sell the cow they had relied on for income, he made a trade with a mysterious man who offered the young boy “magical beans”. His mother grew furious with her son when he came home with nothing but these false beans that seemed to have no effect when she threw them into the ground in anger. Sending her son to bed without dinner, all she could do was worry for the well being of her small family. Overnight, the beanstalk grew and grew, reaching above the clouds where no one could see the top unless they climbed it. The next morning, Jooheon was taken aback, but at the same time having an “I-told-you-so” face. Nonetheless, he gathered enough courage to climb the beanstalk, excitedly waiting for the rewards to come when he reaches the peak. Looking around, there was a small house that could fit a few people inside. He found a talking harp and a goose that laid golden eggs. When he began to take them into his arms, you walked into the house with a basket of muffins and other bakery treats. In his eyes, immediate guilt filled his mind as you stared at him with sad eyes and lips that formed a slight pout. You worked hard to find these treasures and now they were being taken away from you. Jooheon promised to return them to you for one thing: to provide enough support for him and his mother. You agreed and you were able to get his family back on their feet. One day, you felt the beanstalk weakening, soon shaking and falling backward. Jooheon grabbed your hand and brought you to safety on the ground, where you find the beanstalk withering and dying. Your home was destroyed. Now, it was time for him to return the favor.

I.M - Alice in Wonderland

Being stuck in a wonderland of mischievous, talking creatures, vibrant colors, and magical plants were quite the step up from your normal, everyday life in the real world. Who knew that falling through a rabbit hole would lead you to this place? You met a few friendlies, and came across the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat. The Mad Hatter preferred to be called Changkyun. He wore a distinguishable hat and a charming smile you couldn’t forget. He fell in love with you but he just didn’t know it at the time. It was because of your bravery to speak against the Red Queen and beating her at chess that tied it all together. He called you Alice from time to time because everyone in Wonderland believed that you were the legendary hero that was destined to defeat the Red Queen, and slay the dragon that roamed the land. Despite denying yourself to be the hero, it eventually became your new name in Wonderland. However, as time went on, you noticed something different with the Mad Hatter. Something… concerning. He would often check his pocket watch and stare off into space until you waved your hand over his eyes. He’d snap out of it and reassure you that everything was fine– or until you had to slay the dragon and then you’d be sent back to your own world. He couldn’t come with. He was stuck in Wonderland forever. You didn’t know his thoughts or was able to figure his actions and find the meaning behind it. So, for the first time, he performed the Futterwacken (after you had finished your quest) and was ecstatic when he saw you smile and laugh for the first time. At least he had a special memory to remember before you left. When you find out that Wonderland was pushing you out, you waved goodbye to Changkyun and the others before traveling back to where you came from. Changkyun couldn’t help but regret the fact he couldn’t say the three words he wanted you to hear. 

Admin Mochi

Well, I talked about it, and now I’m gonna do it. Here’s a masterlist of UNDERUSED FANTASY CREATURES. These are humanoid fantasy/mythological creatures that could easily be used for RP, that I don’t see that often. (So basically, anything besides vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, ghosts, and fairies.) This list will include the creature’s name, a link to their wiki page, basic info about what they do and their origins, and a list of suggested FCs for them.

There are TWENTY-FIVE creatures on this list.

Please like or reblog if you find this helpful!

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Natsu - NaLu Theory

I feel like there is a lot of frustration over NaLu not becoming cannon recently. I am going to write a character meta-analysis of both Natsu and Lucy which will help explain (I hope) why NaLu won’t happen until both characters overcome/realise this:

1. Natsu is dense when it comes to romance/love and he won’t realise unless it becomes undeniable/obvious.

2. Lucy gets over her unrealistic ideals prince charming or her knight in shining armour expectations. She is a hapless romantic and naive when it come to love. (Note: this is not me bashing Lucy, it’s just a reality of her character. I think she has gotten better recently but I will do another analysis for Lucy)

I haven’t gone in-depth into every single scene because this was getting too long. If you would like to know my thoughts on a particular scene, please don’t hesitate to ask. I love a good discussion ;)

In regards to manga panels, there were more I could put in as evidence. I chose the events I thought illustrated my point the best. This took me a few weeks to compile between uni and life in general, so I hope you find it interesting.  Please keep in mind, these are my observations and I am not bashing any characters or ships.

Natsu and FT

Erza is a mother/sister figure to Natsu, she is essentially his female role model who taught him how to behave around people, showed him a motherly/sisterly love (I think it’s a combination) so she’s the role model he will fall back on when he’s trying to be affectionate with Lucy. Erza is an important supportive role model to both Natsu and Gray.

Examples to prove Natsu’s reaction to Erza is different can be seen by looking at his initial reaction to her being in danger, and his reaction is the same as his reply to Lucy’s question as to whether they should help Gray. He replies that he would want to finish the enemy himself, not to have anyone interfere. Natsu doesn’t apply this logic to Lucy.

You might say that’s because Natsu doesn’t respect Lucy’s ability and that isn’t true he does, but the emotions he feels for Lucy compels him to protect no matter what. Even if he knows she can protect herself. The panel above is a key example because it was a lighting fast reaction to protect who mattered the most to him (keeping in mind Happy and other friends were there but it’s Lucy he covered with his body). It is the split-second decisions which I hold in high regard, due to the fact they reflect a person’s true feelings. 

If you want to read more about my thought in regards to Natsu, Lucy and Happy —-> Link

After the Tenroujima fight with Kain, Natsu’s behaviour towards Lucy changes once again. This is shown in the Grand Magic Games (GMG). I believe during the fight with Kain, Natsu subconsciously fell in love with Lucy. However, that doesn’t mean he acknowledges it because he doesn’t think too much outside the moment. This shift in feeling does change how he acts around her, even in general situations. 


I didn’t watch Fairy Tail for years and I didn’t ship anyone.  I was on the fence about NaLu (is there something, isn’t there?)  it sparked my interest before the GMG arc but there wasn’t definitive evidence Natsu felt the same as Lucy. It wasn’t until the end of Tenroujima and the GMG which convinced me Natsu had feelings for Lucy.

What changed my mind wasn’t the obvious Natsu going to save Lucy. There was a considerable difference in Natsu making his opinion known when a subject/situation concerned Lucy. Which compared to the others who are friends, guildmates and close team-members (Gray, Erza and Wendy) were over-reactions to the situation. Saying this is because of a life threating situation and he wants to protect is a weak argument. In these panels, Natsu is substantially more powerful than the characters concerned. You might say with Yukino that was purely Natsu’s dislike for Saber showing but he is an instinctual person, he would have noticed her mood but it didn’t matter in this case because his priority was Lucy. 

Before this Natsu was not as concerned with what was happening with Lucy, which solidifies my point on Tenroujima being the event that changed the depth of his feelings (note that in the manga neither Natsu or Gray are waiting at her flat). 

Despite Natsu being oblivious to his true feelings (which even a child -Aska- picked up on), Natsu still flirts with Lucy. He even admitted himself that he can’t resist teasing her. And the number one thing emotionally immature guys do when they like a girl? Tease them, annoy them, be a brat to get attention. All behaviour which Natsu exhibits, because Lucy makes him feel comfortable enough to do those things. 

Natsu can be himself because he doesn’t fear that Lucy will hurt him. He’s is used to a gentle Lucy and shows restraint he otherwise wouldn’t when she has hit him (in a serious situation). If it was anyone else in the guild, I believe you wouldn’t get the same reaction. He starts fights with them all the time, so what difference would it make knocking them out.

The fact that Natsu will fight with everyone in the guild, apart from Lucy, is a telling factor that he loves her. He doesn’t want to risk hurting her and as I said before, this isn’t because he doesn’t believe she is strong. When he does bring up the prospect of sparring, it is usually in a playful manner. 

Natsu’s Emotional Growth

I think the problem on Natsu’s side is he’s dense when it comes to romance. Shown by his interaction with Gildarts. 

Indicating that Natsu’s emotional intelligence when it comes to recognising the difference between friendship and lovers isn’t great. Though I have no doubt about his feelings for Lucy are intense because of his different reactions to losing his love interest and losing a beloved friend/family member.

This to me is a desperate man losing a woman who he didn’t realise was vital to his future. With Erza and Igneel he was very sad/aggrieved but he wasn’t devastated. 

As for the breast groping, I don’t give these a lot of credence other than it’s a shonen manga (there’s always going to be fan service like that) and Natsu is a young man who is sexually aware of the girl he likes. Lucy is grown woman capable of making it known what she feels about that.  And she does, the first time she punched him.

Considering current events in the manga, I don’t believe NaLu will happen until Natsu’s role within Lucy’s life is challenged in some way. Natsu knows that he wants Lucy in his future, he wants things to be the same with them going on adventures. They are best friends, it’s natural. However, it wouldn’t be the same if she were to go out with another guy. Yes, they would likely stay on the same team but he wouldn’t be able to continue the same behaviours. 

I believe Natsu has come to depend on Lucy emotionally (in a good way). He seeks her out before significant events and feels most secure when he’s vulnerable by surrounding himself with her. Lucy provides him with a different kind of care and affection that isn’t provided by other guildmates, which is why he chooses to spend most of his time around her. Another reason I think he finds this in Lucy is the start of the manga.  

At the beginning, he says ‘I chose you’ and the way Happy explained the way teams worked, it sounded like Natsu didn’t work well in teams before Lucy arrived. Plus, Natsu is always reminding that her presence on his team is essential. Erza and Gray come and go (they pair up with other people) but Natsu and Lucy are always together by choice.

He is sensitive to her mood and when she is upset, he knows it and it throws him. Especially if it is him who upset her. Any other time he has a nonchalant attitude but with Lucy, he feels the guilt.

He won’t be able to be ‘more than friends, less than lovers’ if she were to marry another man. If she had a boyfriend he wouldn’t be able to crash around her house, play games, sleep in her bed, eat her food, go through her draws etc. Which is why Natsu will need an event that triggers this realisation before NaLu will happen. There will be more angst because angst is essentially the hard lessons the characters need to learn. No emotional events, no story progress.

I have considered the possibility of this event being Lucy’s perceived death but I’m not holding my breath. I still think he has some more growth to go before NaLu happens. I think this is good because it means Mashima pays attention to character growth and development, if the character isn’t at that stage then it shouldn’t be forced. The slow burn is why I like NaLu, seeing two individuals develop an unconditional love and it’s beautiful.

Thank you for reading! <3 xx

Gangsters in Love: Honest Trailer

I really love watching Honest Trailers on YouTube so I thought what if I made a series of Honest Trailers for Voltage Games…?

(The following is for humorous purposes only! Enjoy!)

Narrator: From the money hungry company that brought you Astoria Fates Kiss and Castaway Loves Adventure, comes another game about love that will cost you half of your entire paycheck you worked so hard to earn for your rent, school fees, or better yet, Japanese Voltage games where you can spent up to 4$ plus tax for 13 chapters instead of spending 9$ total plus tax for 6 separate chapters for ONE story arc…

Aurora: “It’s all just business.😉"

Narrator: Gangsters in Love!


Meet the MC!

An MC that made the Voltage fandom jump for joy only because she’s a blonde but is also frowned upon because she’s a 23 year old woman that dresses like a 5 year going to Sunday school.

MC: “There’s nothing wrong with my clothes!😠"

Irving: “Except for the fact that you dress like a middle schooler.😒"

Narrator: Her boring life in Southern California quickly changes when she is attacked by gangsters, and rescued by…gangsters?

Chance: “We’re offering you protection.😑"

Narrator: The MCs parents are revealed to be wanted criminals that managed to piss off all of California who finally decide to go to the MCs house at last minute instead of kidnapping the parents and killing them then.

The Valentine Gang infiltrates the MCs home and takes her away in hope to get info from her parents even though they know the MC makes it clear that she knows nothing, with the MC clearly going along with them because these gangsters are…hot!

MC: “They’re dangerous…but…😍"

Narrator: Man, they really made this MC a thirsty bimbo in this franchise. Way to go America!😒


Narrator: MC first meets Chance Valentine: an all American, Eisuke Ichinomiya who broke away from his fathers gang, acts like a cold hearted prick, and thinks he’s cool because he owns a bike and is the boss.

Chance: “Oh who cares…I’m the boss.😏"

Narrator: But is really a cello playing dork, who is so rich, yet can’t even buy his own house without mooching off his rich black friend.

Chance: “It’s my house!😠”

Irving: “Since WHEN? It’s MY house!😡”


Narrator: Yoshimitsu Valentine!

Narrator: Chance’s happy go lucky hot, Japanese older step brother who’s hair will instantly remind you of the chili pepper emoji or the hair tip of a chicken.

He’s a yakuza who never kills anyone with his katana.

Yoshimitsu: “I’m not killing you. It would be a waste of my sword.😒”

Narrator: And became the WORST leader no one but Chance asks for in season 2 out of pity for his brother.

Chance: “It seemed like a good idea at the time…😔”

Narrator: And who was seemingly popular enough to be the thumbnail of the app instead of the first main love interest himself.

Yoshimitsu: “Isn’t this an exciting way to end the party?😆”

Narrator: He’s a fuckboy who frequently fucks the MC in his route even though he tells her they are not official.

Yoshimitsu: “This–mm–doesn’t mean we’re together.😌”

MC: “I didn’t say anything about that. How about we just have a good time?😉"

Narrator: Man is this MC thirsty! But at least she’s more confident than her Japanese counterparts!😒


Ash Winters!

The mysterious badass hitman who would have been a better character in Metal Gear Solid, GTA V, or even Assassins Creed, with his expert skills in weaponry, stealth, and arson, instead of a romance option in some cheesy, girly, young woman’s romance sim.

WELL, that’s a lot better than a cool character like him becoming a sissy singer like Bieber!

Ash: “I was once scouted to be a K Pop idol.😁"

Narrator: Scandal in the Spotlight, anyone?🎤


Irving Monroe!

A celebrity lawyer and frequent guest on Ellen who is as sensitive as Wyatt from 6teen as he cries over puppy movies.

Yoshimitsu: “Are you…crying?😧”

Irving: *Sniffling* “What? No way man…😭”

Narrator: And even though he is called the ‘CHARISMATIC Justice’, he isn’t popular enough to be featured in any of the Amemix crossovers for OBVIOUS reasons!👦🏿

Aurora: “C'mon, this is Irving we’re talking about! 😏”



Narrator: Aurora James,

The Gang’s sexiest, kickass lesbian hustler, and the reason for the games existence and occurrences. She’s a combination of Nami from One Piece with her love for money and Cana from Fairy Tail with her love for liquor and your stereotypical queer Latina all rolled into one.

And is determined to sleep with every woman in LA and their mother!

Aurora: “Oh another time I went home with this girl, but the next day I realized that I actually slept with her mo-😆”

Yoshimitsu: “TMI RORY! T.M.I.!😳”


Narrator: And Mateo Estrada!

A dirty old fed and the 6th brand new love interest introduced in the gang, as well as being a disappointment to all lesbians and bisexuals playing this game who all begged Voltage for Skylar to have her own route because they loved her ass.

Skylar: “Yeah I know you love my ass! 😏”


Narrator: Just like every other Voltage game since 1999, you are forced to choose who you date, have sex with, and eventually marry and have kids with.

You’ll live your days running from the cops, getting in car chases, playing poker, appearing on Ellen, negotiating with yakuza, fighting your own parents, almost getting killed but not getting kidnapped as much as the Japanese MC, actually FENDING for yourself comparing to the Japanese MC who thinks closing her eyes when her life is being threatened will make everything better.

All this while the thirsty, gold digging MC who turns out to have had no job or no friends prior to being kidnapped is able to seduce the pants off of any of the 6 gangsters and spends countless times with them fucking in almost EVERY chapter at inappropriate times!

MC: “I’m pregnant? How is this even possible? We’ve always been super careful! 😰”

Narrator: Yeah, I doubt it you used a condom when you was looking forward to that D, you hoe…😒

(Cue Aurora’s sexy CG) …Oh! Or…that V! Cause’ y'know…lesbian option…? And…yeah you get the idea…😅



“Not my Valentine!”(Chance)💔

“Human Shinra!”(Yoshimitsu)👹

“Black Phoenix Wright!”(Irving)☝🏿

“Ash Catch Em!”(Ash)🔫

“CASH Me Outside Drinking, How Bout Dat?!”(Aurora)🍷

“Mark Jefferson!”(Mateo)👓

“Kylie Jenner!”(Skylar)👄

“The Godfather!”(Franco)👨🏻

“1 of 101 Dalmatians!”(Seymour)🐶

“Dora the Explorer!”(Stella)👩🏾


“I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Gangster Worrrld!”(MC)💁🏼

“GTA 6: Barbie Joins a Gang!”

Narrator: Okay seriously! If Skylar doesn’t get her own route in 2017, I’m starting my own gang so we can go to California and confront Voltage Amemix ourselves adding an old man in his mid thirties and not some bad chick who’s hot as hell is absolute bullshit!

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anonymous asked:

I understand your feelings about Nalu. All the other couples had important romantic moments in this last arc, except Nalu. Nalu had many moments, but no one really important, or romantic. And whenever it seemed the time had come, nothing happened (for example, the last one, when everyone expected a Nalu reunion that there wasn't). 1/2

“I thought that being the endgame couple would be the last to develop, but this is the last arc, and nothing really romantic is still happened, although they will be canon in the last chapter, it is still a disappointment, because they deserved more development. 2/2″

I don’t know, I feel like they’ve had really good development in this arc, at least from Lucy, especially considering the toll of being one year apart. Gajevy and Gruvia (for the most part) stayed together over the timeskip, while our mains were split up. Jerza wasn’t together, but hell, we already know they fuckin getting married. Anyway, my point is, the time apart could have affected them more, but I think it’s a testament to their relationship that their relationship didn’t change, or in my opinion, got stronger when Natsu returned. Natsu is incredibly encouraging to Lucy in the Avatar arc, and puts her mind at ease on several occasions. This is so important because Lucy is usually bright and positive, yet we see her as nervous and disbelieving a lot in the Avatar arc, which I’m sure Natsu noticed, and wanted to make go away. He’s not someone who “confesses”, so we have to kinda guess through his actions. Although, his after-war plans could be something along those lines??? I don’t know anymore.

In the Alvarez arc, we have seen varying gravities of Nalu moments. One of the first ones is when Natsu is no where to be seen on the radar, and everyone, especially Lucy, is pretty distraught about it, and we see the relief on her face when they say they found him. A major Nalu moment was chapter 468-69, when Natsu’s unconscious body is dropped at Lucy’s feet for the first of many times LMFAO in this arc. A lot of this arc is Lucy worrying about Natsu, bless that poor woman’s heart, and we already know all of those parts. We probably only need to go over the Nalu moments initiated by Natsu. 

TL:DR: it’s completely unnecessary to go over Lucy’s initiated Nalu moments, because we already know this bitch is in love with him okay. Let’s just stick to Natsu’s.

  • Going back to Caracol (?) Island, we can recall that Erza and Lucy were sucked away by Marin’s magic, and although Natsu of course cared about both of them, we see his arm reaching out where Lucy was
  • In chapter 477, Lucy was about to be killed by Jacob while protecting Mavis, and Natsu swoops in just in time to save his wife. And with a quirky yet sweet quote. *picks up volume 56 laying next to me* “Lucy is still Lucy, even if all that’s left is her head. But I’d feel sorry for her like that so…I’m gonna have to burn you to ashes!!” This is a great parallel to Edolas, when he says *picks up volume 21* “Just try putting even a scratch on Lucy…and I’ll turn you all into ashes!!!”
  • Natsu is a v proud husband when Lucy tricks Jacob into letting Marin out of his magic space.
  • Natsu says it is fun to mess with Lucy on their way to August, while Brandish messes with her
  • Knowing that Lucy was about to run to help Brandish, and that doing so would get her killed, Natsu fuckin leaps out and not only basically tackles her, but fuckin cradles her head like goddamn how much cuter does it get, folks
  • Nalu loses 10 points because of Natsu grabbing her tits when they wake up from that whole Universe One thing
  • Alright the next one occurs when Brandish takes Natsu, Lucy, and Happy away from Gray and Juvia. Brandish grows Natsu’s tumor, causing him to pass out once again. And, as we saw from last time, waking up is difficult, and should take a long time. Yet, we see Natsu struggling and shaking to get up while Lucy fights Brandish, literally exhausting his dumb ass after trying to say Lucy’s name but only getting halfway through before collapsing again. Commitment amirite
  • Ah yes. Then we have The Moment. This part is simply not explained enough, but it is touched on in a Q and A in volume 60. *gets volume* Mira’s order of events states that: 1. DiMaria stopped time. 2. Natsu notices Lucy (and stares at her chest) (me: a joke btw) 4. Anyway, Natsu removes the ropes from Lucy ( insert another joke about him staring at her tits from Mira lmao) 5. Natsu sees an unmoving Lucy and mistakes her for dead. 5. The power of END awakens! And blah blah he punches the shit outta Dimaria and leaves for Zeref. TL;DR: He was originally able to move in stopped time simply because he’s a demon apparently, or that’s what Mira (Mashima) tried to convince us. This, and the flashback he has, convinces us that he thought Lucy was dead, cries and cradles her for a moment, turns into END, and yeah. Also, it is alleged that Lucy was the only one who could stop him from doing The Stupid Shit, based on what he says to Gray after he ends the flashback.
  • Long skip of time here before we see any Natsu Nalu moments because Lucy is giving us so much Nalu material, Mashima was probably like “eh that’s enough, I don’t want to actually give the fans anything too good” lmfao
  • The next time we have anything relating Nalu from Natsu, is when we meet Brandish and Dimaria again in Magnolia’s streets. Dimaria is scared shitless of him, and Natsu says he probably overdid it, and I think Brandish is the one who says it was because he thought Lucy had died. Not really a moment, but at least they brought it up again
  • When Lucy is forced to leave Natsu’s battle with Zeref, she tells him not to lose, and he basically promises her that he’s totally got this. Which, hell yeah he did
  • When Lucy saves Natsu’s life by rewriting the book, Natsu is aware it is her doing, and thanks her. One of the things leading me to believe Natsu thinks of Lucy as more than a friend, are usually his facial expressions. If Natsu were thanking someone like Wendy, I just feel like he’d have a completely different look on his face.

Yeah, that’s…all we got lol. I always thought it would be harder to get Lucy on the Nalu train, but she’s literally driving the fucking Nalu train. It would take me years to talk about her contribution to Nalu in this arc. Especially after Natsu’s facade of a death, I’m not worried in the slightest about Lucy’s feelings not being romantic for Natsu. 

So here’s what has to happen for Natsu to actually get on the god damn Nalu train after so long without initiating a major Nalu moment. 

1. The “Happy” Route: This is a pun and I’m proud of it. In this end, Happy’s mention of Natsu’s after-war plans is about Lucy, and everything is peachy-keen. Automatic Safe Zone

2. The “Sacrifice” Route: In this Nalu route, Lucy has to play a role in Acnologia’s death or the return of the dragon slayers, specifically involved in a way where she nearly dies, and we can just do the whole “didn’t know how much you mattered to me until you were gone” thing. But a lot of things have to go right wrong in order for this to even happen. 

NEW ONE I JUST EDITED IN: Lucy does something drastic that puts her in danger, because she believes Natsu is actually dead.

If none of these things happen, I’m afraid Nalu might not even have a “Implied Canon” ending. And all I want is Implied canon. Literally. And if Mashima refuses to give us that….I’m obviously not gonna hate him or anything…I’ll just be extremely upset for the rest of my life.

I can’t remember your question…I hope I didn’t run off the tracks but I probs did lmfao

Worth The Wait

Rating: T

Summary: The war is over. Gray is on his bed, and Juvia is in his bathroom. Will she ever come out? This is a terrible description. Gray x Juvia. Gruvia. 

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A/N: For Gruvia Week. This isn’t technically based on any prompt, because I’m a rebel, or I should say, because I’ve had this headcanon for a while, and I’m too lazy to try and make it fit a specific prompt, but I guess passion may fit the best, so enjoy lol. ^__^

A couple of weeks had gone by since the great war against Zeref’s army and Acnologia had ended. Things were slowly but surely falling back into place. Magnolia and several of the neighboring towns, which had suffered the greatest damage from the battles fought on their grounds, were being rebuilt stone by stone and brick by brick.

Many of the mage guilds had pitched in with the repairs, including the mages from areas thankfully untouched by the terrors of battle. Gray supposed the hard work was made quite a bit easier by the fact that they were all being treated like heroes by the locals. It was a desperate battle among mages, dragon slayers, demons, demon slayers, and even dragons, but it was the regular townspeople that usually paid the highest prices during times of war. Homes were lost, families separated, towns decimated, and casualties numbered in the thousands. And those elements were just the most visible consequences currently being dealt with. However, the emotional and mental trauma was yet another enemy left behind for those survivors to keep on fighting even when the magical threats had ceased to be.

That was war, and that was what Gray Fullbuster himself had only nearly just survived. In fact, technically, he hadn’t survived at all. He had died. He knew he had, because he had done it to himself. When he had forced that ice blade through his abdomen, the point of the sword feeling adversely hot as it pierced his body, he was sure that those were to be his final moments on Earthland. And yet, here he was two weeks later, his house in mid-repair and expansion, while the source of his survival had currently, and seemingly made camp in his bathroom.

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anonymous asked:

Heya, could I request a little scenario where the chocobros s/o comes home to find their young daughter had done their hair/makeup/nails as she was feeling sad and needed cheering up. Thank you in advance xx

This was a d o r a b l e to write. 🤗

I was smiling indefinitely throughout the writing process.

I hope this fills you with as much warmth as it did for me, anon.

Song: “I Have Friends In Holy Spaces” by Panic at the Disco

Prompto: Awaiting for his s/o to feast their eyes upon as they walk through the front door, Prompto struts flamboyantly around the living room, hands on his hips, lips pursed dramatically, strumbling childishly in a pair of heels that desperately cling to his oversized, sock covered feet. Their daughter an absolute mess of giggles, she lays on the couch, hands clutching at her stomach, as she takes in her silly father’s appearance. Once his s/o enters and takes in the garish image of Prompto’s now crimped and barrette covered hair, messily painted red lips, and glitter covered skin, there’s no doubt they’ll fall right into the rythym of their little girl, as they crumble into laughter on the couch. Prompto will give a playful wink and blow a kiss in his family’s direction, earning a flurry of whoops and cat calls from his s/o, who just can’t get enough of how ridiculous their silly lover looks. Once everybody has a chance to settle down, Prompto will continue carrying out his mission to make sure all memory of sadness and low mood evaporates away, as he sets to work on covering his daughters’s cheeks in lipstick kisses, building her laughter back up until there are tears of joy pooling at the edges of her smile crinkled eyes. Seeing Prompto go to such great lengths to make their daughter feel better will only deepen the already profound affection and care his s/o feels for him. And who doesn’t find a man who is good with kids charming?

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The Barn 10

[part1][part2][part3][part4][Part5][Part6] [Part7][Part 8][Part 9]

Sakura closed her eyes again and tried to remember, but couldn’t. There was something at the edge of her thoughts, something she had been thinking before Kakuzu found her and picked her up, but she had passed out right after than and the thought was lost in the fog behind her brain.

Sakura swallowed and winced at the feel. Her throat was still bruised and would likely take a few more hours to heal. She was lucky it was the weekend and she didn’t have students to see her look like the poster child for abused women needing donations.

“You up for a glass of water this time?” Kakuzu asked, scooting closer to her side with a glass already in his hands.

Sakura blinked and then turned in bed, only to wince at the feel of her side and the ache between her ribs. It had been a long time since she last had to heal rapidly, and her body was a little out of practice. They said the more Uzumaki healed, the faster the process became. There was also some study in the cells during regeneration that linked it to the long lifespans her family was famous for.

Sakura pat the side of her face and felt the bandages. Her lip was split in the marring, as well as a huge chunk of her cheek. Even after it healed, Sakura knew there would be discoloration for a few more days that she would need to hide with make up. Anywhere else and she wouldn’t have bothered, but her face was important.  

“He scarred my face.”

“It will heal, and you’re still plenty beautiful.”

Sakura took the glass of water extended to her and glared balefully over its rim at the man seated on her bed. “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

“You forget who you’re talking to. Facial scarring and pity are my speciality.” He pulled down the scarf in front of his face and showed off the scars (no longer hidden with magic) that stretched from lip end to cheek ridge. “And that wasn’t flattery, just conversation built around facts.”

She spared her surroundings an afterthought of a cursory glance and found the room tasteful with minimal decorations and clear functionality. The walls were a faded mint, which might have been odd for a man, but she liked it. There were small, potted succulents on the windowsill and extry fuzzy gray blankets folded over the arm of a sitting chair in the corner, begging to be touched. The desk in the corner looked unused and pristine leading her to assume she was in some sort of guest room. Under any other circumstances she probably would have liked the room, but the circumstances still hurt.

Sakura closed her eyes and for a moment she wanted to believe it was the world going dim and turning off, and not just her sight. No matter how much she wished it, the world would go on turning and the sun wouldn’t change for her.

“I wanna say I had him on the ropes, but I didn’t even get close, did I?”

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My Top 10 Favourite Anime Guys

This is really late. Sorry! I got caught up in school. Thank you to @lemonadethefifth and @rays-of-fire-and-ice for tagging me! ^_^

I’ve never done this before (I’m really bad at essays), but here goes nothing (beware the incoming fangirl):

10. Li Syaoran (Card Captor Sakura)

I haven’t watched CCS in a long time, but I can still remember this adorable tsundere. :3 At first, he struck me as some sort of arrogant little boy, but as the story progressed, I began to like him, especially when he became protective of Sakura. I was a teenager when I watched CCS, but I literally squealed whenever he had moments with her. It was embarrassing that I was so giddy over two kids and their cute love story, but there was no helping it!

9. Hyuuga Natsume (Gakuen Alice)

I could not find any good faces of him in the anime, so I picked this one from the manga.

He was a bad-boy type, something which amused and intrigued me at the same time. Sort of like Syaoran, he was a little arrogant at first, but what I liked about him was that he never thought twice about protecting someone dear to him. Everything he sacrificed for those he treasured really moved me to tears! I love him so much; I just wish that he’d never suffer again!

That open ending though *cries*

8. Sohma Yuki (Fruits Basket)

Ahh, this reminds of the ship I wanted to become canon (Yukiru) but didn’t. *cries quietly in the corner* But that’s been done and there’s nothing I can do about it, so… Anyway! I like him because of his personality the most. It was interesting that he could be really kind and polite (prince-like, even) yet have a dark, traumatic past at the same time. He also had sides of him that could get annoyed (sides that he mostly showed to Kyo, lol). I was really sad when I found out about his backstory. It must’ve been difficult for him… But I’m glad that he was happy in the end! <3

7. Jellal Fernandes (Fairy Tail)

Some people love this character, and some hate him. I, personally, don’t think that he’s a bad character. He’s just misunderstood, and because he was messed with mentally, he became too reluctant to forgive himself for everything that he had done. That really made me sympathize with him, especially because he didn’t really mean them. He is a good person deep inside, and that’s what I like about him!

Plus, he has an amazing magic that I like so much! I had hoped it would shine more in the manga/anime, but sadly…

6. Sasori of the Red Sand (Naruto Shippuden)

(I have a weakness to bishies) Lol, I admit, I placed him here mostly because of his looks. XD Aside from that, though, I think he was just really lonely and became empty inside, just like a puppet who dully controls his own strings. I always wonder what he could have turned out to be if his parents never died. Would he still eventually become the same person, or would he have other unexplored sides of his personality?

I may never know.

5. Usui Takumi (Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!)

ADNASKFAIFG I like his looks more in the manga, but he has really nice eyes in the anime! <3 Ahh, this guy really makes me squeal inside! He never hesitates in doing something, and he is great at almost everything! Also, he’s actually really quiet (introverted, too) and keeps to himself. I guess that’s what attracted me to him!

(Misaki’s such a lucky girl darn)

4. Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto)

Another severely misunderstood character in the series. Actually, his personality in part 2 (shippuden) is not who he really is. Sasuke is a kind and pure character in reality. It’s just that he has his ups and downs, especially because of the trauma he experienced when he was a child. He can be really awkward at times and not very good at expressing his thoughts through words (especially because he’s very blunt, so he’s also misunderstood because of it), but he finally redeemed himself in the end and had a lovely family of his own. (hell yeah SasuSaku)

So, yeah, that’s why I like him. ^_^

3. Hitsugaya Tōshirō (Bleach)

This really cute character makes me squeal whenever he appears! He’s always irritated and angry, something which I find adorable, lol. But whenever he gets pissed off, he can be really dangerous. His devotion is also something that can’t be laughed at (like his fervent promise to himself that he would protect Hinamori at all costs). Plus, his powers are both beautiful and deadly. <3

2. Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

I’m pretty sure(?) that the movie is an anime, so I’m placing him here! <3

he stole my heart ever since I played the game

Damnn, he was just a pixelated character back in my Playstation years ago, but when the movie came out, I was like BGUAUFOAADMKSAFN they all looked so amazing! I was so happy. Vincent has always been a mysterious character, and with his tragic backstory, it just made me love him more. Having been experimented without consent like that… it was surely a horrible experience. It makes me amazed that he still has bits of his sanity left. He’s broken inside, but someday, I believe that he can be completely whole again!

I can’t wait to see what he looks like and how he interacts in the remake!

1. Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

I guess you can see a pattern here: (I have a weakness for quiet guys lmao)

Cloud… oh, how he suffered. T.T (Stupid Hojo) He had been so confused in the game as to who he really was. Was he a clone? Was he a real person? Who was he? Was he just a puppet?

It’s why I’m glad that he started to pick himself up at the end of the game and in the movie. Him being a family with Tifa, Marlene, and Denzel really warms my heart. When the Geostigma incident finally ended, he at long last found his closure. Both Zack and Aerith forgave him (it was so beautiful) and Cloud now erased the lingering guilt he had and could move on in the end with a new beginning! <3

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A Royal Engagement

A Royal Engagement

All rights to Hiro Mashima I do not own Fairy Tail

Dedicated to @beaxnalu  

I hope you like it!


“Lay off.”

“Don’t be like that babe,” He slings his arm around her shoulder causing her to suddenly lurch forward, the glass of wine spilling all over Lucy’s dress. “This is an engagement party right? Just relax and give into me.”, A smirk rests on his lips as he eyes the princess he caught, “I bet you taste delicious.”

A sudden sense of dread crawls up inside of her as she realizes what’s about to happen. But Lucy was never one to show fear and instead glowers at him, “I’m not afraid of you.”

“Oh? Does the kitten have claws?” His hand strokes her shoulder tugging the fabric of her dress before attempting slide it down only to feel a sudden wave of heat slam into him. A claw grabs the roots of his hair and forces him to look up at the attacker only to find a dangerously angry Natsu glaring down at him.

“Somehow, I don’t think she likes you.”

Natsu’s eyes had already turned to slits, ruby red scales decorating his tan skin. The prince of dragons was in mid-transformation and to Lucy’s amazement her attacker wasn’t fazed.

“Back off gecko, I caught her so she’s mine now.”

There was a sharp cry as the man, now bleeding profusely from his face, was thrown across the room. Natsu grabs hold of Lucy and quickly takes her outside to the palace gardens not wanting any man to be near her that night. Because Lucy had recently turned 16, it was decided that she would attend the annual royal engagement ball where royalty from around the country would come in search of a lover. The only requirements to attend the ball was to be 16 yrs old and up, and to have either a high status or royal position. And Lucy being the princess of the heavens, fit the requirements. Natsu was 18 and had gone to the ball twice now, each time returning emptyhanded and bride-less, Lucy could never understand how someone as handsome and kind as Natsu couldn’t seem to land a date but he never liked discussing it.

The location of the ball would change each year to a different kingdom, last year it was held at Fairy Tail and with the Celestial kingdom being Fairy Tail’s neighbor it was only right to have the ball at Lucy’s palace this year.

“Did he hurt you?”

“No, I’m fine really, thanks for helping me back there.”

“That’s good.” Natsu says and his eyes change back to normal, the scales were still there and Lucy could tell that he was agitated so she suggested they go on a walk through the gardens. It was late at night and the moon lit the path quite nicely, he reluctantly agreed and held her hand as the two of them walked along the path.

“Do you remember that one time we played hide and seek? I was searching for you and suddenly you lept from behind a bush and tackled me.”

This earns a laugh from the prince. “I had to Luce it was the perfect opportunity!”

There’s another moment of silence as they continue hand in hand, Natsu still upset with what happened prior and Lucy trying to think of ways to get calm him down. Natsu was always protective of her and although Lucy couldn’t quite place it, the prince often got upset over any man who flirted with her.

“I remember the first day I met you,” Lucy starts, gaining his attention. “It was my tenth birthday and mother took me to Fairy Tail so I could see a dragon for the first time.”

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you get lost?”

“Haha yeah but you found me and we ended up spending the whole day together.”

A smile rests on his lips, the ruby and garnet like scales finally starting to disappear. “We’ve been friends for six years now.”

She squeezes his hand, “I’m glad I met you back then, you’re really important to me Natsu I hope you know that. “

“Oi Lucy…about that, you’re important to me too.”

“That’s kind of you to say-“

“No. Lucy, you are really important to me.”

Now she was confused, first he was happy but now Natsu was a mix of seriousness and nervousness. Seriously nervous? Nervously serious? Something like that.


“I…hey have you ever wondered why I haven’t, um…found anyone yet?”

“You mean at the engagement ball? I always thought you just hated parties.”

“Well yeah that’s true but…”


“The truth is Luce, I found someone a long time ago. Someone special.”

Now she was even more confused, was he talking about Lisanna or Erza? But Lisanna was in love with someone else wasn’t she? And Erza was in an off and on relationship with Jellal right?

“But she couldn’t come to the ball so I waited for two years, even longer.” He stops walking and takes both her hands in his. Lucy can’t help but look into his rich brown eyes, was Natsu really going to…? Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of that, that tingly light headed feeling that always came when Natsu got close grew inside her.

“I can’t wait anymore Lucy and I know I’m awful at speeches but-“

“Yes.” The answer was immediate and Natsu laughs nervously.

“I haven’t even finished Luce. I-I just…it’s that being with you I can’t help but love everything about you and God I’m sorry I sound so lame saying this. I was going to write a speech but I burnt all the paper thinking about you and then…why are you laughing?”

“Natsu you are absolutely perfect, yes fucking yes. Forever and always.”

“Really?” She can hear the excitement in his voice and now both of them are crying with joy.

“Yes you idiot! A million times yes!”

Not even the stars could shine as bright as their joy that night.

My top 25 NaLu moments! (Part 3)

FINALLY! I’m sorry I dragged this for so long, but it’s finally here. The final part of my 25 NaLu moments, which means, the final top 5. Part 1 of the list can be found here, and part 2 can be found here. Now let us finally finish this. Beware of spoilers for the current arc, if you’re not updated on the manga, you probably shouldn’t read this.

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Gruvia Prompt: Nymph.

@freedom–seeker YOU ARE THE BEST! Love your imagination and for giving me Gruvia. I adore fairy tail couples but Gray and Juvia are my absolute favorite (have been for a very long time.) So THANK YOU and I hope this is worth the read. I’m so excited to write them for the first time! Yeah, I may have gone overboard with the word count but, ya know, Gruvia. Caution for naughty language.

You can also read it here if you like.

Juvia never expected to go back.

She won’t call it home, it was never that to her, it was filled with the very worst of her kind, hating her for being different, an abomination and in turn she slowly started to hate herself. 

It wasn’t her fault that she could not only control humans but the very water her people came from. But that never seemed to matter to them and while they sang and danced to the music of the trees, Juvia tended to hide behind them.

Alone, always, painfully alone and ignored.

Until him of course.

Their meeting was fate, she always knew it had to be fate that brought him into her life. She loved him so much that it could be nothing else.

When her gaze first landed on him she felt such strong emotions that were previously foreign to her. Juvia didn’t even know his name, but she instantly fell in love. 

He was a fierce warrior, trying to protect his friends from her own people who were singing a song of beauty to ensnare them in their powerful magic.

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For The Heart Can Still See: Part Four

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T (for themes)

Summary: Dimaria may have stolen her vision, but could not her pride. Sightless or not, Lucy would save Natsu. A what-if, canon-deviant multi-shot, assuming Lucy had indeed been blinded by Dimaria, set in the ongoing Alvarez war arc.

Genre: Angst and romance

Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 503 onwards, mentions of torture in initial chapters. 

Note: Gentle reminder (to myself mostly) that this was supposed to be one. drabble.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Natsu was running before he even realised, despite being painfully aware he was never going to make it.

That she wasn’t ever going to make it.

Lucy may have been touched by the worst curse known to mankind, but that did nothing to change his urge to be by her side, to still try and save her.

A few steps in though and he felt an elbow hook around his neck, immediately ceasing his movement and pushing him onto his butt.

“Gray!” Natsu choked, “What the - ”

He was immediately blinded, before wave after wave of wind, dust and debris began hitting him. He held his arms up against it, squinting to get a look at what was happening, looking for Lucy, but all he could see was  horridly bright light that threatened to burn out his retinas.

There wasn’t much time to spare over the whats and whys though, because the next thing he registered was agonised screaming that tore through the chaos.

Lucy’s agonised screaming.

Brandish fought off another Alvarezian soldier with a heavy heart. It didn’t feel right attacking her own people - especially when they looked at her with such accusatory eyes. ‘Traitor,’ they seemed to scream. But she knew when her own people were in the wrong. Well, at least she hoped she knew.

She was distracted from her thoughts thanks to a palpable change in the atmosphere. She, much like everyone else in their group, turned towards where the odd sensation seemed to be emanating from, barely registering the wind girl’s gasp as her own jaw dropped.

It was unlike anything she had ever seen.

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Kingdom- Chapter Two

Gajeel has had the dream about dying for the blue haired girl for as long as he can remember. Which is weird, since he’s never met anyone with blue hair in his life.

Levy has always loved myths and legends. So much so, in fact, that she was currently getting her master’s in mythological studies.

What neither of them realized was that they were living a legend all their own.

AKA the one with a knight, a princess, and a curse that keeps bringing them together just to pull them apart.

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Love Me Now

Summary: Lucy had been through many bad experiences but this time almost broke her. She had never wished for the presence of a certain dragon slayer, with hair the colour of cherry blossoms, more than now.

A/N: This is a gift fic for @proudtobeaginger who wanted some gritty NaLu angst. I hope you like this, sorry it took me so long to write and if it’s not exactly what you wanted. I wanted to get the scenes between Natsu and Lucy at the end just right. Many thanks to @halseyheartfilia for proof reading for me and @lady-brandy-arts for her support! 

I just about melted writing Natsu at the end, he is such a sweetheart (I fell in love with him myself lol). I realised I didn’t put Happy in until I pretty much wrote the entire thing (I didn’t really want to edit him in either), so please imagine he’s on a date with Charla.

I always struggle with fic titles, so I normally name it after a song that I’m listening to whilst writing. Here is a small list of songsperations for me:

Love Me Now - John Legend

Sorry – Aquilo

I’m On Fire – The Staves

Warnings: This fic is quite dark and mentions torture and the psychological trauma that comes with it. I promise there is a lot of fluff at the end to make up for the angst.

Word Count: 5241


“Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.” 
― Emma Donoghue

‘Why am I so weak?’ It was the main question she asked herself in a spiralling vortex of despair.

‘Why was she so stupid?’ It wasn’t like her to act without thinking. A young woman who planned her outfits for the next two weeks, down to her socks and underwear. Cold seeped through to her bones, the stone slab she was splayed across did nothing to insulate the basement floor of wherever she was. Lucy tried shifting her weight to relieve the pressure on her back. Wincing, she gasped as agony ripped through her body, in fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if every bone had been fractured. Instinctively clenching her fists, it took all she had not to yelp as pain shot through her system causing a fresh bout of tremors. Tilting her head upwards, trying to see out swollen eyes, her empty chuckle filled the room. Perhaps her brain had temporarily blotted out the fact some of her fingernails had been ripped off. She had been naïve thinking nothing bad could happen on a simple retrieval quest, that shouldn’t have taken more than a week.

‘Natsu.’ It had barely been two days. Her slayer wouldn’t be coming to save her yet. She wasn’t expected back. Biting her already split lip helped her snap out of it, thinking of Natsu would break her. Plus, sobbing too much would disturb her broken rib cage, and she had come this far without crying. Lucy would never give the bastards the satisfaction of seeing her cry or beg. She had taken a longer quest in an admittedly childish protest. Natsu had been in one of his procrastinating phases and everyone else was seemingly on a mission. The choice was to wait for Natsu or go on her own. Lucy hated being alone, it wasn’t that she didn’t believe she could but the isolation resurfaced bad memories.

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Summary: Dean x Reader: The reader and Dean find themselves surrounded by demons, knowing they’ll have to go out there again, to be soldiers, even if it could mean the end of everything.

Word Count: 2520 (incl. song lyrics)

Triggers: Possibility of death, injuries, a bit of blood, bruises, fear and hoplessness. (Angst)

Y/H/C = Your hair colour

This was written for the awesome Katie’s 2k Follower Challenge by @casbabydontgoineedyou. My song was Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch and my emotion was fear. Song lyrics are italicized. Not sure if I properly managed to convey the fear however. 

Shit, shit, shit! Things had gone from bad to worse in no time as you sank down to the floor by the barricaded and protected doors. The smell of sulphur in the air was strong enough to make you gag as you fought to close out the noises that easily echoed in the small tiled room. A lab… Of all things to get stuck in it had to be a lab. Of course it wouldn’t be a freaking panic room or a weapons vault.

Sure, you could try to Bill Nye the Science Guy the hell out of the people on the other side of the door throwing taunts at you and trying to break through, but considering your villains were of the demon variety you weren’t sure how much good that would do you. It would possibly sting like a son of a bitch if you threw some of the liquids in the room at them, but with that many out there, a few barely slowed down demons wouldn’t be enough.

Even then you couldn’t really make heads or tails out of all the strange scientific names on the bottles. You could end up just throwing some useless water on them instead for all you knew. Sighing you squinted against the too bright fluorescent light of the room that only made your pounding headache worse as you looked around at your handywork of salt lines and protective symbols. The buzzing in your head overlapping with the sounds of chaos around you that threatened to make you scream out loud in frustration at the constant onslaught of noise.

Leaning back against the wall you let your head hit the white tiles as you squeezed your eyes shut in a useless effort of trying to quiet the noise around you. The sobs of the surviving civilians mixed with the taunts of the possessed army outside of your small shelter, breaking through the white noise you tried to fill your head with. Both sounds creating an unbreakable rhythm that followed the banging against the doors. You needed to focus, to take the time to check your wounds. Which wasn’t easy when broken screams heard just a little too late played on repeat in your mind.

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25 Reasons Natsu and Lucy are canon and meant to be:

1. Natsu managed to break the love charm on Lucy in the first episode, which can only happen when you see your true love.
2. Natsu is ultra-protective of Lucy, always desperate to save her and threatening anyone who so much as makes her cry or even remotely unhappy. Happy has noted that when it comes to saving Lucy, he won’t listen to reason. He himself said in episode 206, “ If you know me, you know I don’t let anyone get away with hurting Lucy’s feelings.”
3. Lucy only really blushes around Natsu, whether he’s just saying her name or thanking her or “flirting”. Especially in situations where Natsu shows he cares for her very much.
4. Natsu is always seeking out Lucy’s attention or space, like the numerous times he’s been in her room, her bed,her bath. In episode 5, 10 and others like them, he has insisted they do things because they’re a team. Also, he likes to incorporate himself in anything she’s doing with kinda bogus excuses for doing it, like episode 222.
5. In episode 127, the one with invisible Lucy, he was the only one to unconsciously and instinctively remembers Lucy, proclaiming she “completes” him. Lucy is so essential to him and everyone can see it. He even declared that they had to be together on missions, otherwise it “wouldn’t be the same”.
6. At times, Natsu is very considerate of Lucy’s feelings, like when her dad died and he was yelling at those brats for being idiots or when he thought she was stalked and kept watch over her. Also, when she is worried about her rent, like in episode 51 and 124, he tries to find a way to help her.
7. Lucy is the only one Natsu loans important things to, such as his scarf and jacket/vest (episode 226). Lucy is protective of the scarf because she knows it’s important to Natsu.
8. Can’t stand it when Lucy leaves or he doesn’t know where she is, like in episode 29, when they thought she left the guild or 51, when she disappeared before a mission and he went chasing after her to make sure she was okay.
9. He notices about everything concerning Lucy, even if it’s negative, like how much she weighs and things like that.
10. When future Lucy went to heaven or whatever it was, that Natsu was waiting for her, running down to grab her hand so they could have more adventures together.
11. Natsu was especially affected when future Lucy was killed, crying, insisting on keeping his promise and determined to get future Rouge for murdering Lucy.
12. Episode 73, he was so sad when Lucy couldn’t come to the festival and couldn’t seem to have fun without her. He ripped up a rainbow sakura tree so Lucy could see it, despite knowing their would be consequences. But her happiness mattered more.
13. In episode 112, when they were talking about the next episode and Happy asked Natsu if he thought of anything besides food, everything he listed had to do with Lucy. Happy even said to write it all down, meaning there was a lot more that Natsu thought about concerning Lucy.
14. When Lucy is in danger, his first priority is to rescue her. Like the Infinity clock arc, the Edolas arc, the time she was taken by the royal guards for the eclipse project, etc. Basically, he can’t stand it if she’s potentially hurt.
15. He’s called her cute, a goddess, really nice, tough as nails, incredible, weird (I think he thinks that’s a compliment), she’s called him a nice guy, dependable, and sweet. ‘Nuff said.
16. Happy has been saying for a while that they likeeeeeee each other and we’ve seen before that Happy’s theories were right, so why not this theory?
17. In the majority of the theme songs, they’ve displayed Lucy and Natsu as the main characters, now along with Erza, Gray and Wendy, meaning those five are linked together and since Wendy has Romeo, Erza has Jellal and Gray has Juvia, Nalu will ultimately happen.
18. They trust each other and work the best out of everyone. Majority of their adventures are with each other. Whether they work solo or a duo, they have complete faith in the other.
19. Natsu seemed jealous of Dan, demanding he stop the lovey dovey crap with her.
20. When that wedding moment happened in episode 163, when it looked like Lisanna would be with Natsu, they ended it with Lucy and him together, meaning they are paired together.
21. Episode 177, he whispered her name in his sleep. Just…HE WHISPERED HER NAME IN HIS SLEEP! And they tied Natsu up to stop him from going after her. Then, he gave up his position in a fight, something he loves, to save her, meaning he must love her more.
22. Knows Lucy’s scent enough to recognize it anywhere, like when he knew future Lucy was Lucy by smelling her or in episode 226, when he caught her scent despite the bunny suit blocking it.
23. Lucy was the only one he said goodbye to in episode 265, albeit by note which was kinda cowardly, he still gave her a parting gesture. Everyone else, he just left hanging. Then, when he came back, he was so happy to see her and vice versa.
24. Natsu also said in episode 277 that he could tell when Lucy was upset, meaning he’s in tune with her feelings a lot more than it may seem. He must pay close attention or at least be close enough to her to notice her. And you know Lucy knows Natsu enough to know him.
25. They have these moments that seem insignificant, but when you pay close attention, they all lead to the same conclusion: They are meant to be!

Jerza Week 17 Day 3 - Saviour

Rated: K

Words: 2K+


When raindrops started hitting her face, Erza heaved a sigh. She wasn’t quick enough to reach home before the rain poured down from the dark clouds that had gathered in the sky over the past hour. And she had forgotten to take the umbrella she had placed on the table before she left home to go to complete her job. How could she be so mindless? But she seemed to be distracted quite easily recently. The disbandment of Fairy Tail wasn’t something she could easily leave behind and move on without thinking about it again. More than a few times, when she was on her way to get a job done, or simply doing housework at home, her mind wandered off to the old time when she always had friends who accompanied her no matter she was taking a mission or simply staying at the girls’ dormitory.

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anonymous asked:

I loved your dragon slayer only head cannon post. What are your head cannons for the dragon slayers and their mates. Like who each dragon slayers mate is, what they love about their mate, how protective they are of them, their favorite thing to do with their mate, things like that? If its not too much to ask. Thank you!

So this ask has been sitting in my inbox for a few days, and I get ridiculously excited every time I think about it. I love getting asks like this, so please never think you’re asking too much when you ask for my headcanons. I find it so flattering!

Alright, alright, alriiiight. (Please tell me someone here watches Kevin Hart’s stand up…) anyhoo, off we go!


Mate: Gray. (Who else would I HC as his mate, though)

What he loves about him: okay, where the fuck do I even start. He loves his drive. The man does not give up on the things he believes in and Natsu finds that more inspirational with every challenge they take on together. He also happens to believe in Natsu a LOT and that gives Natsu so much more confidence than he already has. Like “Gray believes in me, fuck yeah. You bet your ass I can do this, I won’t let you down, Gray-bae”. His determination in everything he does is also something that could keep Natsu up at night. It’s really admirable. I’ll cut it off there or else we’ll be here forever.

How protective Natsu is when it comes to Gray: uh. Dude. You’ve seen how protective he is over his guild mates. It’s like that times 10. It irritates Gray but he also finds it endearing that Natsu thinks he’s special enough to protect so fiercely. Harm one hair on his head and Natsu will be on your ass before Gray can say “I’ve got this, Flame Brain.” (I headcanon Natsu as the most protective dragon slayer and I stand by that).

His favourite thing to do with Gray: FIGHT. Whether it’s fighting against him or by his side, Natsu loves it. He also really loves talking about their parents and often thinks about how he wishes he could have gotten to know the people who made an amazing person like his Gray.

“Things like that” (I’m just gonna put a random headcanon for these): Natsu loves Gray’s hair. It’s super soft and looks fantastic. Gray almost cut it short once and Natsu threatened to shave all of his off if he did. Gray changed his mind pretty fast.


Mate: Levy.

What he loves about her: how smart she is. She’s constantly teaching him new things and the way her face lights up when she talks about something new she’s learned is the cutest thing to him (even if he doesn’t always understand what she’s saying). He loves that she can be stubborn because it’s fun to him to try to break her will and get her to agree with him. He also loves how tiny she is because her reaction to being called Shrimp is the highlight of his day.

How protective Gajeel is when it comes to Levy: scale of 1-10? A hard 8. He is super protective, but will let her analyze the situation if someone’s giving her a hard time and wait for her to give him the signal to move in and kick ass. Even when she can handle the situation herself, she often lets him help because he loves to beat the hell out of anyone that messes with her.

His favourite thing to do with her: go on missions. Watching her in action is fascinating to him and he thinks she doesn’t get nearly enough credit for how bad ass she can be. When the job is over, he takes her for dinner and softly whispers praise in her ear about how great she did.

Random headcanon: some douche bag once laughed at Levy’s headband and called it “stupid, girly, and childish.” Levy was actually really upset about it. Gajeel punched the guy in the face and stormed off. Levy was really confused until he came back 10 minutes later with a headband of his own (and rocked the fuck out of it, might I add) and before Levy could say anything, he just shrugged, “don’t get all mushy on me, Shrimp. My hair was getting in my eyes anyways.” He left it at her house once and she still has it to this day and will wear it around the house when Gajeel goes on solo missions.

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