the fairy tail he would always protect when it was in danger

Natsu - NaLu Theory

I feel like there is a lot of frustration over NaLu not becoming cannon recently. I am going to write a character meta-analysis of both Natsu and Lucy which will help explain (I hope) why NaLu won’t happen until both characters overcome/realise this:

1. Natsu is dense when it comes to romance/love and he won’t realise unless it becomes undeniable/obvious.

2. Lucy gets over her unrealistic ideals prince charming or her knight in shining armour expectations. She is a hapless romantic and naive when it come to love. (Note: this is not me bashing Lucy, it’s just a reality of her character. I think she has gotten better recently but I will do another analysis for Lucy)

I haven’t gone in-depth into every single scene because this was getting too long. If you would like to know my thoughts on a particular scene, please don’t hesitate to ask. I love a good discussion ;)

In regards to manga panels, there were more I could put in as evidence. I chose the events I thought illustrated my point the best. This took me a few weeks to compile between uni and life in general, so I hope you find it interesting.  Please keep in mind, these are my observations and I am not bashing any characters or ships.

Natsu and FT

Erza is a mother/sister figure to Natsu, she is essentially his female role model who taught him how to behave around people, showed him a motherly/sisterly love (I think it’s a combination) so she’s the role model he will fall back on when he’s trying to be affectionate with Lucy. Erza is an important supportive role model to both Natsu and Gray.

Examples to prove Natsu’s reaction to Erza is different can be seen by looking at his initial reaction to her being in danger, and his reaction is the same as his reply to Lucy’s question as to whether they should help Gray. He replies that he would want to finish the enemy himself, not to have anyone interfere. Natsu doesn’t apply this logic to Lucy.

You might say that’s because Natsu doesn’t respect Lucy’s ability and that isn’t true he does, but the emotions he feels for Lucy compels him to protect no matter what. Even if he knows she can protect herself. The panel above is a key example because it was a lighting fast reaction to protect who mattered the most to him (keeping in mind Happy and other friends were there but it’s Lucy he covered with his body). It is the split-second decisions which I hold in high regard, due to the fact they reflect a person’s true feelings. 

If you want to read more about my thought in regards to Natsu, Lucy and Happy —-> Link

After the Tenroujima fight with Kain, Natsu’s behaviour towards Lucy changes once again. This is shown in the Grand Magic Games (GMG). I believe during the fight with Kain, Natsu subconsciously fell in love with Lucy. However, that doesn’t mean he acknowledges it because he doesn’t think too much outside the moment. This shift in feeling does change how he acts around her, even in general situations. 


I didn’t watch Fairy Tail for years and I didn’t ship anyone.  I was on the fence about NaLu (is there something, isn’t there?)  it sparked my interest before the GMG arc but there wasn’t definitive evidence Natsu felt the same as Lucy. It wasn’t until the end of Tenroujima and the GMG which convinced me Natsu had feelings for Lucy.

What changed my mind wasn’t the obvious Natsu going to save Lucy. There was a considerable difference in Natsu making his opinion known when a subject/situation concerned Lucy. Which compared to the others who are friends, guildmates and close team-members (Gray, Erza and Wendy) were over-reactions to the situation. Saying this is because of a life threating situation and he wants to protect is a weak argument. In these panels, Natsu is substantially more powerful than the characters concerned. You might say with Yukino that was purely Natsu’s dislike for Saber showing but he is an instinctual person, he would have noticed her mood but it didn’t matter in this case because his priority was Lucy. 

Before this Natsu was not as concerned with what was happening with Lucy, which solidifies my point on Tenroujima being the event that changed the depth of his feelings (note that in the manga neither Natsu or Gray are waiting at her flat). 

Despite Natsu being oblivious to his true feelings (which even a child -Aska- picked up on), Natsu still flirts with Lucy. He even admitted himself that he can’t resist teasing her. And the number one thing emotionally immature guys do when they like a girl? Tease them, annoy them, be a brat to get attention. All behaviour which Natsu exhibits, because Lucy makes him feel comfortable enough to do those things. 

Natsu can be himself because he doesn’t fear that Lucy will hurt him. He’s is used to a gentle Lucy and shows restraint he otherwise wouldn’t when she has hit him (in a serious situation). If it was anyone else in the guild, I believe you wouldn’t get the same reaction. He starts fights with them all the time, so what difference would it make knocking them out.

The fact that Natsu will fight with everyone in the guild, apart from Lucy, is a telling factor that he loves her. He doesn’t want to risk hurting her and as I said before, this isn’t because he doesn’t believe she is strong. When he does bring up the prospect of sparring, it is usually in a playful manner. 

Natsu’s Emotional Growth

I think the problem on Natsu’s side is he’s dense when it comes to romance. Shown by his interaction with Gildarts. 

Indicating that Natsu’s emotional intelligence when it comes to recognising the difference between friendship and lovers isn’t great. Though I have no doubt about his feelings for Lucy are intense because of his different reactions to losing his love interest and losing a beloved friend/family member.

This to me is a desperate man losing a woman who he didn’t realise was vital to his future. With Erza and Igneel he was very sad/aggrieved but he wasn’t devastated. 

As for the breast groping, I don’t give these a lot of credence other than it’s a shonen manga (there’s always going to be fan service like that) and Natsu is a young man who is sexually aware of the girl he likes. Lucy is grown woman capable of making it known what she feels about that.  And she does, the first time she punched him.

Considering current events in the manga, I don’t believe NaLu will happen until Natsu’s role within Lucy’s life is challenged in some way. Natsu knows that he wants Lucy in his future, he wants things to be the same with them going on adventures. They are best friends, it’s natural. However, it wouldn’t be the same if she were to go out with another guy. Yes, they would likely stay on the same team but he wouldn’t be able to continue the same behaviours. 

I believe Natsu has come to depend on Lucy emotionally (in a good way). He seeks her out before significant events and feels most secure when he’s vulnerable by surrounding himself with her. Lucy provides him with a different kind of care and affection that isn’t provided by other guildmates, which is why he chooses to spend most of his time around her. Another reason I think he finds this in Lucy is the start of the manga.  

At the beginning, he says ‘I chose you’ and the way Happy explained the way teams worked, it sounded like Natsu didn’t work well in teams before Lucy arrived. Plus, Natsu is always reminding that her presence on his team is essential. Erza and Gray come and go (they pair up with other people) but Natsu and Lucy are always together by choice.

He is sensitive to her mood and when she is upset, he knows it and it throws him. Especially if it is him who upset her. Any other time he has a nonchalant attitude but with Lucy, he feels the guilt.

He won’t be able to be ‘more than friends, less than lovers’ if she were to marry another man. If she had a boyfriend he wouldn’t be able to crash around her house, play games, sleep in her bed, eat her food, go through her draws etc. Which is why Natsu will need an event that triggers this realisation before NaLu will happen. There will be more angst because angst is essentially the hard lessons the characters need to learn. No emotional events, no story progress.

I have considered the possibility of this event being Lucy’s perceived death but I’m not holding my breath. I still think he has some more growth to go before NaLu happens. I think this is good because it means Mashima pays attention to character growth and development, if the character isn’t at that stage then it shouldn’t be forced. The slow burn is why I like NaLu, seeing two individuals develop an unconditional love and it’s beautiful.

Thank you for reading! <3 xx

Worth The Wait

Rating: T

Summary: The war is over. Gray is on his bed, and Juvia is in his bathroom. Will she ever come out? This is a terrible description. Gray x Juvia. Gruvia. 

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A/N: For Gruvia Week. This isn’t technically based on any prompt, because I’m a rebel, or I should say, because I’ve had this headcanon for a while, and I’m too lazy to try and make it fit a specific prompt, but I guess passion may fit the best, so enjoy lol. ^__^

A couple of weeks had gone by since the great war against Zeref’s army and Acnologia had ended. Things were slowly but surely falling back into place. Magnolia and several of the neighboring towns, which had suffered the greatest damage from the battles fought on their grounds, were being rebuilt stone by stone and brick by brick.

Many of the mage guilds had pitched in with the repairs, including the mages from areas thankfully untouched by the terrors of battle. Gray supposed the hard work was made quite a bit easier by the fact that they were all being treated like heroes by the locals. It was a desperate battle among mages, dragon slayers, demons, demon slayers, and even dragons, but it was the regular townspeople that usually paid the highest prices during times of war. Homes were lost, families separated, towns decimated, and casualties numbered in the thousands. And those elements were just the most visible consequences currently being dealt with. However, the emotional and mental trauma was yet another enemy left behind for those survivors to keep on fighting even when the magical threats had ceased to be.

That was war, and that was what Gray Fullbuster himself had only nearly just survived. In fact, technically, he hadn’t survived at all. He had died. He knew he had, because he had done it to himself. When he had forced that ice blade through his abdomen, the point of the sword feeling adversely hot as it pierced his body, he was sure that those were to be his final moments on Earthland. And yet, here he was two weeks later, his house in mid-repair and expansion, while the source of his survival had currently, and seemingly made camp in his bathroom.

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[The Price Of Love]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: NaLu.
Setting: canon – AU. 
Triggers: miscarriage, grief. 
Genre(s): angst, hurt/comfort.
Dedication: @delablossom – I sort of went in a less domestic direction with this. But I hope the angst is still everything you wanted!

Summary: Natsu had always known that the battle with Zeref would cost Fairy Tail a life. And yet, he’d always thought that life would be his. 

Lucy’s scream pierced the sky. Natsu flinched at the wave of magic that rushed past him, like a gravitational pull that nearly struck him to the floor. Catching himself and regaining balance, Natsu spun on his heel and retreated for the end of the guild hall, where he knew Lucy had been waiting for a signal. A second blast of magic came from behind, like splinters of wood exploding against his back. The force sent him sprawling across the floor, where he landed on his side beside Lucy.

She lay panting uneasily on the ground, her complexion pale in the waning sunlight peering in through the shattered ceiling. Zeref’s footsteps were measured in their approach, slow and steady, like a ticking countdown to his death. Soon, there’d be nothing standing between them but a pile of rubble. 

Easing himself up onto his knees, Natsu pulled Lucy off the ground to rest on a nearby beam. And then she retched. 


Lucy’s eyes widened. Lurching forward, she let out a second scream, as though an invisible force had just struck her from behind. Anguish screeched in her voice, quietening only when she paused to retch. 

Still, Zeref’s footsteps approached. 

‘Lucy! Talk to me!’

‘Natsu! Lucy!’ Erza. ‘We’ll try to hold him off! You must finish this!’

Would she be saying this, he wondered, if she knew the cost of Zeref’s life? Shaking thoughts of his brother from his mind, Natsu gripped Lucy’s shoulders and held her steady as another wave of nausea made itself known on her face. The clash of magic and steel echoed in the distance, sending shivers up and down Natsu’s spine. 

Zeref was too dangerous. Natsu had intended to fight him alone – that had always been his plan – but Happy had rallied the others against his will. There had to be another way, he’d insisted. Another way to defeat Zeref. But Natsu didn’t have time to find another way. Not anymore. 

When he moved to stand, Lucy snatched his hand into her own. Her eyes searched his for a moment. Pain flashed deep within her, leaving Natsu temporarily immobile. His eyes roamed up and down her body, searching for serious injuries. It wasn’t until Lucy parted her legs that he noticed the trickle of blood seeping out from under her skirt. It pooled at his feet, casting an eerie reflection back at him in the thick surface.

Wendy. He needed to find Wendy. 

Lucy’s eyes filled with tears. ‘Natsu,’ she gasped. ‘There’s something I have to–’

‘Stay still! You’re hurt!’

‘The… The baby.’

Natsu’s breath caught in his throat. The what

‘The baby…’ Lucy heaved for breath, her forehead beaded with sweat. ‘I wanted…I wanted to tell you sooner but…I knew you’d…’

Understanding flashed through him. He remembered thinking he’d lost her to Dimaria. He remembered the grief that took him. Remembered their pause in battle to recuperate.

Remembered the night she’d confessed her love. 

Clapping a hand over his mouth, Natsu felt shock sluice through him, then anger. As the flames of rage subsided, he was left with a dull, hollow grief. His gaze flickered down to the blood at his feet.

‘Natsu…’ she whispered, her body trembling, her eyes filled with unbridled fear. ‘Save our…’

An explosion of magic filled the room, sending Natsu reeling across the ground. A blinding light was loosed into the room. As it cleared, Natsu saw Lucy roll across the ground towards him, her body limp as she collapsed by the entrance to the guild hall. He spotted Gray rushing towards her in the distance, then the familiar black of Zeref’s clothes as he stepped between them. The moment Zeref’s eyes shifted to Lucy, Natsu felt his rage return.

Climbing to his feet, Natsu felt a familiar ache in his stomach. Being human meant nothing if he couldn’t save the person – no, the people – he loved. Being human, being vulnerable, meant he’d failed to be strong. He’d failed to protect her. To protect their child.

Clenching a fist at his side, Natsu felt hatred spill through him, burning him alive. Trembling as tears came unbidden to his eyes, Natsu stepped into the chaos of smoke and magic, let the pain and the force take him, and stepped out of the other side a demon. 


‘Come here, Fay.’ 

Natsu bent to usher his daughter into the garden. Pink tufts of hair fluttered as she stumbled over the pebbles to lay flowers at the foot of the grave. 

‘Like this?’ she asked, searching his gaze for approval.

Natsu nodded. His mind throbbed with the memories of his battle with Zeref. No one had expected Lucy to unleash such an extortionate amount of power. The One Magic, Zeref had called it. The ultimate form of magic: Love. In the end, though it had been Natsu who struck the final blow, Lucy’s power had been enough to restore his humanity. And though he could no longer use magic, the price of becoming END – it was a price he’d been willing to pay. For her and for his guildmates. Pain tugged at his heart. 

‘Just like that,’ Natsu approved. ‘Good job. They look great.’

Fay grinned. 

‘Sorry I’m late.’

Natsu glanced over his shoulder to find Lucy standing in the distance, her eyes filled with the lingering grief that came with losing their first child. It was a time they would never forget, a time that would haunt them into the future. But, seven years later, they had been blessed with a second chance, a daughter, who came to them just as much of a surprise. Fay spent a lot of time sitting in the garden, talking to her big brother – Fay had insisted their unborn child had been a boy – and leaving flowers at his grave.

Lucy’s hand slipped into his and the two of them watched in silence as their daughter arranged flowers on her brother’s grave. Nysa, they’d decided, would have been the name of their son. He deserved a name, an existence, in the hearts of his family. Natsu knew in his heart that Nysa would have looked like her. 

During the aftermath of the war, Natsu had begged Lucy’s forgiveness. If only he had realised. If only he had known. He would never have marched into a war knowing she might suffer. Knowing that she was pregnant

All he’d thought about was killing Zeref, like a machine programmed with only a singular function. In the end, Natsu had malfunctioned at the cost of his son’s life.

‘Are you blaming yourself again?’ Lucy whispered.

Natsu grimaced. ‘I just…’ 

‘We live for the ones we love,’ Lucy told him. ‘We must carry on for our son. For Igneel. For my mother and father. For Master Makarov. For the people we lost.’

Natsu nodded but frowned. ‘It just doesn’t seem right.’

‘A lot of people died that day.’ Lucy’s hand shifted to her stomach. ‘But we’re here. We have to do our part to make up for the lives that were lost. We have to live to the fullest, so that they can live on in our hearts.’ 

‘I love you,’ he whispered. If only the words could ease his regret. 

Lucy smiled and squeezed his hand. ‘Thank you.’

‘For what?’

‘For letting me know the true power of love.’ 

Gangsters in Love: Honest Trailer

I really love watching Honest Trailers on YouTube so I thought what if I made a series of Honest Trailers for Voltage Games…?

(The following is for humorous purposes only! Enjoy!)

Narrator: From the money hungry company that brought you Astoria Fates Kiss and Castaway Loves Adventure, comes another game about love that will cost you half of your entire paycheck you worked so hard to earn for your rent, school fees, or better yet, Japanese Voltage games where you can spent up to 4$ plus tax for 13 chapters instead of spending 9$ total plus tax for 6 separate chapters for ONE story arc…

Aurora: “It’s all just business.😉"

Narrator: Gangsters in Love!


Meet the MC!

An MC that made the Voltage fandom jump for joy only because she’s a blonde but is also frowned upon because she’s a 23 year old woman that dresses like a 5 year going to Sunday school.

MC: “There’s nothing wrong with my clothes!😠"

Irving: “Except for the fact that you dress like a middle schooler.😒"

Narrator: Her boring life in Southern California quickly changes when she is attacked by gangsters, and rescued by…gangsters?

Chance: “We’re offering you protection.😑"

Narrator: The MCs parents are revealed to be wanted criminals that managed to piss off all of California who finally decide to go to the MCs house at last minute instead of kidnapping the parents and killing them then.

The Valentine Gang infiltrates the MCs home and takes her away in hope to get info from her parents even though they know the MC makes it clear that she knows nothing, with the MC clearly going along with them because these gangsters are…hot!

MC: “They’re dangerous…but…😍"

Narrator: Man, they really made this MC a thirsty bimbo in this franchise. Way to go America!😒


Narrator: MC first meets Chance Valentine: an all American, Eisuke Ichinomiya who broke away from his fathers gang, acts like a cold hearted prick, and thinks he’s cool because he owns a bike and is the boss.

Chance: “Oh who cares…I’m the boss.😏"

Narrator: But is really a cello playing dork, who is so rich, yet can’t even buy his own house without mooching off his rich black friend.

Chance: “It’s my house!😠”

Irving: “Since WHEN? It’s MY house!😡”


Narrator: Yoshimitsu Valentine!

Narrator: Chance’s happy go lucky hot, Japanese older step brother who’s hair will instantly remind you of the chili pepper emoji or the hair tip of a chicken.

He’s a yakuza who never kills anyone with his katana.

Yoshimitsu: “I’m not killing you. It would be a waste of my sword.😒”

Narrator: And became the WORST leader no one but Chance asks for in season 2 out of pity for his brother.

Chance: “It seemed like a good idea at the time…😔”

Narrator: And who was seemingly popular enough to be the thumbnail of the app instead of the first main love interest himself.

Yoshimitsu: “Isn’t this an exciting way to end the party?😆”

Narrator: He’s a fuckboy who frequently fucks the MC in his route even though he tells her they are not official.

Yoshimitsu: “This–mm–doesn’t mean we’re together.😌”

MC: “I didn’t say anything about that. How about we just have a good time?😉"

Narrator: Man is this MC thirsty! But at least she’s more confident than her Japanese counterparts!😒


Ash Winters!

The mysterious badass hitman who would have been a better character in Metal Gear Solid, GTA V, or even Assassins Creed, with his expert skills in weaponry, stealth, and arson, instead of a romance option in some cheesy, girly, young woman’s romance sim.

WELL, that’s a lot better than a cool character like him becoming a sissy singer like Bieber!

Ash: “I was once scouted to be a K Pop idol.😁"

Narrator: Scandal in the Spotlight, anyone?🎤


Irving Monroe!

A celebrity lawyer and frequent guest on Ellen who is as sensitive as Wyatt from 6teen as he cries over puppy movies.

Yoshimitsu: “Are you…crying?😧”

Irving: *Sniffling* “What? No way man…😭”

Narrator: And even though he is called the ‘CHARISMATIC Justice’, he isn’t popular enough to be featured in any of the Amemix crossovers for OBVIOUS reasons!👦🏿

Aurora: “C'mon, this is Irving we’re talking about! 😏”



Narrator: Aurora James,

The Gang’s sexiest, kickass lesbian hustler, and the reason for the games existence and occurrences. She’s a combination of Nami from One Piece with her love for money and Cana from Fairy Tail with her love for liquor and your stereotypical queer Latina all rolled into one.

And is determined to sleep with every woman in LA and their mother!

Aurora: “Oh another time I went home with this girl, but the next day I realized that I actually slept with her mo-😆”

Yoshimitsu: “TMI RORY! T.M.I.!😳”


Narrator: And Mateo Estrada!

A dirty old fed and the 6th brand new love interest introduced in the gang, as well as being a disappointment to all lesbians and bisexuals playing this game who all begged Voltage for Skylar to have her own route because they loved her ass.

Skylar: “Yeah I know you love my ass! 😏”


Narrator: Just like every other Voltage game since 1999, you are forced to choose who you date, have sex with, and eventually marry and have kids with.

You’ll live your days running from the cops, getting in car chases, playing poker, appearing on Ellen, negotiating with yakuza, fighting your own parents, almost getting killed but not getting kidnapped as much as the Japanese MC, actually FENDING for yourself comparing to the Japanese MC who thinks closing her eyes when her life is being threatened will make everything better.

All this while the thirsty, gold digging MC who turns out to have had no job or no friends prior to being kidnapped is able to seduce the pants off of any of the 6 gangsters and spends countless times with them fucking in almost EVERY chapter at inappropriate times!

MC: “I’m pregnant? How is this even possible? We’ve always been super careful! 😰”

Narrator: Yeah, I doubt it you used a condom when you was looking forward to that D, you hoe…😒

(Cue Aurora’s sexy CG) …Oh! Or…that V! Cause’ y'know…lesbian option…? And…yeah you get the idea…😅



“Not my Valentine!”(Chance)💔

“Human Shinra!”(Yoshimitsu)👹

“Black Phoenix Wright!”(Irving)☝🏿

“Ash Catch Em!”(Ash)🔫

“CASH Me Outside Drinking, How Bout Dat?!”(Aurora)🍷

“Mark Jefferson!”(Mateo)👓

“Kylie Jenner!”(Skylar)👄

“Bastard Valentine!”(Franco)👨🏻

“1 of 101 Dalmatians!”(Seymour)🐶


“I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Gangster Worrrld!”(MC)💁🏼

“GTA 6: Barbie Joins a Gang!”

Narrator: Okay seriously! If Skylar doesn’t get her own route in 2017, I’m starting my own gang so we can go to California and confront Voltage Amemix ourselves adding an old man in his mid thirties and not some bad chick who’s hot as hell is absolute bullshit!

Follow and comment if you want more Voltage Honest Trailers!

anonymous asked:

Heya, could I request a little scenario where the chocobros s/o comes home to find their young daughter had done their hair/makeup/nails as she was feeling sad and needed cheering up. Thank you in advance xx

This was a d o r a b l e to write. 🤗

I was smiling indefinitely throughout the writing process.

I hope this fills you with as much warmth as it did for me, anon.

Song: “I Have Friends In Holy Spaces” by Panic at the Disco

Prompto: Awaiting for his s/o to feast their eyes upon as they walk through the front door, Prompto struts flamboyantly around the living room, hands on his hips, lips pursed dramatically, strumbling childishly in a pair of heels that desperately cling to his oversized, sock covered feet. Their daughter an absolute mess of giggles, she lays on the couch, hands clutching at her stomach, as she takes in her silly father’s appearance. Once his s/o enters and takes in the garish image of Prompto’s now crimped and barrette covered hair, messily painted red lips, and glitter covered skin, there’s no doubt they’ll fall right into the rythym of their little girl, as they crumble into laughter on the couch. Prompto will give a playful wink and blow a kiss in his family’s direction, earning a flurry of whoops and cat calls from his s/o, who just can’t get enough of how ridiculous their silly lover looks. Once everybody has a chance to settle down, Prompto will continue carrying out his mission to make sure all memory of sadness and low mood evaporates away, as he sets to work on covering his daughters’s cheeks in lipstick kisses, building her laughter back up until there are tears of joy pooling at the edges of her smile crinkled eyes. Seeing Prompto go to such great lengths to make their daughter feel better will only deepen the already profound affection and care his s/o feels for him. And who doesn’t find a man who is good with kids charming?

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For The Heart Can Still See: Part Four

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T (for themes)

Summary: Dimaria may have stolen her vision, but could not her pride. Sightless or not, Lucy would save Natsu. A what-if, canon-deviant multi-shot, assuming Lucy had indeed been blinded by Dimaria, set in the ongoing Alvarez war arc.

Genre: Angst and romance

Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 503 onwards, mentions of torture in initial chapters. 

Note: Gentle reminder (to myself mostly) that this was supposed to be one. drabble.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Natsu was running before he even realised, despite being painfully aware he was never going to make it.

That she wasn’t ever going to make it.

Lucy may have been touched by the worst curse known to mankind, but that did nothing to change his urge to be by her side, to still try and save her.

A few steps in though and he felt an elbow hook around his neck, immediately ceasing his movement and pushing him onto his butt.

“Gray!” Natsu choked, “What the - ”

He was immediately blinded, before wave after wave of wind, dust and debris began hitting him. He held his arms up against it, squinting to get a look at what was happening, looking for Lucy, but all he could see was  horridly bright light that threatened to burn out his retinas.

There wasn’t much time to spare over the whats and whys though, because the next thing he registered was agonised screaming that tore through the chaos.

Lucy’s agonised screaming.

Brandish fought off another Alvarezian soldier with a heavy heart. It didn’t feel right attacking her own people - especially when they looked at her with such accusatory eyes. ‘Traitor,’ they seemed to scream. But she knew when her own people were in the wrong. Well, at least she hoped she knew.

She was distracted from her thoughts thanks to a palpable change in the atmosphere. She, much like everyone else in their group, turned towards where the odd sensation seemed to be emanating from, barely registering the wind girl’s gasp as her own jaw dropped.

It was unlike anything she had ever seen.

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Love Me Now

Summary: Lucy had been through many bad experiences but this time almost broke her. She had never wished for the presence of a certain dragon slayer, with hair the colour of cherry blossoms, more than now.

A/N: This is a gift fic for @proudtobeaginger who wanted some gritty NaLu angst. I hope you like this, sorry it took me so long to write and if it’s not exactly what you wanted. I wanted to get the scenes between Natsu and Lucy at the end just right. Many thanks to @halseyheartfilia for proof reading for me and @lady-brandy-arts for her support! 

I just about melted writing Natsu at the end, he is such a sweetheart (I fell in love with him myself lol). I realised I didn’t put Happy in until I pretty much wrote the entire thing (I didn’t really want to edit him in either), so please imagine he’s on a date with Charla.

I always struggle with fic titles, so I normally name it after a song that I’m listening to whilst writing. Here is a small list of songsperations for me:

Love Me Now - John Legend

Sorry – Aquilo

I’m On Fire – The Staves

Warnings: This fic is quite dark and mentions torture and the psychological trauma that comes with it. I promise there is a lot of fluff at the end to make up for the angst.

Word Count: 5241


“Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.” 
― Emma Donoghue

‘Why am I so weak?’ It was the main question she asked herself in a spiralling vortex of despair.

‘Why was she so stupid?’ It wasn’t like her to act without thinking. A young woman who planned her outfits for the next two weeks, down to her socks and underwear. Cold seeped through to her bones, the stone slab she was splayed across did nothing to insulate the basement floor of wherever she was. Lucy tried shifting her weight to relieve the pressure on her back. Wincing, she gasped as agony ripped through her body, in fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if every bone had been fractured. Instinctively clenching her fists, it took all she had not to yelp as pain shot through her system causing a fresh bout of tremors. Tilting her head upwards, trying to see out swollen eyes, her empty chuckle filled the room. Perhaps her brain had temporarily blotted out the fact some of her fingernails had been ripped off. She had been naïve thinking nothing bad could happen on a simple retrieval quest, that shouldn’t have taken more than a week.

‘Natsu.’ It had barely been two days. Her slayer wouldn’t be coming to save her yet. She wasn’t expected back. Biting her already split lip helped her snap out of it, thinking of Natsu would break her. Plus, sobbing too much would disturb her broken rib cage, and she had come this far without crying. Lucy would never give the bastards the satisfaction of seeing her cry or beg. She had taken a longer quest in an admittedly childish protest. Natsu had been in one of his procrastinating phases and everyone else was seemingly on a mission. The choice was to wait for Natsu or go on her own. Lucy hated being alone, it wasn’t that she didn’t believe she could but the isolation resurfaced bad memories.

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25 Reasons Natsu and Lucy are canon and meant to be:

1. Natsu managed to break the love charm on Lucy in the first episode, which can only happen when you see your true love.
2. Natsu is ultra-protective of Lucy, always desperate to save her and threatening anyone who so much as makes her cry or even remotely unhappy. Happy has noted that when it comes to saving Lucy, he won’t listen to reason. He himself said in episode 206, “ If you know me, you know I don’t let anyone get away with hurting Lucy’s feelings.”
3. Lucy only really blushes around Natsu, whether he’s just saying her name or thanking her or “flirting”. Especially in situations where Natsu shows he cares for her very much.
4. Natsu is always seeking out Lucy’s attention or space, like the numerous times he’s been in her room, her bed,her bath. In episode 5, 10 and others like them, he has insisted they do things because they’re a team. Also, he likes to incorporate himself in anything she’s doing with kinda bogus excuses for doing it, like episode 222.
5. In episode 127, the one with invisible Lucy, he was the only one to unconsciously and instinctively remembers Lucy, proclaiming she “completes” him. Lucy is so essential to him and everyone can see it. He even declared that they had to be together on missions, otherwise it “wouldn’t be the same”.
6. At times, Natsu is very considerate of Lucy’s feelings, like when her dad died and he was yelling at those brats for being idiots or when he thought she was stalked and kept watch over her. Also, when she is worried about her rent, like in episode 51 and 124, he tries to find a way to help her.
7. Lucy is the only one Natsu loans important things to, such as his scarf and jacket/vest (episode 226). Lucy is protective of the scarf because she knows it’s important to Natsu.
8. Can’t stand it when Lucy leaves or he doesn’t know where she is, like in episode 29, when they thought she left the guild or 51, when she disappeared before a mission and he went chasing after her to make sure she was okay.
9. He notices about everything concerning Lucy, even if it’s negative, like how much she weighs and things like that.
10. When future Lucy went to heaven or whatever it was, that Natsu was waiting for her, running down to grab her hand so they could have more adventures together.
11. Natsu was especially affected when future Lucy was killed, crying, insisting on keeping his promise and determined to get future Rouge for murdering Lucy.
12. Episode 73, he was so sad when Lucy couldn’t come to the festival and couldn’t seem to have fun without her. He ripped up a rainbow sakura tree so Lucy could see it, despite knowing their would be consequences. But her happiness mattered more.
13. In episode 112, when they were talking about the next episode and Happy asked Natsu if he thought of anything besides food, everything he listed had to do with Lucy. Happy even said to write it all down, meaning there was a lot more that Natsu thought about concerning Lucy.
14. When Lucy is in danger, his first priority is to rescue her. Like the Infinity clock arc, the Edolas arc, the time she was taken by the royal guards for the eclipse project, etc. Basically, he can’t stand it if she’s potentially hurt.
15. He’s called her cute, a goddess, really nice, tough as nails, incredible, weird (I think he thinks that’s a compliment), she’s called him a nice guy, dependable, and sweet. ‘Nuff said.
16. Happy has been saying for a while that they likeeeeeee each other and we’ve seen before that Happy’s theories were right, so why not this theory?
17. In the majority of the theme songs, they’ve displayed Lucy and Natsu as the main characters, now along with Erza, Gray and Wendy, meaning those five are linked together and since Wendy has Romeo, Erza has Jellal and Gray has Juvia, Nalu will ultimately happen.
18. They trust each other and work the best out of everyone. Majority of their adventures are with each other. Whether they work solo or a duo, they have complete faith in the other.
19. Natsu seemed jealous of Dan, demanding he stop the lovey dovey crap with her.
20. When that wedding moment happened in episode 163, when it looked like Lisanna would be with Natsu, they ended it with Lucy and him together, meaning they are paired together.
21. Episode 177, he whispered her name in his sleep. Just…HE WHISPERED HER NAME IN HIS SLEEP! And they tied Natsu up to stop him from going after her. Then, he gave up his position in a fight, something he loves, to save her, meaning he must love her more.
22. Knows Lucy’s scent enough to recognize it anywhere, like when he knew future Lucy was Lucy by smelling her or in episode 226, when he caught her scent despite the bunny suit blocking it.
23. Lucy was the only one he said goodbye to in episode 265, albeit by note which was kinda cowardly, he still gave her a parting gesture. Everyone else, he just left hanging. Then, when he came back, he was so happy to see her and vice versa.
24. Natsu also said in episode 277 that he could tell when Lucy was upset, meaning he’s in tune with her feelings a lot more than it may seem. He must pay close attention or at least be close enough to her to notice her. And you know Lucy knows Natsu enough to know him.
25. They have these moments that seem insignificant, but when you pay close attention, they all lead to the same conclusion: They are meant to be!

anonymous asked:

Hey, you're so amazing as a writer and I just wanted to say I love everything you do but especially your Gajuvia brotp moments. If you get inspired could I maybe get a fic for Gajuvia with the prompt "Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.”?

This is set in a universe whereby Gajeel and Juvia never join Fairy Tail – though their guild is, in fact, disbanded. 


‘Where are you going, Gajeel?’

‘To get a separate room.’

‘Why?’ Juvia glanced at the large bed beside her. ‘Gajeel has slept with Juvia many times before.’

‘It’s different now.’

‘But I…’ Juvia stared at his back. ‘Juvia thought we were friends.’

Gajeel’s eyes pierced Juvia from the doorway. He leaned tiredly against the door frame, nursing his wounded stomach. Juvia’s gaze dropped to the blood-stained bandages. This wasn’t the first time he’d gotten into an argument with the town drunkard. In fact, in almost every tavern they lodged in, Gajeel stepped in to save Juvia from unwanted attention.

Leaving Phantom Lord had taken its toll on the both of them. They’d gone from powerful S-Class wizards to rogue travellers, wandering in search of purpose. Better to stray from a dangerous path than to march blindly into the fire. Truth is, Gajeel had always been there to defend her. She’d always find him slinking around in the darkness, watching her from the shadows.

Maybe that’s why she’d said it.

‘You thought we were friends?’ Gajeel scoffed. ‘Why would I want to be friends with someone who can’t even talk like a regular person? Juvia this. Juvia that. Do you know how annoying you sound?’

His words cut like splintered wood, leaving a mess of scars in their wake. ‘Why do you protect Juvia, then? Why didn’t you just say no when Juvia asked to tag along?’

Gajeel grit his teeth. ‘Are you stupid?’

Juvia clenched a fist at her side. ‘I don’t understand why–’

‘We were never friends,’ he growled. ‘Never. Not in Phantom Lord. Not now. You an’ me, we were never even on the same level. You were a puppet and I pulled your strings however I damn well pleased.’ Gajeel staggered into the room. ‘Doesn’t that piss you off? Doesn’t it bother you that you were just a pawn to me?’

Juvia’s eyes filled with tears. ‘That’s not true!’ Juvia never thought of it like that!’

‘And then – then – you have the damn nerve to tell me you love me?’ Gajeel smacked his hand against the wall. ‘What planet are you on?’

Juvia’s lips quivered. Pain sluiced through her. 

‘That’s it,’ he went on. ‘Get angry. Don’t just sit there and take everybody’s shit all the time. You never smile. You never show signs of emotion. It’s weird. You’re so gloomy that I’m surprised the half-wits in this town even bother tryin’ to get close to you.’

A single tear trickled onto Juvia’s cheek. ‘We were… I thought… We… Friends…’

Gajeel slammed the door shut as he stepped into the room. He closed the distance between them in a few strides. Juvia stared at him through watery vision, an amalgam of hurt and anger washing through her. Part of her wanted to drown him. Part of her just wanted to drown. She had to shut it off. She had to make it go away. All the pain. All the anguish. It beat against her like heavy rain on broken glass, threatening to shatter her into pieces. 

So gloomy. 

‘We were never friends, Juvia,’ he snarled. ‘Why would anyone want to be friends with someone like me?’

Juvia struck Gajeel across the face. His gaze never wavered as the sting of her hand left a flushed impression on his cheek. Images of their time in Phantom Lord flickered across her mind’s eye. She saw him take the blame for her mistakes during a mission for Jose. She saw him carry her to the infirmary when her so-called guild mates left her for dead. She saw him sitting by the window on a rainy day, mourning for a father he claimed to resent.

‘You’re right,’ she whispered. ‘We were never friends.’

‘See, I told you–’

‘To Juvia, Gajeel is family.’ 

Gajeel stared at her. 

‘I love you,’ she said. ‘I want to be beside you. Juvia wants to stay with Gajeel no matter what. Who said love has to be about marriage and families? Why can’t it just be two people who don’t want to be apart? Why are friendship and love put on tiers like they aren’t equally important to each other?’ Juvia took a bold step forward. ‘Why can’t Juvia say she loves Gajeel if it’s true?!’

Gajeel lowered his gaze. ‘I’m an idiot.’

‘Maybe,’ she said, ‘but Juvia happens to like this idiot very much.’

‘Enough to hit him?’ he muttered, rubbing his injured cheek.

‘Does it hurt?’ she asked.

‘Nah,’ he said. ‘I’m as tough as they come. Just ask Salamander’s bruises.’

Juvia laughed at that. ‘And us?’

Gajeel rolled his eyes. ‘Unbreakable.’

Gray and Juvia

On December 14th, I was asked by an Anon:

“maddyy:) do you ship gruvia hard enough to make an analysis of their bond like u did it with sakura/naruto? only if u have time of course, but I’d love to read your opinion about it!^^”

Anon, this is for you :)

I’ve always felt that Gray and Juvia’s first meeting was highly significant, because it showcased many of the recurring themes of their relationship. It illustrated both the fangirlish/comedic side of Juvia’s feelings for Gray, as well as the serious side where she demonstrates how deep they ran. It showed that Gray genuinely cares for Juvia despite his apparent indifference, and probably most importantly, it introduced the motif of the rain.

Juvia pretty much develops feelings for Gray at first sight, which very much caught her off guard. She wasn’t prepared in the slightest for this turn of events, and you can see this by how flustered she gets:

And although the initial attraction was simply based on his looks, as the fight went on, she learned more and more things about him which only caused her feelings for him to deepen; his kindness, the mercy he showed, his devotion to his comrades, she admired all of those traits greatly:

To the point where she even resigned herself to opting not to attack him any further because she could no longer bring herself to, and instead tried to convince him to join her, because she wanted to protect him:

However, when Gray made a negative comment regarding the rain, Juvia was reminded of individuals who caused her much grief in the past, and they shared similar sentiments towards the rain. She therefore likened Gray to them, and thought that he was no different. Thus, she resumed her attack: 

But at the battle’s conclusion, and following her loss, she was finally able to see the blue sky:

And commented on how beautiful it was; Gray had made the rain stop, and had managed to show her a happier, more beautiful side of that she thought was forever out of her reach. This was huge for Juvia:

And it marked both the solidification of Juvia’s love for Gray, along with the beginning of their relationship, and how they would develop from acquaintances, to arguably the best tag-team in the series: 

Shortly following their battle, Juvia would find it hard to approach Gray directly, so she would instead opt to essentially stalk him from the sidelines: 

Usually just by making comical comments regarding love rivals, or in this case, bringing him a conveniently timed lunch:

It wasn’t until a little while later that she was able to muster up the courage to approach him in person:

And this is where she expressed her desire to join Fairy Tail. She was obviously nervous about revealing this to him, especially when considering their history, and you can tell that by her expression as she tells him. But I think it’s worth highlighting that despite him being the one to fight her, he had no qualms with allowing her to join the guild:

And when they were attacked soon afterwards, Juvia would not hesitate to protect Gray with her own body. At this point, her loyalty was already immense:

I’ve always kinda liked how Juvia’s character can undergo drastic changes at the drop of a hat when it comes to Gray; She can either be that lighthearted and girly dork, or a deadly serious and very dangerous mage. This gives her an interesting dynamic that has caught multiple people by surprise, which I’ll get to a little later.

But another thing about Gray and Juvia’s relationship that I like is that they just tend to do so many things together and spend a lot of time together in general, such as this play that they were together in:

And several guild celebrations where they were seen together:

All these trivial things that they do with one another give their relationship the richness that it needs to clarify that they know each other inside and out, and it gives their bond a more solid foundation.

The following is another example of where they are seen doing trivial things together. It shows that they’re not just around each other when the situation demands it; they’re around each other because they want to be. If Gray was annoyed by her presence, he would have told her so, but he made no such declaration. Furthermore, this was the first of multiple instances where other characters have commented on the romantic nature of their interaction. In this case, they were labeled as “acting all lovey-dovey”:

I highly feel as though these types of comments are an indication of things to come for their relationship.

Later on, when all the Fairy Tail members present on Tenrou Island were ready to defend it from the invaders, Juvia and Erza were approached by Meredy, who ranked her opponents in the order in which she most wanted to kill them. She ranked Juvia 13th. However, upon learning that Meredy wanted to kill Gray the most:

Juvia rose to her feet in a sinister, dissonant rage that unnerved both Meredy and Erza:

And she went on to question who it was that Meredy most wanted to kill, in a very disturbing and menacing manner. As it says on the panel, “The source of her power is her beloved Gray”:

I’ve always really liked the cover for chapter 229, because it symbolizes another highly prominent aspect of Gray and Juvia’s relationship; where Gray is like ice, and Juvia is like water, who watches over and protects him with all of her heart, “Bathing him in kindness”:

Following Meredy’s declaration, Juvia fights with a new found conviction, and easily manages to subdue Meredy: 

This prompts Erza to remark how the current Juvia was utterly unrecognizable to the one she had faced during the test:

And realized that her immense love for Gray and her desire to protect him was the source of Juvia’s unforeseen levels of strength:

I’d also like to touch upon that point I made earlier regarding how Juvia’s demeanour can change very drastically if Gray’s well being is involved. When all is fine, she’s her usual happy-go-lucky self:

However, if Gray’s safety is at stake, she almost becomes a different person:

And this fact was not lost on Meredy, who noted that there was seemingly no end to Juvia’s rise in power, just as there is seemingly no end to the depth of her feelings for Gray:

Eventually, Meredy decided to create a Sensory Link between Juvia and Gray to synchronize their senses, thereby making Gray feel every sensation felt by Juvia, including pain. Thus, with her senses connected with Gray’s, Meredy decided to kill herself in order to end Gray’s life, but Juvia stopped her by breaking her own leg:

Juvia apologised to Gray internally beforehand because she knew he would experience the same pain, but she was left with no alternative. It was a demonstration of the lengths she’d be willing to put herself through in order to save Gray’s life.

Following the removal of the Sensory Link, Ultear finds Juvia and conjures a sword to take her life. But before the execution was carried out, Gray blocked the attack brought Juvia to safety:

He subsequently stated that he figured that she was lying from the beginning. And although Juvia is unconscious, she manages to hear Gray state his will to live with his friends, and she smiled.

Following Grimoire Heart’s defeat, Juvia managed to return to the camp despite her leg injury. She then apologized for letting Zeref get away and comically requested Gray to punish her. Thus, signalling the return of the comedic aspect of their relationship:

At this point, Juvia was completely comfortable with approaching Gray, and this had been the case for a while now. Contrast this to how she was towards the beginning of their relationship, where she had to secretly watch him and hand him lunches while masking her presence. Now, she’d nonchalantly ask him to go on dates with her alone:

This is due to the richness of their relationship, a point I had made earlier. As they had spent so much time doing things together, both trivial and meaningful things, their understanding and comfort towards one another had grown to the point where they no longer had to think about the consequences of their words or actions in regards to each other.

After Lyon had laid eyes on Juvia for the first time, he let his affection for her be known, and would later interrupt Juvia’s above attempt at asking Gray on a date, by giving Gray an ultimatum; that if Lyon should win in the games, Juvia would join him, to which Gray would respond by telling him not to take away a member of his guild. Whether Gray had realized it yet or not, Juvia had become an important person to him. One who he respected enough not to treat like a prize to be traded between the guilds, as demonstrated here where he clarifies that he never agreed to Lyon’s ultimatum:

Juvia was a person capable of making her own decisions, and it wasn’t for them to decide her future. Furthermore, it also signified that Gray simply didn’t want to risk losing Juvia at all, and was therefore unwilling to make the agreement; Juvia was too precious a friend to lose.

At one point during the Grand Magic Games, Gray and Erza had a very telling conversation on a balcony. She tells Gray that surely he must have noticed Juvia’s very strong feelings for him by now, and implied to him that he should give a clear answer. Gray’s response is significant: 

He slightly blushes at Erza’s words. Both this and his expression indicate that he is indeed privy to how Juvia feels about him, but has simply avoided dealing with the situation, and has not given her a clear answer yet:

The reason why is up for debate. My guess is that he had yet to figure out how he truly felt about her, and needed more time before giving her a concrete answer; I feel this makes the most sense because nothing about their previous interactions gave the explicit impression that Gray was harbouring suppressed romantic feelings for her. 

I think Gray was just very comfortable with his relationship with Juvia, and was simply procrastinating from doing the inevitable (which was confronting the situation regarding her feelings), because that would then ruin the comfortable relationship he had established with her. However, I say that the eventual “talk” was inevitable because his feelings towards her had steadily been growing from their initial meeting, and had this trend continued, then he himself wouldn’t have been happy leaving things the way they were. This was proven true in chapter 453 :)

Of course, there’s also the possibility of Gray just not feeling about Juvia that way at all, and he therefore simply avoided the situation all together. But I don’t think this is the case because Gray usually has no qualms with being blunt with people, even Juvia, and we’d see this in the “rejection” later on. Furthermore, if he wasn’t at least conflicted over his feelings, I highly doubt he would have blushed at the mention of making things clear.

You can also see it on Erza’s face; that knowing smirk, as if she’s far more aware of the situation than she lets on. Erza and Gray have known each other for a long time, and I’m sure Erza would know when Gray was troubled over a situation such as this:

I think that it’s clear she advocates the idea of Gray and Juvia becoming an item, but feels that Gray just needs a little bit of a push.

After the battles had begun, one of them featured Juvia fighting with Chelia, which resembled something of a cat fight over their respective love interests. Cheila accused Juvia of seducing Lyon, while Juvia retorted that her heart only belonged to Gray:

Then, as if on cue, the objects of their affections arrived: 

Gray tells Lyon that that he and Juvia will handle them with ease, which caused Juvia’s imagination to comically run wild again. Lyon then remarked how he would make Juvia realize that he was right for her instead, and he said this right in front of poor Chelia, who was visibly hurt by his words:  

After they had been fighting for a while, Gray and Juvia were shown panting and beaten up:

However, Gray would put his hand on Juvia’s shoulder, and she’d immediately return his touch by putting her hand over his, leading to the two of them to hold hands. Gray remarks that Lyon and Chelia’s weakness is their lack of team work, and that him and Juvia are far more capable as a partnership:

This grants Juvia a renewed confidence, and Gray states they will attack and defeat them with their full magic power, to which Juvia agrees:

Gray and Juvia would then go on to demonstrate the reason why I claimed earlier that they were potentially the best tag team of the series. They performed a combination attack against Lyon and Chelia where they combined Gray’s ice geyser with Juvia’s water nebula:

This would send both Lyon and Chelia blasting off in true Team Rocket fashion, but not before both Chelia and Lyon would comment on the romantic nature of their opponent’s partnership, which marked yet another occasion where outside parties have not only noticed how much Gray and Juvia resembled an actual couple, but also where they expressed envy at this fact. Mashima even described it as a “Synchronized ‘love’ attack!”. Lyon would yell at Gray, calling him a bastard for being so affectionate with Juvia. And Chelia was so utterly mesmerized due to Gray and Juvia’s seamless coordination, to the point where she’d label what she was witnessing as “So romantic”, in a very melancholic fashion. You could really see in her expression how much she yearned for such an intimate partnership with Lyon:

Once the attack is over, Gray and Juvia smile at each other while still holding hands. Gray blushes at this, and asks Juvia when she intended to let go of his hand, to which she responded by claiming she’d never let go:

This was probably also symbolic of her intention to love Gray forever :)

A little later on at the Bar Sun, Meredy would come across Juvia, and asked her if she had seen Ultear. They would then both both get saved by Gray from an attack by one of Motherglare’s minions. Gray then tells them both to focus as they were on a battlefield. However, Gray would then approach Juvia to tell her that he needs to tell her something, while wearing a very serious expression. Of course, Juvia becomes flustered at this and her imagination again runs wild. But before Gray can continue, he notices another minion firing an attack from behind Juvia. However, Gray, without hesitation, pushed Juvia out of harm’s way and took the full brunt of the attack, which impaled him straight through his chest:

Yet, the attack wouldn’t stop there. As Gray coughed up blood and began to fall, more enemies appeared and fired multiple shots, all of which directly hit Gray, fatally wounding him:

I can only imagine what was going through Juvia’s head at this moment. She looked positively distraught with tears streaming down her face, as she watched the man she loves get torn apart right in front of her. And it was because he had tried to save her. I’m sure that made it all the more painful for Juvia; to think that she was essentially the reason for this nightmare: 

Thankfully, as Juvia, Lyon, and Meredy continued to mourn Gray’s death, Ultear utilized a spell she learned years ago in order to turn back time, in an attempt to fix the horror that they had just witnessed. Her attempts bore fruit, and despite time only being set back by one minute, this was enough to go back to before Gray was attacked, therefore preventing his demise.

Eventually, all the guilds gathered at a dance banquet. During this, Juvia approached Gray to tell him that she’d entered a new era and had become Juvia 2.0. She then attempted to hug him while professing her love to him directly. However, Gray walked away, saying that he’s entering a new era too; one where he’ll let it be known when he didn’t like something:

This was likely referring to Juvia’s very open and public displays of affection, something which was shown to bother him in the past, such as when she very publicly named one of her special attacks “Gray-sama love!”.

He seemed to have a rather embarrassed reaction:

I highly doubt Gray’s rejection was anything personal or major towards Juvia, especially considering how just 4 chapters earlier, he essentially gave his life to save her. However, following Gray’s words, Juvia does not take them as any form of rejection, and instead continued to blush and comment on how she loved when Gray toyed with her affections:

You can say what you want about Juvia, but no one can deny that she has a resolve of steel :)

It’s also important to note that in the MangaPanda translation, after Juvia tells Gray that she loves him, he responded with “I don’t”, which gave a little bit of a false impression:

However, in the raws, the real text is お断りだ which refers to the fact that Gray still isn’t wholly comfortable with public displays of affection (thanks to @kaizenden for the raw translations), which just serves to further prove my point. This wasn’t him shooting her down or saying he didn’t feel anything towards her; he was simply reiterating that (at the time) he found her public affections a little too excessive because they put him in awkward situations. 

However, this didn’t put a strain on their relationship at all. A little later on as Fairy Tail enjoys a moment of relative peace, Juvia approached Gray having baked some more bread that she wished for him to try. Following Gray’s “rejection”, it was literally as if nothing about their relationship had changed; they were the same as ever: 

While witnessing their interaction, Cana smirked and asked Mira what the deal was, because she thought that Gray had shot Juvia down. But Mira replies that “it’s the same as always”, with knowing smile on her face:

I think this made it rather obvious that Gray’s apparent rejection was not to be taken seriously; Juvia certainly didn’t, and neither should we. I think it’s highly probably that Mashima included this scene just to explicitly tell the readers “Don’t worry, Gruvia is still very much alive” :)

After they had been dispatched to a former Council member’s location, Gray and Juvia ride back to the guild. During the journey, Juvia was clutching Gray around the waist tightly, while expressing her apprehension about the situation, saying that she had a bad feeling:

Gray tried to comfort her by explaining that given the opponent they may be facing, one demonstrated their ability to destroy a town, her fear was understandable. However, Juvia states that it was something different. Gray would then take her hand, saying that he was there for her, and that Fairy Tail would definitely triumph, without fail:

I think it’s important to note here that not only was Gray the one to initiate the hand holding (further evidence that his rejection was just a minor bump on the road), but also that Gray’s words don’t really manage to improve Juvia’s mood in the slightest; she was still very anxious, which just indicates the severity of the situation. Yet, the fact that he’s holding her hand, telling her he’s with her, all while his eyes were hidden, highly signifies the weight of his words; everything he said and did came from the heart. He wanted to let Juvia know that he would be there for her, just like she had always been there for him (as himself would tell her later on), and that they would pull through this difficult predicament together. 

Later on, Fairy Tail attempt to find a breach in Tartarus’s base. They are then ambushed by enemies, resulting in Gray being captured by Silver. During their entire confrontation, the connection between Gray and Juvia is never lost, as Keith continues to feed Juvia information regarding their organisation and Gray. Meanwhile, Gray was seriously struggling against Silver, to the point where he deduced that the Iced Shell was his only alternative; the technique that took the life of his teacher. Silver believed that Gray was bluffing, that he’d never thinking of using the move that caused him such trauma. That was until he saw Gray take up the required position:

He then thinks of all of the important people and the friends he has made in his life thus far, including Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Erza, Elfman, Mirajane, Gajeel, Cana, Lyon, and Ur:

However, the final person who flashed through Gray’s mind before he closed his eyes and apologised was Juvia, who he imagined calling his name with all the love and adoration he knew she harboured for him:

This is highly significant because this explicitly illustrated how Gray sincerely viewed Juvia. He didn’t think she was an annoying stalker who wouldn’t stop pestering him; he viewed her as very beautiful, both inside and out, and as someone who truly loved and wanted what was best for him. Furthermore, the fact that she was also the last person he thought of amongst his comrades is very telling; it was as if she had a level of importance not shared by the rest.

As all that was going on with Gray and Silver, Keith labeled humans as unsightly impediment bundles of ego, and swallowed Juvia into his magical barrier particle body. However, Juvia had turned into water, and went on to say that Keith could not sever the bond between humans; and that Gray and his father’s feelings would surely reach each other. She subsequently bursts from his body, screaming that regardless of their form or shape, genuine feelings would always remain in the heart. Because she believed that to be true strength of human love:

Following this, Silver spoke to Juvia once more, expressing his gratitude, because it was due to her efforts that his soul was finally able to rest in peace. He then tells her to take care of Gray, to which she responds by promising that she would, as Gray simultaneously watched his father disappear: 

After the battle, Juvia, feeling immensely guilty for the role she played in Silver’s demise, followed Gray in his travels. She eventually found him sitting in front of a tombstone in the northern continent. As she approached him, she immediately apologised after Gray accused her of following him. However, this was something Juvia felt needed to be said, no matter the cost:

Juvia would then reveal to Gray that she was the one defeated the necromancer that was controlling Silver:

You could really tell how extremely difficult it must have been for Juvia to have been telling this to him. You could see how hesitant she was, how she was shaking, how she was sobbing; she thought that after this revelation, Gray would definitely hate her. Yet, she told him anyway, because she felt that he deserved to know the truth. She was was prioritizing what was best for Gray far above her own wishes to be with him, because above all else, that is what Juvia sincerely wished for; she only ever wanted what was best for Gray. 

She went on to explain that because of her actions, she no longer believed she had the right to love Gray anymore, because she killed his father. Thus, with his eyes hidden, Gray made his way over to Juvia:

However, being overcome with extreme emotion, Gray broke down and rested his head on Juvia’s chest. While in her embrace, Gray allowed his tears to flow, and he thanked her as they were both on their knees:

Gray would then apologize profusely while visibly shaking and holding on to her, while Juvia comments on his warmth:

This was a monumental occurrence for their relationship. It not only showed how much they needed each other, but also how they were able to find genuine comfort in one another. It illustrated the depth of Juvia’s love for Gray, as she was willing to follow him across the world only to tell him something that would likely make him eternally resentful towards her, but that was a risk she knew had to be taken, because she knew Gray needed to know the truth.

Juvia never even budged when Gray menacingly approached her and grabbed her coat, because she felt a though she deserved whatever hatred was coming her way. However this didn’t happen, and instead, Gray let Juvia see him when all his barriers were down, when he was at his most emotionally vulnerable, and she was there to comfort him. She is always there to comfort him, and Gray would later acknowledge this. The entire scene essentially encompasses the message of chapter 229′s cover (which was part of the reason I liked it so much). Gray’s “Ice” had melted, but Juvia was there to bath him in kindness:

It’s also worth noting that Juvia indirectly told Gray that she loves him again, which was a stark contrast to her earlier confession and Gray’s apparent rejection where the whole scene was highly comical. It is uncertain what exactly Gray apologizes for here. Perhaps it was because she had the burden of putting an end to Silver. Perhaps it was for his earlier bluntness towards her. Perhaps it was because she had to see him in this state, or perhaps it was a combination of the 3. Regardless of the reason, it was unprecedented.

A year after the disbandment of Fairy Tail, Lucy had been trying to keep track of everyone. In this endeavour, she would eventually encounter Natsu, Happy, Wendy and later Juvia, who had apparently reverted back to her former “Rain Woman” persona:

Juvia revealed to them what had transpired over the past year. How she had lived with Gray. How they ate together, trained together, did jobs together; did everything together (apart from sleep together! lol), and expressed how happy they were during those times:

But then explained how she started seeing black markings on his body. Gray tells her not to worry about them, but would from that point on go off on his own more frequently, until he eventually stopped coming back altogether.

This would turn out to be a ruse formulated by Gray and Erza in order for him to infiltrate Avatar’s ranks, and I must say, he looked cool:    

Once their ruse had been exposed, Gray joined forces with Ntsu and Lucy to fend off their attackers, and after one of Briar’s clones confessed their love to Gray, Juvia suddenly appeared and seemed livid, likely due to having witnessed the birth of yet another “love rival”. She then hugged Gray and told him she had missed him. But she also mentioned how she had a feeling Gray was in trouble so she came as soon as possible, thus illustrating an unspoken bond that the two of them shared. Following this, Gray looked at her with a guilty expression on his face, and hesitatingly apologized:

However, he’d state that the explanation wpuld have to wait as they were in the middle of a war zone. Juvia understood, and they both stripped their shirts off with perfect synchrony, and prepared for battle, standing side by side:

Yet again showcasing how capable and compatible they were as a duo. This also signifies that during their time together, Juvia had picked up Gray’s habbit of stripping during battle making them even more suited to each other :)

Afterwards just before the battle between Fairy Tail and Alvarez would commence, the members of the guild spent their time leisurely. During this time, Juvia approached Gray, who was standing on a familiar balcony nonchalantly eating a chocolate bar, while offering her some. Then while smiling, he told her how much he appreciated her company:

And he’d then note how she is always by his side. Juvia tried to be modest and not take credit for her devotion. But Gray would persist, and let her know that he’d give her an answer to her feelings once the battle is over:

Juvia blushed in surprise of his words, but she smiles, and knowingly tells him that she’ll let him focus on the battle.

After all this time, Juvia now knew that she was finally going to get an answer from Gray, and at this point how could it be anything but positive :)

Gray and Juvia had definitely come a long way from their initial meeting. The Ice mage would slowly but surely open up to Juvia more and more, and her undying love for him would ultimately create a spot for herself inside Gray’s heart that I’m sure he wasn’t even explicitly aware of until their talk on the balcony.

Their compatibility and loyalty towards each other has been shown to be immense, and I’m sure that on this occasion, Gray isn’t going to lose yet another important person to him; they’re going to survive, and attain the happiness that they both deserve. Gray stopped Juvia’s rain, and in turn, Juvia caused Gray’s ice to melt. Deep stuff :)

My Nalu Fanfic Recommendations

A list of some of my all time favorite Nalu fanfics I’ve found on that are mostly light-hearted fun and sweetness. From most recently updated or published on top to least recent at the bottom. If you’re like me who always has trouble finding good ones, I hope this helps! 

WARNING: Some have sexual content, though I can’t remember which ones. 

Little Thief “Underestimating a dragon’s greed would be far from the first mistake Lucy had made in the last couple of months. Though, the blonde thought, staring at the towering pupil thrice her size, it might very well be her last.”

A Six Month Journey “A man scorned, Natsu dragged me with him on a highly dangerous six month job. Easy for him to spend six months alone with me, but for someone like me who had wanted him for so long… What was I to do?  Edolas and on are null and void. Lisanna never left.” (Note: It took me a while to warm up to this but it gets really good later on) 

rent&romance ‘"Tell that dragonslayer of yours that if he is planning to live here with you, the least he can do is make sure your rent is paid on time.“/ If Lucy’s scary landlady has to become a matchmaker to make a sale and get her rent money, then so be it. But she is definitely still pissed.”

We’ve Only Just Begun “A series of semi-connected drabbles exploring the deep bond of Natsu and Lucy. ch9-more fun-n-games with games” 

Charmed “As the days grew older, they grew closer; closer than they could’ve ever imagined. And as an innate power forces itself upon Lucy, she becomes a piece of a destiny that would be beyond her control; for the one who bears the mark of gold is charmed with the power to destroy everything..and to begin everything anew.”

In Sickness and Health, For Better or Worse  “They took care of each other in sickness and in health. They were there for each other for better or worse. A collection of one-shots where Natsu and Lucy live out these vows even though they aren’t married… yet.

Another Reason “With the war against Alvarez over, the day Lucy is to leave on her journey to find Aquarius’ key has arrived. And while there are a bunch of her friends to see her off at the railway station and her train about to leave, why is there no sign of her dragon slayer best friend?”

Once You Go Beyond Friendship, You Can’t Go Back “Close friends, both wanting more, both afraid to ruin what they have. Their feelings have been growing. Becoming harder to ignore. Becoming stronger, and more risque, but even more predominate, is a fear of losing what they have.” 

Celestial Embers “Snippets from the life, love, and thoughts of our favorite Fairy Tail duo: Natsu and Lucy! (#22 - Real Smooth - In which Natsu has a drink that’s definitely too strong for him, but he’ll be dipped if he’ll let Lucy see that he’s anything less than invincible.)” 

Operation: Santa “The guild is buzzing with activity preparing for their annual Christmas Eve party and everyone is lending a hand, except for one person. Nobody will let Natsu help with anything. Lucy sympathizes and decides to help him find something to do. But what she didn’t know was that it would involve a lot of shopping, being alone with Natsu for 5 days, and becoming Santa!” Complete 

Fragmented Soul “Dragon Slayers are only born with half a soul, they’re complete only when they’ve fully claimed their mates. The problem is that sometimes the claiming can damage the mate. Natsu has just started going through this change and it seems the mate he can hurt is his best friend Lucy…” 

The Blind Date “Natsu is sick of hearing people say that he should make a move on Lucy; that would just be… weird. Lucy is sick of hearing people say that she should date Natsu; they are just friends. So, in order to shut everyone up for good, they decide to go to the best matchmaker in Fiore to predict and determine who the best partner is for them, for better or for worse.” Complete

Springing Into Action "I’ve already watched you die once, Luce. I can’t handle watching it again.” Complete

Trials by Nature “When Levy invites Lucy and Natsu on a mission to translate wall carvings from an ancient temple, they accidentally invoke the “Trials by Nature”, a series of tests that an ancient tribe used as a way to initiate members into adult hood. They must conquer the twelve basic animal instincts, while trying to reign in the feelings that the trials invoke in them.”

One Wish “When Lucy’s spur of the moment wish is granted by a magical artifact, she and Natsu find their magic unexpectedly switched. It’s a problem the likes of which neither of them, nor the guild, know how to undo. An already bad situation turns worse when assassins make an attempt on Lucy’s life, leading to the uncovering of a sinister plot that could mean the end of Fiore itself.”

Illness Protocol “In which Erza shares with Lucy all of her procedures on how to deal with a sick Natsu. You know, just in case she ever needs them… - One-shot.” 

Natsu’s Sorcerer’s Weekly Special “Erza forces Natsu to pose for a special issue of Sorcerer’s Weekly. It should be simple, right? Well, not when Lucy’s secret feelings are exposed for all to read.” Complete

Innate Behavior  “The effects of knowing who you were born to love and protect, but having to convey those feelings to them without scaring them off. Natsu knows who his mate is, but how could he possibly tell her? Would she reject him?” 

Drawings, Writings, and I’m Sorry “So apparently, it’s not okay with Lucy to burn up one of her short stories. Apparently. - One-shot.”

Little Drop of Poison “Cobra joins Fairy Tail, the twist is that Mira now has a partner to help set up her favorite couple. What type of shenanigans will the matchmaking duo get the guild into?”

Fragile  “For being indestructible, he really was quite delicate.” Complete 

Good Intentions  “Lucy needs the help of an S-Class mage to take on a particular mission, but the only one available at the time is Laxus. While on their mission, the two grow closer. NOT LaLu romance! Natsu/Lucy romance, Laxus and Lucy develop a sibling like relationship which the story focuses on most.”

Strongest of Them All  “If you were to ask any random citizen of Fiore who the strongest Fairy Tail member was, you’d most likely hear a mixture of Gildarts, Erza, Natsu, and Laxus. When you asked the members themselves, it was a different story.” Complete 

NaLu Fics for the Soul “For NaLu week! Relentless rants about the relationship between our favorite fire dragon-slayer and celestial mage. Pure, innocent fluff.” Complete

Inebriated “NaLu Week, Day Five: Dare; Inebriation was commonplace within the infamous guild known as Fairy Tail. There was some semblance of a silent rule that stated that if one hadn’t gotten drunk within the midst of guildmates, then they weren’t truly considered a member of said guild.” Complete

The Games We Play “A game of hide and seek becomes heated as Lucy is confronted with an opportunity to face her own fears.” Complete

His Favorite Time of Year  “Christmas has come around once again, and Natsu couldn’t be happier. It was after all his favorite time of year, but not for the reasons you might think. No, his love for the season had everything to do with his pretty blonde partner.” Complete

Flaming Roses “Sometimes ignorance is bliss but Natsu has always been one to take on his problems head on. Unfortunately his inexperience has left him taking the advice of some very questionable people. The course of true love does not run smooth in this 100-word vignetted tale.” Complete

Masquerade Bid “Bidding?“ Levy echoed dumbly. Mira nodded. "Yep. Whoever has the most money buys you and they get to keep you for the night until the party ends.” Complete 

Plan H “So far, Erza and Gray were on plan H; H for hot spring. Needless to say, Natsu and Lucy hadn’t been very cooperative.” Complete

When You Don’t Know Me “An obsession leads to dire consequences when Team Natsu ventures out on their latest mission, forcing Natsu to find himself in a future that never should have been. Now he must revert the time stream back to its original flow before time runs out” 

You Guys Are Idiots “Natsu will do anything to make sure Lucy doesn’t go on vacation without him. Even tying her up to a chair and tickling her until she lets him come.” Complete

What’s Expected “She’s surprised at how crafty he is about it. Natsu Dragneel has never been known to be subtle in the least degree. More like over a hundred degrees at all times of the day. NaLu one-shot. Canon. Fluff.” 

Your Life’s Art  “Lucy is a Art major in her Senior year of college. She is roommates with Natsu. Taking a class called “Your Life’s Art”, Lucy is thrown a curve ball of an assignment. Not sure how to handle it, Lucy makes a decision that not only changes her life, but everyone in it! Now all she can think is… “Why Me?"’ Complete 

Haute Hotel Haze “Lucy and Natsu are forced to share a hotel room. Sleeping with a guy gets Lucy curious, especially when it seems like Natsu is having a VERY good dream.” Complete 

Christmas Mayhem “Every year Fairy Tail holds a Christmas Eve party. Between the mistletoe war featuring Mirajane and Natsu, the odd activities planned by Master Makarov, Mirajane,and Erza, Lucy can’t help but await for the festive games and good nature fun to begin!” 

Warm, Rough, and Gentle  "It’s a hand I know well, a touch I’ve felt numerous times, yet tonight, under the stars and a crescent moon, his hand feels so huge, protective, and possessive.” Complete 

Year of the Sun  "Promise me something, Dragon Slayer,“ he whispered, his voice weak and soft, his breathing shallow and ragged as he struggled to get the words through his collapsing throat. "Promise me you’ll make sure he’s taken care of.” Complete 

Sleeping Dragon “Natsu is addicted to sleeping in Lucy’s bed and she’s downright sick of it…until she realises why he does it. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail guild hear the two have ‘slept together’ and misunderstandings ensue… One-shot.”

If You Can’t Take the Heat “Because, Lucy Heartfillia, I want you.“ He leaned forward to place a kiss on the corner of her mouth and made her lips part in anticipation. "I want all of you. And by the end of the night,” he whispered, placing a series of kisses along her cheeks and eyelids, making said eyes flutter closed. “I plan on know every single part of you.” Complete 

Of Rainbows and Unicorns and All Things Shiny “And suddenly, Natsu feels like puking rainbows, blood and whatnot because these damn kindergarteners are killing him.” Complete 

Between the Lines “The relationship Natsu and Lucy share will always confound Lisanna, regardless of time or space.” Complete

Mrs Lucy, Wait, WHAT?  “Cana is sober, so she decides to tease Lucy by giving her the love fortune reading of the century. Now Lucy is forced to spend a day married to each of her many possible future husbands.” 

Growing Up  “In which Lucy’s growing pains consist of taking on five solo missions to prove that she isn’t just a useless pretty face. That, and to dispel the ridiculous notion of her being Natsu’s damsel in distress.” Complete

in an orderly fashion  “In which four people are stuck in a closet. Lucy fumes, Loki leers, Natsu sets things on fire, and Gray just wishes someone would kiss Lucy so they could all get out. Oh, and Happy is an evil genius. That too.” Complete

And a few of my Favorite Authors: 


Dark Shining Light




Kat A. Klysmic 

Natsu Is NOT Oblivious

So I’ve been seeing a lot of fanfictions, posts on Tumblr and blogs saying that Natsu is oblivious when it comes to romance. To all of these statements and stories I say: HA! YOU ARE HILARIOUS! 

Let’s remember that Natsu grew up in a Guild where all the older men were married and that the single men were pervy towards any single lady they found attractive. Even though he may seem all innocent and naive when it comes to love, he certainly knows what flirting is and how men act when they are attracted by a woman who catches their eye. 

Natsu just didn’t have anyone to really be romantically attracted to. Lisanna is much more like a younger sister to Natsu and back in their childhood they were play mates and best friends. But he didn’t look at her in a romantic way, he cared about her as a part of his family. Unlike Lisanna who genuinely had a romantic interest in Natsu when they were children, but has given up on pursuing a relationship with him beyond being friends. 

But when he came across Lucy, he began to really get feelings for her that developed throughout the series. At first, he saves her from being harmed and taken away by Bora on the cruise and brings her to Fairy Tail to become a Guild member. After that, he starts to form a bond with her over becoming part of the same team together. As the series progresses his feelings towards Lucy develop from a mere partnership to being practically inseparable from her. 

I also believe that Lucy is in fact Natsu’s soul mate. His rough and reckless attitude and behavior calls for a woman who can calm down his dragon and beast like tenancies and get him back on track and focused. She is the Yin to his Yang and the one who can balance his life and keep him at peace. Making her someone precious to him. 

He even says after Future-Rogue kills Future-Lucy that he stole something precious from him before his eyes and that he would not let their future be destroyed. Whether fans choose to believe it or not, Lucy is as close as a wife to Natsu’s life. 

Now when it comes to romantic feelings, Natsu does display actions and says things that goes beyond just friendship from time to time. He will not allow Lucy to be hurt or killed during a fight and will put himself in danger just to keep her safe. He will sacrifice his life for her’s in a heartbeat if it’s the only way to save her life. He displays an unconditional love for Lucy, because no matter how many times they’ve argued and fought over things in the past, he still forgets their fights and hardly gets mad at her and protects her. Displaying a very husband like quality in him when it comes to their relationship. 

When it comes to conversations between the two Guild mates, Natsu’s speech and tone of voice is much more gentler with Lucy than with the other members of the Fairy Tail Guild. He always checks in with her to see how she is feeling and will ask about her problems if she has anything on her mind and will listen to her as she talks to him. He will also display his protective nature over Lucy in his words when there is a dangerous enemy who is threatening to harm her. Threatening towards them that if they even put a scratch on her then he’ll kill them. He not only can back up his words with his magical ability, but also with his tone of voice when he talks about protecting her. 

When people say that Natsu is naive, I don’t believe that one bit. Natsu knows what a kiss is and knows what love is. He just hasn’t had a reason to participate in love like events because he never had someone to love ROMANTICALLY. He didn’t have a woman in the Fairy Tail Guild who he cared about romantically to the point where he would be willing to sacrifice himself and kill those who would harm her. 

I believe that Natsu is not oblivious to romance because he has a full on developing romantic relationship with Lucy. Sure it might not be considered “canon” yet by some of the fandom and in the manga series, but it is pretty obvious that is where Hiro Mashima plans on taking their relationship to by the end of the Fairy Tail series. 

I just really needed to get this long post on Natsu and Romance out there because this has been on my mind for a while. 

FT Angst Week: Day 7

Title: Burn the Pages. 

Prompt: END.

Pairing: Nalu.

Summary“Lucy, please wake up…” he said in a broken voice as tears began to run down his cheeks like rivers. “Lucy! Oh, Mavis, what have I done?” After the battle against Zeref and losing control of his demonic powers, Natsu has to deal with the consequences of his acts.

A/N: Hi, everyone! I’m Sil (myentropicmess) and this time I’m posting my submission for ft-angst-week alone. The first time I heard about the prompts, I chose this prompt all for myself, without co-writers, even if I had to die with this challenge. I was afraid to write some scenes, but I always had my lovely betas Sara (worshiperofunknownstories), San (onlywordswithoutsense) and Marta (mavis-118) by my side supporting me and making all of this possible… Is such a pleasure working with all of you. I also have to thank Sia and his flawless album “1000 forms of fear” for helping me in my moments of writer’s block (the songs are so inspirational *-*).

Disclaimer: I don’t own Fairy Tail Universe or its characters, they belong to Mashima sensei. 

You can also read this oneshot on and AO3… Reviews are welcome as always! ^^

Yesterday is gone and you will be OK

Place your past into a book, burn the pages

Let ‘em cook.

It was nearly noon and Lucy Heartfilia was bouncing her leg up and down on the ball of her foot as she was sitting beside the writing desk of her bedroom, showing her uneasiness. She tried to finish one chapter from the novel she was currently writing, as an attempt to distract herself, but words didn’t want to come to her mind. They’d never been late before and that was worrying her. What could have happened to them? Should she call Juvia and Gray to tell them about it? No, that only would put the ice mage in overprotective mode for nothing. Maybe the reason they were late was because classes had ended later than usual or because they had stayed a little longer with their friends. Yes, definitely that would be the reason.

While she was having those thoughts, she didn’t notice that the door of the bedroom she shared with her husband got open. Neither when Natsu approached her chair and softly put his hands on her shoulders in an attempt to reassure her uneasiness.

“You worry too much,” the fire dragon slayer said. “You know how they are. Maybe Haru and Ur got entertained on their way home and lost track of time. Moreover, they have their magic well mastered and they can overcome any danger. Have a little faith in them.”

“How can you be so sure? At this rate they could have been attacked by only Mavis knows who and we are here, not helping them…” As Lucy was clenching her fists and looking at the ground, Natsu kneeled to put himself at her height.

“Hey, don’t be so pessimistic.” Natsu caught her right hand and kissed it to reassure her.

“And you… You don’t be so relaxed about it!” she replied, retiring her hand and feeling how tears began to fill her eyes. The fire dragon slayer wasn’t to blame for her sudden outburst and it pained her to see a hurt expression on his face, but, at that moment, she was reaching her limit. “I’m… I’m sorry, Natsu… I didn’t want to… I’m just…”

“I know.” He brushed her hair from her eyes to look at her. “Now we are going to talk to Gray and Juvia to try to solve this, alright? I promised to protect our family, remember?” he added, putting a lock of blond hair behind her ear.

“Yes…” she whispered. Concern didn’t leave her just yet, but what she did know was that Natsu always kept his promises. And that occasion wasn’t going to be an exception.

As she got up from her chair with Natsu’s help and they went downstairs, they heard the bell of their house ringing. Thinking about the possibility that it could be Uria and their son, they looked at each other and ran to the hall, opening the door right after.

Even if she thought about the possibility and created different scenarios, Lucy freaked out when she saw the scene at the other side of the door. There they were. Haru and Uria. Harmed and covered in injuries. Without a second thought she rushed to their side with a concerned expression.

“Oh my stars! What have happened to you two?” Lucy said as she brushed Haru’s blond hair, which had stains of his own blood on it. She also noticed bandages around his forehead and that one of his eyes was swollen.

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Gray’s Honesty

Many people who dislike Gruvia, and feel like Gray’s current acceptance of Juvia (and likely reciprocation of her feelings) is OOC, or sudden, feel this way, because they have always refused to accept that Gray is a tsundere. And because he’s a tsundere, that means at times (especially when he’s surrounded by others) Gray is not 100% honest (to say the least) with his words and actions. This character trait of Gray’s is always used for humor, the same way Juvia’s over-enthusiasm and jealousy are used for humor.

That’s why when we see Gray in private or alone with Juvia, she is calmer and more mature, while Gray is kinder, more comfortable, and more receptive towards Juvia and her feelings, and far more honest with his own.

And the time we got an actual glimpse into his thoughts, Juvia was shown to be portrayed in a very positive and very prominent way. Because the way in which Gray pictured Juvia, was not as someone who irritated him, but instead she was clearly being shown as someone who he had a great affection for. We could see how Juvia “measured up” against the other people in his life by how large her panel was, and how she was the very last person he thought of before he was about to cast Ice Shell, which would have taken his life. You could see that thought of leaving everyone, and especially her behind, pained him. And it proved that she already had a huge place in his heart:

Not only that, but Mashima has highlighted their unspoken bond more than once. We didn’t need Gray’s words up until now, because Mashima put them into situations which revealed the truth of his deeper feelings. That is why they were able to connect during Meredy’s sensory link, and why they were able to pull off a unison raid. Both of those things can only be achieved by people who share a strong bond/strong feelings for each other. Not to mention that both of those moments in Gray and Juvia’s case, also carried blatant romantic implications/undertones:

And not to mention that we’ve seen Gray during moments when he could do nothing but act on instinct, and his instinct has always been to take care of and protect Juvia, even if was at the cost of his own life. It’s been said that Gray would do these things for anyone. However, Mashima didn’t show him doing it for anyone else, he showed him doing it for JUVIA. That’s the point. Mashima is specifically highlighting these moments because Gray’s feelings are different for Juvia, and go beyond what he would feel and do for just a friend. 

Gray likes to come off as cool. He said this himself ages ago, and it’s in his magazine as well. But Juvia flusters him, exactly because his emotions are anything but cool. As Juvia said recently, he has been feeling WARM. His feelings for Juvia completely make him lose his cool. 

So, up until now, Gray always tried to downplay, or brush off any hint of a romantic attachment to Juvia when he’s in public, which usual contradict his previous actions and/or words towards her. We saw this a lot in the GMG especially. He didn’t want to go on the love slide, but ended up on it with Lyon, and was the first to ask “WHY IS THIS WITH YOU?!” while Lyon said, that was HIS line (and we know Lyon wanted to go on the slide with JUVIA). 

Gray was the one who took hold of Juvia’s hand during the finals (and hand holding is not necessary for a unison raid) in the GMG, and then got uncomfortable when the hand holding went on too long. Yet he wasn’t letting go, either.

He gets freaked out over Juvia wanting to be “punished” at the end of Tenroujima, but then goes along with Natsu and the guys to try and see specifically Juvia (according to Mirajane) naked. 

After burying his face in Juvia’s chest, and then proceeding to live with Juvia for 6 whole months where they did everything together, he tries to brush off the situation after a round of rumors went too far for his taste. 

And everyone holds up Gray’s “rejection” as the answer that Erza urged him to give Juvia about his feelings, even though the moment was played off humorously, with LYON giving up, instead of Juvia. And the next time we saw them interacting together, we have a much more obliging Gray, where Mira and Cana comment on how even Gray was clearly acting as if the rejection had never happened, and things were the same as always.

Not to mention that the rejection was bookended by HUGE events that prove Gray’s contrary feelings (throwing his life away to protect her, and tenderly telling her he was there for her). 

So, we’ve seen his actual feelings plenty of times, both in subtle, and unsubtle ways as I’ve already pointed out above. And his friends, including those he is closest to, see through his act. Even to people he’s just met, his interactions with Juvia come off as mutually, romantically interested. If that wasn’t the case, Gruvia wouldn’t have as many supporters as it does, both outside (us fans) and INSIDE the story. This is Mashima again, unable to to be 100%  honest via Gray for the sake of maintaining tension, using others instead to hint at Gray’s true feelings for Juvia.

So, no, his feelings did not come out of no where. No, he doesn’t just suddenly like her around. He’s always liked her around. and everyone in-verse has always thought so. His feelings towards her have been growing for AGES. It’s not the mangaka’s fault when people shut their eyes to these things, and don’t want to see them. It’s not his fault when people outright deny an obvious character trait of Gray’s, so that they can continue to delude themselves that he has no feelings for Juvia, regardless of all the development and moments that prove otherwise.

And now we have come to the (likely) final arc of the story, and all that development is coming to a head, with Gray finally being earnest with Juvia (and the readers) with what he really thinks about her.

Gray’s TRUE answer to Juvia’s feelings will be his positive reciprocation, and Juvia’s reaction shows that she, too, knows this. It’s been building to this point since Juvia’s introduction. I’ve said this before in another post, but Gray and Juvia were LITERALLY made for each other.

Gray has had many things, including fear and trauma of losing those he has loved, stand in his way of embracing something that he’s been craving for a while. He’s been afraid of taking that final step, and letting the both of them be truly happy because of the constant danger always hovering over them. His past losses have resulted in his heart being protectively encased in ice, and that manifested itself in his hesitation, and tsundere/contradictory behavior. But Juvia has slowly and surely melted that ice away. He now feels warm to her, because he has figuratively and literally warmed up to her.

Gruvia was always the only Gray-related ship with any true romantic development. Even if you happen to dislike it, it still should not be any kind of shock that things are headed this way, because Gray’s feelings have always been there, and they’ve always been growing right alongside Juvia’s. 

So, no, Gray is not acting out of character. He is just ready to be wholly honest with Juvia at last. ^^

My Gruvia theories: grays feelings progress
  • So when Gray was first getting to know her: he was impressed with her powers. He felt like he was the one in fairytail to know her first so he wanted to give her a kind welcome. He thought they'd become good "friend's"
  • When she showed her affections he just thought she was crazy. He didn't think those feelings were serious at first. Which they weren't so much.
  • Once they got to the island for the sclass exam: He gained high hopes for her. He wanted her to do well. She was the only one who he really cared about succeeding. He just wanted to beat everyone else. Once he learned there were enemies on the island, he became instantly concerned for her. He worried for her. He was very uncomfortable with her not being around. When he saved her life he planned to not tell her or anyone else. Very modest of him.
  • When Lyon stepped in: By then he had become colder towards Juvia...Why?? Let me tell you why. He wanted to protect his heart. He had put a huge guard up because he thought this was protecting her. He thought that if he distances himself, it'll be easier to not be tempted by her. But then Lyon stepping in made Gray angry. Gray believed that Juvia was capable of falling for Lyon. It wasn't because lyon was "taking his guild mate," because...let's face it. if lyon was walking off with cana, Gray wouldn't have given a damn.
  • The grand magic games: Gray had built a strong connection with Juvia in his heart but he didn't want to reveal it. When Juvia performed her spell for him and he flinched, it was because he's not the type to let his love be known in public. Also it actually could of subconsciously been because Gray took the precaution of protecting Juvia really seriously. I believe that Gray believes that if he reveals his feelings for Juvia or if their bond becomes known to the enemies (demons etc)that killed his family, then Juvia would be next in line. So juvia declaring her love for him could have put her life in danger. Gray could have subconsciously been thinking that.
  • Their unison raid: He knew that they had a deep connection and that their love itself could make them win. Thats why Hiro called it "sychonised love attack" All of this about their "teamwork" which was initiated by Gray who used other words disquise his love. That's why Chelia called them "beautiful" (romantic) It was actually a very bold sign that they'd turn canon.
  • Fastforward:
  • when erza confronted Gray about Juvia, it means that she doesn't believe Juvias love is one sided. How can she tell? Because Gray is really on guard around Juvia.
  • Their popular moments:
  • Dying for her: well protecting her was one of his main priorities so it's no surprise at all.
  • When Juvia confronted Gray about his father's death: the reason why he embraced Juvia in such a tender way was because he was so sorry for her pain and his father's death. But it wasn't just that. His guard fell down completely and at that moment, he wished that he had never been dishonest with Juvia. For example, imagine you had a friend who deeply cared for and loved you but you just ignored him/her even though you cared for and loved him/her too. Then you find out later that he/she did something incredible for you, then you break down into tears and you realise how bad you had been to him. I believe that's why he was saying sorry over and over again. Also he had just lost his father. To lose the love of his life right after that would've made him that much more lonely. That moment would've stayed with him forever. Linking Juvias importance to the importance of his father.
  • Fastforward to time skip:
  • when they lived together Gray would've been happy. However, as a guy who has hormones it seems a little fishy he didn't get at least tempted to sleep with her...right?? Well, Gray knew that falling asleep together, obviously that would've meant they were now in a relationship. But he doesn't want her life to be in danger. The demon that killed his family? I bet he believed that a demon would go after her if they were together. He really did. He wanted to Protect her. Just like hiro's quote for gray said..."to protect those you find important. You need a will of ice."
  • I don't believe he had really thought a relationship with Juvia could really happen for them, until they lived together. Gray just would've believed that because of his tragedies, he can't have love.
  • Living with Juvia, I think Gray realised then that he wanted it to be like that in the future. And he developed more hope for love and believed that it could happen, but first. ..he'd have to defeat END. So he took off for six months (though he though itd be quicker) because he had to train his power so that he could be strong enough to defeat END and then he'd finally be able to have a future. Which would be his future with Juvia.
  • When Natsu called Gray a jerk for abandoning Juvia for six months:
  • the reason why Gray would've stayed silent, is because he believed natsu was right. Gray must've felt really bad being away from Juvia all that time.
  • When he saw Juvia again after six months: I think he was amazed at how she wasn't upset with him. He got shivers when he heard her voice, so I think he was expecting some drama, but instead she smiled lovingly at him, threw her arms around him, and cheered about how much she missed him. Then he felt like the love he was receiving was undeserved. So he felt deeply bad and said sorry then him and Juvia fought the enemy.
  • After the time skip: If you notice closely Gray and Juvia are almost constantly together after that. I think Juvia was also a major force of determination for Gray to defeat END. So that she could be safe. Her being with him all the time was a motivation.
  • I'll give you my answer after the war" balcony scene:
  • I believe Gray had already decided his answer during the one year skip.
  • When he said "you're always by my side" he didn't just mean literally...he also meant "loyalty" She always has faith in him and never takes him for Granted. Her "always being by his side" also meant her always loving him. If he didn't love her back then he WOULDN'T have been grateful. He would've felt sorry for her instead and pity.
  • He said "for now, let me focus" because he wants to defeat END without a thought of distraction.
  • The latest chapters 499-504:
  • just before Juvia "died" Gray told her he could never hurt a "friend" and then quickly said "no! I could never hurt you!" Because she's not his friend. She's his future. He told her he just wanted to protect her and she understood what he meant. Then they both "died" but he woke up, she gave her speech, and then he burst out crying so fast it wasn't funny. This would've been such hell for him. She was one of his main motivations. She loved him unconditionally. He DID love her. He'd decided she was his future. He'd waited and not even got the chance to tell her how he felt before she died. He didn't even get to kiss her. (This is why I think the kiss really happened)
  • Then he kicked invels ass and screamed that he taking away Juvias future was unforgivable. Now let's stop for a moment. Gray Full buster is actually a very forgiving person. He can forgive very quickly. The fact that it's unforgivable proved just how he loved Juvia and how much he thought of her future. He wasn't just meaning "you took away her future" he was also meaning "you took away our future. We were both going to be happy and together!"
  • Then when Gray tries to kick Natsus ass...well let's just say he's so full of hatred for everything at this point, he really just don't give a f*ck about anything. He's just letting the darkness take over him and kill him. After all, defeating END was more essential to him than anything (except Juvia) so yeah ..that's just some of my clever input. Haha.
  • And btw:
  • I have never been wrong with any romance in anime, or with understanding characters. I just happen to always get it right! Haha. Especially shounen. Thanks and please like if you agree with my theories : )

loveandlucky  asked:

YOU'RE TAKING REQUESTS?#?!! OML COULD YOU WRITE SOME HAPPY NALU? :D (maybe a birthday party for Lucy, after the war?)

Everyday he thought about what she did.

Everyday he carefully planned his thanks.

Of course, Natsu could never truly pay her back, but that didn’t stop him from spending everyday of his newfound life trying to.

The dragon slayer remembered every word she said about her father’s mansion, and about her mother, and sister she found on another adventure.

Never in his human lifetime could he make enough jewel to buy her childhood home back, and he was living proof of what chaos bringing back the dead could cause, and Lucy already kept the worn doll next to her bed.

But he could recreate the one thing those had in common…


Lucy always waved it off with her working arm, saying it was nothing, and that she just returned the favour from when he brought her to Fairy Tail and saved her life countless times. She truly believed that.

He deserved a second chance to be human, or at least act like one anyway.

That’s how he always was, right?

They loved him even when they didn’t know, so why would it be different now?

It took way to long to explain that to Gray, until it became some sort of inside joke, making their bond grow stronger.

That’s how Fairy Tail always was…

Lucy laughed, slowly putting her book down to look at the sight of her guild mates messing around the hall.

Just like it used to be.


The tense area was took much for him these days, and he couldn’t figure out why Lucy thought it was so normal.

Maybe it was just him.

Natsu put on a smile and got back to work.

“Hopefully this’ll help, right?”


The both nodded in sync, hoping not to be caught until morning.


The fresh morning air seemed to bright up her entire day, so Lucy took walks every morning.

It was now starting to look like summer in Magnolia, and warm winds blew in.

This was her favourite time of the year.


Somehow Natsu got over the awkwardness he felt around the guild even before his plan worked out, just in time for them to help.

Maybe it was perseverance, or Happy pushing too hard, but he was glad either way.

Lost in thought, he almost missed her scent.


The guild was strangely dark when Lucy walked up.

Mira usually woke up before the sun to light it up and clean, but it looked abandoned, as though it went back to the state it was in after most the guild was stuck on Tenrou Island for seven years.

Then again Lucy was always told how ‘brilliant’ her imagination was.

The Celestial Mage kept walking, until she saw someone more important.

Not that Lucy would ever admit her thoughts…


“H-hey…” Natsu smiled nervously.

It was strange, he was used to keeping secrets, and was usually good at it, but now, everything seemed to fail him.

Lucy laughed.

“What are you trying to hide?!”

“It’s just…”

She stared.

“It’s been a while since we went on a job together! I- uh…. Picked one out!”

“If you’re trying to stop me from going to the guild hall, it won’t work.”

“I knew it!” They both looked at the source of the voice, Happy. “Let’s go to plan B!”

“Plan b-?”

Before Natsu or Lucy could even protest, Happy carried her away, and the dragon slayer ran after the exceed, refusing to use that power.


“Happy, what are you doing?”

“Fufufufu~ you’ll find out soon~!”

Lucy crossed her arm, but she couldn’t help but smile.

She really missed this.


Natsu somehow got there before Happy and Lucy, and he thanked his lucky stars that the darn cat didn’t ruin his surprise.

He checked everything one last time, it had to be perfect.


“Happy, where are we going?”

“We’re here~!” The cat laughed and set Lucy down.

“The park…?”

Stupid cat, now she was on the other side of Magnolia!

Then again, it wasn’t so bad.

In fact, Lucy smiled as she went on, admiring the little things that reminded her of adventures.


As expected, she figured out it was a path, and followed it.

Natsu smiled.


Lucy soon found herself in the middle of the park, staring at the tree that Natsu and Happy uprooted for her that one spring night.

As she got closer, she noticed there was a small engraving in the wood.

She read the words out loud.

“Thank You…”


Natsu slowly walked out from behind the tree.

Like clockwork, everything fell into place.

“Lucy… I… Trained so hard to protect you, but in the end, you gave me a second chance, you saved my life…”

At this moment, he was his greatest enemy.

The dragon slayer even got on his knee too early.


Lucy couldn’t help smile at her best friend’s studders.

He would gladly face danger head on, but couldn’t even manage a proposal.

What a dork.

Maybe he needed a little push.

Without warning, Lucy leaned in and kissed him.

“I do.”


Today I feel like talking about a ship I have always loved, and as the title says, yes - it’s Rogura. Rogue Cheney and Kagura Mikazuchi. This pair has always been extremely dear for me, since I actually used to ship it even before the very first fanart of them was published. I used to role play it on Twitter before absoluetely anyone knew about it, and the current popularity kind of makes me feel proud. But I don’t make this post to narrate all that!

This post is to explain my feels on this ship! After seeing how some call it senseless crack, I feel encouraged to make a post, and thus explain the meaning behind this ship - or mine, at least. And all what led me to love it.

For that I support myself on three points!


  • Rogue Cheney: While Rogue still has a fight pending against his darkness (let’s not forget that considering current events, Frosch could still be in danger and that could lead to his counterpart’s prediction), he was able to surpass a feeling of inner fury and revenge, which he held against Gajeel. Thanks to his friends, which he now cherishes, Rogue is able to view life in a different way.
  • Kagura Mikazuchi: As ironic as it can be, Kagura has a parallel development to Rogue’s, while being the complete opposite at the same time. Kagura is strong, and prepared to terminate her inner darkness, which is Jellal - the one who provoked her fury and thirst for revenge Ulterior to the fight with Erza, however, we are able to see how she no longer has to confront Jellal after hearing the truth about her brother, yet it is still stated that she has mixed feelings and can’t fully move on.

And the point I try to express is - can’t they gather something valiable from the other, considering these facts? While Rogue can relate to Kagura’s feelings is some sort of way, thus a backup that could aid her to fully move on, Kagura could also stand next to Rogue. Rogue requires someone strong by his side. Physically, and mentally, that can keep a cold head if something ever happened to Frosch yet still is willing to protect him with his life the same way Rogue would do - who is better suited than Kagura for this?


As we know, Simon is Kagura’s brother. The one that after disappearing from her life, left a huge gap in her heart. And when it comes down to Simon, there are a few resemblances with Rogue than shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Simon is defined with retaining a cool, detached demeanor, hardly showing any emotion, and being seemingly willing to help Jellal to realize his plan, at the cost of Erza’s life. This, however, was revealed to be false: Simon pretended to follow Jellal’s orders, while in fact was the only one among his teammates to have seen through their old friend’s deception. He had proven to be  willing to wait for a long time before carrying out his plans for the sake of his friends and allies.

Now, isn’t THIS reminiscent of the way Rogue is?

  • According to the Fairy Tail Wikia, Rogue mostly keeps a calm face and rarely shows any emotions. Back then, he also appeared to be unusually kind towards his guild and is very protective of Frosch. He and many of his guildmates were horrified at the “death” of Lector, showing that he cares for his fellow guildmates

What we appear to have here are two emotionless guys, who however deeply care about their loved ones, and are even to give even their own life for them. And this is clearly witnessed on Simon’s case.

  • Now my point is - what if Kagura acknowledged this resemblance? Wouldn’t she be closer to regaining that missing piece of her on Rogue? Let’s not forget Kagura’s fondness towards Frosch! Which sooner or later, is going to configurate interaction between tiger and mermaid.


If something can be said about both, Rogue and Kagura, is that they are highly mature. At emotional level, I’d dare to say that two of the most mature characters, despite of occassional antics. While at the same time they are also quite protective. In addition to that, I also have a humorous observation to add to the point.


And that appears to be that both are able to bluntly shrug off whatever does not amuse them nor adjusts to what they find appropriate. Could it be because they don’t find this “mature” enough? While this can be either appealing or some times an inconvinient, it is also something they have in common.

Considering their maturity, however, and all the previous bonds covered, doesn’t this bound interaction of a more potential depth? That is up for the reader of this post to judge.


Make sure to ask questions if you have any, or simply share your own opinion on the matter! I found making this post entertaining enough, because I really felt like sharing my point on this view. I hope people also can somewhat see this ship as more than a crack ship, because the potential they have is deep, in my honest opinion. Thanks for reading!


I haven’t written in so long, so sorry if this is sloppy and doesn’t make sense. 

Pairings: Annalogia, slight NaLu.

Setting: Canon.

Summary: When he seen the familiar head of blonde hair, Acnologia’s blood began the boil. What he thought he was seeing was the woman that betrayed him 400 years ago, but that wasn’t nearly the case. Either way, the Heartfilia bloodline would pay for their betrayal… with their lives.

“Seven more dragon slayers, then I will take down that fucking traitor Zeref.” Acnologia grumbled to himself as he descended upon Magnolia. The dragon turned human smirked to himself, loving the fact that he took down God Serena with a single strike while the Gods of Ishgar couldn’t even land a single punch.

To him, it proved who was truly in charge.

Acnologia knew how powerful he was, how much he was feared across the world. If he wasn’t something to be feared, they wouldn’t have had a plan as complicated as this one just to take him out. He gritted his teeth, thinking about what has happened in these last 400 years. His mind wanders to one specific subject, but he quickly shakes his head at the thought.

“I can’t focus on then, I have to focus on now.”

That’s what he’s always told himself whenever his mind begins to drift on the past, to her. She broke him, the only person he has ever let in these closed off walls of his… and she betrayed him.

He couldn’t even bring himself to repeat the name of her… the woman he loved.

The only woman he would ever love.

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Gruvia Fluff Fest: Day 1 – Confession

“Juvia… I’m not leaving for always, you know?” he gently patted his wife on the back, trying to comfort her a little. She was hugging him that tight, that he hardly even could breath.

“B-But… This will be Gray-sama’s first long mission without Juvia since then.” women looked at him with big, glazed, blue eyes and tear fell from one of them.

Then. Just one word was enough for Gray to understand what she was afraid of.

She was talking about a war with Alvarez Empire. A very bloody war. Both of them almost died during the battle. Juvia was the one who saved him, even when her life was in danger. If not Wendy, woman would be dead.

When Gray almost lost Juvia, he finally understood how much she means to him. Man didn’t want to waste any single minute, so three months after they crushed the Empire, couple got married. Changing attitude was hard for Gray, but he knew that he can’t keep running from his own feelings, because then he can lose her again. And he definitely didn’t want that.

Since then, they were going to all missions together to be sure that the other one is safe. But today, Gray had to go on important mission with his old (?) team. He just couldn’t take Juvia, even so she almost  begged him for permission to come.

Now, here he was, standing in the doors of their house, trying to calm down his worried wife. He reached for her soft lips and kissed her gently while wipping her cheek.

“I’m not going to die, so you don’t have to worry, okay?” Gray cupped her face into hands and looked deep into her eyes. He wanted to be sure that she understands him.

“But…” she sniffed.

“No buts.” man cutted her. “Now I am the one who is protecting you, Juvia. Not otherwise.”

Juvia was silent for a moment, but finally she spoke, almost whispering.

“You promise?” woman took one step back, freeing herself from her husband’s arms. “You promise that you will return to Juvia?” she repeated louder.

Gray in respond grabbed her hands tight, still looking right into her eyes. “I promise. I will be back in a blink of eye.”

“So Juvia can’t do anything but believe you.” she finally smiled a little. “Just remember that Juvia loves you.”

“So do I.” he respond and kissed her again, this time a little bit deeper.

And that was their way to say goodbye. But the better word would be see you later. Despite a little fear, they both deep in soul were sure that in couple of days they will be together again.

A while after the door closed, Juvia went to the window to watch her husband walking away.

“Just be back quickly, Gray-sama.” she told to herself and put a hand on her stomach. “Juvia still has something to confess you.”

I really suck in writing fluff, but catch a little drabble. Happy Gruvia Fluff Fest!


Flame/Forest Spirit AU

Part 1/3
rated: T
(T for tame. so tame i’m not even gonna rate it M. no coarse language. no nsfw. this is a friggin fairy tale.)
This was a forest of hungry wolves, but she almost had forgotten one crucial thing: she was just as hungry, for life and love and light, and the day she would give up protecting what she loved had yet to be born into existence.

This one is, of course, inspired by Mashima’s latest Twitter Doodle! Tbh I’m totally in love with the story and how it turned out, and I hope you’ll love it as much as me :> You seemed very excited about it and it made me so happy!!! Enjoy! \(°o°)/

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Darkness had been lurking in the forest.

It was watching her from the shadows as she left the safety of her home, and Lucy felt the fur of her tail stand up against her will, felt as if something was crawling up her skin and waiting for her to make a mistake.

But she was the guardian of this forest, and those who inhabited it.

She had heard the outcry, felt the confusion and agitation of her home: something had crashed right into their middle. An intruder, who’d brought flames.

But no matter who this stranger was, she would be there to greet him; to offer help if it was needed, protection should he want it, and resistance if all kindness failed. Oh, she would be lying if she said she wasn’t scared, but she was the keeper of peace, and the only one who could take care of this.

Everyone depended on her, like they always did, and she could not let them down more than she already had.

And so she marched on through the thick forest, feeling the soft, damp ground beneath her bare feet and silently thanking the branches and roots which parted for her. In the distance, she could see light flickering through the branches where there should have been nothing but darkness.

It got hotter the closer she came, singed treetrunks and slivered wood everything she encountered until she stepped into what was now a little clearing. It had been forest like everything in these parts, but now the ground was churned and the trees uprooted.

Lucy could feel their pain and confusion lingering in the earth and air, closing her eyes as she tried to reach out to them. She needed to take care of this fire.

Reopening her eyes, Lucy let them wander over the chaos in front of her. The fire was burning away at the ground, now only sizzling at the edges, but the center was still burning strong. She could feel the darkness at her back, and suddenly the fire’s warmth seemed a lot more appealing. Even the forest itself seemed to be drawn to it now, with the danger creeping up on them from all sides. Lucy shivered, pulling one of her many cloaks tighter around herself.

That was when she felt it, though, as she concentrated her magic on the flames, feeling them consciously for the first time: it was alive. The fire was alive.

It burned curiously, though she could feel the confusion in the nervous flicker of its flames.

Lucy was nervous too, yet she took a hesitant step forward and took a deep breath. Smoke scratched at the inside of her throat, drying it up and making her voice the tiniest bit scratchy.

“Hello,” she called out with as much calm as she managed, “Who are you?”

The flames flickered to new life, and Lucy felt as if something (the fire itself, perhaps) was watching her intently.

“I can help you,” she tried again, “I am the spirit guardian of this forest, and I offer my protection if you desire it.”

That was when something moved, right where the flames burned strongest. It seemed as if the fire was shrinking in on itself, drawing back from the earth to crawl back towards its source and tower upwards. In stunned silence, Lucy watched as the fire gained form, a human-like shape, yet it seemed unsure of what it was doing. Something that might have been a head turned towards her, and she felt its stare again, from an eye-less face of flame.

Hesitantly, she smiled – and the fire smiled back.

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