the fairy god mother

ok but imagine muggleborns bringing disney to hogwarts

- muggle-borns singing high school musical songs only for other mb’s to join in
- everyone else is extremely confused
- screaming TO DEFEAT THE HUNS when teachers start lessons with “let’s get down to business”
- teaching all your pureblood pals the lyrics to all the songs
- prefects leading their houses in bursts of song
- the teachers constantly scold for all the singing but secretly hum the songs all day
- someone introducing mcgonagall to cinderella
- mcgonagall using cinderella in a transfiguration lesson bc fairy god mother changes all cinderellas shit
- the kids calling mcgonagall fairy god mother
- muggleborns showing pureblood kiddos all their fav disney movies
- pureblood kiddos LEARNING ABOUT DISNEY PARKS and losing their minds bc there’s an actual PLACE where this stuff comes to life
- showing all ur pureblood pals ur fav disney movies
- them criticizing everything bc ‘THATS JUST NOT HOW MAGIC WORKS!’
- but they secretly love it
- jamming to we’re all in this together in the common rooms during exams
- lee jordan yelling WHAT TEAM whilst narrating quidditch matches
- everyone in the stands yelling WILD CATS

title: assembly required

rating: t

ship: nalu

summary: “natsu you fuck, I sent you to build a wardrobe not marry my fucking sister” - they probably have the movie rights to this one

notes: AHHH @rivendell101 I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK ME FIFTEEN  YEARS TO DO alisha won second place (1.5K words) in my 2.2K follower giveaway and requested a nalu soulmate au involving writing on their person and while I had one written and ready to go like two weeks ago I went to IKEA and bought a wardrobe and while I was dismantling the stupid thing for the second time I had an idea and rewrote it.  this went over 1.5K words but oh well lmao 

notes p2: ok so in this au you’re born with half a word on your wrist, and your soulmate has the other half.  the word isn’t necessarily the first word your soulmate says to you, and you’ll know it’s them because it will flash a colour when one of you says it.  

From: Sparkypire

Time: 8:47 AM

Natsu(5) + {[Any situation(the amount of people)(proximity to Gray Fullbuster(5) OR Gajeel Redfox(3))] - Presence of Erza Scarlet(2)} + Access to pyrotechnics of any sort + Access to his phone = total level of destruction possible, plus-or-minus 2.

To: Sparkypire

Time: 8:48 AM

What the fuck?

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so i uh…. i made a voltron shrek au…

(part 2 here)

  • keith is galra and he lives alone in his galra habitat, everyone stays away from him bc they think he’ll eat them or whatever
  • meanwhile varkon (not zarkon, i’ll explain later) sends all the alteans/arusians to keith’s land
  • and keith is like what gives
  • so varkon is like if u can bring me this goreous prince lance from the highest room in the tallest tower ill give u ur swamp land back
  • and so keith and red (i honestly couldn’t think of anyone else to be donkey) go to rescue lance but guarding him is *gasp* the blue lion
  • anywho they end up getting lance out of there while keith is still like yeah yeah whatever im just trying to get my place back
  • and lance is like nono u must be my true love
  • and keith is still like noooononono i am a GALRA arent you scared of me??
  • blah blah blah keith crashes the wedding everyone’s friends, the red and blue lions get married and all is well
  • this whole thing basically came from one night at 2am when i was like…huh….. keith is a lot like shrek..

cast list under the cut:

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And then Sweeney was trying, with both hands, to explain the history of the gods in Ireland, wave after wave of them as they came in from Gaul and from Spain and from every damn place, each wave of them transforming the last gods into trolls and fairies and every damn creature until Holy Mother Church herself arrived and every god in Ireland was transformed into a fairy or a saint or a dead king without so much as a by-your-leave…

There’s No Place Like Home 

Dorothy’s imagination is much like Cancer’s, becoming lost in a dreamy daze of lullabies and wickedness. On her journey through Oz she meets her many forms, the beautiful Godmother, that being her spirit guide, dwelling in her 4th house. Cancer is of course, the fairy god mother, the divine mother, when I am with some Cancer mothers I know I do feel them approach me in a pink orb, holding a wand of psychic prophecy and guidance. And the wicked witch emanates through Cancer, the dark mother coerced with jealousy. The individual can be intrusive, possessive, and unwilling to let friends, family, or children carry out lives independent of their own. Along the yellow brick road she meets her many children, the munchkins, that which she mothers over all, innocent and vulnerable. Through imaginary lands she meets her counterparts, seemingly the zodiacs cradling her side by side. The Scarecrow who is searching for a brain, the Gemini who she must integrate, that who has burned and lost their mind through overthinking. And then the cowardly lion, preparing for Leo, learning courage, faith, and bravery. To the Great Wizard of Oz she searches, knowing this magic would find her home. All Dorothy wanted was home. She finds the great wizard, nearly dazed by poison poppies, that of her toxic fantasies. The Great Wizard is forbearing, all powerful, or so it seems. This can be her duality, her shadow Capricorn, the great and the accomplished, triggering her fears of insufficiency, her knowledge that tremendous authority rests within her, that which she is scared to wield. What the Cancer doesn’t know worries her- especially when it comes to herself. The Great wizard is her, she balances on the zodiac’s most ascended axes. She is the Great Wizard, the Great Mother, the People’s Princess. When she realizes all is not what it seems - she returns home. Much like the inner and outer Jupiter journeys the Cancer makes, internally restless, externally homely. 



Murata-Sensei did a livestream of the most recent chapter of One Punch Man and, during the stream, drew doodles of a Genos-Cinderella alternate universe twist featuring Genos as “Deshiderella 弟子デレラ” and Saitama as the Prince, with the quote “I’m a Prince for a hobby!”

He also made commentary of other characters he would have thought fit the role, and they are as follows:
The King: King
The Stepmother: Tatsumaki
The Stepsisters: Sonic and Fubuki
The Fairy God Mother: Dr. Stench

So…does this mean he ships Saitama with Genos LOL

Give me dark descendants

Give me a dark twisted Isle with starving children and Crime all over Give me villains who amassed so much power that they rule their territory with an iron fist and thirst for vengeance. give me struggling sidekicks who did their best to be good, but were dragged back into servitude because of the beast. Give me children born out of a need for labour, or out of lack of control, give me unwanted orphans and kids who begged to be let inside, but they can’t they disobeyed, they acted out, and now they are left at the mercy of scar and his pride. Give me Kids who flock to Yen sid’s door, because at least there is food and shelter and someone who at least pretends to care. Give me a maleficent who rules the isle pretending to have even a sliver of magic left, who trains all the children too be evil, because one day, one day she’ll be free, and when that day comes, child soldiers will be very useful.

give me a Lost revenge pirate crew who band together for protection not vengeance, give me  ship that’s falling apart, and it’s cold in the winter, and there’s that leak that causes below deck to constantly be covered in a thin layer of water, but at least Their parents aren’t there, at least they are safe for a few nights. Give me a bunch of Girls who Gaston didn’t want banding together like their own girl gang, the oldest among them acting like their mother who ran away so long ago.

Give me lions who are human during the days, and animals at night, constantly shifting against their will in order to ‘protect’ the humans on the isle. Give me screams at every sunset, representing the pain an entire pride of lions go through at their bones elongate and the skin is stretched, because of a spell done long ago that takes away their agency over their bodies.

Give me Uma who learned how to swim because her mother threw her off the edge of the isle whenever she disobeyed, give me cruel sea witches with hypnotic voices, that cackle whenever she is whipped by her mother’s tentacles. Give me a hierarchy of power and give me villains who fight so they could rise above their station, at the expense of their children.

Give Me a realistic Auradon. Give me a beast who hated the sorceress who cursed him so much, he punished all magical creatures for revenge. give me laws that discriminate against fairy’s and wizards and witches, give me innocent magic users thrown to the isle because they bark one petty law, or they tried to fight for the right to use magic. Give me Merlin and fairy God Mother, the only magic users allowed to use magic, afraid of the beast, and afraid to speak up. Give me the beast and his Belle forcing all wizards to raise the sea, and then imprisoning them for using necromancy. Give me  sorceress hiding in the woods, watching her people carted off to the island, crying because she was trying to give the arrogant prince a lesson, but the beast was still a beast, handsome outside but horrifying cruel inside. 

Give me pretty pastels and a bright shining sun that disguised the sickly sweet smile that every auradon child has to wear. they’re happy here aren’t they? never mind the constant itch just under the skin of magic waiting to be burst out, never mind how tight the dress collars are and how hot the suits are. they’re on Auradon, be good be good be good, don’t rebel, don’t have opinions, just smile and be good.

because you don’t want to end up like the fairies

give me royalty thrown off their thrones in the name of unity, Give me Kingdoms that were once proud and happy, colonized by Auradon, give me cultures that have long been forgotten or repressed because there was too much magic, too much freedom, and too little hot pink. 

Give me consequences. Give me the children of wizards and fairy’s who are given the chance to live going mad because they couldn’t conjure. Give me Jane, with so much power bubbly beneath the skin and no release, so she is constantly jittery, and anxious and afraid, because one thing could set her off and that one thing might make her see her aunty flora again.

she didn’t want to end up like flora, fauna and mayweather

Give me Kids who sit outside the ideological mold of the AK, give me the kids who sit outside of the heteronormative cissexist fairy tale standard. your gay kids, your trans kids, the ones who acted more like villains, not because they were evil, but because the boys were flamboyant and the girls hated dresses, and because some kids said they were neither ad dressed however they want. give me a girl who doesn’t want a handsome prince, but a princess to rescue, give me a prince who only really wants foods and friends, not romance, give me a girl who everyone says is a boy no matter how they feel. give me Ask hurt and silenced by fairytales, because if you don’t want a normal marriage and a castle then are you really good? so their are quite because they have the be good, be good, be good

Give me a dark descendants, a world in wich the Isle is a mess of feudalism and gang activity and in wich Auradon is a repressive society shaped by old stories and old minds. Give me a cruel king and a cunning queen who care only about themselves, Give me awful parents who twist the minds of their children just so they can be served.

And give me a new generation: the rotten four, the sea three, the wharf east, the Ads, lead by Ben who wasn’t corrupted to think like his father, but inspired to think empathetically.

Give me a Dark descendants, but give me a happy ending

Terry Pratchett’s greatest strength as an author was to take ridiculous concepts and not only make them work, but also make you feel like a better person for having read them. Death gets fired and has to take up a job as a farm hand? It works. A bunch of witches have to team-up to defeat an evil fairy god mother who feeds on fairy tales? It works. A woman disguises herself as a soldier in order to find her brother on the front, only to find that literally every member of her regiment is also a woman in disguise? It works.

Hell, one of the best novels in the Discworld series is about the postal service, for godssake.

our enchanted being embodies the myth of all ancient fairytales, of the victim and redeemer (pisces), the parent (evil step mother, fairy god mother) (cancer/capricorn), the trickster (gemini), prince charming (libra), the 2 sided monster (scorpio) the rebel (aquarius) the rogue (sagittarius) the temptress (taurus) our conscience (virgo), the hero (Aries) and the queen (leo). we destroy ourselves with ourselves. but use this blood to provide new life. when the prince rescued the princess from the dragon, she was rescuing herself from herself

Courage And Kindess Masterlist

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Cinderella!Reader x Prince!Bucky AU

Once Upon a time there live a girl who met a boy, who wasn’t quite who he said he was. With the aid of a fairy god mother who insisted of being called Wanda and battling her stepmother and two evil stepsisters Daisy and Darcy (Y/N) would do almost anything to meet the man who called himself Bucky in the woods.

Masterlist - Compleate