the fairly odd parents grow up timmy turner


Where to start with this beautiful, but very rarely seen young, woman. Tara Strong is so beautiful and she is such a talented young woman. Her voice acting is just like the best thing ever and is your childhood. If you never watched any of these shows growing up. You had no childhood just saying😆😆😆

He had a terrible childhood made better when he gets access to magic, only to have magic related problems afterward. One of the first magical people he meets is a rich blonde jerk who hates him almost instantly. One of his most prominent teachers is a greasy sadist with a somewhat sympathetic backstory. His first crush is a pretty Asian girl who’s basically totally wrong for him, but he ends up with a girl whose crush on him initially irritates him, only for him to like her back when she grows up and gets pretty. Said girl is also the younger sister of a redhead who is important in his life and yet often makes his future girlfriend’s life worse.

Conclusion: Harry Potter is Timmy Turner.