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Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie SDCC Preview

Nickelodeon premiered this clip yesterday at San Diego Comic Con, introducing us to the new Hey Arnold! cast and look.

Although the kid voice actors from the original are all grown, the casting is very good for the new voices — and you’ll find the voices of Phoebe, Helga, Harold and some of the other classmates are the original voice actors! Main character Arnold, now voiced by Mason Vale Cotton, is on his fourth voice actor — the actor was changed twice during the show’s original run, as the young actors grew older and voices changed. (This is why cartoons may use a female voice actor to voice boys: longevity of the same “kid” voice, like Fairly Odd Parents’ Timmy Turner.)

It’s very encouraging to see the animation behind this TV movie reboot as well. Arnold first appeared as the stop-motion creation of Craig Bartlett, then moved to 2D animation when the show was picked up for production in 1996. Now the animation looks better than ever, and I for one cannot wait to see more this fall.

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The Signs as Old Cartoons

Aries:The Fairly Odd Parents
Taurus:Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Gemini:Codename: Kids Next Door
Leo:Rocket Power
Virgo:As Told by Ginger
Libra:Totally Spies
Scorpio:Danny Phantom
Sagittarius:Chalk Zone
Pisces:Angry Beavers


Let’s put an end to the “old cartoons are better than new ones” trope

Alex Hirsch's words at the "Animation Game Changers" panel, CTN Expo 2016
  • <p> <b>Hirsch:</b> [...] I mean, it's so amazing to be at this panel right now, cause it's like: "Oh, let's interview the giants [Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken, Lauren Faust], and now let's interview the ants standing on their shoulders [himself and Rebecca Sugar]". Like, the reason I knew at school that making a show was something you could do was because when I was in high school I was watching shows like Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, Fairly Odd Parents, Invader Zim, whatever-- name it... and all of these were people who, you know, not that long ago had also been students, who then pitched something and who made it. So they had cut with a machette, you know, the path through the jungle, and it was there.<p/><b></b> And the weird thing to me when I was at college was that nobody-- most of the people I was friends with, they didn't care. I was like "guys, there's a path, through this dark jungle, to running your own show!" and they were like [funny voice] "yeah, but I wanna design a prop for Pixar."<p/><b></b> [laughter]<p/><b></b> And like, they didn't think of it as something cool, as if...<p/><b>Tony Bancroft:</b> 'cuz it was easier, is that why?<p/><b>Hirsch:</b> I mean, it still-- there's a bit of that persp-- I think people think that Feature[ film]s are prestigious and that TV is, I mean, you know. Just look at... Moana's got the main room and it's, like-- you guys could be there, listening to some guy say like: "Uhh yeah, here's an anecdote about the Rock. I met him. He's nice." WHO CARES?! [motions towards Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust] These people shaped Animation History!<p/></p>

when i was a kid i loved fairly odd parents but it made me feel really sad because i wanted to live in a world where cosmic forces would protect abused and neglected children the way they deserve to be protected. you bet your ass i secretly hoped for fairy god parents

Watching old Spongebob & it bugs me how they turned patrick from this Lazy oblivious dude

into a Straight Moron later on. I hate that.

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Its Like Homer Simpson, 

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Peter Griffin

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Cosmo from Fairly Odd parents, 

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PhillipJ Fry, 

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Numbuh 4, 

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etc gettin Dumbed down so much with each new season its annoyin to me. 

I can understand if you want a Dumb Character but when they start off so aware of their surroundings and somewhat competent 

then you break em like that. Its just a peeve when they Flanderize characters like that

Nickelodeon - Pushing the boundaries since 1977

Remember when Nickelodeon had attempted suicide?

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Remember when Nickelodeon had actual suicide?

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Remember when they had a pregnant man?

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Remember when they had a gay couple?

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Remember when they put Squidward in hell?

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Remember when Nickelodeon had Spongebob watching porn?

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Remember when Spongebob had an anal rape joke?

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Remember Rocko’s Modern Life?

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And lets not forget this.

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