the fairest in the land


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The Lady of Calormen

Peter Pevensie x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: This was a fun one to write! I got a bit carried away though lol

He knew the others weren’t a fan of this plan. Peter wasn’t so hot on it himself, but there was no other way to seal their alliance with the Calormen.

“Peter, I don’t see why one our Archenland allies couldn’t be the one to seal the treaty. Why do you have to marry her?” Edmund demanded.

His brother sighed.

“Because Ed, it’s my duty as High King. That, and… I wasn’t going to let them force you into anything you clearly didn’t want.”

“Yes, but–”

“Enough about it. What’s done is done.”

Edmund was clearly dissatisfied, but he didn’t protest it any further.

“When is she arriving?”

“This afternoon.”

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windyridge216  asked:

I think one of the things that makes Niall so attractive to me (in addition to being the total package, looks good, is kind, is smart, plays an instrument etc) is that he thinks he's an average Irish guy. It's super endearing that he really doesn't get what he does to us, basically anytime he does anything.


The Life I Choose

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Anonymous asked:

hmm can u do a royal!au for bucky? like a royal/servant type of thing with a happy ending?

Characters: Bucky x reader

Summary: Royal!AU in which you are by far the fairest of all of the maidens that reside in the land, the beloved princess of your kingdom. Now at an age of marriage, but no Lord by your side, your parents have scoured bordering kingdoms for suitors, but after denying to marry any one of them in the conquest of true love, the king and queen force your hand. Fearing that the rest of your life will be consumed by a loveless marriage, you flee into the gardens and find James Barnes, the dashing young servant who knows the grounds of the palace better than anyone else and ask him to help you escape.

Warnings: implied smut, bad editing yikes

Words: 3696

A/N: This goes out to the adorable anon that sent me this request. I’m a SUCKER for royal!AUs so I jumped on this one! Thank you for the request anon, hopefully this was what you were looking for :)

Sitting in your chamber, with a brush in hand, painting a deep hue of scarlet onto a stark white canvas that lay in front of you on a easel. Painting was a major hobby and quaint distraction of yours. 

Your satin gown hugged you perhaps just a little too tight around the waist, the corset pulling you in and making you look slim, but always just a bit uncomfortable. You’d gotten accustomed to the feeling, much like you’d gotten accustomed to the lifestyle you lead.

The jewel of your Kingdom, Princess (Y/N). The beloved girl whom every man wanted to wed and whom every woman wanted to be. You were the golden girl, the most wanted woman in the entire land, but you couldn’t care less. 

More than anything, more than all of the expensive gowns in your wardrobe, more than any gold or silver jewelry, and even more than a fresh set of oil paints, you wanted true love. True love it seems, was not in the cards you held firmly in your hand. 

True love was not meant for royalty, it was meant for people who had nothing else to value other than love, not for a princess, but nothing would stop you from finding your other half, even if it meant drastic measures to ensure it.

You were known for being a bit on the daring side, pushing boundaries that were put in place by the kind and queen, but at the end of it all, you always obeyed your orders and fulfilled your duties… until today.

“M’lady, the king and queen have asked that I send for you.” The voice of a maiden spoke softly from your open door.

“Thank you, I’ll be there in a moment.” You nodded your head as she curtsied and scurried off.

You hoisted yourself from your chair, placing your paint set on the gold detailed table next to you and made your way down the long corridor to the living quarters.

You already knew why they’d sent for you, they’d already done this too many times to count over the last year. They were most likely going to force you to meet with their newest potential suitor which they claimed was good enough for you to marry. 

You hadn’t even liked any of them thus far, so much as seen yourself married to them. You were appalled at the thought of marrying a man you didn’t love, so you rejected each and every one of them.

When you opened the large doors, you were expecting to see another well dressed lord accompanying your mother and father, but you did not.

You greeted your parents formally, with a nod of your head and a curtsy. You gave them a quizzical look as the servants around them stood and waited for their next orders.

You made a point to know each of them by name, unwilling to be cold to any one of them as they did so much for you. Winifred had been your governess as a girl, she stood next to your mother and smiled at you with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

You knew something was very wrong from the moment you stepped into the room, but you couldn’t tell what it was.

Your eyes cast over to Winifred’s son, James, the young man who mainly worked in the garden tending to your mother’s roses. The two of you had played together as young children in between Winifred’s lessons. This was put to a stop by your mother one morning, telling you that you weren’t to play with the Barnes boy any longer. 

You parents were stuck up, they didn’t allow you to socialize with the servants, but of course you broke the rules regularly and made friends with almost all of them. James - who the other servants affectionately called Bucky - was an exception. It seemed that he wanted nothing to do with you.

“(Y/N).” Your father said, his tone cold.


“Do you know why you’re here?”

“I do not.”

“It’s come to our attention that you have yet to choose a husband.” He said.

“It’s come to my attention that you have yet to produce a half decent suitor.” You quipped, and watched the eyes of James Barnes widen slightly, a small smirk playing on his lips.

“None of your remarks.” You mother said, “You are going to marry and that is final.”

“I am not against marriage, mother, I am against marriage for land and power. When I marry, I will love the man who takes my hand in his, not just be dazzled by the ring he places on my finger.” You said firmly, unmoving from your spot in front of them.

“Enough.” Your father said, “We have chosen for you. You will wed the first suitor we chose for you this Sunday.”

Your mouth went dry, you couldn’t believe what they’d told you.

“I will do no such thing.” You said.

“It is not your choice anymore.” Your mother said, “I will fetch you to be fitted for your dress in an hour.”

Tears clouded your vision as you stormed out of the living quarters, slamming the doors behind you. When you made it back to your room, you collapsed into a fit of tears on your bed, viciously undoing the corset that held you firmly in place. You needed comfort.

Through your crying, you wiped your makeup off and threw on a casual servant dress instead, one that you had asked your seamstress to make for you when you’d gotten sick of the heavy gowns. 

You disassembled your done up hair, and brushed it out so that it fell naturally around your face. Wiping away the last of your tears, you packed a bag.

Your journal, paints and sketch book, some extra clothing and a sizable amount of money. That was all you needed. You slung to pack over your shoulder and exited the room as quietly as possible.

Tiptoeing down the hallways, your heart almost jumped into your throat when you saw Winifred.

“(Y/N).” She whispered, looking at your appearance, “What on earth are you doing?” 

“I am leaving.” You said, “I can’t do it.” You said trying to keep yourself composed.

“I know you can’t,” She said with sad eyes, “Take the back exit into the garden, no one will see you that way.”

“Thank you.” You replied, giving her a tight embrace, “For everything.”

You retreated down the back exit of the castle which was vacant of servants, and ran into the expansive garden that had been tended for so well. You darted across the field, but stopped dead in your tracks when you heard voices.

Hiding behind a rose bush, you listened in.

“The roses are just wonderful.” You mother said.

You shrunk down a tad farther upon hearing her voice, knowing she was accompanied by your father. If they caught you, they would confine you to your room until your very wedding.

“Thank you, your highness.” 

You recognized that voice to, it was Bucky.

“They’ll look lovely for the wedding.” You father remarked, and you had to hold your tongue.

“I’ll make certain of it.” Bucky’s voice was cold, almost as if he was saying it through gritted teeth.

You watched your mother and father make their way back to the castle is disgust, still unwilling to believe that they were actually trying to force you to marry.

“I doubt that small of a bag will hold you off for very long.”

Bucky’s voice made you snap out of it. You popped your head out from out of the bush in shock. You saw him, with shears in his hands, gently trimming the flora around him.

“How did you-”

“The king and queen aren’t quite as observant of their roses as I am.” He said simply, turning to you and offering you merely a shrug before tending to the flowers again. You watched as the strong muscles of his back worked against the cotton of his shirt, moving gracefully in his back. 

Bucky was a mystery to you. When you were children, you were the closest of friends, but when you were separated everything changed, he only ever spoke to you if he had to.

“Please don’t tell anyone you saw me here, I beg of you.” You pleaded from behind him.

“I don’t intend to,” He said softly with one sharp clip of the bushes before turning around again, “But you won’t survive outside of the palace with only that bag.” He nodded down at the leather parcel slung around your shoulder. 

Your eyes left his, breaking the intense eye contact for a moment.

“Your highness-”

“My name is (Y/N).” 

“You know I can’t call you that.” He said.

“If I can call you Bucky, you can call me (Y/N).”

His eyes were unsure of you, but he finally caved.

“(Y/N), you won’t be able to make it passed the gate, let alone live out there in peasantry.” He spoke to your softly.

“A life of peasantry is the life I want.” You said.

“Don’t say such things.” Bucky replied, gently taking you by the arm and hiding you both behind the bushes further out of the sight of the castle.

“A life in peasantry is a life with love.” You said, “I cannot marry a man I do not love.”

His eyes searched desperately for something to tell him that you weren’t going to make such a rash move, but he knew he couldn’t convince you otherwise.

James Barnes had been hopelessly in love with you since the age of 6 when he first laid eyes on you. The two of you were the best of friends for a few years, constantly sneaking into each other quarters to talk to one another, but when your mother had found out, she banned him from ever speaking to you unless it was an order.

It hurt him so badly to distance himself from you, from the woman he loved so much, but he couldn’t disobey his queen.

“Come with me.” He said, leading you down to the stone gate which scaled upwards.

He moved a few rocks to the side, revealing a large opening where you could crawl through. You looked up at him in disbelief, and wanted to thank him, but he stopped you.

“I won’t let you go alone.” He spoke.

“I can’t ask you to come with me.”

“You’re not asking.” 

When you’d both made it to the other side of the wall, Bucky lead you down several flights of cobble steps until you made it to the village.

People walked along with carts full of flour and bread, vendors selling everything from baked goods to trinkets on the street. You smiled happily and skipped along the road.

Bucky watched with a boyish grin on his face at your joy, he couldn’t believe how happy a princess could be in such a simple life.

“This is wonderful.” You said, a marvelous smile on your face.

Bucky smirked at you as you both passed by a flower vendor, he stopped while you went ahead and purchased a few stems of lilacs with the last coins he had in his pocket.

When he caught up to you, he tapped you on the shoulder and when you turned around, proudly presented the flowers to you.

“Bucky, you shouldn’t have.” You said, your eyes gleaming at the beautiful wild flowers he held out for you.

“I remember you loved these when we were young.”

“They’re still me favourite.” Your sheepish grin made you avoid eye contact, but didn’t make you bashful enough to shy away from pulling him down gently by the collar of the shirt and pressing a kiss to his cheek, “Thank you, this is one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me.”

Bucky tried to ignore the blissful tingle that remained on his cheek as you pulled away from him.

He tucked a few fallen tendrils of hair back behind his ear as he nodded at you before leading you further into the village. 

You held the lilacs tightly in your hand, and watched Bucky from your place a few strides behind him. No man had ever given you flowers like he had before. Suitors had tried to woo you with massive bouquets of endless lilies and daisies and roses that meant nothing to them in terms of cost or sentiment. Bucky had purchased the flower that he remembered you loved with what little money he had. Your heart skipped at the thought.

When you reached a cozy looking home, Bucky opened the door for you and you stepped in. The entire thing was made from wood, a delicate fireplace on the side with a closed off bedroom and a tiny kitchen.

“You can stay here for as long as you need.” He said as he took his jacket off and hung it on the hook behind the door before closing it.

“I can’t possibly expect you to house me-”

“Nonsense.” He said with a small laugh.

“Thank you for your kindness.” You said, gently touching his arm.

“You’re welcome.” He said quietly, and you suddenly became aware of how close he was to you as his breath hit your face.

He was so close to you that he could feel every fiber in his body screaming at him to kiss you, but he knew he couldn’t.

“I should put these in water.” You said, nodding at the lilacs.

“There is a vase in the cabinet.” He said and you went to go fetch it.

You placed the clear glass vase down on the water, pouring the small pot of water that resided on the windowsill. He watched you every move, how gracefully you moved throughout his small home. 

More than anything, Bucky wanted to refute the voice in his head that told him this is what kind of a life they might have together. Living in a small home, tending to flowers, living a simple life. But more than anything, Bucky’s brain couldn’t shake the image.

“I’m going to cook us something to eat.” He said.

“I’ll help you.” You smiled, finished placing the lilacs neatly in water.

“You haven’t cooked a day in your life.” He laughed.

“Everyone must start somewhere.” You said.

So you helped him by cutting up the vegetables he grew in the garden out back while he prepared the small amount of chicken over the stove. Once your job was done, he threw your handiwork in the pot with the meat and seasoned it, making a soup.

“Bread.” You muttered.


“You said I’d never cooked, but I can make bread.”

“I doubt that highly.” He said.

“Perhaps I’ll have to show you.”

“I suppose you will.”

So, you set out to scour his kitchen for the ingredients you needed, placing them on the table and beginning your work. He sat back and watched you work with a determination he hadn’t seen with any member of a royal family.

You wiped your forehead as you kneaded the dough carefully then placed it in a small bowl to rise.

“Now we wait a few minutes, then put it on the fire.” You said proudly.

Bucky smiled at you and shook his head, marveling at the beauty of your face with the splotches of flour on it.

“You are absolutely stunning.” He said, long before his brain could prevent it.

You looked at him, a shocked smile on your face. He tried to stutter out an apology, but you replied first.

“You think I’m stunning?”

His gaze shifted to your eyes again, their beautiful colour making him weak in the knees. He was so in love with you, so hopelessly and forever enamored with everything that you were.

“I do.” He said, moving past you to tend to the soup.

Without another word, you put the breadpan in the stove and watched Bucky stir the soup gently. You looked at his face, the handsome face that you seen many times before, but you saw it differently this time. You saw the strong curve of his jaw, the arch of his brows, his plump lips, and all you wanted to do was kiss him.

But of course, you didn’t.

You took two bowls out of the cabinet and let Bucky pour the soup into them while you took the bread out and cut it into a few slices. You brought the meal out to the small table that served as a dining room and sat across from each other.

“This is perfect.” You said with happiness dripping from you voice as you stared at the dinner you’d helped make.

“I am surprised you think so.” He said.

“Are you really?” You asked as you dipped your spoon into the soup.

“No, not really.”

You looked up at him and smiled as you took a bite, acknowledging how amazing the soup was. You barely spoke during the course of your dinner, each of you enjoying it far too much. Bucky did compliment your bread, however.

You helped him to wash out the bowls and dry them, placing them back in the cabinet once you’d finished.

You ears perked up when you heard a local jupiter outside begin to play a tune with a few others, a slower song.

“They come around every few nights.” Bucky explained, “I typically leave the windows open to hear them.”

You took his hand and gently lead him into the clearest space of his home.

“Dance with me.” You said, and Bucky couldn’t refuse.

Taking your hand in his, he held you close to him as you moved to the beat of the song gently, holding eye contact with every passing second.

Bucky’s eyes trailed down to your lips but quickly shot back up again, refusing to allow himself the fantasy of kissing you, not when he knew it was a farce.

“Perhaps,” You said in a whisper, “I was meant to run into you today.”

“Why do you think that?” He whispered back.

“Because I’m beginning to believe that it was you I was meant to love.”

Bucky’s heart jumped to his throat at the words, he couldn’t understand how you could say such a thing. 


“You’re the only one who’s ever truly cared for me, Bucky.” You whispered to him, “I’d be a fool to ignore that.”

His eyes closed in a desperate need to comprehend the situation around him. Your breath hit his face as he continued to gently sway back and forth with you so close to his body.

“Kiss me.” You whispered to him and he didn’t waste any time at all pressing his lips to yours desperately.

You tasted just as sweet as he imagined you would, your soft lips as delicate as the roses he tended to. His strong arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you even closer to him. Your hand rested on his face, stroking along his cheek gently. This was what you’d dreamed of.

His tongue entered your mouth and your knees went weak. A kiss like this was meant for a fantasy, but here you were experiencing it in reality.

“Take me to bed.” You practically begged him.

He groaned at your words and picked you up, carrying you over to his bed and laying you there.

When he saw you looking up at him with the softest eyes he’d ever seen, he knew he would do anything to keep you with him forever, to hold you and love you and make you his wife. 

He made his work quick, receiving delicate sighs of approval, moans of his name, things he’d only dreamed of hearing falling from your lips.

And as you laid completely bare next to him, sleep and fading ecstasy clouding your vision, he kissed your lips and held you close to his body, pulling the blankets over you to keep you safer in his grasp.

“I have never had the pleasure of loving someone so much as I love you.” He whispered into your hair.

In reply, you nuzzled into him even further, his arms securing you in place.

“I’ll make it my life’s goal to ensure you never have to live without that pleasure.” You breathed out.

Bucky knew that you both couldn’t stay in his home like this, the search for the kingdom’s missing princess had probably already started. You and he would need to flee the village together and go to a neighboring land if you were to be free of your parents. You were aware of it too, but for now you didn’t care.

For now, you were tucked in the embrace of the one man who loved you more than anything in his life. For now, you didn’t need to worry about finding solace in another kingdom, because you found it in Bucky, and for now that was enough.

When you did manage to flee, you both found the refuge you needed in the village a kingdom over, where you built a home much like the one Bucky had left.

You spent your days painting many things and selling your artwork to make money, Bucky managed to get a job as the royal gardener for the kingdom’s king and queen there as well. 

Bucky had been working day in and day out and you couldn’t help but be worried for him, until he came to you with a ring and it all made sense. It seemed he’d been saving.

The wedding you had was nothing to be admired, just the closest of friend’s you’d made were invited and Winifred, who made the trip from your kingdom in secret. It was everything you’d hoped it would be.

The wedding that you’d ended up with was much more than just a marriage, it was an open profession of love for the man who had helped you escape your fate, and whom you’d fallen in love with along the way and that held beauty beyond words.


’ She’s a female! And all females is poison! ’
’ They’re full of wicked wiles! ’
’ What are wicked wiles? ’
’ Now what are you, and who are you doin’ here? ’
’ You’re Sleepy! ’
’ How’d you guess? ’
’ You mean he/she can’t talk? ’
’ Speak! Let me see thy face. ’
’ Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? ’
’ Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow. ’
’ The huntsman has brought me proof. ’
’ ‘Tis the heart of a pig you hold in your hand. ’
’ The heart of a pig! Then I’ve been tricked! ’
’ Find some secluded glade where she can pick wildflowers. ’
’ And there, my faithful huntsman, you will kill her! ’
’ Silence! You know the penalty if you fail. ’
’ But to make doubly sure you do not fail, bring back her heart in this. ’
’ I beg of Your Highness, forgive me. ’
’ I can’t. I can’t do it! Forgive me. ’
’ Why, I don’t understand. ’
’ She’s mad! Jealous of you! She’ll stop at nothing! ’
’ Now, quick, child, run! Run away, hide! ’
’  In the woods, anywhere! Never come back! Now go! Go! Run! Run! Hide! ’
’ I’m awfully sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you. ’
’ But you don’t know what I’ve been through. ’
’ I was afraid. I’m so ashamed of the fuss I made. ’
’ What a cute little chair. ’
’ Oh, dear! I wonder if the children are. ’
’ I said, how do you do? ’
’ Shh! Not so loud. You’ll wake her up. ’
’ A fine bunch of water lilies you turned out to be. ’
’ I’d like to see anybody make me wash, if I didn’t wanna. ’
’ Now, a formula to transform my beauty into ugliness. ’
’ A blast of wind to fan my hate. ’
’ Now, begin thy magic spell. ’
’ But wait! There may be an antidote. ’
’ There may be an antidote. Nothing must be overlooked. ’
’ It’s apple pies that make the menfolks’ mouths water. ’
’ Yes, but wait till you taste one, dearie. ’
’ Like to try one, hm? Go on. Go on, have a bite. ’
’ I’ll share a secret with you. ’
’ This is no ordinary apple, it’s a magic wishing apple. ’
’ One bite, and all your dreams will come true. ’
’ Now, make a wish, and take a bite. ’
’ Oh, I feel strange. ’
’ Her breath will still. Her blood congeal. ’
’ Now I’ll be fairest in the land! ’
’ But, where will you sleep? ’
’ No! No! I mean we’ll be comfortable, won’t we? ’
’ I’d like to dance and tap my feet. ’
’ Now, I’m warnin’ ya. Don’t let nobody or nothin’ in the house. ’
’ Thirsty? Have a drink! ’
’ Dip the apple in the brew. Let the Sleeping Death seep through. ’
’ Look! On the skin! The symbol of what lies within. ’
’ Have a bite? ’
’ Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell? ’
’ We are standing by a wishing well. ’
’ Your wish will soon come true. ’
’ Why, the whole place is clean. ’
’ They ain’t stole. They’re hid in the cupboard. ’
’ My cup’s been washed. Sugar’s gone. ’
’ Don’t touch that, you fools! Might be poison. ’
’ See? It’s witch’s brew. ’
’ I couldn’t help it. I can’t tell. When you gotta, you gotta. ’
’ Please don’t send me away. If you do, she’ll kill me. ’
’ She knows everything. She’s full of black magic! ’
’ She can even make herself invisible. Pfft! Might be in this room right now! ’
’ Next thing you know, she’ll be tyin’ your beards up in pink ribbons. ’
’ If you let me stay, I’ll keep house for you. ’
’ I’ll wash and sew and sweep and cook. ’
’ Uh, can you make dapple lumplings? ’
’ We’ll clean the house and surprise them. ’
’ Yes! We, we gotta save her! ’
’ Don’t be afraid. We’re right behind you. ’
’ Oh, it’s adorable! Just like a doll’s house. ’
’ Supper’s not quite ready. You’ll just have time to wash. ’
’ I’ll fix ya! I’ll crush your bones! ’
’ And now, a special sort of death… for one so fair. ’
Amy and the Seven Egos

(Big props to @gwennyr for helping me in the development of this idea and for being an all-around wonderful human bean!)

Imagine Amy as Snow White, and the evil Edgelord Darkiplier wants her promised throne. He’s jealous of her immense beauty and kindness that captures the hearts and minds of all her subjects, both great and small.

Imagine Mark, a prince from a faraway land, meeting Amy by chance on one of her many adventures on the great, blue seas surrounding her grand kingdom. Amy saves the dashing prince from a band of marauding pirates, and the two fall deeply in love. Mark asks for her hand in marriage, and Amy gladly accepts the floofy-haired prince. Mark promises that once he has told his father the great news, he will return and marry Princess Amy right away.

One day the evil Darkiplier asks his All Seeing Magic Mirror, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” fully expecting the answer to be, “Oh, you, the Great and Terrible Darkiplier.” A solemn face appears in the misty surface of the mirror, his eyes masked in swirls of purple smoke with a single streak of golden hair, and speaks, as always, in rhyme, “The fairest in the land is a sweet, Golden lass who is far more fair and kind than your emo a—,” Dark cuts off the mirror with a loud roar of anger, and he stomps off to find a way to kill the princess.

Imagine Amy fleeing from Dark’s Huntsman, the feared Yandereplier, but just as the Huntsman captures his prey, he is baffled by her kind words and strong spirit. So, he tells her to run, run far into the woods where she can hide from the evil Edgelord and his vicious plot to murder her. The huntsman, in turn, will present Dark with the heart of a pig instead.

Imagine an exhausted Princess Amy stumbling across what looks like an abandoned cottage deep within the woods and falling asleep in a little bed upstairs. While she slumbers, seven whistling Egos march home from working in the diamond mines all day long. Lo and behold they find the princess sleeping in one of their beds. Grumpy, his glowing blue eyes flaring with anger, insists that they wake her up and throw her out! What business does she have being here?

The pink mustached Happy claps his hands together and declare that they’ll simply have to wake her up and get her to clean and cook for them! Doc, the most reasonable of the seven, smacks Happy on the back of his head and informs him that this is, in fact, the princess of the entire land and that she is most likely in grave danger. “I’m sorry,” he says, “she may be dying.”

It’s about that time that Sneezy sneezes into one of his giant, gloved hands so loudly that it could’ve awaken the dead, let alone a sleeping princess.

Imagine Bashful, nervously hugging one of his potted plants to his chest and gasping when Amy’s eyes blink open to see seven four-foot tall little men, who look strangely like her charming prince, standing around her bed. After the initial surprise, Princess Amy quickly explains her situation to the little men and begs that they give her a place to stay. “I’ll even cook and clean for you, if I must. But please!”

Happy wiggles his mustache and smiles. “See? I told you.” Sleepy tips his cowboy hat to her and requests politely that she exit his bed so he can go to sleep.

Imagine them living happily for a few blessed weeks until the evil Edgelord Darkiplier discovers that the heart he was given is a fake. He forces his Huntsman to tell him where Princess Amy was last seen, and Dark transforms himself into a simple beggar armed with a particularly dangerous apple.

Imagine the other Egos being away while only Amy and Dopey, practicing his skateboard tricks, are at home. Dopey sees the old man shamble up, and Amy happily invites the beggar inside. “Would you like some food and water, kind sir?” The princess seems to notice something odd about the old man, but she pushes that thought aside as she caters to his every need.

“Oh, sweet young lady, all I have to repay your wonderful kindness is this apple,” the beggar croaks, pulling the deadly fruit from his coat pocket. Amy accepts it, but she is hesitant to take a bite. “Please, dear. Won’t you humor a poor, old man?” Not wanting to insult him or his gift, Princess Amy takes a bite.

Imagine Dopey watching the old man flee the house cackling. Wondering what has happened, he goes inside to check on Amy only to find her under a horrible sleeping-curse. Dopey, distraught and afraid, runs to find the other Egos and tells them the terrible, terrible news.

Imagine the Egos, saddened at the fate of their friend, crafting a beautiful bejeweled coffin for their lovely Princess with a glass top in hopes that one day, her prince will return to wake her with true love’s kiss. Word spreads of the Princess’s curse, and Prince Mark, finally returning after the sudden death of his father, searches the forest for his lost fiancé.

Imagine Dark hearing of the prince’s return and stalking into the woods to kill him. The two of them meet, and the battle is a bloody one. Finally, however, Prince Mark stands triumphant. Beaten and battered, he finds the little cottage in the woods and the resting place of his princess in a grove of weeping willows.

Imagine the Egos gathering around as the prince removes the lid of the coffin and places a gentle kiss upon his princess’s lips. Amy takes a sudden, deep breath, her eyes fluttering open. She embraces her prince, peppering his face with butterfly kisses.

And together with the Egos, the two lovers return to the castle where Amy is crowned Queen before all of her adoring subjects.

And they all lived happily ever after…


“Looking-glass, Looking-glass, on the wall,
Who in this land is the fairest of them all?”
“Oh Queen, you are fairest of all I see,
But over the hills, where the seven dwarfs dwell,
Snow White is still alive and well,
and none is so fair as she.”

(REYLO + SNOW WHITE AU for anon)