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Mal more or less operated under the notion that she’d seen all there was to see in Auradon.  Senior year was here, graduation was upon them, and King Ben, still feeling responsible for the VKs years later, gifted them with houses in the city not too far from each other, move-in ready and just waiting to be made into the homes of Mal, Jay, Carlos, and Evie.  Their lives were bundling up into nice, neat little packages.  This had to be all there was to it, right?


Evie on top of her was something new.

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A tale of two lost girls: Octavia and Emori

If there’s anything the writers of The 100 love to play around with it’s parallels. We see them all over the place, from the long story arcs to the episode titles with their multiple meanings.

And then there are the many character parallels. One of the best of these is the linked stories of those two unwanted girls, Octavia Blake and the grounder Emori.

Octavia and Emori have been on journeys in which they’ve crossed paths only thematically and their stories have never really intersected. But when we look at where they started, and then at where they ended up, it’s easy to see how similar their journeys have been.

Both girls began as unwanted humans.

In Octavia’s case, with the overcrowded Ark’s one-child policy in place, her second-child status renders her essentially an illegal person with no rights.

In the case of Emori, her clan would no doubt have welconed her birth, since their violent culture must require constant replenishment of their population, if only she’d been physically perfect. But she wasn’t, and that made her, literally, a throwaway.

Both girls were saved from their fate by extraordinary intervention.

We know Aurora Blake gave birth to Octavia in secret and kept her existence a secret for 16 years.

We have to assume that one or both of Emori’s parents likewise saved her from being left out as an infant to die, as was the grounder custom with so-called frikdreina.

Both girls grew up on the fringes of their society, living off whatever crumbs could be procured for them or whatever they could steal. On the Ark, there was literally nowhere to run, so Octavia was hidden within the Ark itself. Emori didn’t live with the clans but amongst other outcasts, scrounging and stealing to keep herself alive.

Both girls grew up with the clear understandung that they were “less” than others, that they had no value.

Both girls grew up with loving brothers, who were the most important people in their young lives.

Both girls grew up resenting the society into which they’d been born.

Both girls, when given the chance, grabbed onto the personal agency that had been denied them by their birth, and grew strong.

Both girls fell in love with men from another culture. And miraculously, they found that in their lover’s culture, the defects for which they had been reviled and despised WERE NOT IMPORTANT.

The grounders didn’t care at all that Octavia was a second child. All they cared about was that she was strong and capable, that she doesn’t give up, and that she’s become a skilled warrior.

The Arkadians don’t care about Emori’s deformed hand, and while at one point Clarke is tempted to think of Emori as “unimportant” enough to experiment on, she quickly comes to her senses. In fact, Emori is shocked to find that she has value for the Arkers just by virtue of being human. First, Miller and Jackson return to island for her and the ithers, which she did not expect. And then later, Clarke risks her own life to save Emori after her helmet cracks. And when they’re retrofitting the rocket, no one says, “Hey, there’d be more resources for the rest of us if we just leave this imperfect girl behind.” Nope, she’s included as a matter of course.

Both girls find men who fall madly in love with them. Not only do these men fall in love, they put Octavia and Emori ahead of their own people.

Lincoln, who had seemed more or less like a loner before he fell for Octavia, now questions the values he was brought up with. He sees the abandonment at Mount Weather as “dishonorable.” He helps the Arkadians over and over again, and is banished for hus trouble, and a kill order is placed on him.

John Murphy, who before had barely liked another human being, let alone loved one, finds a home in his relationship with Emori. After she’s released from the City of Light, there’s mno question that he’s going to care for her, and that he expects his people to accept her. On the island, when he tells Clarke, “If she dies, you die,” there’s not the slightest chance that he wouldn’t have followed through on that threat.

Both girls ultimately decide that the society accepted them is better than the one they grew up in.

Octavia not only accepts grounder culture, she thrives on it. She may have fought in the conclave under the Skaikru sigil, but her decision to displace with grounders all but 100 Arkadians shows where her ultimate loyalties lie.

Was that the fairest distribution of the available space in the bunker? That’s definitely food for another discussion. The point is that Octavia thought it was. She wanted to save the grounders, and their culture, because they, and it, are what gave her value. To them, she wasn’t the girl who lived under the floor, but instead the fierce warrior who won the conclave.

Octavia wasn’t merely accepted by grounder society, she was embraced by it. She rose from the non-person who’d been locked up on the Ark for the crime of simply being alive, from someone who had no rights at all, to the commander who now had control of everyone else’s rights.

Emori hasn’t risen to a leadership position with the Arkers, but after Clarke saves her by giving up her own helmet, she begins to view them differently. She’s amazed by Clarke’s act of generosity, because she knows that no grounder would ever have risked their life to save hers. That act, and all that preceded it, changes her attitude not only toward Clarke, whom she’d formerly dismissed as weak and privileged, but toward all the Arkadians

She enthusiastically participates in readying the rocket for launch and embraces the idea of traveling into space. It’s Emori who asks if they can wait"just anither minute" for Clarke. It’s Emori who immediately says they’ll share if one of them runs out of oxygen. It’s no longer just Murphy she cares about, she’s embraced them all. Because the Arkers have shown her that she has value.

So the illegal human from the Ark has now become a highly-regarded grounder, while the despised and imperfect human from the clans has traveled into space and will become a true Arker. Parallel journeys, indeed.

disney modern AU

Snow White, better known online as @poison_apple7, is a fashion blogger with a love for nature, vintage fashion and old movies. She is never seen without her iPhone, talking selfies with her roommates or posting her #ootd. Snow quickly gained a large following because of her humble nature, how she would promote self-love and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Though she tends to get into a lot of online drama with makeup guru, @therealevilqueen, Snow White is still the fairest of them all (at least according to their follower counts!).


Pairing: Loki x Asgardian!reader, Sif x sister!reader

Summary: Newly arrived in the palace of Asgard, you and your sister are attending a grand ball, and you catch the eye of a certain raven-haired prince

Inspiration: Helpless, from Hamilton: An American Musical

Warnings: None

A/N: Honestly all of Hamilton would make a great Loki x reader AU…

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Red Zircon

Oh well, My Diamond, the flawless, the rarest, the fairest of them all, he’s quite the force to respect you know, we’re very close I asure you, know, I never saw him in private…what? no he never acted emotive to be, however we are, in many other ways. I’ve been trusted with his judgement by many times, some see it as weakness, but is really a leader who rely on his followers a and promotes democracy that bad? well of course, our judgements aren’t that democratic..if you ever need a help, a quick indulgence, count on us, it’s no shame to say that, everyone has a price, Homeworld’s dogmas are old, it needs a new order, a new Diamond, and we might have just gotten that.

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In fics, people always have Mal or Jay save Evie. Evie can save herself. Our girl is the fairest of them all. She's number one. What if she taught Jay proper posture for following through on his punches so he didn't have to rely on sheer strength? And what if she was the one efficient in first aid because she's great with anatomy and so she knows how to fix everyone? What if she and Mal sparred because she was always worried about Mal's temper and size getting her killed? Evie is tough.

Plot twist Evie trained Hercules pass it on


Cherry Visual is proud to announce Fairest, a brand new Yuri Visual Novel about a witch and the woman who loves her.

When The Dread Witch Samara fulfills a curse on a powerful king by capturing his only daughter, she ends up with a lot more than she bargained for. Princess Sophie is far more excited than scared by the prospect of being taken far, far away and quickly decides that rather than return, she wants to learn to be a witch as well! With a new apprentice under her wing, it’s time for Samara to lead them on a magical journey neither of them will ever forget.

We’re all very excited about this project and hope you’ll all come along for the ride! More updates are coming here, so stay tuned or follow us on twitter for more news.


Where Imagination Save The Day// Where a Whole New World Awaits// Where Wonderland is Your Destiny// Where a Moment of Beauty Lasts Forever// Where Every Cinderella Story Comes True// Where You Never Have to Grow Up// Where You’re Always King of the Court// Where Dreams Run Free// Where Your Destiny Awaits// Where Your the Fairest of them All// Where Memories Take Hold and Never Let Go// Where a World of Adventure Awaits// Where Magic Sets Sail// Where Magic Speaks// Where Every Moment Leaves You Hungry for More// Where you Always Follow Your Heart// Where You Can Go On the Ride of your Afterlife// Where Your Every Wish is Our Command

~Disney Dream Portraits, Annie Leibovitz~

Geronimo (Kurt Wagner x Reader)



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Raven opened the door for you to enter in the School. You had recently discovered that you were a mutant and Charles had sent Raven to help you move to the School.

You heart skipped a beat and your breath was caught in your throat.

A pair of, oh, so familiar eyes was looking at yours. He wasn’t in a better state.


“Hey, (Y/N). Are you ok? It’s like you saw a ghost.” Raven asked, oblivious to the situation.

“I may.” You muttered, your eyes fixed on his. Neither dared to make a move. “Do you guys know each other?” Raven finally took hold of the situation. At her words, Kurt sped towards you and in seconds you were in his arms.

“I’ll take this as a ‘yes’. You catch up, I shall put your stuff in your room. Kurt, give her a tour around, too.” Raven took your luggage and walked away.

“(Y/N), Liebling! I cannot believe my own eyes.” Kurt broke the silence between you.

“Kurt, I missed you so much.” You buried yourself deeper in his arms, as he nuzzled his nose to the top of your head.

“I am sorry I left. I am really sorry.” He apologized and hugged you tighter.

“They were hunting you down, Kurt. It’s not like you had a choice.” You forgave him.

Kurt was you childhood friend and first love. He had to leave your town, in your early teens because people were after him, believing that they could make money by making him their puppet.

Weeks passed and you were fully accepted in the School. You had made friends and your crush on Kurt had returned, only stronger.

He had grown up to a handsome young man, while he remained kind, sweet and loving. You couldn’t believe it when he invited you a night to watch the stars with him.

He covered your eyes with his hand and teleported to the place you would spend together the following hours. He let go of your eyes and you gasped at the sight.

He had really outdone himself. Fairy lights were wrapped around the trees and between them, there was a table with a rose and dinner ready.

You looked at him, more lovestruck than ever. “I wanted it to have at least a fraction of your magic.” He said as he placed a kiss on your cheek and guided you to the table.

He gave you the rose, “Auf die Schönste im ganzen Land (to the fairest of them all)!”

“Oh, darling. You don’t know how happy I am that you still have the feelings we shared back then.” You said cupping his face, looking at the eyes that you loved the most.

He smiled at you, rubbing his cheek softly on your hand as he closed his eyes. The sight was too much for you to resist, so you gave in and kissed him.

He eagerly kissed you back, all of the memories you had flooding your minds, as your lips moved at sync.

“They will never tear us apart again, Liebling. Never.” He promised between your kisses.

“Ich liebe dich.” You said softly, your love evident in your voice. “Ich liebe dich.” He repeated, with the same loving tone.

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Hi! Do you have any recommendations for badboy/asshole jungkook? Thanks! I love this blog 😘

Hello anon~~

Hold Tight; Hold Me Down by leegaae | jikook
Heartbeat like the Rain by forheart | vkook
All I Want (Is Nothing More) by lethallergic  | vkook
Who Is The Fairest of Them all? by thunderbert | vkook
can’t pin me down by busan_brat | jikook (he’s more of a brat here but same thing) 
You Could Throw Me to the Flames (I Will Follow You) by thatdamrenegade | sugakookie
Rich Bitch by mindheist | vkook
The Petty Criminal Discount by Kingkiwi | jikook

sorry that most of these are actually more of asshole!jungkook, but we’ll keep in mind to rec more badboy!jungkook in the future :))

-admin sarah

Tag game :-))
Can’t believe I’m tagged in one of these so thankful @grannolakiddo 😭💛
Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 followers you’d like to know better!!
01. Name: Sandrine
02.nicknames: umm Sandy?
03. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn♑️
04. Height: 5"3 and a half
05. Orientation: lesbian
07. Favourite Fruit: all of them!! But mangos maybe
08. Favourite Season: Summer! And the beginning of fall hehe
09. Favourite Book: la maison penché, fairest, and we were liars
10. Favourite Movie: stardust💫
11. Favourite Scent: anything flowery
12. Favourite colour: lavender, and yellow but any pastel really
13. Favourite animal: tigers!!! and polar bears, lions, and wolves and foxes
14. Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa: hot cocoa and tea
15. Average Hours of sleep: 3-8
16. Favourite Fictional Character: GINA LINETTI, Carl and Lip Gallagher
17. Number of Blankets to Sleep With: minimum 2
18. Dream Trip: Japan!
19. Blog Created: 4 months ago?
20. Followers: lol not even 100
21. Random Fact: I am the definition of selective memory

Some bloggers I’d love to know better! @morganpamela @blossomingsmiles @tremendouslybright @hapcap @jillellsworth @lilliegogh

Better Luck Next Time (The 100)

Request: none since I’m a lazy shit. Murphy has the hots for female reader but she’s playing hard to get 

 "Well well, isn’t (Y/N), the fairest of them all, the lady who killed her mother!“ Murphy laughed, patting your back.

 Your body jolted with the force. You rolled your eyes, you were used to this. You hammered once more into the wall before turning around to see him. That sneaky smirk and confident glare drilled itself into you. 

 "She was a stone cold bitch, who wouldn’t kill her?” You pushed him, walking away. 

 He followed after you, his hand on your shoulder and pulling you into him. You pushed him off once again, but yet again he came back.

 "Oh come on princess, you can’t resist me forever!“ Murphy grabbed your hand. 

 "Oh we’ll see about that Murph, besides” You turned to face him, licking your lips “I can play all night long" 

 "Ooh, naughty girl! Well I won’t give up, so we can go all night!” He smirked.

You yanked your hand away from him, sending a wink and marching off towards the drop ship. You liked this game you were playing with him. No one paid attention you on the ark or on the ground. So now when a handsome guy like him is pining over you, you just had to have a little fun. Being stuck at camp was boring anyway and everyone stayed afar, John was the only one who spoke to you. 

You continued with the days work; nailing wood mostly. At one point you tried to help Monty but he kicked you out. Apparently you were a distraction. That was stupid, you were smart and you could help, even if it was kicking other people out.  Night came and eventually, you couldn’t escape Murphy. 

“(Y/N) babe, sit right down on my lap” Murphy winked, patting his lap with his spare hand- the other holding food. 

“Why would I do that now?” You slyly asked, crossing your arms. 

“Because I’m awesome” He answered, patting his lap once more. 

Instead, you sat down next to him. This flirting kept going for a few more days. He bugged you from dawn to dusk. You enjoyed kicking Murphy back down each moment of the day but it was getting tiring and annoying. Yet, he hadn’t backed down yet. 

“Come on, let me back in!” You yelled from outside your tent. 

Your tent mate, Lorie, refused to let you in. She yelled at you to go away. It was understandable. She hated your guts and besides, she probably wanted the tent free for Bellamy. After a few minutes of trying many different ways to get yourself in, you gave up. 

“You can have the bloody tent, see if I care!” You yelled one last bicker, crossing your arms and huffing.

Footsteps echoed behind you but you refused to turn around, they stopped right behind you. Someone was breathing down your neck, their hand ghosting up your arm. 

“It seems you care an awful lot since you keep yelling” Murphy whispered, his arm wrapping around your waist. 

You didnt speak, you only turned around to face him. His arm was still on your waist. His eyes pierced into yours and no one spoke. The moonlight carved his face like a marble sculpture and he looked handsome. You couldn’t deny it by now, as much as Murphy was downright rude and aggressive, he was attractive. Sometimes too attractive for his own good. 

“Has the princess finally stopped playing her game?” He asked, a tone of authority hinted in his voice. 

You sighed and murmured “Can I sleep in your tent?” 

Murphy smiled and together you walked over to his tent. There was only a bed in there, nothing else except for a few trinkets. The light he had lit up the whole tent. John laid on the bed before you even considered sitting down, smirking up at you. 

“I’m not going to have sex with you if that’s why you said yes” You spoke softly, now careful not to wake anyone else. 

“It doesnt have to be now” Murphy grabbed your hand and pulled you down to the bed, 

“I’m not the type to sleep and go” You whispered, grabbing the blanket and pulling it over the two of you. 

Despite everything, he made no move. He made no joke or brought back to what you said days before. He was quiet, his arm wrapped around you and his mouth shut. You moved closer to him, now more comfortable, you closed the gap. 

“Ya know John, not are you only rude, but very, very attractive” You whispered. 

Slowly, you leaned up and kissed him. His lips were chapped but it added a different texture. Flames that were only a spark now burnt into a fire. Something in that kiss, something was different and you loved it. The kiss only lasted a few fiery seconds before you pushed away, blushing hard. 

“I think I can wait to establish an relationship if I get you everyday” John whispered, a look of shock on his face.

You giggled, on the inside you were extremely happy that you got the John Murphy star struck. And with a single kiss, he was all yours. 

OOTD: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest isle of them all? 

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Model Status

A/N: Hope you guys like, it’s short and sweet. I spent more time just wanting to get in the personality so i hope that’s not bothersome. yup yup…. request any thing you want and i will always try and give it a shot.

Title: Model Status

Summary: Reader is a model that recently did work with Tony, though no job is done till you go to a Stark after party. The reader shows off her smarts and kindness to Steve and Bucky, leaving a certain Winter Soldier wanting more. 

Couple: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mention of Alcohol

Tony stood in front of the party at the entry way were he introduced each and every model that many of the guest had already seen at the fashion show Tony had sponsored earlier this evening. Each model was beautiful and seemed to carry themselves with confidence, both necessary qualities to make it in the industry.

Steve and Bucky stood off to the side by the bar, bored out of their minds as they watched the women walk through. Steve was always having to come to parties for Tony, something to do with appearances and showing that Avengers are more than teammates, they are friends. Bucky was forced there by Steve saying it’s a best friend’s duty to be there through a friend’s time of boredom. Usually Bucky wouldn’t have come even with Steve’s lame excuse, but he knew he had to integrate himself into society and in with the team so he figured why not start with an even filled with models.

“And the fairest of them all, y/f/n/ y/l/n.” You stepped into the room and down the stairs, following in with the other girls. You enjoyed what you did, though you didn’t seem to fit in with all the other girls, they had formed a bond while you generally were off to the side reading a book or checking Tumblr. For some reason while this reeled the other girls, it had made Tony take an interest in you.

After a short speech, Tony sprinted over to you, ignoring all the other girls trying to get his attention. “Hello, my lovely nerdy blossom. You did wonderful on stage today, your beautiful radiance blinded us all, you should really get that checked out” You laughed at his cheesy joke. He placed an arm around your shoulder and started to lead you away from everyone else. “I have someone I want you to meet, I think you’ll really hit it off”.

You couldn’t help but awkwardly chuckle as he lead you towards the bar, where you guys stayed. He waved over the bartender and told him some weird alcohol combo you’ve never heard but didn’t say anything about. Though before you were able to take a sip of the drink it was taken from your hands. Your eyes darted to the fleeting drink. “Uh? That was mi…” You realized the culprit was Steve Rogers with his sidekick Bucky Barnes. All your words became lost as you gazed upon the two Historical hero’s.

“Believe me miss, we’re doing you a favor. This drink could easily take down two Thor’s and the hulk” Steve said as he handed the drink back to the bartender. He looked to you and gave you a smile, “I’m Steve Rogers” He placed his hand on Bucky’s shoulder, “And this is Bucky Barnes.”

You giggled like a school girl, as soon as you heard yourself your eyes went wide and you placed your hand over your mouth. This lead to a roaring laughter from the three men. “Sorry” You blushed and brushed your hair out of your face. Bucky was tempted to do that for you, but felt that would have been weird considering he hadn’t even talked yet. “I know who you two are, you’re both in so many of the history books; you both gave so much to help. I mean you both gave your lives and while you helped keep our freedom, yours was kind of taken away” Your eyes had started off looking at Steve but fell to Bucky at some point.

They looked at you shocked. Generally they got complements like that from hard core fans or older men, which both didn’t seem to fit you. “Uh… Thank you.” Bucky murmured as Tony and Steve just looked at her.

You scratched the back of your head, “Ah, I’ve made it awkward. I seem to be really good at that” You looked down to the clutch in your hands and scratched your finger over the embroidered design. “I am kind of a history buff, so I’ve read a lot of stuff that pertained to you guys” You looked up and gave a killer smile that somehow enhanced your beauty and caught Bucky off guard, causing even him to smile. “I’ve always wanted to talk to war heroes from that time era”

Tony patted your back and picked up his drink off the bar, “Well as much as I would like to hear these two old bag of bones reminisce over the old times, I have better things to do.” He turned back to you and pointed as he walked backwards. “But if you want to talk about games, come find me. I found a new game I know you’ll love, way better than that shooter game you were playing the other day”

Bucky and Steve looked between each other, it was normal for them to interact with beautiful women, but to find one as nerdy as you was definitely a first. Steve looked back to you and smile, he had seen the eyes you gave Bucky earlier and was willing to let his friend have a shot at you. “Well, Miss. y/n. While I was there for the war, I didn’t really get to join in till later on.” He patted the center of Bucky’s back, “My friend here though is one of the bravest, the smartest soldiers there ever has been. I have to go mingle for Tony’s sake, but I bet Bucky would love to talk more about it with you”

Bucky’s eyes shot over to his friend, he wasn’t afraid to talk to you as much as he was afraid he’d mess up and make a fool of himself and you’d notice how unfit he was. “That’d be great” You called out with a smile, getting his attention again. “I mean if you want to” you guys stared at each other, both lost in the same thoughts.

Steve slipped away as you went on to ask Bucky questions and he answered; though it wasn’t one way, Bucky wanted to know more about you, he wondered how such a beautiful and intelligent girl ended up as a model for Tony, so you told him.

In the middle of talking you accidentally spilled some of your drink on yourself. “Ah! Surprise attach.” Though you didn’t even seem to worry that your clothes were covered in alcohol and were more than likely completely ruined, you were more afraid that you got some one Bucky. “Did I get you?” You said looking over him, but seen nothing.

He laughed and pulled off his jacket, wrapping it around you. “You’re strange, in the good way, and smart, and just to kind. I’d be an idiot not to ask, and please don’t feel obligated to say yes. But,” His blue orbs meant yours “Would you like to go out sometime?”


Just yesterday I reached 1K Followers (YAY AND THANK YOU) Heres the post I TRIED to post last night and chances are you got notifications but no post (tumblr issue) Anyway this is a markdown of all the blogs that I mostly reblog from. I did one when I reached 700 but this one is more formatted and detailed version (plus I’ve dropped and added some). 

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