the fainting goats


I don’t know why fainting goats exist…


Oooh my God!

For almost an entire year after becoming a ghost, if something really scared him a limb would go invisible/intangible. 

He got in the habit of placing his arms behind his back when he frightened by anything, and it became a known thing that if you could surprise Danny, he would sometimes fall down like a fainting goat.


Going from “I want to draw them in school uniforms” to “why did my brain think this was a good idea”.

I blame @ocean-kun for this–look at what you made me do I couldn’t stop thinking about Frisk in seifuku–

Okay now I can go crash :D

EDIT: Also here’s the sketch because for some reason I really like it haha–

halliescomut  asked:

I love all of your pet pics that you share. They always make me smile. I am curious as to how your dogs and cat get along? Does your cat just ignore the dogs, or do the cuddle sometimes. I'm just curious. Thanks for being awesome and using your voice for good! P.S. Your new short story is wonderful, I can't wait for more writing from you, but no pressure.

Seamus and Watson have been best friends since the day Watson came into our house 7 years ago. Watson and Marlowe have had a more difficult relationship, mostly because she thinks he likes to be chased. (He does not).

But about a year ago, Watson stopped running away when she chased him, and instead did a combination of the fainting goat and OH NO BITCH MEET MY CLAWS routine. Somehow, Marlowe got the message, and now they sleep together in front of the fireplace when it’s cold out.

Our cat, Luna, got so fed up with Marlowe, though, that she literally moved out of our house and now lives with a nice couple a few houses up the block. We miss her, but we see her when we take walks, and she’s so much happier with them, so it’s all okay.

the-ace-space-race  asked:

Spot passes out one time while he's with Jack and for whatever reason he finds it absolutely hilarious. Jack ends up banging his head on the counter from laughing too hard and goes down right next to Spot. Race and Crutchie come back to both their dumb boyfriends on the floor

Spot passed out for an unknown reason and then Jack laughed to hard his knees gave out and hit his head hard enough to make him just lie there and then Race and Crutchie get in and both of their boyfriends are lying on the ground, Jack crying from laughing so hard and Spot passed out and they’re just like “ah yes. the idiots are on the ground again. as per usual.”