the fainting goats


I don’t know why fainting goats exist…


Going from “I want to draw them in school uniforms” to “why did my brain think this was a good idea”.

I blame @ocean-kun for this–look at what you made me do I couldn’t stop thinking about Frisk in seifuku–

Okay now I can go crash :D

EDIT: Also here’s the sketch because for some reason I really like it haha–

anonymous asked:

A fic please where D is so romantic with H that the girls in Hogwarts gets jealous?

Hello! I know of two where Draco starts to court Hermione, Pureblood style.

In Private by acro acro- M, one shot

A short story about a Pureblood boy who falls in love with a Muggleborn girl, then throws over family traditions to woo the witch of his dreams. Sounds familiar, yes? Thow in some oblivious best friends and the possibility of a fainting goat, and we’re bound for happily ever after, right?

A Complex and Many-Layered Thing by  smutty_claus- Explicit, oneshot

Draco works to rebuild not just the school, but his family name and future.

If anyone knows anymore “Draco is so romantic at Hogwarts other girls get jealous stories” let us know!

- Wynken


oh no it’s a ball


Oooh my God!