the fail grimm

Baz Pitch lol I love this boy soooooo much and I was bored in my photography classes cause my teacher kinda doesn’t like me so I don’t really listen to him when he talks xd also, I hate drawing detailed hair and I hate lining so why not do the two things I hate and I suck at xd Simon is almost finished and he’s freaking awful so I’ll see if I’ll upload him xd

In b4 Ostara posts.

This is your occasional reminder that Ostara is probably not actually a holiday because Jacob Grimm failed at etymology. It is neither ancient nor was it stolen by Christians.

It’s fine if you want to celebrate some sort of spring festival and I don’t expect anyone to rewrite the Wheel of the Year, but please realize that it’s not an “ancient festival celebrating the goddess of the dawn”. It’s the result of a linguistic fuck up.

Also Ishtar is in no way related to Easter.