the factory club

Helena Bonham Carter’s brilliance in the last 30 years (1985-2015)

today’s french experience™: I stepped on dog poop, in the middle of the fucking sidewalk..


{Factory recalls be like}

Reporter: “Breaking news! Factory recall on Club Crackers. Some dude rubbed all his nuts against the Club Crackers. I’m talking-”

Victor: [gagging]


In 2007, this music video for Beautiful, Dirty, Rich was made. It was filmed at The Knitting Factory club in NYC and showcased Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight burlesque performance art pop show ‘Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue’. If you watch closely, you can spot Gaga’s laptop next to her, which was nicknamed “Plastic Gaga” after Yoko Ono. -(ladygagaeras)


Nina Get Your Machine Gun

It is not often that a young adolescent girl will watch some kind of action movie, and after seeing the “Rambo-like” character violently mow down a number of baddies think, “Someday I would like to do that.”  That was exactly the thoughts of a young orphaned Ukrainian peasant girl named Nina Onilova, who was fascinated by the machine gun toting female character named “Anka” in the Soviet film Chapaev.  In one particular scene of the film, the character Anka makes a desperate stand with a machine gun, mowing down dozens of enemies in a furious blaze.  When Nina saw that scene, she couldn’t help but think, “that’s sooo badass!”.

Fast forward several years later, World War II is raging across the globe and the German Army is pushing deep into the Soviet Union.  At the time 19 years old, Nina joined the 25th Rifle Regiment as a medic.  However, following her adolescent dream she had received training in machine gunnery from her factory’s paramilitary training club.  In an incident during the Siege of Odessa in August of 1941, Nina’s platoon was in danger of being overrun by the Germans, the platoon machine gunner was dead, and the machine gun was jammed and silent.  Seeing her chance, Nina manned the gun, expertly cleared the jam, and repulsed the German assault.  For her actions, Nina was awarded the position of machine gunner for the platoon.

For the next several months, Nina gained a reputation as one of the most dangerous gunners of the Eastern Front, and the lives of many fascist invaders were snuffed out by her deadly machine gun.  During her reign of death and destruction, she was nearly killed by a mortar blast, which wounded her so terribly she was out of action for over a month.  The doctors were going to declare her an invalid, but after her constant harassment they signed her release papers to return to combat.  Shortly after returning to her unit at Sevastopol, she crawled 25m while under heavy fire and destroyed a tank with Molotov cocktails.  For her actions, she was promoted to senior sergeant and awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

On February 28th, 1942 Nina was once again busy dealing out rapid fire mayhem during a particularly vicious night assault.  After destroying two enemy machine gun nests, it became readily apparent that her platoon was about to be overrun.  She ordered her men to fall back while she covered their retreat.  Reliving her favorite scene from Chapaev, Nina made a last stand with her machine gun that would make Tony Montana blush.  After beating off several assaults, the Germans responded by targeting her position with a mortar barrage. She was mortally wounded by a mortar blast, dying a week later from her injuries.  She was posthumously awarded the Order of Lenin and the title Hero of the Soviet Union.