the factory club

broken hearts 


broken art.

— david jones // instagram


journal page 195/?
30 minutes into the beguiled and i havent been this uncomfortable watching a movie in a very long time


i am lost in translation of the world, her words like daggers turned into noise. let me float far, far away to where stars stay silent and planets don’t pull away.


i need some space to breathe. / themayden


22-26th March 2017

Well, I have been busy. Drawing, anyway. Not working. I wasn’t in the mood to be doing something as productive as working. Dear God, no. I officially have no idea what I’m doing with my college art project so I’m saving that up for the Easter holidays, and right now I’ll just do what I do best … nothing. plus an occasional drawing

FYI in the middle photo where it says ‘10 things I hate about that bitch Amanda’ was just a joke to wind her up, as when I post photos of my sketchbook on Facebook or whatever, she always zooms up really close to read every microscopic section of text. the writing under there us just random crap and I pixelated it out to annoy her lol

I want to spam my social media accounts with photos 😣😣 there’s still so many journal pages I have to share 😅 writing on the right by @asoftwrongness (again! 😍) // instagram

Photographing journal pages even though I have two projects due tomorrow 🙃 right page inspiration: @webcomicname


18-21st March 2017

Some doodles from over the weekend and to during lunchtime at college yesterday. I tend to draw the people I’m around the most which is why there are multiples of the same person. My friend Kristen doesn’t mind lol she takes it as a compliment that I draw her lots.
I MUCH prefer people drawing over still life as I find people’s faces and the way they dress fascinating to draw. It helps being in a class full art students as they always seem to dress in the most wacky and interesting way, wonderfully random and eclectic as a group yet still expressing their own unique styles.

“My eyes feel like raisins” - this was the only way I could describe the horrible tired shrivelled feeling in my eyes at the beginning of a cold. Just clarifying