the fact that zayn remembers makes me want to curl in a ball and cry

You kick him out of the bed.

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You kick him out of the bed.

Harry: with little ability to move, having two people in the bed was hard, considering the fact your stomach was tacking up room. Your king size bed for the night is currently at the new house, forcing the two of you to be stuck in a queen size bed. You manage to move onto your side, your 6 month stomach feeling like a giant beach ball. Harry moves and attempts to cuddle you in his sleep but instead he presses himself against your stomach, making you uncomfortable in your position. You try to push him away but lets face it, his body weight/strength is greater than yours. “Harry.. Harry” you wake him,
“mm what is it?” he tiredly asks, the same routine repeating its self. You’ve woken him every night the past week. But tonight you’re in a smaller bed. “I need space”
“I’m nearly on the edge y/n”
“I can’t move” you groan, pushing away from him, needing space. “What do you want from me?” he mumbles,
“Space” you whine, and he groans. “Fine” he huffs getting out of the bed with his pillow and leaving.

Louis: You wake up to Louis moving around a lot, lately he’s been having dreams where he is forever kicking you in your sleep, moving around a lot, to the point you nearly fall out of the bed. You haven’t said anything about it; he already knows, but now it’s getting irritating. You feel his foot kick your shin, and you nudge him back, he rolls over, his arm snaking you in the face in his sleep. “Louis” you pinch him awake because trying to wake him gently never works. “Ouch, what was that for?”
“hitting me in the face with your arm, now move over” You huff a little upset because your nose hurts. He nods his head, and wiggles over more towards his side, slipping back into a state of sleep. You close your eyes only to have them open, when Louis rolls onto your side, moving far too much. “For crying out loud. Louis” you groan waking him up. “Yes?”
“Either move over and stop hitting me, or sleep in the guest room like I have too when I’m restless.” you comment, he sighs, before kissing your cheek. “Sorry” he mumbles wanting your forgiveness. “You’re apology is accepted, tomorrow we are doing something about your sleeping problems.” you reply, before you feel the bed spring as he gets off, making his way out.

Niall: You throw the wet towel onto Niall who is sitting on the bed. You hate when he leaves the towel on the floor, not to mention you’re in an argument with him anyway. He throws the towel back onto the floor, just to piss you off, before he puts his phone down. “It isn’t a big deal, just get over it.”
“You told people about our sex life, that’s wrong, it’s private for a reason.”
“It isn’t that bad”
“it is if it gets to the media. Can’t you just keep things to yourself.”
“Yes I keep how bad you are to myself.”
“If it was that bad you wouldn’t tell people you idiot.” you roll your eyes, and he frowns trying to think of something to say to win the argument.
“If you just kept your mouth shut about private things we wouldn’t have this problem” you hiss getting into bed. “If you weren’t so up tight and controlling of everything we wouldn’t have the problem either.” he defends fluffy his pillow.
“Oh you know what, goodnight, you’re never going to admit you’re in the wrong.”
“Goodnight Y/N” Niall mutters annoyed with the argument. There’s a moment or silence before he sighs. He knows there’s No way you’re going to let him get away with this, and sleep in the bed. “I’m in the dog house aren’t you?”
“Yep take your pillow and get a blanket from the wardrobe.” you reply, getting comfortable. “Y/N” he goes to say but you stop him.
“Either you sleep on the couch or I will, I am pissed at your Horan” you cut him off. “I’ll go… Stupid shit I do because I love you damn it” he mumbles walking out. He would never let you sleep on the couch, no matter what.

Liam: You cross your arms sitting on the bed, you’ve been waiting for Liam to arrive since 10:00, he said he would call if he was going to be home later. It is 2am and he’s only now just getting in. You hear the keys rattling in his pocket as he climbs the stairs. He opens the door, and sees your shadow,
“Oh hi, why are you up?”
“I was waiting for your call” you comment very annoyed. “What call?”
“the one you said you would make” you answer, pulling at the covers. “Uhm I don’t remember that.”
“That’s great. I waited up for you worried but it’s fine. I hope you remember where the living room is, because that’s where you’re sleeping” you firmly instruct. “Oh come on. Seriously?”
“Y/N just because I forgot to call?”
“Well you can forget where the bed is”
“Don’t be like that”
“I was worried but you didn’t care. No use standing there fluff up the pillows on the couch.” you softly say kicking him out of the bed. “I love you”
“No” you coldly say, trying so hard not to break and let him sleep in the bed.
“Okay, just remember I love you even when you’re mad at me. Goodnight sweet dreams.” Liam sighs dragging his feet out the door.

Zayn: You sit on the bed sobbing, you and Zayn got into and harsh words were thrown at you on the heat of the argument. The words went straight to your heart, making you curl up and cry. The door creeks open, and the bed dips. “Y/n I love you I’m so sorry” Zayn softly apologizes, trying to bring you in for a hug but you Push him away. “no go away”
“Y/N please, I didn’t mean it.”
“Get away from me” you shrug him away, your tears falling more now. “I’m sorry, I love you.”
“I don’t care. Don’t touch me” you mumble, not wanting to even feel his soothing hand on your arm. He knows his touch will calm you down, but right now you want to get your emotions out. “What can I do?”
“leave me alone”
“What I said isn’t true. I’m truly sorry y/n”
“I don’t care you said them. Go away I want to sleep” you say turning your back to him as you lay down.
“I’m sorry” he whispers kissing your cheek. He knows his hurt you, he knows he deserves to be kicked from the room. “I’ll be in the guest room” he sighs disappointed in himself.